The Locker Room and After Sex with Jordan, By hornybastard1995

Well, I better start off by telling you a little bit about myself. My name is Lee, I'm 18, from England, I'm average weight, got a six pack and all that shit... Jordan is about the same build as me, but with a really hot ass. I've found England is a lot different from the US and other places, In America locker rooms seem to be a place where the people in them don't give a shit about being naked and everyone seeing their dicks, but in Britain, everyone always wears underwear in the shower, has a towel on when they're changing clothes on their bottom half and turn away from view when pissing so no one sees their dicks.

When the activity in P.E (Physical education), obviously people need to get out of their boxer shorts and into their swimming shorts, so that means either putting there cocks on view, or pulling their boxers off under a towel. It's quite often that one or two people will slip at some point and expose one part or another, and so far, I have had the gorgeous view of 3 asses, and one dick. Until now.

*ALARM* BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP *ALARM*, "OH SHIT, IT'S 9.30!!!", Yes, that is what I shout when I wake up late for school. I rushed to get all my clothes on and leave the house as soon as possible. Walking up the hill to school, I notice Jordan walking quite quickly towards school too, now I don't really talk to Jordan much, he's one of the 'cool' kids, and I'm just average on the popularity ladder. Anyway, whilst walking up, i thought i better check my timetable to see what lesson i was late for, oh shit, it's P.E! and being late for P.E isn't good because everyone will be in the pool and when you come in late the teacher just makes you swim around the pool and nott let you join in with anything!

Me and Jordan caught up with each other, and decided to go in together so we can share the embarrassment, we got into the locker room, started undressing and i got my towel out of my bag. After getting my towel out, i looked up only to see a fucking beautiful ass. I cannot explain how fucking gorgeous his ass looked. He then turned around to expose what i can only describe as a monster of a cock, a floppy 6 incher. OMG i was in heaven. ANYWAY! Jordan just said, ''It's only us two here, we've both seen a dick before, what's the point in hiding it?", I agreed and carried on undressing without the towel. We got into the shower with our swimming shorts in out hand, Jordan started to wash with his back to me, and I couldn't stop looking at his ass, i was fixated by it, and little did i know, so was my cock, i looked down only to find i was as hard as a rock!, and all that was going through my head was SHIT SHIT SHITTTTT, so i turned around quickly and started washing, hoping it would go down.

Luckily, it went down after a few minutes, so i turned around to find Jordan facing me with a 9 inch hard on! He turned back around instantly and looked really embarrassed.

I've written part 2 already, and if i get good feedback from this, i will gladly upload it, this one is just a teaser, the more explicit material will follow in part 2! for questions, feedback and anything else, please email me at: