The locker room and after sex with Jordan part 2, By hornybastard1995

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"Jordan", I said, whilst putting my hand on his arse, "It's ok, I'm hard too". Jordan instantly turned around, with a very relieved smile on his face, and a happy looking dick.

I reached over to him, wrapped my arms around him, and started to slide my hands down his back and Jordan did the same to me. "Ooh" Jordan moaned as i massaged his bum, and slowly moved my fingers between his cheeks. I felt his cock strengthen as it was stabbing my dick, "oooh, dont stop, go in" Jordans moans we're uncontrollable at this point, i went in, and felt around, making him fucking scream in pleasure. We must have been stood there fingering each other for 20 minutes and then we decided to walk back to the lockers and get dry.

There was no point in even attempting to put a towel on, my cock was so hard the towel wouldn't stay on, so we both walked back naked, horny and almost cumming. Thinking we we're going to leave it at this point, and get dressed, i started to slide my boxers on, but as i bent down to pick them up, i felt a warm and wet object circulate my arse hole, oh my god, it was the best feeling ever, Jordan's tongue was definitely experienced, he licked that hole like there was no tomorrow. After a few more minutes, i stood back up, and turned around to kiss Jordan, but Jordan had different ideas, he bent down onto his knees and started to fondle my cock with his tongue, "ooohhh fucckkkkk" the feeling was uncontrollable, i was in heaven. I sat down mid way and opened my legs wide, so he could lick my ass and move his tongue up from my balls, to the top of my shaft.

Now, he was licking my hole and jerking my cock, this was extremely new to me and was something i did not want to end, But i couldn't take Jordan having no fun, so i got him off, pushed him down on to the bench and kissed his neck. Moving down every other kiss, i got to his waist and stopped, being the tease that i am! At this point, i decided to open his legs, and move my lips from his knees to his inner thighs, stopping before i reached his balls. I then stuck my tongue in his crack, and licked all the way up to the top of his rock of a cock, jerking as i was doing it. I stopped teasing him and wrapped my lips around his head, and lightly sucked as i rubbed my hand up and down his thick shaft, precum was pouring out into my mouth, it was so warm and sweet. As I was sucking and jerking him, i decided to slide my finger into his wet hole, his screams were so loud.

"Shit, what was that noise?, i heard footsteps!", Jordan frightfully pointed out. "I didn't hear anything, but we better stop just in case", i replied, in comfort. We got changed and started walking out of the locker room, with tented pants. "My house is free" explained Jordan, "Oh yeah! lets go!", Now i never skip school, but when things like this happen, you can't turn it down!

We got to Jordan's house, sat down on the sofa, and just kissed whilst fondling all parts of each others bodies. "Shall we go upstairs?, I've got some lube, and condoms" Jordan hastily said. Without replying, i kissed him again, and started undressing him, and he did the same to me. I pushed him back onto the sofa and started kissing him again, at this point we we're both in our underwear, with our dicks poking out of the top. I repeated the routing from earlier, kissing down Jordan's hot body, but when i got to his waist, i got the top of his boxers between my teeth and pulled them off, whilst brushing my face against his hot wet cock. "We're going up stairs now big boy", Jordan stated as i took my boxers off. I started walking towards the stairs when i felt Jordans hand slap my arse. We ran upstairs and then he pushed me on to his bed, and sat on top of me.

Jordan reached his head down to touch mine, our lips conjoined and we sat lay there, dick to dick, kissing and holding each other. Jordan decided it was my turn to have the tease treatment, and he slowly went down on me, licking me from my neck to my chest, and then from my thigh to my arse, as he jerked me slowly. His tongue was inside me, i felt him wiggle around inside of me, as my shaft was being rubbed up and down. Then, out of the blue, he reached for the lube, and the condom, put the condom on me with his teeth and then lubed himself and my shaft up. and sat on my cock.

"ooohhhhhhh" I thought i'd died and gone to heaven. He bounced up and down so slowly, my cock was ready to expload! "Come in me! I want to feel your juice inside of me", he got up, ripped the condom off and sat back on me, this time riding faster, "ohh, ohhh ooohhhhh!!!! fffuuucckkk meeeeeeee!" he screamed, i pushed him off, bent him over like a dog and fucked him from behind, I was screaming as much as him at this point, stabbing his tight hole with my dick. "Ohh fuuuuuucccckkkkkk! I'm gon, gonnaa, im gonna cum" i shouted, whilst filling his tight hole with what felt like litres of cum! I pulled out of him, grabbed his head and pushed him onto my bulging cock to take the rest, he jerked me so fast and licked me as i was in his mouth, i just cummed again!

Now it's your turn big boy! get on my cock...

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