R The Masks We Wear R

by tim the story guy

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The Masks We Wear

by tim

Chapter 2

From the last chapter:

Oh my God Ernie!” exclaimed Beverly. “What if she did, and that Bobby boy likes the idea of her having boy parts?!”

That would be a disaster, wouldn't it?” replied Ernie. “We may have to keep a close eye on those two when Alexandra has her birthday party next week. And those boy parts you talk about have names. They're a penis and testicles.”

Don't you have that kind of talk with me Ernie!” scolded Beverly. “You know I'm not in the mood for that kind of filth!”

Yes dear, I know.” replied Ernie.

The next day was Alex and Bobby's weekly movie date, except that it used to be Alexandra and Bobby. Alex had a hard time convincing Bobby to hold his hand in public, but Bobby finally started getting used to it. The one thing Bobby didn't need too much encouragement for was kissing Alex during the movie. It still felt just like kissing Alexandra, and Bobby liked how that felt. They did talk more about how Alex's parents treated him, and about what they were like. Bobby thought it was creepy when he found out that Alex's parents never slept in the same bed anymore.

Over the next week, Alex's parents never let on to their concerns. Alex and Bobby tried to carry on as though nothing were different now, but Alex had to talk to him about it a few times. Bobby was still very confused about the whole thing, and about exactly how he should feel about pretending Alex was still a girl. Alex was keeping his word though, and not pushing Bobby into anything sexual. The only things they did were things that showed affection, which their friends had grown to expect from them.

Finally, the day of Alex's sixteenth birthday party came.

Beth met Bobby as he came down the stairs, on his way to Alexandra's house. “You didn't even shave son!” said Beth. “Why don't you go shave really quickly, and put on some nice cologne? I see I'm going to have to teach you about courting a beautiful girl like Alexandra, aren't I?”

Are you trying to push us together mom?” asked Bobby.

It's not that son.” replied Beth. “It's just that I can see how much you two love each other. I think Alexandra is the best girl you could possibly be with, even though her parents are a little strange.”

That's a real understatement mom!” laughed Bobby. “Did you know that hi.. her parents don't even sleep together anymore?” Bobby then held his breath, hoping his mom didn't catch his near slip.

You have to be kidding!” exclaimed Beth. “That is weird! I know if you're father and I weren't in the same bed together, it wouldn't feel right at all! That reminds me, he wants to talk to you before you take off son.”

Hmm, I have to be the luckiest guy in the world.” replied Bobby. “Last week I get the birds and bees talk from my mom, and this week I'm getting it from my dad.”

Just go shave, put on some cologne, and go talk to your father.” smiled Beth. “It won't hurt that bad at all.”

When Bobby came back down a few minutes later, he went to the family room to talk to his dad. “Did you want to see me dad?” asked Bobby.

Yes son.” replied Charles, Bobby's father. “You look and smell very nice son. Alexandra is going to be all over you!”

Dad!” whined Bobby.

Oh son, don't be so embarrassed.” chuckled Charles. “It's only nature taking it's course. Although your mom says that you and Alexandra haven't done anything yet, I can see what's in your heart. Every time her name is mentioned, you get a look on your face like the two of you will always be together. If you haven't done anything yet, I'm willing to bet that it won't be long. There is also a lot of responsibility with that though son. Here, I want you to have these.” Charles then handed Bobby a small box of condoms as he continued, “You are both still young, but you're now old enough so that things could happen. I know that you're going to make love to Alexandra at some point, but that shouldn't ruin your lives yet. You should use these until the two of you are older, and are ready to start your adult lives together. Getting Alexandra pregnant at this point in your lives would really complicate things.”

Um, I'm pretty sure that I won't be getting Alexandra pregnant yet dad.” replied Bobby.

Not with these you won't!” laughed Charles. “Son, I know what it's like at your age. You have so many thoughts going through your head that you don't even realize if you know what you want. Deep down inside though, you do. Even though you say you don't know if you're ready to take things further with Alexandra yet, I can tell that you are. You've fallen deeply in love with her, and it's only natural. I'm not telling you to make love to her before you're ready, but I know that it'll happen very soon now, and I want you to be ready.”

Let me get this straight,... I mean clear.” said Bobby. “I have your blessing to make love to Alexandra?”

I don't know if I'd put it like that son, but I certainly don't disapprove of your choice.” laughed Charles. “Now son, don't keep that beautiful young lady of yours waiting too much longer. Go along and have fun.”

Okay dad, it was an... interesting talk.” replied Bobby.

On the way to Alex's house, Bobby's cell phone went off. Bobby looked at the caller ID, and said, “Hey Alex, I'm on the way there. Give me about ten minutes.”

Okay Bobby.” replied Alex. “We have to talk before you get here though. I had a hell of a time getting off alone so I could call you. It looks as though my parents intend to keep a very close eye on us today.”

Oh crap!” exclaimed Bobby. “I'll bet they expected you to tell me about yourself at my party, and now they think I love you even though I know you're a boy!”

Do you?” asked Alex.

I still don't know what I feel Alex.” replied Bobby. “I know I still care about you very much. More than I do most best friends would. I want to have you around me, and it would hurt if anything were to keep that from happening. I just don't know how I'm suppose to feel about you being a boy though. The fact that my dad gave me his permission to make love to another boy doesn't help either.”

Does he know I'm a boy?” asked Alex.

He thinks you're the most beautiful and perfect girl I could have found.” snickered Bobby. “That's still how I feel sometimes too Alex.”

Then we'll use that when you get here.” said Alex. “We have to convince my parents that you still believe I'm a girl.”

As long as you wear a really nice dress, I'll see what I can do Alex.” replied Bobby.

I asked my mom to get me one just for this day.” said Alex. “I hope you like it.”

I'm sure I will.” replied Bobby. “I'll be there in just a few minutes Alex. I hope we can pull this off.”

Bobby pulled into Alex's driveway, and went to knock on the door. It seemed like quite a few of Alex's female friends were already there, waiting for the party to start. When Alex answered the door, Bobby held his breath in. Alex's silky hair was gently caressing his smooth and fair shoulders. He had just a hint of very lightly colored eye shadow. Alex's dress was mostly white, with a bit of red trim. It hung from his delicate shoulders by just a strap, which attached to the bra that Alex had his fake breasts tucked into. The front of the dress opened up to show a fair hint of Alex's smooth chest. The dress was full length, but split on one side to show off Alex's smooth and beautiful left leg when he walked.

Bobby finally noticed that Alex's parents were watching, so he said, “How did I get so lucky as to fall in love with the most beautiful girl ever born?”

As Bobby gave Alex a long and gentle kiss, Alex's girlfriends began to giggle. When Alex's mother elbowed his father in the side, and Alex's father cleared his throat, Alex finally broke the kiss and smiled.

Then for the benefit of Alex's parents, Bobby said, “I know we decided that we would wait until we're older to do anything Alexandra, but it's going to be tough. Especially considering what a beautiful girl you are. I love that dress too. It makes you even more beautiful.”

Thanks Bobby, that makes me very happy.” replied Alex. “You make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world.”

Do you mean that you two haven't done anything yet?” asked one of Alex's friends named Cheryl.

Just kissing.” replied Bobby. “We decided that we are too young for anything else right now, and that we should wait another year or two before we do anything serious. We haven't even seen each other naked.”

Alex's female friends believed that, and thought it was very sweet. It also brought a smile of relief to the faces of Alex's parents. Once his parents were off alone, Beverly said to Ernie, “Our little girl has pulled it off I guess. Bobby still completely believes she's a girl!”

I told you not to worry about it Beverly.” replied Ernie. “I think kids these days could keep the most sensitive national secrets.”

In the meantime, the kids had a great party. Most of Alex's friends there were girls, although there were a few boys besides Bobby. None of them came close to giving Alex the same feelings as Bobby did though. Bobby was having a very confusing time of it though. First of all, when he kissed Alex in front of everyone, he could feel his cock stiffening slightly in his pants. Then there was the fact that although some of Alex's girlfriends were very beautiful themselves, Bobby still thought of Alex as the most beautiful girl there. As the party wound down, and Alex's friends began leaving, Alex asked his parents if he could go out with Bobby. He was surprised when they had no problem with that. Bobby drove back to his house, with one arm wrapped warmly around Alex's shoulders. Alex leaned into Bobby's side with a very beautiful smile on his face.

As Alex and Bobby went into the house, and headed toward Bobby's room, Beth called out, “Hi Alexandra, happy birthday!”

Thanks Missus Billings.” replied Alex. “Sorry we can't stop. I think Bobby wants to talk to me in his room.”

Okay, you kids have fun.” laughed Beth.

Once Alex and Bobby were alone in Bobby's room, Alex said, “Thanks for the earrings Bobby. They are really beautiful.”

They should be.” replied Bobby. “They're real gold hoops, with a real diamond set in each one. Besides that, they're being worn by the most beautiful girl in the world.”

It makes me really happy that you help me feel like such a beautiful girl Bobby.” said Alex. “It's all I ever want to be for you.”

It's easy Alex.” replied Bobby. “You were the most beautiful girl by far at the party today. That's what I had to talk to you about. When I think of what a beautiful girl you are, I can't even think of other girls. Today made me really believe that you're a girl again. It didn't help either when I kissed you, and my cock started getting stiff.”

Are you afraid that you're falling in love with me Bobby?” asked Alex.

Not really afraid, more like confused.” replied Bobby. “Everyone seems like they're pushing for me to make love to you, and I don't know what to think about it. The only thing I do know is that it feels just like when you were Alexandra, and that I care about you very much.”

Enough for another kiss today?” asked Alex.

Bobby wrapped Alex in his arms immediately, and pressed his lips against Alex's. Then Bobby kissed Alex lovingly and passionately, and Alex returned the kiss with equal feeling. Bobby once again felt his cock stiffening, and this time he let it stiffen fully. After several minutes, Bobby and Alex broke the kiss, and gazed into each other's eyes with their faces only inches apart. Alex then reached down, and gently rubbed the erection that was straining at Bobby's pants.

Do you understand?” asked Bobby, as he let Alex feel his cock. “I love Alexandra as much as I ever have. I don't know how I should feel about Alex though. When I think of you as Alexandra, I almost hope that it is possible for me to love another boy. I still don't think I'm gay though. I can't possibly look at any other boy that way. When I look at boys and girls together, I know that I like girls better. That's why when I think of you as Alexandra, I can't seem to help what I feel.”

I am Alexandra, Bobby.” replied Alex. “It was how I was raised to feel. I don't think I could act like a boy any more than you could act like a girl.”

Then you'll always be Alexandra to me, even when I call you Alex.” said Bobby. “I have to know who Alexandra is though. I have to learn to accept this, or we'll get caught. Can I see you out of that dress?”

If it's what you really want.” replied Alex.

It's what I really need Alexandra.” said Bobby.

Alex went ahead and carefully removed his dress, standing in front of Bobby in his bra and panties. There was only a slight hint of a bulge in Alex's panties. Then Bobby helped Alex with his bra, and looked at it and the fake breasts for a moment before laying it down with the dress. Now Alex had on nothing but his really feminine panties. Bobby looked carefully at Alex's smooth and flat chest, then reached out and brushed it lightly. Alex finally took the last step, and removed his panties for Bobby. Bobby looked down at Alex's flaccid three inch dick, then reached down to take it in his hand.

I know it's well below average.” said Alex, as Bobby felt his dick. “It only stiffens out to about five inches. The doctor said I was lucky to have that much, considering my low male hormone levels. As you can see, I've never had any hint of hair around it either. I wish I at least looked more like a normal boy down there.”

There's nothing wrong with your dick Alex.” said Bobby, as he rubbed it gently between his fingers. “There's no reason you can't be just as happy with five inches as you could be with eight inches. I've never thought about how other guys dicks look before, but yours looks nice. It kinda suits you.”

Thanks for making it stiff Bobby.” said Alex. “You really didn't have to do that.”

I didn't mind it at all Alex.” replied Bobby. “I don't think I could ever do this for another guy, but you're not another guy, you're my friend. Besides, you made me stiff so it was the least I could do.”

I can make you more than stiff.” said Alex.

I know, and I'm working on that.” replied Bobby. “Maybe I can see letting you do that for me someday, but I still have a ways to go for that.”

Okay Bobby, I said I wouldn't push you into anything.” said Alex. “I can wait for you. Can I at least take it out and just kiss the head of it though.”

Okay Alex, I guess so.” replied Bobby.

Alex smiled as he unzipped Bobby's pants, and watched Bobby's cock spring free once his briefs were out of the way. Then Alex lowered himself to his knees in front of Bobby. Bobby gasped as he watched Alex's puckered lips contact the head of his cock. Alex gave the head of Bobby's cock a warm and loving kiss, then stood back up.

That was different!” said Bobby, as he took Alex into a hug. Then Bobby ran his hands over Alex's back and butt as he continued, “I love you so much Alexandra! I'm so happy that you're willing to give me time, and work with me on this. You really are the most beautiful girl I know.”

Thank you so much Bobby!” replied Alex, as he melted into Bobby's hug. “I love you too, and I'm so happy to be your girlfriend!”

Monday morning at school, everything was back the way it was before Bobby's birthday party. Alex would act like the school girl in love, and Bobby wouldn't think anything of holding his hand or giving him a quick kiss. Alex was telling all of his girlfriends what a great guy Bobby was, and Bobby was bragging to the guys that he had the best girlfriend in school. Bobby really couldn't see himself with anyone but Alexandra right now, and Alex wanted to be the best girlfriend Bobby could want.

Some of the boys who knew Bobby though could see that there had been a difference in the week between Bobby's and Alexandra's birthdays. They weren't close friends, but they knew him well enough to see that there had been something different that week. That group was sitting a few tables away from Bobby and Alex on Tuesday.

There is just something strange going on between those two.” said Larry Haskins, one of the boys at the table.

Maybe they just had a brief argument, and now they've made up.” replied Ricky Pierce, one of Larry's friends.

Maybe, but last week he was acting like he was afraid to touch her at times.” said Larry. “Now he can't seem to keep his hands off of her.”

Oh oh, I think someone is jealous!” laughed Danny Hyde, another one of the boys at the table. “Are you going to give Bobby competition over Alexandra?”

Get serious Danny.” replied Larry. “I really do think there's something going on. It's almost like he found out last week that she was another boy or something.”

Oh jeez Larry, that's a good one!” laughed Ricky. “You aren't getting into serious drugs or something, are you?”

He has to be, to even think that one of the hottest girls in school might be a boy!” laughed Danny. “Just look at the curves of her body and hips, and then try to say that with a straight face Larry!”

I didn't say she was a boy.” replied Larry in defense. “I just said there was something wrong, and gave that as an example.”

When Bobby and Alex finished lunch, they passed by Larry's table. While Danny and Ricky said “hi”, Larry gave the couple a close look as they shared a brief kiss. The conversation at the table had now planted a seed in Larry's head, and he wasn't going to let it go without looking into it.

That night in the privacy of his room, Larry went onto the internet, and did a search on cross dressing. The pictures and text he found wasn't enough to confirm his thoughts, but it gave him a link to a site about people who were born with the appearance of their opposite sex. As Larry looked over those pages, he ran the image of Bobby and Alexandra over and over in his head. By the time Larry went to bed that night, he had convinced himself that Alexandra was indeed a boy.

Larry didn't want to mention his ideas to any of his friends the next day. He wanted to get proof first, so he talked a few girls who liked him into following Alexandra around, especially if she had to go to the bathroom. Alex was always very careful and discreet about using the girls bathroom at school though. He never did anything in there to arouse suspicion, unless one of the girls were willing to invade his privacy. None of the girls Larry asked to follow Alexandra were willing to do that though, and by the end of the school day on Thursday, they told Larry to face up to his jealousy, and get help.

By Friday, Larry was losing his patience on finding out the truth about Alexandra. He knew that if Alexandra was really a boy, then he would share the same weak spot that all boys shared. Friday at lunch, Larry and his friends took a seat at Bobby and Alex's table.

So, how's everyone doing?” asked Larry. “Are you having lots of sex with your girlfriend there Bobby?”

What the hell kind of question is that Larry?” asked Bobby defensively.

Half the guys in this school would be plugging their girlfriend every day if they had someone like Alexandra there.” laughed Larry.

Larry Haskins, you're a pig!” exclaimed Cheryl, who was sitting with Bobby and Alexandra. “I'm sure glad all boys don't think like you do!”

Yeah, if more boys were like you, more girls would be lesbians!” laughed Desiree, another one of Alexandra's friends.

Oh oh, Larry stepped into it this time!” laughed Danny.

For your information Larry, Bobby and Alexandra have decided to wait to share that kind of love.” said Cheryl. “They want to make sure the time is right, and that they're mature enough for it. I think it's really sweet.”

Maybe it's just that the plumbing don't connect just right!” said Larry.

Honest guys, we don't know this guy!” said Ricky.

Has Alexandra watched one too many football games there Bobby?” asked Larry, now on a roll. “Who exactly has the balls in your relationship Bobby?”

You're going to find out really soon, you asshole!” yelled Bobby, as he jumped up from the table.

Us girls really don't want to sit here and listen to this kind of bullshit Larry, do we girls?” asked Alexandra.

As Alexandra and the other girls got up, so did Larry. “Let's see who has the balls!” said Larry, as he got up too.

Then Larry kicked Alex in the crotch, as everyone watched in horror. Bobby lunged at Larry, and hit him in the midsection. The pain Alex felt was horrible, but he used all of his strength to not show that it had hurt him.

Larry, you can't hurt a girl that way.” said Alex, trying to talk himself through the agonizing pain he felt. “We aren't built like you. Is this what you were trying to do?”

Then Alex kicked Larry back in the crotch, sending Larry to the floor in pain.

Larry, when I called you a pig, I was being unfair to pigs!” said Cheryl, as she got up. Then Cheryl spat on Larry as she passed by.

Yeah Larry, you went too far!” said Danny. “Ricky and I don't want to be seen with you again.”

Larry, if you ever touch my girlfriend again, I'll rip your arm off and stuff it down your throat!” said Bobby, as he gave Larry a kick to the gut.

Then Alex cupped his hands over Bobby's ear, and whispered very softly, “Bobby, we have to go somewhere alone, now.”

Bobby took Alex by the hand, and said, “Come on Alexandra, this scum isn't worth wasting any more time on!”

Alex continued holding it in, as Bobby led him to the boiler room, which he knew would be empty. Once they were deep inside the boiler room, Alex threw his arms around Bobby, and went limp as he cried out, “Oh God Bobby! It hurts so much!”

Alex's body was wracked with heavy sobs, as Bobby held onto him tightly. It took quite a few minutes for Alex's crying to let up, and support some of his own weight. As soon as Alex could though, Bobby gave him a warm and loving kiss then gazed into his eyes, trying to share some of the pain so Alex wouldn't hurt so much.

I have to see if he damaged you down there Alex.” said Bobby, as he began to lift up Alex's dress.

Bobby then lowered Alex's panties, and knelt in front of Alex. Bobby began handling Alex's dick very gently, looking it over thoroughly. There was a little bruising around Alex's groin, but at least his dick seemed okay. Then as gently as he could, Bobby took ahold of Alex's balls.

Owww!” cried out Alex. “They really kinda hurt Bobby!”

I don't see any signs of blood in your scrotum Alex.” replied Bobby. “They might stop hurting on their own, but maybe we should take you to see someone, just in case.”

Who could I see?” cried Alex. “The school nurse will love this!”

Yeah, that might not be such a great idea.” replied Bobby. “Two years ago, I took a baseball to the crotch. It hurt so bad that I actually threw up. I called mom to the park, thinking I was going to die. She put me in the car, took me home, and looked me over good down there. Then she rubbed underneath and around my balls a little bit, and had me hold a bag of ice on them. Maybe she can help you too.”

Do you mean tell your mom that I'm a boy?” asked Alex.

I don't see any choice.” replied Bobby. “If you were hurt bad, and something happened, it would kill me.”

But I'm your girlfriend Bobby.” said Alex. “I love you, and you love me. Your mom knows that. You'd be admitting to her that you're gay.”

Maybe it's time I stopped fooling myself too Alex.” replied Bobby. “I do love you. Even after finding out that you're a boy, I love you. I'm a boy and you're a boy. Maybe not mentally, but you are physically. This dick and these balls are proof of that Alex, and it really doesn't bother me to handle them like this. If loving you makes me gay, then I guess I'm gay.”

Now I know I could never love anyone as much as I love you Bobby!” said Alex. “This still really hurts though, so maybe we should go see your mom.”

Okay, I guess I'm ready for this.” said Bobby, as he stood back up. “Leave your panties off for now Alex. The less pressure we put on your balls right now, the better. I never would have imagined in a million years that I'm about to go tell my mom that I'm gay.”

I'll be there for you though Bobby.” replied Alex, as their eyes met again.

I know you will be.” smiled Alex. “Oh shit Alex, I really do love you. I just hope I can get through this, and my mom can understand us. Do you want a kiss before we sneak out of school?”

Are you going to kiss me as Alex?” asked Alex.

Yeah dude, I really want to kiss another boy now!” replied Bobby.

Bobby put his lips against Alex's, and kissed his boyfriend passionately. Alex tried to return the kiss as passionately as he could, considering the incredible pain he was still in. Bobby finally broke the kiss, and smiled as he stared into Alex's face.

God, it was still hot kissing you Alex!” said Bobby.

Bobby straightened Alex's dress back out, and Alex stuffed his panties down under his bra. Then Bobby took Alex by the hand, and the two boys peeked out into the hallway. Since they were in the middle of a period, the coast was clear. Bobby then led Alex by the hand to the closest exit, and Alex hobbled as they went to the student lot as quickly as they could. Bobby was very nervous as they approached his house, but he knew that he had to do this for Alex. Bobby and Alex went on in when they got to Bobby's house, and Bobby took him to the living room, where he had heard the vacuum running.

Bobby, Alexandra, what are you two doing home from school?” asked Beth, when she saw them in the living room door.

Mom, Larry Haskins kicked Alex in the groin at lunch, and it really hurts now.” replied Bobby.

Oh my poor dear!” exclaimed Beth, as she went to Alex. “Maybe we should get you to a doctor, Alexandra!”

There's a small problem with that, Missus Billings.” replied Alex. “I can't go to a doctor with this.”

Why not?” asked Beth. “Can't you parents cover your medical bills?”

It's more like they wouldn't.” replied Alex. “They could easily.”

They can't be that awful Alexandra.” said Beth. “Let me give your mom a call.”

Please don't do that mom.” begged Bobby. “The problem is that after Larry kicked Alex, his testicles really hurt. Please look at Alex mom, and try to understand. They forced him to live like this for his whole life, and I'm sure they would just as soon see Alex's testicles fall off than have them cared for.”

I... I...” stuttered Beth.

Mom, they made Alex into a girl because that's what they wanted.” said Bobby. “They forced him to live as a girl, threatening to have him turned into one surgically if he didn't go along. Alex truly believes that he's a girl now, and I fell in love with Alex thinking he was a girl. I can't help it that I still feel that way now, after finding out the truth. It wasn't Alex's fault, and we can't punish him for that. Please help us mom!”

Okay Alexandra... I mean Alex.” said Beth, still recovering from the shock. “Let's see if that other boy hurt you. Bobby, you may want to give us some privacy for Alex's sake.”

Mom, I love Alex.” replied Bobby. “We haven't done anything yet, but I've seen his privates. I think he might rather have me here with him.”

I'm sorry, I didn't think about that.” replied Beth.

Alex went ahead and pulled up his dress, then laid back on the couch. Beth looked his testicles over carefully, as she prodded around on them gently.

It must be a hormonal imbalance that causes your feminine appearance, right Alex?” asked Beth.

That's what the doctors say ma'am.” replied Alex.

I could tell right away.” said Beth. “There is no sign of body hair anywhere on you, like the follicles aren't even there. Besides that, your penis does seem to be slightly underdeveloped. As for your testicles, Bobby had it worse than that a few years ago. I think you'll be okay. Bobby, come on over here.”

Yes mom?” replied Bobby, as he sat beside his mother.

Since you two boys say that you're in love, it may be more appropriate for you to do this than for me.” said Beth. “I want you to massage Alex firmly but gently here, here, and here. Make sure you massage him in small circles too. I'll go get the bag of ice for you, then maybe you boys can explain this to me better.”

When Beth returned, Bobby took the bag of ice and said, “I really think we explained this as much as we could. Alex's parents are evil, and they forced Alex to live as a girl. Alex believed it, and I thought he was a girl from the time we met in Kindergarten. Alex doesn't even know how to be a boy mom. Being a girl is the only thing he knows. When I fell in love with Alex, it was while I still thought he was a girl. Then he told me what happened, and it made a chill run down my back. None of this was Alex's fault, and I still love him as much as I did when I thought he was a girl. I'm sorry if my being gay is a disappointment mom, but I can't help the way I feel. Alex means so much to me now.”

With the amount of love and compassion you've shown a friend who really needs it, I'll never be disappointed in you Bobby.” replied Beth. “The way you've handled this makes me very proud of who you've become. You feel free to love Alex any way you want son, and I'll stand behind you boys. Now Alex, about these so called parents of yours. Anyone who could do that to their own child is just as Bobby said, evil. Your parents deserve to be in jail for what they've done. Is it okay if I call child welfare, and see if they can place you here for now?”

And give up being mistreated?” asked Alex with a straight face. “It also means that I would have to live with the one person who I love more than anyone in the world. The first person to ever treat me like a real person. I'll have to think about that... for about a second!”

When Alex started trying to laugh, Beth and Bobby joined him.

Okay, that was an emotional chapter. Let me go wipe my eyes. It looks like things have changed quickly for Bobby and Alex. I'm afraid there may be no more Alexandra, except in front of classmates. Please send all comments to: timthestoryguy@yahoo.com. Also, don't forget to visit my web site at: www.timthestoryguy.com. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in Chapter 3: Judgment Day.