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by tim the story guy

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The Masks We Wear

by tim

Chapter 3

From the last chapter:

When Beth returned, Bobby took the bag of ice and said, “I really think we explained this as much as we could. Alex's parents are evil, and they forced Alex to live as a girl. Alex believed it, and I thought he was a girl from the time we met in Kindergarten. Alex doesn't even know how to be a boy mom. Being a girl is the only thing he knows. When I fell in love with Alex, it was while I still thought he was a girl. Then he told me what happened, and it made a chill run down my back. None of this was Alex's fault, and I still love him as much as I did when I thought he was a girl. I'm sorry if my being gay is a disappointment mom, but I can't help the way I feel. Alex means so much to me now.”

With the amount of love and compassion you've shown a friend who really needs it, I'll never be disappointed in you Bobby.” replied Beth. “The way you've handled this makes me very proud of who you've become. You feel free to love Alex any way you want son, and I'll stand behind you boys. Now Alex, about these so called parents of yours. Anyone who could do that to their own child is just as Bobby said, evil. Your parents deserve to be in jail for what they've done. Is it okay if I call child welfare, and see if they can place you here for now?”

And give up being mistreated?” asked Alex with a straight face. “It also means that I would have to live with the one person who I love more than anyone in the world. The first person to ever treat me like a real person. I'll have to think about that... for about a second!”

When Alex started trying to laugh, Beth and Bobby joined him.

Hi Charles dear.” said Beth into the phone, having called her husband at work. “I need you to come home a little early, if there's any way you can get away from work.”

What's the matter hon?” asked Charles.

Alexandra was attacked in school today, and Bobby had to bring her here.” replied Beth, not wanting to tell her husband the real story over the phone. “Everything is going to be okay, but there are some very serious issues involving Alexandra's parents that I just found out about from the kids. It's so serious that I'm going to have to call child welfare after I finish talking to you. We may have to take Alexandra into our home, and I want you here to discuss this before child welfare shows up.”

Okay dear, I'm on my way!” replied Charles.

Then Beth hung up, and called child welfare. After talking to one person there briefly, they asked her to hold so they could transfer her to a caseworker who handled sexually troubled kids. A caseworker finally answered, and said, “Hello Missus Billings, my name is Kathy Moore. May I call you Beth?”

Yes, that would be fine.” replied Beth.

Okay then Beth, what exactly is the situation there?” asked Kathy. “The message I got was a little confusing.”

This whole mess is confusing, and more than just a little.” replied Beth. “I have a teenage boy in my house right now, who's a friend of my son. The only problem is that up until today, I thought this boy was a girl. My son knew about this two weeks ago, and the kids have been keeping it quiet, trying to figure out what to do on their own. There's no way they can handle this on their own though. Apparently the boy's parents have forced him to live as a girl from the time he was born, and now that's who he truly believes he is.”

How exactly did they force him to live as a girl?” asked Kathy.

They threatened to turn him into a girl surgically if he didn't.” replied Beth. “The boy is sixteen, and this has gone on from the day he was born. At this point, he really does believe that he's a girl, and says he would never know how to be a boy. His parents have destroyed his sense of reality, and any chance of having a normal life. Can you please do something about his parents, and place him with us. Maybe we can provide him with the love and support he's going to need to eventually recover from this.”

I'll see what I can do Beth, but I don't want you to mislead yourself.” replied Kathy. “This boy has been brainwashed and conditioned to be a girl throughout his entire life. He very well may live the rest of his life that way. Are you ready to take on a boy who will need to live as a girl for the rest of his life, if counseling can't help him?”

My son and our family cares very much about this boy.” replied Beth. “We'll do anything we have to to help him.”

Okay, that's a good start.” said Kathy. “Now, is your son gay?”

My son fell in love with this boy when he believed he was a girl.” replied Beth. “They have been boyfriend and girlfriend for a while now. My son can't change his feelings now, even though he now knows his girlfriend is actually a boy. I can understand and accept that, and I'll give both of them all of the love and support that I can.”

How about your husband?” asked Kathy.

I just called him, so he doesn't know the whole story yet.” replied Beth. “I know that he's a very caring and compassionate man though. He'll see my son's friend as the victim of an awful crime, and he won't blame my son for his strong feelings of devotion to a friend. By the time you get here, I'm sure you'll see that he feels the same as I do about this.”

Okay then, I'll need to talk to all of you right away.” said Kathy. “If everything is how you say, this boy should not come in contact with his parents again, and they need to be dealt with by the authorities. I need the names of the boy, and his parents. Then I'll need to talk with them first.”

Okay, we knew the boy as Alexandra, but I suspect that the name on his birth certificate is actually Alexander Thompson.” replied Beth. “His parents names are Ernie and Beverly Thompson. They live at two one one Sycamore Street.”

Okay, as soon as I talk to them, I'll come by to talk to your family and Alex.” said Kathy. “I'll do everything I can for you and Alex.”

As soon as Charles got home, Beth had everyone have a seat in the living room. Bobby began to sit next to Alex on the sofa, then looked to his mom for approval. Beth smiled as she nodded to Bobby. Then Beth had a seat on the other side of Alex, and Charles sat in the chair across from them.

So Alexandra, Beth tells me that your parents may be abusing you.” said Charles. “Is that true? How can a parent abuse their lovely young daughter?”

It's not as much abuse as it is mistreatment sir.” replied Alex.

What do you mean by mistreatment?” asked Charles.

Before that question gets answered, I want you to promise me something dear.” said Beth. “Both of our children have been victims here. Mister and Missus Thompson have caused quite a bit of damage over the years, which is why I felt compelled to call child welfare. These children need our love, understanding, and support right now. I want you to promise to listen to everything that's said first, then think about it carefully before you react.”

Okay honey, I promise.” smiled Charles. “Now Alexandra, what do you mean by mistreatment?”

First sir, I should tell you what my official name is on my birth certificate.” replied Alex. “It's Alexander Thompson, not Alexandra. Most of what I'm going to tell you about when I was a baby was told to me by my Aunt Brenda. I guess she was afraid that my parents were screwing me up so badly that I might try to kill myself someday. Anyway, before I was born, my parents were convinced they were going to have a girl. They even said that as I was being delivered, I looked like a girl, that is until they could see below my waist. My parents were enraged that I had a penis and testicles. The doctor even thought I was a girl until he saw that. My parents went nuts though. They were screaming at the doctor, threatening him and the hospital because they thought it was their fault that I came out the way I did. They insisted that the doctor run tests on me, to see who's fault it was. The doctor said that I had male chromosomes, but very low levels of male hormones. My parents demanded that he fix the mistake that was made while I was still a newborn baby, but he refused on moral grounds.”

Why didn't the doctor come forward?” asked Charles, with a look of shock and confusion mixed on his face.

He was afraid to go against my parents wishes.” replied Alex. “My parents are very big on threatening people, and my Aunt Brenda thinks they threatened him into silence the same way they threatened her. That's why she never stepped forward either. No one would go along with them as far as surgery went though, although they never told me that. Instead, when I got old enough to talk and understand things, they began threatening me. They forbid me to ever use the name Alexander. They told me that I would act like a girl, think like a girl, and be a girl, or they would have some doctor cut me up until he turned me into a girl. I was terrified of them at that time, and I still am, so I had no choice. The longer it went, the more I believed that I really was a girl. I didn't even know that girls had vaginas and boys had penises when I was younger. I thought that boys and girls were exactly the same down there until I was almost ten. Then I began to realize that boys and girls were different, but I knew that I was a girl by that time. I just couldn't explain why I had boy parts instead of girl parts. When Bobby and I were kids though, I believed that I was a girl and he was a boy.”

At that point Bobby moved closer to Alex, and Charles gave them a confused look. “How could they get away with posing you as a girl all these years though?” asked Charles. “There had to be other doctors! What about school gym class?”

That's where things started getting worse, and it's when Aunt Brenda had her long talk with me.” replied Alex. “I had to promise her to never reveal where the information I had came from. My parents would never allow any doctor to examine me without panties on, and they would tape my penis and balls down before taking me to a doctor. It was extremely uncomfortable, but they got away with it. When I got to middle school, and it was going to be expected of me to take gym, my parents went to the principal. They told him that according to their religious beliefs, it was a mortal sin for me to be naked around other kids, even other girls. They said they would sue the school district for violating their religious rights if the school ever tried to force me to take gym class. Since it was a religious objection, that school and our high school caved in. They couldn't even question it, since it was a matter of religious beliefs. It was one of the most humiliating times of my life.”

Bobby then put an arm around Alex to comfort him, as Charles asked, “Are your parents even religious people? My family goes to church every Sunday, and I've never heard anything that ridiculous there.”

Not that I know of sir.” replied Alex. “I have very few scattered memories of them ever going to any church. At the time though, I was terrified that the other girls would see my penis. Then they would think I was some kind of freak, and nothing like the other girls at all.”

You really do think of yourself as a girl, don't you Alex?” asked Charles.

Yes sir.” replied Alex. “It's all I've ever been, and all I know how to be.”

Okay, now for you Bobby.” said Charles. “Do you know what this is going to mean to you? You obviously want to continue your relationship with Alex, even though you know he's not a girl now.”

Yes dad, I do.” replied Bobby. “I know I fell in love with Alexandra, but Alex didn't do anything wrong here. I still feel the same way that I did before I knew. I love him dad, so please don't tell me that I can't.”

I wouldn't do anything like that son.” replied Charles. “Both of you boys have been hurt by what happened, and no one should try to hurt you even further. I love you though son, and I'm just concerned about how things are going to be with you accepting that you're gay. I admit that I don't know much about homosexuality, but I do know how gay people are treated. And Alex, I know it wouldn't seem like a homosexual relationship to you, seeing that you believe yourself to be a girl, but it would be to everyone else. Are you ready to live your life as being gay son? If you are, your mother and I will learn everything we can about it, and give you as much support as we can. I don't want to see either of you hurt by people who can't understand though.”

I promise that we'll be careful dad.” replied Bobby. “I know Alex, and I know that he'll want to continue being a girl anyway. Like he said, it's all he knows.”

Okay son, I'll keep my word to you.” said Charles. “Now back to Alex. The social worker was going to see your parents before coming here. They will of course deny everything. Is there any chance your Aunt Brenda can make it here to see the social worker too?”

I can call her and ask.” replied Alex. “Maybe if she thinks my parents are finally going down, she'll cooperate.”

Beth handed Alex her cell phone, and Alex dialed his aunt's number. Once Brenda answered, Alex said, “Hi Brenda, this is Alex.”

Alex?” asked Brenda.

Yeah, Alexandra.” replied Alex.

Oh!” exclaimed Brenda. “How are you doing Alexandra?”

Well Aunt Brenda, I'm going by Alex with my closest friends now.” replied Alex.

Does Ernie and Beverly know that, and that your talking to me right now?” asked Brenda.

Not unless they have ESP.” replied Alex. “I'm not at home right now Aunt Brenda. While I was still going by Alexandra around everyone, I fell in love with a boy.”

Oh dear.” said Brenda. “Well dear, it had to happen eventually.”

I'm glad it did too.” replied Alex. “You'd love Bobby. He's so sweet and gentle. And best of all, he found out I was a boy, and still loves me just the same as when he thought I was a girl. Anyway, something happened in school today, and Bobby had to take me to his house. I had to confide in Bobby's parents. They were appalled by what mom and dad did to me. They understand that this is who I am now, and they understand why Bobby and I love each other as much now as we ever have.”

Oh God Alex!” Brenda almost wept. “You have no idea how long I've waited to hear this! Has child welfare been called?”

Yeah, but they're going to see mom and dad before coming here.” replied Alex. “Of course mom and dad will lie, but I have friends here who are willing to back me up against them. I could always use my favorite aunt here too though.”

I'm on my way baby.” said Brenda, with happiness now in her voice. “After the way they've threatened me over you, I'd love to help them get what they deserve! Just let me know where you're at Alex. I'm on my way to the door right now!”

As soon as Alex gave Brenda the address and hung up, a stranger pulled up into the driveway. Everyone knew that it had to be the social worker, so Charles advised the kids to keep their feelings for each other under control while the social worker was there. Beth answered the door, and the lady introduced herself as Kathy Moore, their social worker. Once everyone was reseated in the living room, Kathy had Alex tell his side of the story again. Kathy wrote down quite a few notes as Alex spoke, this time with no interruptions.

When Alex was finished, Kathy said, “I went by your house Alex, and spoke with your parents. Of course they have denied everything you've said. Even if they were guilty of your allegations though, I would expect them to deny it. What we're facing here is trying to remove you from their custody, on the basis of your word against theirs. When I go into a custody case, I like to have more than that. I can tell that you do have serious issues involving transsexualism Alex, but the issue that the state will be facing is whether or not your parents actually had anything to do with it.”

Please Missus Moore, I've been to Alex's house!” begged Bobby. “I've seen how they treat Alex! I've seen how they expect Alex to be a girl at all times! You have to believe us!”

It's not that I don't believe you Bobby.” replied Kathy. “I've worked with children with all kinds of sexual issues, and I know that most times they're not self induced issues. The problem is proof.”

Tell me then, when you first went into their house, did their attitude and appearance change the instant they found out who you were?” asked Bobby.

Yes, and it was kind of creepy!” replied Kathy. “How did you know that though?”

Like I said ma'am, I've been in their house.” replied Bobby. “I know that everything Alex told you is true.”

It would mean more form someone closer to the family though.” said Kathy, “What about the Aunt Brenda you spoke about Alex?”

She's on her way here ma'am.” replied Alex.

That's better then!” said Kathy. “I see no harm in waiting for Brenda to get here.”

Once Brenda got there, and Alex showed her to the living room, he said, “I want everyone to meet my Aunt Brenda. Brenda, the boy is my friend Bobby Billings. His mom and dad sitting next to him is Beth and Charles. The lady in the chair to their left is the social worker examining the case, Kathy Moore.”

Hi Brenda, it's so nice to meet a normal person in Alex's family.” snickered Beth, as she offered Brenda a hug.

I've always been concerned about how his parents' treatment would affect Alex.” replied Brenda. “The reason I've never come forward is because of the threats from my sister and her husband. I do care about Alex though, and if we can get Alex somewhere where he'll be better off, and deal with his parents once and for all, I'll do what I can to help.”

That's exactly what I need to hear right now Brenda.” said Kathy. “If you back up Alex's account, I'll do what I can to do just that. Now, were you at the hospital the day Alex was born?”

I was more than just there.” replied Brenda. “Beverly and I were still pretty close then, and she wanted me in the delivery room for the birth of what she was sure would be her daughter. When things didn't work out the way she expected, it got ugly really fast. She was threatening the doctors, the nurses, and the hospital. I tried to get her to calm down a little, and that was the first sign of trouble between us. When Beverly started talking about having Alex turned into a girl surgically, I spoke up again. That was the first time she threatened me, and the last time I saw her as my sister.”

What did she threaten you with?” asked Kathy.

She said that if I ever opened my mouth about Alex, she knew someone who would shut it for me permanently.” replied Brenda. “I still saw Alex as much as I could after that though. Thank God that no doctor would touch her request to surgically alter Alex's body. A few however did offer to start Alex on hormone therapy. It wasn't a sure thing, but it was the best shot Alex had at leading a normal life. Beverly wanted nothing to do with Alex being a normal boy though. I did have a talk with Alex about this at one point. He was starting to figure out he was different than other girls, and I was concerned about his state of mind. His parents have completely conditioned him to live his life as a girl. I've tried to help him deal with this as much as I could get away with.”

You wouldn't be able to give me the names of doctors Alex has seen, would you?” asked Kathy.

I kept a list of their names up until Alex was about five.” replied Brenda. “I have it right here in my purse.” Then Brenda handed Kathy her list.

Is it really true that they got Alex out of taking gym under religious reasons, even though they're not the least bit religious?” asked Kathy.

I'm afraid it is.” replied Brenda. “I can't even imagine how humiliating that must have been for Alex, having all the kids look at him like he was some kind of religious nut. Not that there's anything wrong with religion. I go to church every Sunday myself. There's no religion I know of though that would say some of the things that they've said. As humiliating as that must have been though, it would have been much worse with Alex believing he was a girl, and having the other girls in the gym class seeing that he has a penis. They have destroyed my nephew's life, and I hate seeing them get away with it.”

Well Brenda, with what you and Alex have told me, I'll make sure that doesn't happen.” replied Kathy. “I think it's time to revisit Alex's parents, with a police escort this time. Is there anything you need from your home Alex?”

I'm sure it would be a hardship for someone to have to replace all of my clothes.” replied Alex. “Does this mean that I never have to go back there?”

It would be best that way Alex.” replied Kathy. “Just make a list of possessions, and I'll make sure the police allow me to bring them to you. Now Brenda, Mister and Missus Billings have expressed an interest in having Alex live with them. Since you are his closest relative, I have to ask if you would like to have Alex with you, or allow him to stay here?”

When I talked to Alex earlier today, he sounded better than I've ever heard him.” replied Brenda. “I think Bobby's parents can do much more for him than anyone else. All I ask is that I be allowed to be a part of his life as an aunt should be to her nephew.”

You are welcome here anytime Brenda.” said Beth. “And if you want one or both of the boys to spend time with you, I don't have any problem with that either. I would love for you to be close to Alex again, because he may need all of our love and support.”

Okay then, in that case I have some papers that need to be signed by Beth and Charles.” said Kathy. “One is a temporary custody order for you to care for Alex. Then I have an application for foster parent status. There's a release for us to investigate the background information on your application, but as long as neither of you have any kind of record, it's merely a formality. After the application has been approved, I'll have more forms for the foster parent program, as well as forms for a more long term custody. I'll be back tonight with Alex's possessions.”

After Kathy left, Beth invited Brenda to stay for dinner, so she could catch up with Alex's life. As Brenda, Alex, and Bobby sat together talking, Brenda said, “You and Alex do make a very nice looking couple Bobby. Sometimes even I have trouble remembering Alex is a boy, especially when he has on such a nice dress like he does today.”

Thanks Aunt Brenda.” said Alex. “I do love being a pretty girl for Bobby.”

You are too, Alex.” said Bobby. “You're still the most beautiful girl I know, even if you are a boy.”

So then, that's not going to be a problem?” asked Brenda. “Alex has already been through quite a bit.”

I know Alex is a boy, but I love him as much as I did when I thought he was a girl.” replied Bobby. “When it's time to show Alex my love for him, I'm going to be looking forward to making love to him. I don't know anything about making love to another boy, but I don't think it'll be a problem when that time comes for me and Alex. I don't care if I'm gay or not, as long as Alex loves me as much as I love him.”

I'll always love you with every ounce of my soul Bobby!” replied Alex.

You really did find a very special boyfriend Alex, and I'm very happy for you.” smiled Brenda.

At that time, Kathy stopped back by. Alex's heart sank though when he saw that Kathy was coming empty handed. Once Kathy was inside, she said, “I'm very sorry about this Alex, but your parents had gotten rid of everything you owned by the time I got back there. I even had the officers allow me to search your room, but they had stripped it clean. Your parents refused to tell me what they had done with any of your stuff.”

No!” cried out Alex in pain. “Even the dress I wore to Bobby's birthday party?”

I'm afraid there was nothing left.” replied Kathy, as Brenda took Alex into a hug.

How could they do that?” sobbed Alex. “What if you had returned me home, instead of letting me stay here?”

I think they knew that wouldn't be happening Alex.” replied Kathy. “Like I said, I really am sorry. It did feel good though to have the officers with me place them under arrest. Beth, I'm going to have an emergency clothing allowance approved for Alex first thing in the morning. I want you to come by our office, and get the money to buy Alex some new clothes.”

Okay then Kathy, I'll see you in the morning.” replied Beth.

Alex, this is going to work out okay.” said Kathy. “Beth can get you new clothes tomorrow, and we'll eventually replace what you lost. Was there anything you had at home that you feel is irreplaceable?”

I was wearing the earrings Bobby gave me for my birthday today, and that is the only thing now that would be irreplaceable as far as I'm concerned.” replied Alex, as he tried to straighten himself up. “I don't want one thing to remind me of my life before Bobby's birthday!”

I can't say that I blame you Alex.” replied Kathy. “I promise that we'll take care of everything for you.”

Once Kathy left again, Alex looked to Beth and Brenda, and said, “I can't go to school tomorrow wearing boy's clothes. It would look too weird for me to suddenly dress like that. I really don't want to go out anywhere unless I look like Bobby's girlfriend.”

I know Alex.” replied Beth. “If it's okay with your Aunt Brenda, I want her and me to take you shopping tomorrow, and buy you even prettier dresses than you had before. You can wear one of my robes, and I'll wash what you have on now before I go to bed. We love you Alex, and we're going to make this okay for you.”

I wouldn't miss taking my nephew out to buy him new dresses!” smiled Brenda. “You're going to be even prettier than you were before Alex.”

Even though Beth set Alex up in his own room, Alex ended up in Bobby's room before time to go to bed. “I can't explain what today has meant to me Bobby.” said Alex, as he sat beside Bobby on his bed. “I've never loved anyone as much as I love you, and now I get to live with you too!”

Well Alex, I meant everything I said tonight.” replied Bobby. “I may love you even more now than I ever have.”

Then Bobby took Alex in his arms, and pressed his lips against Alex's. Alex could feel even more love in Bobby's kiss, as he returned it passionately. When Alex felt Bobby's hand on his thigh, he broke the kiss long enough to say, “I'm not wearing any panties Alex.”

Good!” replied Bobby, who went right back to kissing Alex.

Alex's heart beat faster and faster, as he felt Bobby's hand travel further and further up his thigh. Bobby kept moving his hand up, until he felt it brush against Alex's dick. Then Bobby placed his hand directly over Alex's dick, and rubbed gently. The last time Bobby's hand was there, he didn't know what to think. Now Bobby knew exactly what he thought though. Alex's dick felt very nice, as Bobby began caressing it passionately. As Bobby continued kissing and caressing Alex, he felt Alex's hand reach into the fly of his boxers. Alex's hand wrapped around Bobby's dick like Alex had never felt anything nicer, and Bobby loved the way it felt. By the time Alex and Bobby broke the kiss again, the were stroking each other's erections lovingly.

Bobby, I really want to take you into my mouth and make love to you.” said Alex softly.

I want you to too Alex.” replied Bobby. “I want it to be when I can make love to you too though. Right now I'm just a bit nervous about taking a boy's dick into my mouth and making love to him though.”

Maybe tomorrow night then?” asked Alex.

I'll do everything I can to work my way up to it tomorrow Alex.” replied Bobby. “We're lovers now, and I think it's time. I just have to get over being so nervous about it.”

Can I at least stroke your cock until I make you cum Bobby?” asked Alex.

That may be something I can do tonight.” smiled Bobby.

Both boys then completely undressed, and laid back against the head of Bobby's bed in a half sitting position. Once Bobby and Alex scooted over tightly against each other, they took ahold of each other's dicks again. Bobby and Alex then watched intently as they masturbated each other. Alex was having a great time stroking Bobby's cock, and the more Bobby watched Alex's dick slide back and forth in his hand, the more he liked it. After a few minutes, both boys were moaning louder. Then Bobby watched in fascination as his cum began shooting up, and over onto Alex's stomach where Alex was aiming it. As soon as Bobby stopped cumming, he knew Alex was about to start. Bobby aimed Alex's dick over toward himself, and watched as Alex's cum shot onto his stomach. Once Alex stopped, the two boys continued laying there, rubbing their cum into each other's stomachs.

I can't wait to make love to you tomorrow Alex!” Bobby finally said.

Well, there we have Chapter 3. I promise I will try to have any love scenes between Bobby and Alex be as sweet as I can make them. Now comes the real fun though, with Bobby and his family trying to help Alex deal with a ton of emotional issues. Please send all comments to: timthestoryguy@yahoo.com. Also, don't forget to visit me at: www.timthestoryguy.com. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 4.