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This is chapter 7 (whew!) and I know that you won't be reading this much because of the cliffhanger, but to those who can take time to read this, here's a few words from the author.

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Chapter 7

Allan pointed the gun to Steve, who was beside me then and there was Rick, screaming for Allan to stop his madness. I looked at Steve who was filled with terror just standing, maybe paralyzed out of fear. I motioned my eyes to Allan who was engulfed with anger and hatred with Steve, his brother's lover. The look on his face was so frightening; he really wanted to kill Steve.

     "I am not gonna allow this to happen, you filthy faggot!!!" Allan shouted looking at the three of us.

As he pulled the trigger, my reflexes jumped in and I jumped in front of Steve, my love. The next thing I saw was the blood flowing out of my chest and the excruciating pain in my chest which was so agonizing. I looked at Allan whose anger was diminishing, and his fear in his eyes was increasing. The gun dropped to the floor, and Allan ran out of the room.

I dropped to the floor holding my chest and trying to stop the blood from emptying me and leaving me lifeless. Steve and Rick leaned beside me, and I gave them a faint smile.

     "Rick! Call an ambulance! Quick!" Steve shouted. Rick ran out of the room downstairs to call the ambulance.

     "St…Steve, I…I guess this is… is it." I tried to speak to my first love, my only love.

     "Rich, don't speak. Ambulance is on the way, okay? You're gonna live. You have to!" Steve's tears started flowing as he gave me a tight embrace.

The emotions inside me were churning in a rapid speed. If this would be our last meeting, I have to tell him. Steve broke the embrace, and just looked at me with more tears flowing down from his lovely eyes.

     "St…Steve, if I am go…going to die." Steve was trying to stop me from talking, but I guess I was stubborn. I looked at him straight to his eyes and gave his face, my final touch. "I…I will never re…regret dying 'coz… of you." I paused for a while to regain the diminishing strength in me. " I… I wanna say that fr…from the first time I…I saw you… I… already knew that I… I love… you." I finally said it at last to him. Then, everything went black and the last thing I heard was a loud 'No please. Noooooo!' from my Steve.

'Is this life after death?' I was filled with just darkness. No bright lights, but only pure darkness surrounding me. I must have been in limbo or something.

From the darkness, I began to smell a scent that was notable but I can't remember what. I tried to wonder about that familiar scent. My senses were returning to me, but I still couldn't discern if I was alive or dead. The pain in my chest hit me like a speeding car. God! It was so painful. I knew where I was; I was in a hospital and ALIVE.

I tried to open my eyes, but it was too painful because of the blinding light. I remained still there until I fell asleep again.

I was awakened by familiar voices, my parents' voices. God! I missed the voices of my parents. Actually, I missed everything. I again tried to open my eyes and thank God I did it.

The first things I saw were my parents talking near my bed. I checked their faces, but nothing has changed. I think they still haven't noticed of my awakening.

     "Mom… Dad…" I said in a still faint voice because it was really hell to talk.

My parents looked at me with shock but immediately transformed to pure happiness of seeing my awakening. My dad rushed out of the room to call the doctor while my mom held my hand and thanked God for my return. When my dad returned with the doctor, I was bombarded with the 'how do you feel' type of questions that doctors always ask.

After the doctor's check-up, he left the room and told me that I'll be in the hospital for a couple of days more. My mom's teary eyes were gone now and my dad was still there holding my hand.

     "How long has it been?" I asked to them. Well, I didn't know how long was I out cold.

     "You've been unconscious for three days already." My dad said to me.

     "What? *cough* Three days already!" I said. Three days? Everything seemed to be just an hour or so, but three days! I got to live with it… but wait! "How's Steve and Rick? Are they okay?"

     "Steve visited you everyday and was with you when you were rushed here. Rick was okay now after Allan was arrested last night." My mom explained to me. Steve visited me everyday? That's sweet! But how could I face him after my confession.

My parents and I were chatting for a while already when we heard a knock on the door. My dad walked over the door and opened it for… Steve. My Steve was still the same old gorgeous guy, but his eyes seemed sore. Steve entered the room and my parents left us to talk.

     "Hey!" I said shyly to Steve. I still didn't know how he would react with everything that I said.

     "Hey! You okay?" Steve said in the same tone that was filled with discomfort.

     "Okay, I guess. How are you and Rick doing?" I asked Steve to spark a conversation.

     "Me? I am okay, I guess. Rick's not talking to me yet." Steve's face shifted to a lonely look. 'He really loves Rick'

     "Everything will be okay with you two. Trust me." I said to him to raise his spirits. Steve must have cried about Rick for nights already because of the swollen eyes. He gave me a smile, which I knew was a fake one.

The silence in the room was becoming unbearable already. I didn't have the guts to talk about what I said to him, and maybe he's feeling the same thing.

     "I gotta go! I'll come back tomorrow and hopefully I can drag Rick here." Steve said after looking at his watch. I said my goodbye to him and went towards the door. As soon as he closed the door, I burst into tears.

I knew that this love would never work. Steve's love with Rick was too strong. I cried more until sleep came over me.

In the middle of the night, I was awakened by an unknown figure. The figure was near the door, maybe hiding from the hospital staff. The figure was wearing a hospital gown, so he must have been a patient. I couldn't see him clearly because it was dark in my room.

     "Who are you?" I asked the figure. He turned around slowly to face me. I still couldn't see him well but his eyes were amazing. His eyes were the bluest I have ever seen. They were so beautiful, yet so filled with pain and sadness.

     "Please don't tell." He said. His voice was filled with fear. He walked closer to my bed and saw his angelic face. His face was one of the most beautiful faces I've ever seen. He must be around me height, 5'8 and with his solid and strong built, he must be an athlete or something.

     "Don't worry about it. Sometimes, I also want to just disappear for awhile." I said to him. I smiled to him that he returned warmer.

     "Thanks. I'm Brian by the way." Brian looked at me quizzically. "I think I know you." Brian paused for a while to remember my name or something, and he looked kinda familiar too. "You're Richard, right?" I nodded 'yes' and I remembered that I shared a class with him, English I think.

     "You're in my English class, right?" He nodded 'yes'. 'Why didn't I see him that much in class?' I asked myself but I answered it too. I was too preoccupied thinking about Steve, then I fell in depression. "Why are you in the hospital?" I asked him. I then saw the bandages wrapped around his wrist.

     "Tried to kill myself, didn't work." Brian chuckled a little and shifted quickly to a different mood. He must have guessed what's next so he cut me. "You must be wondering why."

     "Nah! It's your private life. I don't want to intrude." I said to Brian, but really, I was wondering why he tried to kill himself.

     "It's okay. Well, I tried to kill myself because I felt that I was unwanted by everyone. I have no friends, I have no family who would support me, especially that I am gay." Brian trailed off to sobs. I motioned him to sit beside me.

Brian sat on the bed and was still crying. 'How can this beautiful angel be subjected to pain?' I asked myself. I have to break the tension in the room.

     "Don't let it bring you down. I'll be your friend if you want." I said to him. I placed my hand over his hand and Brian looked at me with disbelief.

     "You want me to be your friend? Even though you know that I'm a fucking fag!" Brian said as he withdrew his hand from mime.

     "C'mon! Well, they do say that birds of the same feather, flock together." I said to Brian. Brian's eyes widened and his jaw dropped.

     "You are gay?" Brian asked me. I nodded 'yes' and his tears stopped from flowing and a smile appeared from his unhappy face.

     "What's with the shocked face? You don't even look gay because you're so cute, and I thought you belong in the football team or something with your built." I said to Brian. Brian's face lit up with a better glow.

     "Me cute? Stop fooling me. You're the one who is drop dead gorgeous here." Brian said and laughed afterwards. His laugh was like Steve's, contagious.

We talked and joked for hours. We talked about what happened in Rick's house, who's the cutest in school and many others. I couldn't believe that I just found a new friend who could make me laugh again after everything. Tiredness finally seeped in my system.

     "Bri, can I call you that?" He nodded 'yes'. "I am getting tired. You gonna sleep here? You are welcome here beside me." I asked Brian.

     "Nah! I'll go back in my room but I'll be back tomorrow, okay?" Brian said. He hugged me lightly to lessen the pain he could cause if he hugged me tightly, but the pain was still there. We said our goodbyes and goodnights and he left my room.

For that moment, I forgot everything about Steve and Rick, which was a first for me. I replayed everything that happened in this very room in my mind and smiled to it. I was lost in sleep with a smile in my face.

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