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Like I said, this is a story about gay people having a gay relationship. This story is entirely fictional, none of this is true and never happened. If this story similar to what you had or having, that is purely coincidental.

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The New Things
New Beginning

The warm rays of the sun embraced me as I opened my eyes to see the new day that could bring me new things. Yeah, another day for me, another day of pain and sufferings. This is my life, I have to live with it... love it.

The events last night replayed in my mind, especially the eyes of Bri that seemed to have captured my heart... maybe. I laughed softly as not to make too many movements because of the excruciating pain I'll get in my chest if I do. Again, I stared at the white ceiling and starting to think of the future.

"Steve knows." I thought out loud. I knew that everything would have to change. I was in love with this hunk who was attached to one of my best friends. I just couldn't find any other reason for me to be with this guy except my undying love with him. I have thought of bad things about their relationship, even though I was the sole reason why Steve and Rick has a relationship together. So it ends up to this, it's my fault after all.

My reverie was interrupted by a soft knock at the door. "Come in." I said out loud. The knob began to twist slowly. The door pushed forward and a familiar head poked inside. "Good mornin' Bri! How are you feeling?" I said to Brian with a warm smile. Brian stepped inside the room and gave me a warm smile.

"Fine! Still painful?" Brian asked me with concern as he approached me. 'Brian was such a caring and sweet guy. How can he be alone in this world?' I thought while looking at the face Brian.

He's more gorgeous compared to last night. Brian's amazing blue eyes still captivated my heart. When I stare at those lovely eyes, I feel a sudden gush of something inside me. It's like something is moving inside me going towards my heart, then my heart starts beating faster and faster until my stomach begins to have butterflies. 'Is this love already?'

"I guess it's not painful already." Brian uttered. I gave him a puzzled look because I dunno why he said that. "Well, there's a plastered smile on your face." Brian said with a laugh. I was smiling too with that because he has the same effect that Steve gives me when he laughs, which was deadly contagious.

"When are you going out of this asylum?" I asked Brian. Brian walked closer to my bed. He sat at the edge of my bed and touched my face. Brian's touch was electrifying. Goosebumps ran across my body with that single touch of Brian.

"Later." Brian said with sadness in his face.

"Why are you sad then? You must be happy 'coz you'll not be trapped here anymore and be with the rest of the world again." I said to Brian. Brian looked in my eyes and tears started to flow down. "Did I say something wrong?" I immediately asked as I held his hand tight. I began to worry because I could lose him right then if I did say something wrong.

"I'll be with the rest of the world again." Brian uttered these words with sheer sarcasm and grief. 'What's with the rest of the world?' I asked myself. Brian would be free to do anything again 'coz no one can limit him here. "I'll be with the pain again. The hate will haunt me again. I'll be alone again." Brian stuttered these words with pure pain in his voice. I never realized that he had nothing. No one loved him then, but that could change.

"Don't worry Bri. You're not alone anymore. I'm here now, and I'll always be here for you... always." I said to Brian. I tried to sit on my bed so we could talk better, and maybe embrace him to take away the pain and comfort him. The pain in my chest shot back. My attempt to sit failed and just caused me pain and Brian to worry more about me.

"Is it the pain? Oh my God! Wait, I'll call the nurse." Brian said with panic. Again, his eyes were welling again. I could sense his concern over me. I began to smile and at the same time tears began to fall from my eyes. 'He really cares for me.' I thought.

"No need Bri. I'm fine." I said to Brian assuring that I wasn't in pain. Brian looked back at me and approached me again. He examined any trace of pain from my face, but there was none already because of him. I smiled heartily at him reassuring that I was not in pain. Brian gave me his killer smile again and I was in cloud 9.

Brian and I chatted for hours, but it seemed that it was only a few minutes. We learned more new things about each other that brought us closer and closer together. We shared a few laughs and tears in regards to the people who has discriminated our homosexuality.

A knock at the door interrupted our talk. "Come in." I said out loud. The knob twisted slowly and a head poke in. "Hey Steve." I said uncomfortably. Steve flashed his smile but there's discomfort and fakeness in that smile. Steve entered the room and sat at the sofa by the window.

"How are you feeling dude?" Steve asked me. The manner that Steve asked me the question was far less caring than that of Brian who just sat there at my bed. I smiled at him and gave him a thumb up.

"Steve, he's Brian by the way. Brian, he's Steve, one of my best pals and he's the *guy*." I introduced them to each other. Brian and Steve exchanged hi's and waves but the tension was present, they don't like each other that much. "Where's your RICK?" I asked Steve emphasizing with 'your Rick'.

Steve gave me a bad stare that brought discomfort and embarrassment in my part. "He's coming up. Don't worry!" Steve said it with a little bit of sarcasm. 'What has happened in our relationship?' I asked myself.

"Bri, can I talk to this guy in private for a while, please?" I asked Brian with a smile. Brian just smiled back and walked out of the room silently without looking at Steve. I looked at Steve who was looking outside of the window.

"We have to talk about what happened in Rick's..." I tried to explain to Steve.

"You don't have to explain Richard." Steve interrupted me. Steve looked at me and walked towards me. "I hate to do this, but I really love Rick. He's the best thing that happened to me." Steve said it to me with deep conviction because it was the truth.

"I know that! You don't have to slap that to my face. That's why I would like to explain everything, but no... you have to interrupt me and lecture me about your undying love with RICK." I said with a louder voice. I was furious at that moment because once again, I was subjected to blows to my heart. Steve walked away towards the window again. 

"I have accepted that you love Rick with all your heart. They do say that the best form of love is letting go of that love one. Step by step, I am trying to move on and I need you... and Rick." I said to Steve. Tears were starting to fall again. I knew that this is a difficult task to do, but I have to do it to save our relationship. "I can't do this alone. I need yours and Rick's support. I need your friendship."

Steve remained motionless and silent. He still was gazing outside of the window blankly. It's like he wasn't listening in anything that I just said. I heard a knock at the door and I knew that it was bound to be Rick. "Come in." I said out loud. The door opened and it was Rick.

"How are you feeling dude?" Rick asked with concern. Rick walked towards Steve and gave him a kiss. "How are you doing babe?" Rick asked Steve with love. Steve smiled back at him and gave him a hug.

"Hey! Stop that... get a room!" I said to both of them jokingly. Steve and Rick looked at me and smiled. I thought that everything was good again. Rick and Steve approached my bed and we started to chat a little about what was going on in school and stuff.

"By the way, did you see a blond guy by the door earlier?" I asked Rick. Rick nodded 'yes'. "Can you tell him that he could come already, please?" I pleaded to Rick. Rick walked towards the door and went out to call Brian. I immediately asked Steve about all of this. "He doesn't know?" Steve just hanged his head low and gave a nod for 'yes'. "You have to tell him soon." I said.

"Tell what?" Rick said. I looked at the door's direction and saw Rick and Brian standing. I looked back to Steve who seemed to be confused and speechless.

"Nothin'." I said to cover temporarily the blunder that I created in Rick's house. "You know each other?" I asked Brian and Rick. Brian nodded 'yes' while Rick shook his head. "Well, Rick he's Brian. My new friend here." I introduced them to each other. They exchanged hi's, but it was pretty much impersonal and awkward.

"Tell me the news outside of this asylum." I said to Rick and Steve. Both of them looked at each other and smiled. "Good news?" I asked. Both of them nodded 'yes'. "What?" I asked excitedly.

"In school, nothing much happened, but with us..." Rick said.

"Don't say it! I get the picture." I said with a laugh. I looked at Brian who seemed to be confused in the situation. "They DID it!" I said to Brian. Brian gave a loud 'Oh!' and laughed as well.

The four of us chatted until the doctor arrived to check on me. He looked at the wound on my chest and the chart he was holding. He wrote something there but I couldn't understand it... well, he's a doctor anyway. "You can go home tomorrow." The doctor said when he opened the door to go out.

"Yes!!!" I shouted out loud. The three of them looked at me confusedly and laughs and giggles soon followed it. Well, I didn't care at all, at last I'll be out of this dump!

For the next few hours, we just chatted and chatted and chatted. It's like we didn't see each other for years, but if you're in a hospital... a few days are years. All our worries seemed to be erased from that moment. All we had was sheer happiness, no hate and worries... just joy.

"We better leave. It's 3pm already." Steve announced out loud.

"Both of you better be here when I get out of here, or I'll make sure you'll never have another night..." 

"Yeah. Yeah. We get the picture!" Rick said interrupting my speech. We shared another laugh and they left me and Brian in the room.

"You okay with them?" I asked Brian. Brian looked at me straight to the eye and tears began forming in his eyes. "What's the matter?" I asked Brian. 'Am i sounding like a mother now?'

"Thank you." Brian said and hugged me tightly. I felt no pain but only the electricity flowing in my body with Brian's touch. I hugged him back and rested my chest on his chest. Hearing his heart beating was the most amazing things I've ever heard. Tears began falling from my eyes, the feelings was just so overwhelming that I couldn't control it anymore.

Brian broke our tight embrace. Our eyes met. It was like we were searching for each other's soul. Even with his tear-stained faces, and his swelled eyes, he looked like my Adonis, my perfect guy. I closed my eyes and gathered all my strength. 

I held on his hands and leaned to kiss Brian. As our lips touched for the first time, I felt the soft lips that Brian possessed. It was like my lips has just kissed an angel. Soon, Brian began to return my kiss with his tongue invading my mouth.

I lied down on the bed still holding him like I never want to let go, because I really didn't want to let go anymore. I moved a few spaces on my bed so that Brian could also lay beside me there. We were still kissing, and passion has enveloped us together. We were lost souls who have found each other.

Sleep soon was trying to invade me, but it was okay because Brian was still there beside me, holding me. "I love you Rich." Brian said. I looked at him and gave him another kiss.

"Bri, I love you more." I said. I closed my eyes and snuggled closer to Brian. At that moment, I knew that we were one.

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