The New Yorker
Chapter 3 : Party People

Saturday. It's usually a plain day in these parts. In a small town, there is little for people to do. Party. Drink. Gossip. Repeat.
However, I wasn't so happy to wake up, even if it was saturday. I didn't realize how cold it was in my room... Until I realized it wasn't my room. I was still in the bathroom. I must have fallen asleep.
Damn. Well then, while I'm in here..

I went and grabbed a towel and a washcloth from the closet in the hallway. I took a look at myself in the mirror. My light brown hair was sticking out all over the place. My eyes had bags under them, and crud in them. I wiped it out in my hand.
That dream again. I thought it would have left my mind by now. I did all of that brainwashing stuff last night for nothing. And now I was unclear on why I did it. It made no sense. What did I have to prove to myself?
I opened my eyes. The crud was out. I wiped my hand on my shirt, then took it off. I considered myself a good looking guy. I didn't need the encouragement from the girls at the lunch tables eyeing me all day. I was around 6'2", brown eyes, light brown hair that I combed back, no zits (thank god,) and a pretty built body if I do say so myself. What can I say? Humans are naturally vain creatures.
I took the rest of my clothes off. I stared down towards my cock. I had heard that some of the girls had speculated on it's actual size.
I heard it was 9 inches!
Say what?
Are you serious?!
He could hurt someone with that thing!

Whatever. I had seen the size of other guys cocks in the showers, and I guess the really odd thing about it was that I was the envy of most guys as well as the dream of most girls.
Wait a sec! why am I thinking about other guys'...things? I shook my head to try to clear my thoughts. I really needed to stop thinking about those things. I turned on the water. Cold. I prefer my showers hot. The heat helps with keeping the body clean, and the mind silent. I would need a silent mind right now.

I got in and started to wash up. I started to form a lather with the washcloth. As I was showering, I could help the thoughts pouring back into my head. It was Brian.
The dream. I could feel it all over. The dream was so...vivid, so real.. I couldn't get him out of my mind...
And suddenly I found my hand on my cock. I don't know how it got there, it was just there. I started to stroke myself with my hand, and think about Brian at the same time.
Now I should have gotten out of the shower and dried myself off, just as it would have stopped myself from jerking off. But something inside of me said that this was the way I felt, and that I should keep going...I had never jerked myself off to an orgasm before. But my senses were going out of control at this moment. My hand was pulling my shaft faster..and faster..
And then I came, and felt the feeling of that orgasm spread across my body. It was a wave of pleasure that was so instant, so sudden, but so beautiful. And just like that, it was over. I opened my eyes, and stared down at my cock again. It was covered with the load that I had shot down the drain of the shower. My mind was somewhere else at that moment. I was contemplating on what just happened.
The stare.
The touch.
The dream.

Damn, this is freaky.

As I went into my room, I closed the door and started to look for some clothes to put on. I put my watch back on and looked at the time. 9:00. Hmm. Every saturday I had to find something to do. Otherwise, I would have to sit and do nothing. I wasn't ready to have my mind linger again. On the other hand, I thought I should go visit Brian. I don't know why. Something told me to head over there. I quickly put on a shirt and some jeans and looked in the mirror. Nice. It was somewhat decent. I left my room and checked on my parents. They were still asleep. Figures, they always sleep late on the weekends. It gave me a clean getaway. I was able to leave the house without them even noticing.

Heading down the street, I saw this group of old ladies sitting outside in their patio. Mrs. Duvall and Mrs. Lang. They were the gossipers of the town, nothing got by them without them hearing about it.
" Oh, hi Darien!" called out Mrs.Duvall.
" Hello Mrs. Duvall, Mrs. Lang. How are you ladies doing this morning?"
" Just fine dear, thank you," replied Mrs. Lang.
As I was walking away I heard some of their conversation.
"... at least he's not like that Mills boy.."
"..the-the homosexual?"
" know that. he should be ashamed of himself, sleeping with other men..."
" horrendous!"
I couldn't belive it. Now everyone in the whole town knew about Brian! How could it have spread so fast?
..wait a sec! The party!

As I ran down to Brian's house, I knew I had came too late. Gay slurs were written on his walkway and parts of his house. His windows were egged, and his house and trees were covered in toilet paper. Damn Brad and Garrett! Now I felt guilty about not going to a party for once! I could have stopped this from happing-
" Get the hell away from our house, you goddamn bigots!"
A woman, in her 30's, with blond hair and a cigarette in her mouth, was calling me from Brian's window inside the house. She looked furious, and ran out of her house with a broom. Brian's mom?
" You people here have got some nerve, thinking you can do whatever the hell you want-"
" No, miss-"
" Get the hell off of my property!" As she swung her broom at me, I was able to block it with my arms. I could feel her anger with every swing that she threw at me.
" Mom? Mom!"
Brian came running out the house and took the broom away from his mom.
" Mom, stop it! This is Darien! Remember, the one that brought me home last night?
She blinked, then looked at me and walked in the house.
" You ok?" Brian asked me.
" Yeah, I'm fine."
" We just woke up and we saw all this-"
" Yeah, Garrett and them-"
" Fucking bashers!"
" Hey!"
We stopped for a second, then Brian sat down on the curve of the street.
" Darien, look. I know they're your friends, but let's face it, they're damn homophobes who can't stand people who aren't like them!"
I knew this was true, and I couldn't stand it. Brian had done nothing to them, and yet, they wanted to wage war on him! It didn't make any sense...
" Brian, come on. Let's just get this mess cleaned up, all right?"

I took us a while, but the house look as it did that night when I dropped him off. I washed the slurs off , and Brian cleaned the windows and took the toilet paper off of the tress and the house. I didn't see Brian's mom come outside, though.
" Hey Brian?"
" Yeah?"
" Where did your mom run off to, man?"
" I know, she went to take her medication."
" Medication?"
" Yeah, she's not one for stress, so she takes some stuff that her doctor perscribed for her. Helps her calm down a bit."
" Oh."
" So why did you come down here anyway?"
" Me? um, I-"
" Brian? Why don't invite him inside for a while instead of standing outside in that hot sun?" Brian's mom called out
I guess I didn't realize exactly how hot it was, not to mention that I was seriously sweating from all the cleaning up.
" Um, alright mom! Come on Darien, you wanna come inside?
" Sure, I guess." I was hestitant to go in there. My little dream was hitting too close to reality at this point. But, it was only a dream.
Wasn't it?

" Darien, I'm sorry I said the things that I said to you out there."
" It's ok."
Darien had went to clean his room before I headed in. And was assigned to have some of his mother's pancake's as an "apology breakfast" type thing.
" No, it's not ok. I mean, from all the nice things that Brian has said about you, and here I come, acting like the over-protective mother that I am- why didn't I think about it? The boy with the light brown hair with a slight tan, kind of looks like Val Kilmer..."
Val Kilmer, eh? Damn, I'm fine.
" I would just like to say it again, I'm sorry."
" Apology accepted."
" Thank you, sweetheart." After that, she came to me and gave me a big hug. It was at that moment that Brian came down the steps.
" O.K mom, we want the school Q.B to still be able to breathe for his games, now don't we?"
" Oh, sorry, sweetheart. Here are your pancakes!"
" Thanks, mom." Brian said, and gave his mom a kiss on the cheek. "Shall we head upstairs and watch the tele, old chap?"
I laughed, his british accent was very funny. " Let's see what' s on the tele, mate."

Brian's room was pretty interesting. It was pretty simple looking a couple posters, TV, dresser, closet, phone... but the thing that got me was how clean everything was. I mean, it was, clean clean. It was like a four star hotel room, almost.
" Like it?" He asked me.
" It's..clean."
" Really?" He said in a sarcastic tone. "Let's watch something."
As he turned on the TV, I asked him, " You told your mom I look like Val Kilmer?"
Instant blushing.
"..she told you I said that?"
" yeah, in fact, she did."
MTV was the channel that Brian stopped at.
" What's on?" I asked.
" Nothing, just random music videos."
" Oh."
How ironic is it that it was Sugar Ray. Except it was " Every Morning" instead of " Someday." And of course, Brian knew the words to that song as well.
" said we couldn't do it, you know I wanna do it again... Hey, Darien, you don't sing much, do you?"
" Not really."
" Why not?"
" That' s why I play an instrument."
" Oh."
-ring ring-
" Damn. Wait a sec," Brian said, and picked up the phone."Hello? Oh, hey man..."
While Brian was talking, I noticed a small notebook sticking out from under his bed. I started to reach for it...
"..really...well, I'll try. K. Thanks. Bye."
" Darien- hey, Darien-"
And as if a cat out of a bush , Darien rushed over to me and picked up the notebook.
" Well, thank you, Darien." He then put the notebook on the high shelf in his closet.
" What's that?"
"..That? Oh, it's nothing."
" Whatever you say. Who was on the phone?"
" A friend of mine, he's having a big party at his house."
" Where?"
" Well, that's the problem. He lives in Charolette."
" He does?"
" Yeah, and since I don't know my way around here, I don't have a car, and my parents wouldn't dare think about taking me anywhere-"
"Hmm..." I don't know why I was thinking about that. To be in his room is one thing, but to be at a party with alot of other people (possibly gay people) is a hell of another. But it's not like I had anything to do anyway...
" I'll take you." I said.
" What?"
" Sure, I have nothing else to do."
" Really?"
" Really."
" Thanks, man! I really need to get out of the house so bad you wouldn't believe!"
Brian motioned to hug me, then took a step back.
" Oh, yeah. Straight as an arrow, right? My fault.."
It completely killed his mood. He was only trying to thank me, no one said anything about hugs...
" Oh, what the hell." I opened my arms and gave him a hug. Hell, if my team members are straight and they pat me on my ass, then who says I can't hug a gay person? I think he was kinda shocked, 'cause he backed up a bit so we wern't too close.
" The party's at 8," He said.
" So we should leave around 7:30."
" Ok, I'll be at your house around then."
" Alright."
We both sat on the floor and watched TV.
" Hey Darien?"
" Yeah?"
" Don't you think it's kinda ironic, we just got finished with a party and we're going to go to one tonight?"
"..Yeah, I guess you could say that."

I left around 3:00. I was completely puzzled by Brian and me. We were getting so close so quickly. I had never made friends so quickly. But... these new feelings, these strange feelings, the ones that I usually feel around girls.. I could feel that around him. I know that he felt it too. So what was gonna happen next?
" Hey, Darien!"
I turned around. Oh Shit, It was Garrett.
" Where the hell where you man?" he asked me. " You should've seen what happened at the party, man! We went and trashed the fag's house, man! It was so fuckin' funny!"
I didn't want to deal with his bullshit right now. My new link with Brian showed me what type of things gay people had to go through. And it wasn't right, either.
" Yeah, cool, man, look. I gotta go home right now."
"..alright. I'll catch you later."
And as I was runnig, I heard him say,
" Fuckin fag, man."
What the hell? I really wanted to just punch him in his damn teeth for saying that. But like I said, I didn't have time for his bullshit right now.
I was getting ready to go party, and that's all there was to it.

Hi ya'll :). Speaking of parties, the day before this, I had a slammin party at my house with all of my friends there. I live in Maryland and my school's spring break's just started! Whooo! ^_^ Well, what do you think will happen at this little party that Brian and Darien are going to? And what's in that notebook that's got Brian so freaked out? Not to mention the mystery friend who's hosting the party? Questions, questions.. anyways, email me at . Well, that's it for now, c-ya'll later! Spring Break baby! ~_^