The New Yorker
Chapter 5 : The sound of Romance

Prelude - Somewhere in cyberspace...

Brian_NYC : OMG OMG OMG!!!!
Neo_Vincent : Well, it looks like someone's happy...^_^
Brian_NYC : Darien kissed me!
Neo_Vincent : What?!
Brian_NYC : We were going home from a party where John broke up with me
Neo_Vincent : You serious?
Brian_NYC : And then he pulled over his car and kissed me!
Neo_Vincent : Did you guys....
Brian_NYC : No...we said that we wern't ready...
Neo_Vincent : How could you turn him down, after you were ranting and raving about him before you left this party
Brian_NYC : Because I'm not like you, Mr. Promiscuity
Neo_Vincent : >:-p
Neo_Vincent : So what are you gonna do tomorrow? I have a good feeling he'll be "ready" by then
Brian_NYC : I don't know.. I'm about to bounce off the walls her :)
Brian_NYC : here
Neo_Vincent : -sigh- look, you want some advice?
Brian_ NYC : Please...

Like a moth to a flame, burned by the fire...

I was listening to a Janet Jackson song. I'm not really a Janet fan, but something in the song attracted me to it. It was still Saturday, around midnight. I was watching VH1 when I heard the song, and it just stuck there. It was everything I wanted to hear, everything I wanted to say...

My love is blind, can't you see my desire?

It was called " That's the way love goes." Rather than wait tommorow (or in the morning, as a matter of fact) to pick up the single, I went online to Napster and downloaded it for free. The price of happiness is very cheap, eh?

~That's the way love goes~

I was completely captured by the song. It was so sensual, so meaningful, so... so Brian. It was the thoughts that weren't spoken, the ones we were to afraid to say to each other..

~Come with me, don't you worry~
~I'm gonna make you crazy~
~I'll give you the time of your life...~
~I'm gonna take you places~
~You've never been before, and~
~ You'll be so happy that you came....~

It was as if I had died and went to heaven, and he was standing next to me. I was in utopia. I don't think that I would be able to go to sleep at all, my mind being so preoccupied. I wonder what he was doing tomorrow. I might have to go talk to him....

~Oooohh, I'm gonna take you there, oooohhh....~
~That's the way love goes...~

I turned the computer off and went to bed. I had plans for tomorrow...

When I woke up it was as if I had been energized. I went and took my shower, got dressed, and I was ready to head out the door...
" Darien!"
When my dad stopped me in my tracks. He was dressed up with Bible in one hand and keys in the other.
" Where's your suit and tie, son?"
Church? You want me to go to church now?
I was relieved, however, when his stern look changed to a chuckle.
" That' s ok, son, I was just kidding."
" Oh, ok dad."
" Where're you heading off to?"
" A friends house," I said without a stutter.
" Ok then, I'll talk to you later," he said, giving me a quick hug and walking out the door into his car. I waited for him to leave before I started to head to Brian's house. I didn't know if I should have felt guilty for telling my father a little white lie. I mean, Brian was a friend, he was too good of a friend.. But what would have happened if my father knew where I was going? What would he say to me?
I didn't know, but I decided that there were more important things to think about. I continued my way to Brian's house.

" Hello?" I yelled out. I was standing at Brian's front door, getting no answer. Then Brian's mom came to open the door.
" Oh, hi Darien! Brian's not here right now."
" He isn't?"
" He got up this morning and left somewhere."
" Do you know where he went?"
" Nope. Not a clue. Sorry."
I sighed. " Ok then. Thanks."
As she closed the door I started to feel alone. Brian didn't like to go out at all, unless it was with someone he knew ( and I was pratically the only person that he knew ). So where could he have gone?
Well, there was no point staying here. If he went somewhere, he probably didn't mean to come back for a while. So I turned around and went home.

~ She was a sour girl the day that I met her..~

I was laying back in my room listening to some CD's of mine. Everything in every song, however, seemed to refrence to Brian. Even one of my favorite songs by STP ( that's Stone Temple Pilots, if you didn't know..), "Sour Girl" dealt with Brian in a way. Or me. Why was I acting so depressed? Just because Brian went somewhere dosen't mean that he had left me forever...

~What would you do....~
~What would you do if I follow you...~

" Darien? Darien..."
It was my mother. Usually she would try to clean up the house on Sunday, since she didn't like going to church as much as my father, and usually the house would be all to herself.
" Darien, you're still here?"
" Yeah, mom. Look, I'll clean up the room in a second, ok?"
She look at me as if someone had put a bullet in my head.
" Darien, are you ok?"
" I'm ok, mom, I'm just.. kinda tired."
" Tired, huh? The last time you were this 'tired', it was when Kurt Cobain had died. So why don't you tell me what's wrong-"
" Mom, I don't feel like talking right now..."
" Come on, Darien, we haven't had a talk like this in so long."
" The last time we had a talk like this, I was 12. And it was about puberty."
" I remember, you didn't like that one too much. Well, it seems that puberty has taken its toll. My little boy has grown into a man, who's gonna be off to college pretty soon."
" I know mom..."
" And as a man, you should be able to tell your mother about anything without there being any shame in it whatsoever, alright?"
" Ok."
" Ok then. So then: spit it out."
I was going to have to beat this subject around the bush. I didn't want to lie to her..but if I told her what I was so worried about, who knows what would happen...
" Say you like this...person, and you like them so much that you don't want to leave them. What do you do?"
My mom went into "thinking" mode for a couple of seconds. Then she took a slight breath and said,
" Well, You should just keep yourself occupied. Keep doing what you were doing, but you have to realize that this 'other person' has a life of..their own."
I'm not sure if she was trying to put some emphasis on the word "their." Was I becoming paranoid?
" Thanks, mom," I said after a while. " I needed that."
" That's ok, Darien." she replied. " Whenever you have a problem you need to talk about, I'll be here, ok?"
After that, my mom gave me a kiss and left my room.
I wondered if there would be some things that I just couldn't tell her. Like me and Brian. Would she understand if I told her? The very thought of me actually revealing my most inner secrets horrified me. I had no clue what to do at the moment. Brian wasn't here, and I really had no one else to go to.
So I did the one thing that made sense. I laid down on my bed and slowly drifted to sleep.

When I woke up, it was late. 8-p.m, to be precise. I got up and it was dark outside. A full moon shined brighly in the sky. A full moon. Hmm. I got up and looked in the mirror. I was a mess. I had crud in my eyes, My clothes were wrinkled, and my hair looked like someone tried to rip it off of my head. I took my comb and quckly took care of my hair. I picked out some other, cleaner clothes, and wiped the crud out. The first thought I had was that Brian had to be home right now. Was he expecting me to come over? Could he be waiting for me?
I looked at myself again. In that short time, I had seriously cleaned myself up. I was ready to go.
I went outside my room and realized that no one was in my house. This..this was perfect. I immediately ran out the door and headed straight for Brian's house.

When I arrived, it didn't seem like anyone was there. There wasn't a car in the driveway, and none of the lights in the house were on. Damn, how could I have been so stupid? Did I really think that he was just going to wait for me-
- tap tap-
I looked around. Who was that?
- tap tap- " Darien."
It was Brian, right there in the window. However, all I could see were his eyes, because the blinds covered the rest of his body.
" The door's unlocked," he said. And then he disappeared.
Man. I could see what was going on.I stood there for a while. In the middle of the street.
Like an idiot.
I slowly walked up to the door. I don't know why, I just felt...weird. I couldn't explain it, it was just there.
I was at the door. What should have taken seconds felt like a lifetime.
I slowly turned the knob.
And like that I stepped into something I would never forget.

The entire house was dark and quiet, except for a few well placed candles. They slowly directed me to the stairs. And as they say, all roads lead to Rome..
I entered Brian's room to find quite a sight there. There were scented candles all over the place, the heat in the room was increased , rose petals covered the bed, and there was a small plastic container of something that looked like.. honey?
" You like it?"
Startled, I turned around to find Brian, fully clothed, his face gleaming in the moonlight.
" The scent... it's Jasmine."

" Where's your mom?"

" She went somewhere. She won't be back until tomorrow afternoon."

No words needed to be said after that.

Brian walked up to me and gave me a kiss so deep I that could taste it inside my mouth. I could feel his hard cock through his jeans. As my hands slid from his back to his waist, I slowly removed the jeans he was wearing. He had nothing on under them. I took off his shirt, then landed on my back onto the bed. Brian took his shirt off, and I started to caress his body, from his head to his ass. I started to remove my clothes, but then I felt Brian stop me. The look in his eyes said more than enough.
I took off my shirt, and Brian found his way down to my cock, which was throbbing at that moment. His tongue teased me by licking around the head of my cock, and then I could feel his lips as well. I took one of the rose petals and moved it around his nipples. I could feel them slowly becoming hard, and I was in a moment of bliss.
I moved Brian onto me, and rolled on top of him. I laid on top of him, and rubbed my crotch against his. Brian closed his eyes in esctacy. The scent of the Jasmine was an aphrodisiac that worked its magic on the both of us. Brian pulled the sheets onto my body. We were making love. It was everything I had hoped for.
Then Brian said, "Darien... I want you to go inside me."
The flame from the candle was in his eyes at that moment. There was no way I could object to his wishes.
I lifted Brian's legs and put them on my shoulders. I took the honey and put it in my hand.
That's when I realized it wasn't honey. It just smelled like it.
I look at Brian. He smiled. We were kids all over again.
I took the "honey" and slowly rubbed it on my cock. I lubricated Brian, then I started to go inside him. I could hear a gasp from Brian, and looked at him. The fire hadn't died. I slid my cock inside, and moved slowly in and out of Brian's ass. The feeling was unreal. We were both sweating at this point, but we wanted to go further....
I started to move faster, my breath quickening. I closed my eyes, and listed to Brian's moaning. I could feel myself ready to come, and looking at Brian, I started to move my hand to Brian's cock, jerking him off. And as my movement quickened, Brian's moaning got louder...
I could hear him, telling me to go faster... he was almost begging for it. The bed started to squeak with our bodies, as we were coming closer to the point of climax...
And then we came. We pratically came at the same time. That feeling was incredible, the feeling that I had given my entire body and soul to this boy...
I could feel the cum on my hand from me jerking him off to an orgasm. I could tell he had gotten everthing out of it that I did.
We wern't virgins anymore...
I moved on the other side of the bed, and stared at the celing. Brian put his head on my chest, then reached over and put a strawberry in my mouth. I bit off a piece, and Brian ate the other part. This was romance.
" Darien?"
" Yeah?"
" Are...are we in love now?"
I paused. " Yes, yes we are.
I decided to say something.
" Brian?"
" Yeah, Darien?"
".. Did you know my middle name's Elanea?"
I heard a chuckle.
" You're so.. percicular," he said
" Really? That's a new one."
" Well, you are! I can't help if that's the way you are!"
We both laughed. And then we were silent again.
Then we said something I don't think I'll ever forget.

"I love you...Elanea..."

"I love you....Brian..."

We made love twice after that. It felt just as good as the first time. We fell asleep together, as the wind blew out the candles for us.

Hey everyone. I had a feeling everyone was on their toes waiting for this to happen. I hoped you enjoyed it (^_^). This obviously has been in the making for some time now, and I hope I was able to make it as good as you expected it to be...Well, what do you think will happen now? Or better yet, what do you think should happen? I wanna know what you guys think. You are the readers, so I figure that you guys should have some part in the writing process as well. Any suggestions, questions ( and compliments are good too :) that you guys have, remember to email me at . Well that's it for now, I'll c ya'll later! ~_^

Oh yeah, to get a better feel out of it, You gotta put a little sensual background music to this, you know? It's something Brian would have done.. ^_^"