The New Yorker -By Vincent-
Chapter 7: All that really matters

It was friday, the day of the big football game and the after-party that Brooke was hosting. Brooke and I had been going out for about two weeks now, and we were doing ok. But... it wasn't the same as what me and Brian had, for some reason...and all I could think about was why things were so different.
So when we were at the local music store and Brooke asked me which CD would be better, "Totally Hits" or "Now," I didn't know what to say becuase I hadn't been listening.
" Darien, you've been like this all day. What is it?"
" Huh? Oh, nothing, I'm just thinking about the game, that's all."
" Well, It's nice that you're worried about the game and all, but what about my party, Darien? I mean, I have all these things to do, like find the right type of music and get the food and see who not to invite and you're just...."
That was one thing I realized about Brooke, she never stopped talking. Ever. Once she started, you'd have to find an off switch to make her stop.
" Brooke?"
" Yeah?"
" Look, I gotta go, ok?"
" Alright, sweetie." she said in such a way that it made me cringe. Sweetie? God, give me a break...
I kissed her on the cheek and left the store. I had to be at school early, even though the game was at 7 and it was only 4. It was the type of thing I was supposed to do, being that I was the star quarterback. High school football was very important here. If there was a game, usually the whole town would show up and give us support and rags on the visiting team all the way home. However, the one person that I really wanted to be there probably would stay home.
It was Brian, of course. Even though that day he told me not to call him, I left about 10 or 12 messages on his machine that day. I hope that he got them,but after that he started to block my number...
Now every time I saw him, he was with Sean, which kinda ticked me off. It was like they were siamese twins or something. It was ridiculous. But then again, it was my fault that this all started, so I had to put the blame on myself.
There still was a part of me that still wanted to be with Brian. He was still there, inside of me, even though we wern't together. The thing was, how do I get him back...

It was 7 o clock, and the team was getting ready to hit the field for kickoff. I wasn't really worried about the game as much, I was worried about who would be there. Would he come and watch me play? He had to know the game was today, they had been talking about it all week.
"Alright boys!" yelled the coach as we ran right out of the locker into the field. Leading the pack, I ran right out to see a packed house. The game wasn't even that important, yet pratically everyone from the town, cheering us on.
He's not here, I thought to myself, right before the ball was kicked and the game began.

Well, the game went pretty well. We won 49-21, and I was named the star player of the game. Again. I was always named that, day after day, year after year. But I didn't feel like one.
There was probably one part in the game that wouldn't make it in the newspaper.
It was the 2nd Quarter, 3rd down. The play was for me to make a pass to the runningback in left field. Simple. So when I called "hike" and I recieved the ball. I made the mistake of looking to the left.
There, sitting in the crowds, Sean in hand, was Brian.
I froze. I was petrifed. I didn't move at all, and as Brian waved his hand toward me and said something to the extent of, "Hey loverboy," I got tackled, barely holding the ball.
It was a perfect screw up that would go unnoticed by everyone except one person...

As everyone changed and got ready for the party, Brooke gave me a surprise in the locker room.
" Darien.."
"Ack! Brooke! What are you doing back here?"
" Looking for you, of course. Come on, what's taking you so long?"
" Do you know what could happen if-"
" -Someone catches us? Darien, there's no one back here."
I looked around. I hadn't realized I was the last one in here.
" Hey Darien..."
And then I looked at her, and her eyes gave me a look that could only be described as pure lust.
" Why don't we take advantage of this situation, huh Darien?"
She took a step forward. I took a step back.
" Um...Brooke?"
" Yes, Darien?"
" Um.. maybe we should wait a while- I mean, we have to go to the party, right?"
" Darien... they can wait, right?"
I realized that my back was against the wall. I had no place to go, with Brooke closing in....
" Brooke, listen, maybe you don't know what you're doing-"
And that's when I smelled something. Something familar...what was that?
" Brooke, are you wearing perfume?"
" It's Jasmine. You like it?"
And then it clicked.
The scent...It's Jasmine...Don't you remember, Darien?
And I bolted out of the locker room, leaving Brooke no explanation whatsoever as to why I did it.

Running to the back of the gym, I started to breath heavily, not only from running, but from the close contact that I had with Brooke. Even though I was quick, I wasn't quick enough...
" Darien...where are you?"
As I was trying to put the rest of my clothes on, Brooke eventually found me.
" Darien, what's wrong?"
" Brooke..!..Listen Brooke, there's something I need to tell you."
Brooke face went into a horrified state. " What is it Darien? Do you have AIDS?"
" What? No, no, it's not that serious-"
" Then it can wait till later!"
" Brooke, I'm in love with someone."
Brooke looked at me as if I had said I had died and came back to life as a zombie."
" What? What? What-what-WHAT?"
" I met-er, this person, a while back-"
" What do you MEAN you're in love? This-this-this couldn't wait untl today, could it?"
" Well, I've been meaning to tell you-"
" Meaning? So you want to- DUMP me?"
" Brooke-"
" No! No-no-no-no-no-NO! This isn't supposed to happen to me! I'm Brooke Thompson, dammit! I'm the PROM QUEEN!"
Brooke's whining started to look like a bad scene from Girl, Interrupted.
" You-you-you're not supposed to dump me! I dont' get dumped on! EVER! This-this-this-this-this just isn't happening!"
Brooke started to throw a tantrum like a child. She shut her eyes tight and started screaming at the top of her lungs and jumping up and down in fury.
At that point, the words "Crazy Bitch" came to mind, so I just left her there. She got here by herself, she can go home by herself, too. As far as I knew, she was still yelling when I left.

I drove back to my house, passing Brooke's party on the way. I saw that things went as though they were uninterrupted. I thought that I saw Brooke locking lips with someone from the team, but maybe I was mistaken...or maybe not.
I finally came up to my house, but then a thought hit me. They think I'm still out a Brooke's right now. So...
So I passed my house. I don't know why I did it, but I did, and instead, headed straight to Brian's. Something inside me told me that I should go over there.
Maybe I was confused by the scent of Jasmine. Maybe I wasn't confused at all...I parked my car, and wondered if it was a good thing to do. His mom wasn't here, as usual. So I was clear to go...
I went up and knocked the door.
"Who is it?" a voice from inside asked.
" It's me."
Brian opened the door. " What do you want?" he asked impatiently.
" You."
" No, you don't. You want someone that you think is me."
" There's no one like you. I know I'm not mistaken."
" Yes, you are...I can smell her on you."
" What?" I smelled my shirt, and Lord behold, it was Jasmine. Shit...
" You must take me for a damn idiot, you know that?"
Just then, we heard the sound of glass shattering on concrete.
" What the hell?" Brian exclaimed.
As he got out of the house, we went down the street to see the oddest thing that I had seen.
There Sean was, stone cold drunk, stumbling in the middle of the street, with a girl in each arm( who were probably drunk as well. I wanted to laugh, but I couldn't since Brian would probably lip-whip me for it.)
" Sean? What are you doing?" Brian demanded, with a look of fire in his eyes.
"Brian, how ya doin, man, I'm just hanging out, man, with these chickes, man, drunk as a mutha, man!"
It was like Garrett on drugs. (Well, more drugs than usual, anyway.)
" What the hell is you're problem? I told you to stay away from 2 things tonight : Beer and these dirty-ass skanks!"
" Hey, who the hell are you talking to?" The girl on the right spoke up, her words sluring.
"I am not a skank, I am a sexual administrator and correspondent." And with that, she passed out on the ground.
" Yeah, you're really politically correct, bitch," Brian yelled, pushing the other girl out the way.
" And you, Sean, keep your happy-drinkin' ass away from me, alright?"
" Look, I don't neeeeed you, ok?" Sean responded, sluring his words as well.
" Yeah, you don't need me. What you do need to do, is to call your damn sponsor, go to your little AA meetings, and get out of my face, you dirty-ass drunk!" And ending on that note, he grabbed my hand and walked back down to his house. Sean wasn't done with the conversaiton and started yelling.
" Fine! Yoooouuuu, and your little boyfriend, can go and screw-- whoa!"
As we heard Sean fall flat on his ass, the laughs I had held back the whole time just burst out of my mouth, and I had to hold my stomach to stand up. Brian, who saw my hysterics, also started to laugh as we went into his house.
Looking at him, however, my mind went away from the incident that happend outside to what was going to happen inside. I closed the front door and locked it as he came in and gave me the same look that Brooke had given me earlier.
There was a silence that followed, the silence that was so familar, the only familar thing from the whole day.
I welcomed the silence with open arms...

I leaned over and kissed Brian, grabbing his zipper and stroking his cock with my hand. As I heard the breath of pleasure escape from his lips, it got me even more excited. I picked up Brian by his waist, his legs still wrapped around my torso, and laid him on the table in the kitchen.
" In here?" Brian asked. " I didn't know you like it like that.."
Brian slipped under me and got to my jeans, and unbuttoned them and slid them down to the ground. I could feel his tongue circulating the head of my cock, and then his mouth happily swallowing the entire 9 inches of my manhood. I silently moaned as the hot moisture from Brian's mouth filled me with pleasure. As I grabbed Brian's dark black hair, I lifted him back up onto the table and sucked him through his jeans. It was so sudden to Brian, that I don't think he even knew what I was going to do. The suction from my mouth made him started to moan as well, and as he lifted up his legs, I slowly slid my hand up to his thigh, caressing it ever so slowly. I stopped sucking Brian and laid right on top of him, grinding my crotch into his, kissing his neck , and touching his nipples until they were hard and red.
" Darien....don't make me cum.." He pleaded, as he was possibly on the threashold of his orgasm.
" Oh..Darien, I want to be with long as possible.."
Wanting to satisfy his ever desire, I lifted myself from him and got on my knees and began to put my tongue in his...well, you get the idea.
" What the...oh!"
Hearing Darien yell in passion was enough to keep me going for the rest of the night. I licked his hole until it was wet enough for me to be able to go into.
" Get on your knees," I told him.
" Anything you say," He said with a chuckle, and bended over on the table, waiting for me to mount him.
I slowly pushed my already throbbing cock into his asshole until it was all the way inside of him.
" Are you ok?" I asked, concered about there being no use of lube to make it go in any smoother.
" Yes, it feels good," He replied, with estacy in his voice.
I grabbed his waist and slowly pulled in and out of his body, taking every centimeter of the experience into my own body. I grabbed his chest, and lifted him next to me, with his back on my chest, so that my cock would push up into him. As my movements became faster, I kissed Brian's neck and started to jerk him off with my hands: one on his shaft, and the other one rubbing his balls in a sensual motion.
The sexual overdrive my body was in finally catched up to my cock, and I shot my load inside of Brian, as of which, Brian shot his load right on the table. I pulled a chair over and sat in it with Brian sitting between my legs.
" Darien...can we stay like this for a while?" Brian begged.
" Sure, we'll stay like this as long as you like."
" Darien..."
" Yeah?"
" I don't want to leave you, Darien. Ever."
" I know. I want to stay with you too."
" I don't know why we broke up. Why did I have to act so childish?"
I looked at him and said, " Who said we broke up?"
He laughed. " Well, at least you're back here with me again.
And that's all that really matters."

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