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IMPORTANT READERS' NOTE: If you don't start at Chapter 1, you will have great difficulty following the plot of this story!!! This is NOT a wam-bam sex story. BUT, there is a Hell of a lot of sex in it too. The PLOT is what moves the story and will guide you to what I hope are excellent sexual encounters between boys aged 11 through 18 and with some adults. Please be patient with this first chapter as I take you through the history and settings that will underlie the story throughout what I hope are many, many chapters. There's sex in every chapter, but give the whole story a chance instead of just scanning ahead and only reading the sex scenes.

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1967 at Eton:

As 18-year-old Tom Geoffrey turned back after locking the bedroom door of the Boathouse and then faced 11 year old Charlie Gordon, he saw a look of confusion or hesitation on Charlie's face. It certainly wasn't a look of fear, but it concerned Tom that Charlie was not completely at ease.

"Charlie," Tom said softly "I only locked the door so we'd have complete privacy. You can leave now or anytime you want. Do you understand that Charlie?"

"Yes Tom," Charlie replied looking down at his feet as he fidgeted "I'm just a little nervous I guess. I'm not sure what I'm feeling!"

"Charlie, that's what were here to talk about," Tom said as he walked to the bed, sat down and motioned for Charlie to sit down next to him "but whether it's me, anyone else on the Crew Team or anyone else here at Eton for that matter, you MUST know that force or violence with regard to sexual activity between boys is NOT tolerated. If anything ever happens that you disapprove of, you must report it immediately."

"Sex?" Charlie exclaimed with a concerned look on his face, which stemmed more from his limited knowledge than any objection to the concept he was about to learn " sex with boys---I don't understand Tom what are you trying to tell me?"

"I'm afraid I've gotten ahead of myself Charlie," Tom said smiling "let me begin again. You see, that wonderful feeling you got while climbing the rope this morning was an orgasm Charlie. The way you were climbing caused the head of your penis to rub continuously against the rope and that constant stimulation caused you to sexually climax. As I said, it's happened to me and to many others."

"I think it happened to my room mate Nigel too. He said the rope 'wanked' him and he had to change because he made some gooey wetness in his jock, and that other boys had too? What's 'wank' Tom?"

Tom was almost laughing at Charlie's sweet naiveté as he began to explain "Well Charlie, in the States they usually say 'jerking off' or 'beating off' or 'wacking off' among other amusing variations. Here in the UK, 'wanking' is the most common term for when a boy's or man's penis is rubbed until he has an orgasm. When you had your orgasm, it was dry because of how young you are, Nigel is no doubt more developed than you are and his was wet. Soon yours will be wet too?"

"When will they be wet, Tom?" Charlie asked.

"Probably sometime later this year, when your pubic hair starts to grow or just before then, some liquid that is not urine will be released when you orgasm, and as you continue to develop, you will produce much more of it."

"Nigel has some hair, Tom" Charlie informed him "not a lot, but I saw some when we've changed in front of each other." Then Charlie looked seriously at Tom and asked, "Will you show me how to wank?"

"Certainly Charlie---it would be my pleasure," Tom said smiling. "We have to begin by taking off our trousers, in fact, taking off all of our clothes would be best. Is that all right then, Charlie?"

Charlie nodded his agreement as Tom rose from the bed and the pulled Charlie by the hand until he was standing in front of him. Both boys could sense a feeling of electricity in the room as they looked into each other's eyes, with Tom's penis becoming almost fully erect in his loose-fitting trousers. Charlie felt a tingling sensation all over his body and particularly in the area of his groin as Tom said "Charlie, why don't you undress me, and I'll undress you?"

Not waiting for Charlie's reply, Tom reached down and began to unbutton the young boy's shirt, as Charlie reached up for the top button of the shirt on the broad-shouldered 18-year-old who hovered above him. Tom finished with Charlie's buttons well before Charlie could undo all of his, and he slid the shit down past Charlie's shoulders and then gently tugged at it until the circumference of the shirt tail released from his belted pants.

The feeling of the shirttail being extracted caused Charlie to tremble slightly as did the feeling of the cool air on his now exposed chest and back. As Charlie finished unbuttoning Tom's shirt, Tom took in the innocent beauty of the virgin boy before him. Though small in stature, Charlie had powerful broad shoulders and his torso had the triangular shape of an athlete. He also had significant definition in the muscles in his arms, unlike the "string bean" arms of most 11-year-old pre-pubescent boys. Still there was that angelic boyish softness to him that now had Tom's erection straining mightily against the fabric of his trousers, as he pulled of his unbuttoned shirt.

Charlie could see the protrusion in Tom's pants and the outline of his penis head was clearly visible as it pushed against the silky fabric. Charlie's hands were shaking as he reached out for the buckle of Tom's belt. The fingertips of the last three fingers of each of his hands were hooked down into the waist band of Tom's pants as his thumbs and forefingers fumbled with the belt buckle. Charlie could feel a decided heat rising out of the top of Tom's pants as he undid the belt and then unhooked the metal clasp at the top of Tom's zipper. When Charlie pulled the zipper down, the weight of Tom's keys and wallet caused his trousers to fall immediately to his ankles where, slipping off his loafers, Tom stepped out of his pants and stood in front of Charlie in only his socks and his severely tented white jockeys.

Charlie now studied the strong athletic frame of the blond haired teenager who then reached out and, with considerably less effort, quickly unbuckled Charlie's belt and unzipped his pants. To Charlie's surprise, Tom hooked his thumbs into the top of his underwear and pulled them down with his pants in a single motion. His shoes, still on, Charlie stood there motionless with his small hairless penis tingling strongly but only half erect.

Tom gently pushed Charlie back to a seated position on the bed behind him as he kneeled down and untied Charlie's shoes before slipping them off and removing his pants, underwear and socks. Tom then removed his own socks and slowly pulled his underwear down as his uncircumcised fully erect penis stood out about 6 inches from an ample bush of light brown neatly trimmed pubic hair. Tom's only other growth was his arm pit hair and the hair on his shins and forearms---his chest being completely hairless as it glistened in the sunlight that streamed through the upstairs bed room window.

He sat next to Charlie who had now become fully erect as he marveled at Tom's beautifully sculpted body and, in particular his comparatively large hairy erect penis. Unlike the uncircumcised erect boys he had seen parading around in the locker room, whose foreskins completely covered their penis heads, Tom's head was clearly poking through the top of the excess layer of skin. Charlie also saw a glistening moisture there, that he mistook for sweat.

"As your circumcised Charlie, you'll not be able to use foreskin to pleasure yourself, so I'll peel mine back and show you how to stroke yourself," Tom said as he fully exposed his purplish glans that was glistening in the precum that had gathered in the pouch of his retracted foreskin. "Now take you thumb and first two fingers and do what I do."

Tom then began to softly and slowly stroke his glans and the first two inches of his shaft as Charlie noticed a distinct look of pleasure on Tom's face. Tentatively he took hold of his slender 3 inch tool and he sighed audibly as his first touch and initial sliding motions catapulted him back to that intoxicating feeling he had know just a few hours before, as the coarse exterior of the climbing rope had delivered the stimulation that his soft fingers were now providing.

"Oh Tom," Charlie moaned "it feels marvelous!"

"Yes it does Charlie, and the more you stroke the better it will feel. Just relax and let it happen. You can also use your entire hand like this," Tom offered as he took the full length of his shaft into the palm of his hand and pumped it rhythmically. Charlie followed suit, finding the added stimulation to be far more enjoyable than the localized

rubbing of only his penis head. Tom lay back across the bed and Charlie followed him as they watched each other masturbate. The sight of the dark haired little boy being so completely engrossed in his first self-exploration soon began to take its toll on Tom.

"Now watch Charlie, and I'll show you what a wet orgasm is," Tom panted as Charlie noticed his face begin to redden as his neck veins bulged and Tom quickened the pace of his strokes. "Oooooooohhhh, AAAaaaahhhhh, HHHHUUUUNNNNNAAAHHH!!!!!" Tom cried out startling Charlie, but not as much as what Charlie saw next when a high arcing stream of spiraling whitish fluid erupted from Tom's penis and landed across the entire length of his chest, almost striking his chin! "OOOHHH AAHHH AAAHHH!" Tom cried again as two more streams of half the distance of the first splashed out onto Tom's stomach and began to pool in his navel. "oooooooo, wwhhhheeewwwww, aaaahhhhh," Tom purred as his stroking slowed and he milked out a steady stream of his seed.

With his eyes still closed, Tom lay there trying to recover, while Charlie felt a sudden change that was approaching the excellence of what he had felt on the rope. Tom opened his eyes just in time to see Charlie suddenly pull his feet up tightly toward his crotch almost as if he were again climbing the rope. Charlie flexed his knees out widely, unknowingly stretching his sphincter and that sweet sensation combined with Charlie's now-rapid stroking resulted in a wave of ecstasy hit him like a thunderbolt! "eeeeeeee oooooooo AAAAAHHH," Charlie's high-pitched voice began to siren as his testicle flew up toward his abdomen. "OOOOHHH AAAHHHH AAAHHHH oooooooooo OOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" he cried as wave after wave of untold joy cursed through his tender young loins. "Oohhhh Toooommmm, ooohh it's so gggoooodddd," he whispered as his silken thighs shuddered with each joyous spasm.

While no fluid spilled from him, the power of his orgasm was enormous and it made the pleasure he had felt on the rope pale by comparison. "Oh God, don't let this end." Charlie prayed to himself as he began to feel faint while swooning in the deliciousness of the moment. Then, almost suddenly, it passed and his stroking was now becoming unpleasant and he felt he might pee on himself unless he stopped. As he let his still hard penis fall from his hand onto the top of his lower abdomen, Charlie looked over at Tom who was smiling broadly, reminiscent of the proud looks he so coveted receiving from his father.

"Well Charlie, how'd you like it then?" Tom asked still grinning.

"Unbelievable, I wish it would last forever!" Charlie sighed loudly.

"Alas, it never does. But Charlie, it can get even better still---much better. There are many different ways you can do it alone, and even more ways you can do it with others."

"Will you teach me Tom, will you please?" Charlie said as his eyes stared intently into Tom's, with the addiction of pleasure his body had just given him having completely overcome any sense of reason, guilt or remorse that he might otherwise have felt.

"I will Charlie, I would love to---just as I was instructed at about your age myself by an older boy here at Eton. But Charlie, and I can't say this too seriously, discretion is crucial in this area. We must keep these things strictly to ourselves and not share the fact that we are pleasuring ourselves together. There is much for you to know and understand, but DO understand that. Whether you are with me or another boy, and when for that matter you have your first girl, proper decorum dictates that these things be held in the strictest privacy."

"I understand Tom, I'll never tell a soul---I promise!" Charlie exclaimed.

"Good then. Now come lay your head on my chest and I will tell you about certain truths in the world we now live. Then, after we have rested, there is something else I'd like to teach you this afternoon..."

2002 at St. Barnabas:

"Jesus Christ," Bobby Thomas, the Sophomore leader of the Turk Society exclaimed to Senior leader Tip Conners as they watched one of the 7th grade boys climbing the rope "look at that kid digging on it!"

"Yeah, definitely a candidate there," Tip replied smiling "kid's in heaven and he doesn't have a clue why!" Watching the young boy's hips gyrate as he continued to slide up the rope, Tip continued "Did you get his name right Bobby---we don't need any mistaken identity fuck ups like last year with the kid Kyle got wrong!"

"I know Tip, that was a fucking mess---I'm not going there!" Bobby promised. "Kids name is Steven Jenkins and his room mate is that kid over there," Bobby said pointing to another 7th grader seated on the lowest row of the Gym bleachers. "He didn't give off any signals, so we'll have to divide them when we raid their room,"

"OK, fine. After we compare notes with the other Society leaders at tonight's meeting of the Order, I'm going to recommend that we raid the Jenkins boy TONIGHT! That kid should be a slam-dunk for us," Tip concluded as his own broad smile met Bobby's. "Our session here is almost up. I only saw one other kid who might be promising. What about you?"

"No one except Jenkins there, let's go see if the others have spotted anyone. Oh fuck, I gotta run Tip I got History in 5 minutes---clear across the Quad!" Bobby exclaimed. "I'll see you later, of if not, in the Order Room tonight.

As Tip watched Bobby run off, his mind flashed back to the event of one year before, that had come to be known as "Kyle's Fuck Up." Then Sophomore year leader and current Junior year leader, Kyle Bartlett, had identified a promising candidate for the Order but got the wrong name. In Kyle's defense, the kid whose name he got was a dead ringer for the one he had intended to recruit. Unfortunately there was one major difference between them and it almost proved to be disastrous. Following the "Gordon Formula,"---named after Charlie Gordon, the founder of The Order of the Rope who transferred to St. Barnabas from Eton College as an almost 15-year-old sophomore in 1971---any boy who manifested the appearance of an orgasm or anything approaching it while climbing the rope, was a clear cut candidate for recruitment into the Order.

Initially, Charlie pursued his followers directly in the manner that Tom Geoffery had pursued him during his first days as an 11-year-old at Eton. However, as the Order grew in numbers, a more aggressive process had developed where candidates would be abducted from their rooms in the dead of night and taken to the still intact basement of an old dormitory building that had tragically burned down the year before Charlie had arrived, claiming the lives of 10 boys. The site was now a high fenced in memorial to the dead, that Charlie had found a way to enter and explore. There he found the large basement that would serve as the meeting room for his secret Order where, among other things, blindfolded prospective initiates were brought to be "tested".

Under the Gordon Formula, masked members of the Order would bring the young boys and then introduce them to the joys of sex. Only the abducted boys would be pleasured, and they would be pleasured repeatedly in many different manners, before being returned to theirs rooms multiply orgasmed but otherwise completely untouched. They would be told that much more could be theirs if they wanted it, but joining the Order was completely up to them. On average 9 out of 10 boys solicited in any given year would choose to join, and the ones who chose not to ever spoke of the joys they felt that special night.

That is except for the boy who was mistakenly brought to the Order Room in September of 2000, during "Kyle's Fuck Up"...