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****Chapter Note: This chapter is set in two (2) different time periods. The first will be in 1971 at St. Barnabas, when Charlie Gordon first arrives. The second will be present day St. Barnabas where Charlie's successors continue with the tradition he started.

St. Barnabas Academy--1971

It was a typical warm and sunny late August day in southern California when almost 15 year old Charlie Gordon arrived at St. Barnabas Academy. Stepping out of the limousine that had driven him and his parents, Charlie took a moment to survey his new boarding school campus. The tall stone façade Tudor buildings, and the immaculate landscaping was highly reminiscent of the wonderful campus at Eton College in England, from where he had been abruptly removed that summer. When Charlie got the news that he and his family would be returning to the States, he showed his anger and disappointment with the same intensity that he now showed his contempt and disdain for this counterfeit institution.

Charlie understood full well that the return to the U.S. was not his father's fault, whose appointment as Ambassador to Great Britain had been ripped from him by then President Nixon, in order to curry greater political favor and financial support from the handpicked successor.

"It's just politics," Charlie's father told him "and no appointment lasts forever. I just didn't think that his re-election paranoia would effect my Ambassadorship. But it is a sound move from Nixon's perspective and I accept it."

"Well I don't accept it Dad," Charlie retorted "that son-of-a-bitch screwed you Dad, and it's screwing me out of being able to finish High School at Eton. I've busted my ass there and I was going to be on varsity Crew and Gymnastics this year. Instead, I'll have to start all over again and we're not even going back to DC, you're taking us to California!"

"I know this is a dramatic change for you son," his father said with empathy, " but you have to understand that I must take what I believe to be the best opportunity for us. Give it a chance Charlie...I know you'll learn to like it and St. Barnabas Academy is the finest prep school in the West."

Charlie fumed and fussed during the weeks preceding their departure. What gnawed at him more than anything else, was the one thing he could never tell his father...that the camaraderie of his Eton environment extended beyond the academic and athletic arenas...that it was deeply rooted in an unnamed, yet highly structured, hierarchy of sexual encounters. As a 4th Year, Charlie would now be allowed to "mentor" a 1st or 2nd Year student, in addition to maintaining his relationships with his peers and his seniors. Charlie had so looked forward to shepherding a young boy through the ecstatic intricacies of his budding sexuality, in the same manner as Tom Geoffrey had so lovingly guided him some three years before.

In those three years, Charlie had matured from an athletically gifted prepubescent boy, to a 5' 7" 125 pound solidly muscled young man. His locks of his almost black longish hair framed a handsome but still boyish and unblemished face. Charlie had yet to shave and his arms, chest and legs were substantially hairless. His only real growth was confined to the modest patch of pubic hair that had started to grow during his 13th year but had not continued to develop at a rapid pace during the past 20 months. In fact, it was only during the past few months that the small black pubic patches on either side of his boyish penis had begun to knit their way together across the previously bald center area of his nether region. Even so, his pubic offering lacked any significant density and his pale white skin underneath showed through in marked contrast to the dark hairs that sprouted from him.

Charlie had been poised for stardom on the Eton Crew and Gymnastics teams, and though St. Barnabas had those teams also, Charlie just knew it could never be the same. Even more, he dreaded an environment of that he had not known since he was 11.

Charlie's father instructed their driver to take his trunk and other gear to his dormitory room. Then Charlie and his parents walked through the doors of the Administration Building, getting their first look at its ornate interior. They walked the long marble-floored hallway until they reached the office of Headmaster Ronald Whaley. Whaley's secretary greeted them and, after declining any refreshments, she escorted them to the Headmaster. Promptly putting down the materials he was reading, Whaley rose from behind his desk as they entered and extended his hand.

"So good to meet you in person at last, Mr. Gordon...Mrs. Gordon. And this must be Charles!" Whaley beamed having delivered his usual scripted greeting.

Whaley was a large man in his late 50's about 6'2" tall and weighing well over 250 pounds. He had darkish gray hair and wore wire-rimmed glasses on his wide but not unattractive face. After exchanging the usual pleasantries, Whaley looked at Charlie and began to outline for him the events of the day and those to immediately follow.

"Well then Charles," Whaley began "I do hope you will enjoy your stay with us here at St. Barnabas. As a new entering student we have asked that you arrive a day early to get acclimated. In about 10 minutes, you and your parents will join the other new students from the upper classes and their folks, for a walking tour of the Campus. We give a separate orientation to the much larger entering classes of the 7th and 8th grades, given the inherently more traumatic nature of their transition from home. After lunch, your parents will be on their way and you will be free to wander until 5:00, when you will be expected in the Senior Dining Hall. There will be some additional free time after dinner. Then, if you care to, you may attend the viewing of a movie in the Theatre, located in the Arts Building. Bed check is at 9:45 and 'lights out' is at 10:30."

"Tomorrow, of course, is Sunday when all of the other students report. Your parents are invited back to attend afternoon Chapel and convocation. Then you are free to meet your classmates and otherwise enjoy the day until dinner which, by the way, will be in formal attire. You will be staying in Parker House where the entire sophomore class and one quarter of the junior class reside. I see that your roommate will be Evan Thompson, a fine young man, I'm sure you two will get on famously. Then on Monday morning, the all-students physical fitness test will be administered. That afternoon you will attend a 15 minute introduction with all of your classes, and full day schedules will commence on Tuesday."

"Do you have any questions Charles?" Whaley asked smiling at Charlie who made no motion as he stared back vacantly. "Very well then, lets get you off to the Campus tour."

Following the tour and lunch, Charlie hugged his parent's good bye and then set off to explore on his own. First he would visit his dorm room, where he found that his belongings had all been delivered to the 3rd floor corner room with two beds next to each of the room's windows and two desks and chair in the center of each of its windowless walls. Not much different from Eton Charlie thought, as he then contemplated before dismissing the idea of starting to unpack. Instead, Charlie was anxious to revisit one of the sights he had been shown during the morning tour...a place that for some reason looked both wondrous and ominous to him...the "Memorial to the Ten."

Earlier, with his parents and the others who participated in the walking tour, they had been shown the ruins of Sheffer House, the 7th and 8th grade dormitory building that had been struck by lightning early last school term during a freak storm, by southern California weather standards, where lightning was very uncommon. The lightning had caused an enormous fire to erupt, which totally destroyed the building and claimed the lives of 10 students. So hot had the fire raged, that no physical trace of the deceased boys could be found other than a hand full of bone fragments. Thankfully, it occurred during a weekend afternoon when most of the boys who lived there were off doing other things. Surely many more lives would have been lost had the lightening struck at night or in the early hours of the morning.

The Board of Regents spared no expense in building a new dormitory-- Memorial House. They also erected a great black iron fence around the ruins of Sheffer House and lavishly landscaped the interior grounds that surrounded the ruins and the grounds the served as a splendid horticultural walkway to its front gate. Always locked, the gate bore an ornate burgundy painted steel plaque with gilded letters that read:


As Charlie stood there reading the plaque again and peering through the fence at the 100 feet or so of gorgeous garden area leading up to the stone foundation of the destroyed building, he felt strangely compelled to try to get inside and explore. The heavily locked gate with a chained reinforcement eliminated any hope of a conventional entry. Climbing was likewise out of the question because the 20-foot high fence had large decorative spearheads atop each of its iron bars. Charlie then walked the circumference of the fence looking for any gap between the fence and the ground that might be exploited. He found none as he came to the back of the fence and encountered the thick brush that boarded the area between the Memorial and a steep 30-foot gully that lead down to one of the streams where water ran off from the near by foothills.

Rather than fight his way through the thicket and risk tearing his clothes or his flesh, Charlie decided to abandon the day's expedition and return to his room. Once inside he set about the task of unpacking his belongings. Then, as he was making up his bed, Charlie's mind began to wander back to the room he had shared with his roommate of 3 years, Nigel Newton. He thought of how his relationship with Nigel had progressed from strangers to close friends...and then to lovers. As he felt a stirring in his loins, Charlie went to the door of his room and locked it. Then he drew the curtains and began to undress as he conjured up the image of his portly blond friend who was a continent and an ocean away. His penis was fully erect and straining by the time he had removed his pants, and he grabbed a hand towel from the pile of school linens on his desk before he lay down on his bed.

His erection was now 5 inches in length and possessed a respectable girth. A far cry from the thin and hairless 3 inches he had when his mentor Tom had begun to instruct him in the pleasures of the flesh. As he wrapped his soft palm around his throbbing boyhood and began to stroke, Charlie's mind transported him to the bed he and Nigel had last shared some 3 weeks prior at Nigel's family summer house in the countryside outside of London. Knowing that Charlie would be returning to the US, Nigel had received his parents' permission to have Charlie spend the weekend there so they could properly say good bye. Of course, the kind of "good bye" that Nigel's parents were thinking of, as well as Charlie's for that matter, was significantly different from what the boys had in mind for themselves.

For the better part of 2 1/2 days, the boys roamed the substantial country home and the secluded grounds completely naked, taking every opportunity to entice and pleasure each other in every manner of sexual contact that they could imagine. The contrast in their body shapes had always been a source of mutual eroticism to them...the hard muscular build of the dark haired Charlie, and the soft doughy pale skin of tow-headed Nigel. The alabaster look of Nigel's belly as it hung down enough to trap most of his blond pubic hairs in the fold it created, made him look like an oversized cherub statue from ancient Greece. Charlie on the other hand resembled the athletic youth sculptures of that time, except that he was circumcised.

No sooner had they been dropped off by Nigel's family driver, than the two boy tore off of their clothes and embraced for what they knew would be one of their last moments together for a great deal of time. When Charlie pulled back Nigel's soft foreskin, the size and shape of their erections were virtually identical even though Nigel was more than a year older. Over the years, they had coupled several times a week in order to perfect the "lessons" that were shared with them by their respective mentors.

They began this day's coupling with a favorite position of theirs. They lay down on the carpeted floor and embraced tightly, so that Charlie's hard chest and abdomen pressed into Nigel's protruding counterparts, displacing them, until their hard penises rested side by side as if imbedded in an encasement of Nigel's soft flesh. They kissed deeply as they held each other in the python-like grip of their arms.

Soon they could feel their combined perspiration collect around the hot confinement of their anxious erections, and they would slowly slide against each other in a perfect rhythm that allowed them to be stimulated by both skin that surrounded them, and the sliding of their penises against each other on the one glorious side where they made contact. So many times before they had cum within moments of each other, and today they were in perfect harmony as they barked out the excellence of their orgasms. Semen began to erupt from the heads of their engulfed penises and it pooled between them, providing a delicious ultra-lubricated ecstasy to the final powerful waves, as their bodies bucked into each other and their scrotums tingled with delight.

"Bit of a sticky wicket, eh Charlie?" Nigel laughed when the two boys separated and took stock of the gooey fluid that was smeared across their lower abdomens and had matted their pubic hairs. "Let's head to the pool then and clean off," Nigel suggested as they rose from the floor and walked down the hallway. At the entrance to spa area, the boys grabbed towels and then raced to the edge of the heated pool and dove in. They swam and horse played for the better part of an hour before leaving the water and drying off in the cool afternoon air. As goose bumps set in and their penises and scrotums began to retreat toward the warmth of their groins, Nigel and Charlie quickly headed for the hot water of the Jacuzzi.

They descended slowly into the bubbling water, taking particular care to accustom their genitals to the heat before taking the final plunge. Nigel smiled at Charlie and without speaking words, the two boys began to contemplate the reality of their being separated. Propelled by the sense of urgency that Charlie's impending departure was creating, they moved toward each other and renewed their kiss. "Let's get a steam," Nigel said as he felt his penis beginning to stir. Charlie nodded his assent and they grabbed their towels and walked dripping wet to the door of the steam room.

It took only a few moments for their eyes to adjust to the steamy environment. Then they spread out their towels and sat down on them virtually hip-to-hip. Charlie watched Nigel's rapidly rising penis as it rose from underneath his hanging belly, its head beginning to push through the top of its foreskin sheath. As the condensation of the steam and his sweat began to pour over him, Charlie felt the onset of his own strong erection. They reached out to each other and kissed, and soon they each held the full erection of the other and began to stroke it slowly. The hot moisture of the room provided excellent lubrication and Charlie slid Nigel's foreskin back and forth across the head of his yearning penis as the bottom side of his hand nestled down into the soft wetness of Nigel's significantly greater pubic growth.

"Nigel," Charlie asked "shall we suck or bugger?"

"I'd like to have your mouth just now Charlie," Nigel replied "what about you?"

"I'll start with you that way Nigel, but I'd like to finish in that big cute bottom of yours," Charlie said smiling.

"Cheeky bastard!" Nigel laughed. "Get yourself over here then."

As their mouths received the erect penis before them, the two boys moaned with the pleasure they were soon receiving. So accustomed to each others touch, Charlie and Nigel knew exactly what buttons to push in order to get the best results. While Charlie preferred a long slow deliberate suckling motion, Nigel reveled in extra attention being paid to the head of his penis. In particular, he loved it when Charlie's flicking tongue would wrap around and then pull down his foreskin before its tip would dart in and out of the slit of his opening. Nigel also took great pleasure in sucking the circumcised head of his Yank roommate's lovely boy-tool. As his wet lips pounded up and down on the hard vein exterior of Charlie's shaft, Nigel would occasionally pause at the top and slather the openly exposed glans as if he were sucking on a lollipop.

Not wanting to cum before he could enter Nigel's ample ass, Charlie withdrew himself from the excellent caresses of Nigel's mouth and gave his undivided attention to providing as powerful an orgasm as he could to his dear friend. He positioned himself so that he was below Nigel's waist, his mouth moving in a piston-like fashion atop Nigel's straining boyhood as he approached the explosion of his seed.

"Oh Lord, Charlie that feels grand!" Nigel cried as the first electric jolt coursed through his loins and the spastic release of semen passed from his upshooting testicles into Charlie's swallowing mouth. "OOOOHHHHH YYYYEEESSS CCHHAARRRLLIIEEEE YYEEESSSS!" Nigel yelled as he forced his hips in and out with Charlie desperately trying to keep pace. "UUUUNNNNNAAAHHHH AAAAHHH GGGGOOODDDDDD!" Though he had cum just an hour before, Nigel produced a respectable volume as three jets left him. The last 4 powerful waves of his orgasm were dry, but nonetheless intoxicating.

"God Charlie that was so fine," Nigel panted as Charlie sat up and wiped the sweat that was pouring down his face. After taking a few moments to compose himself, Nigel rolled to his stomach and presented his wide buttocks to Charlie, whose erection had become rock hard as he witnessed the euphoria of the orgasm he had created for Nigel.

No lubricant was necessary as Charlie easily began his slow entry into the sphincter that lie between the spread haunches of the boy in front of him. The hairless hole glistened in the foggy moisture of the steam room as Charlie pressed forward. "ahh aahhh uunn ahhh," Nigel moaned softly as the unavoidable initial pain of Charlie's entry soon gave way to a feeling thrusting pleasure. Of the several boys that Charlie had buggered over the past few years, none delighted him as much as Nigel. In addition to the consistent tightness and warmth, something about Nigel's fat butt seemed far superior to the bony hips of Charlie's other partners. Though he couldn't put his finger on it then, his preference no doubt stemmed from his first experience with anal sex when his tiny 11-year-old penis slid into the comparatively enormous posterior of his 18-year-old mentor Tom Geoffrey.

Sliding in and out, in and out as the heat of the room made him swoon, soon brought Charlie over the edge. "AAARRRRRGGGHHH, OOOOOOOOOHHHH, AAAHHHHHHH, HHUUUUNNAAAAHHHH!!!" Charlie cried as his orgasm crashed around him, jolting him from the sweet past and back into the uncertain present where he lay atop his bed at a new school and was now covered with his semen. "Ohhh Shhiiitt," he moaned in awe of the powerful pleasure he had just experienced. And then he heard a knock at his door...

"Everything all right in there?" said a teenage voice from outside.

"Umm, ah, yeah...I'm fine, just stubbed my toe" Charlie stammered in reply.

"SURE you did," the voice responded in a tone that dripped of sarcasm "well you'd best hurry up, dinner's in 10 minutes.

Charlie's face blushed with the embarrassment that his masturbation had been overheard by this as yet unseen neighbor. Using the hand towel, he wiped up his discharge from the length of his chest. Then Charlie quickly dressed. As he left his room and walked down the hall, Charlie passed the open door of the next room. There, standing in the doorway was a taller, smiling, brown haired 15-year-old.

"Well at least you're not limping," the boy said in reference to Charlie's poorly delivered lie.

"Yeah, yeah," Charlie smiled knowing he was busted "I guess the walls in this shit-hole are paper thin. I'll stick a sock in my mouth next time!" The two boys laughed as Charlie extended his hand saying "Hi, I'm Charlie Gordon."

"I'm Rob Givins," the other boy replied shaking Charlie's hand and then, suddenly, he paused and looked down with a shocked expression as the realization of where the hand he was grasping had been just minutes before.

Charlie continued to grip Rob's hand firmly, as he immediately understood Rob's concern. Then he laughed hard as he said "Don't worry Rob, I did it lefty man!!" Rob 's laughter soon equaled Charlie's as they howled at the hilarity of the moment while continuing to vigorously shake hands. After a quick stop at the bathroom, the two boys headed off to dinner as they continued to introduce themselves...

St. Barnabas Academy--Present Day:

It was well after "lights out" when 16 members of the Order of the Rope sneaked out of their respective dormitory houses and gathered in the wooded area behind "Dormitory Row." These 16 boys were the four class leaders of each of the Big 4 Societies, whose leadership positions had always been held by Order members. The balance of the Order was comprised of the seven junior members who were now in the 8th grade, having been 7th grade members the year before. Tonight would be the first meeting of the Order for the new school year and the purpose of the meeting was to identify candidates to fill their now vacant 7th grade ranks.

Making their way through the dark, the boys soon reached the Memorial to the Ten. The group then circled around to the backside of the Memorial where thickets of heavy bushes grew along the bank that led down the gully to the river wash below. They negotiated their way through a well-camouflaged opening that led to a pathway down into the gully. After they had descended about 10 feet they turned on their flashlights, safe in the knowledge that they could not be seen by anyone back on campus.

When they arrived at the 6-foot high entrance of an abandoned storm drain, only the tallest of them had to stoop to walk inside of it until it led them to a steel ladder. Each boy then climbed the 10 rungs of the ladder until they surfaced through the floor drain of the spacious basement area which remained fully intact, having survived the fire that destroyed the old Sheffer House dormitory. The room was soon aglow in the light of 8 kerosene lamps that hung from the walls.

The Order Room basement had accumulated much furniture and decoration over the 31 years since Charlie Gordon had discovered the entrance to the basement and began using it as the meeting place for himself and the other founding members of the Order. There were more than 20 chairs, several large and small tables, a bookcase full of erotic literature and pictures and, of course there were many couches and beds. The walls had various framed pictures and posters hanging from them, and the floor was completely carpeted in a patchwork of remnants. All of the Order Room's amenities had been gathered from discarded or otherwise obtainable items from the storage areas of the various campus buildings. In all, the Order Room had a warm and cozy feeling to it, despite the fact that it was beneath the charred ruins of a building that had been tragically destroyed.

"OK, let's call this meeting to order," Tip Conners, senior leader of the Turk Society, said as he pulled his chair up to the large table in the center of the room. The other boys quickly pulled up their chairs as Tip continued. "Let's begin by compiling a master list of the new potential candidates for the 7th grade that were identified during the rope climbing exhibition today."

One member of each of the Societies then gave their report and, in the end, a list of 7 names had been listed under the heading of "definite" and 4 were listed as "maybes". After some further general discussion, Tip said "From what we've said tonight, it looks like no one demonstrated the 'Gordon Formula' stronger than the Jenkins kid that I and the other Turks saw. Since its still early, I say we raid him tonight."

"Yeah, absolutely," Bill Edwards, the senior leader of the Egyptian Society said enthusiastically. "It's been a long summer and I'm horny as Hell. I say it's show time!!"

Edwards' sentiments were eagerly supported by the others. Tip, Bill and the two other seniors went to the large trunk near the bookcase and took out black sweat suits and black wool ski masks. After they changed Tip and Bill each grabbed a roll of duct tape, before leading the dark clad group down the ladder and back into the storm drain. They quickly retraced their path and exited the thicket behind the Memorial. Then, under the cover of darkness, they worked their way behind the Dormitory Row until they arrived at Prentice House...where all the 7th graders resided.

Back in the Order Room, 17-year-old Kyle Bartlett, was fidgeting with the erection that had begun to rise in his pants. Kyle was not the only one in that awkward position. "Look," Kyle said to the other 11 boys in the room "we're going to be putting on the usual floor show when the others get back, but if anyone else is interested, I'm good for a go right now too! We have at least a half hour until they get back."

"Me too," 14-year-old Roger Thames replied as he looked lustfully at his freshman counterpart, Mike Tanner of the Egyptians "what do you say Mike?" When Mike nodded, the two boys headed off to one of the many cots in the room as the other 10 boys also coupled up. Soon the room was filled with the soft sounds that boys make when they are sucking and being sucked on by another.

Meanwhile, with great stealth, the four seniors made their way inside Prentice House and then to the 2nd floor room of Stevie Jenkins and his roommate Tucker Jackson. Because Tucker had not demonstrated any sign of sexual stimulation during his time on the rope, he was not being considered as a candidate for the Order. Tucker had demonstrated considerable athletic talent, however, so he was high on the list of Tip's 7th grade candidates for admission to the Turk Society. Therefore, Tip instructed the other three seniors to abduct the Jenkins boy and take him back to the Order Room while he feigned a general hazing with young Tucker.

The door to the boys' room was locked, so Bill Edwards pulled out a 3-inch plastic strip and silently popped the lock allowing them to enter. Tip pointed out Stevie as he made his way to the bed of Tucker Jackson. Both boys were sound asleep. Tip had a strip of the duct tape ready, as did Bill. Looking at each other, Tip signaled "go" and they simultaneously slapped the strip of tape across the boys' mouths. They easily overpowered the startled youths, rolling them to their stomachs where they then taped their wrists behind them. The two boys were panic stricken as they struggled and tried in vein to yell. Then they were pulled up to a seated position on the sides of their bed as Tip spoke to them in a disguised and whispering voice.

In the dim room light, the two captives saw their assailants...four comparatively tall boys clad in ominous black clothing looking somewhat Ninja-esque. "Welcome to St. Barnabas boys!" Tip said lowly. "You two have the honor of being the first boys to be raided this year, but you certainly won't be the last. Take him out for a nice long cross-country run," Tip said pointing to Stevie "and I'll see what kind of a push-up and sit-up machine this one is. By the way boys, if you fail our little test tonight, we'll have to wash out the toilets on this floor with your heads!"

Now relieved to know they were merely to become the recipients of the kind of ritualistic hazing they had heard about before their arrival, Stevie offered no resistance as his sneakers were put on his bare feet and he was led outside in his shorts and tee shirt by Bill and the other two seniors. As they escorted Stevie, the 3 boys studied his body for the first time. Stevie was a good looking boy of 12, a little on the short side perhaps but otherwise well proportioned. He had sandy brown longish hair and light freckles across the bridge of his nose.

"OK kid, here's the deal," Tip said softly as he sat back in the room alone with Tucker, "I'm in one of the Big 4 and you and your roommate have been identified as potential candidates. Don't say a word to anyone about tonight's little test. If all goes well for you and you get admitted, you will be among a select few."

Tucker, was a handsome dark brown haired 12-year-old, of average height and weight. Like every other 7th grader, he was well aware of the 10 Societies and how it was every kid's desire to make into one, and hopefully into one of the Big 4. His previous fear was now replaced with excitement as Tip removed the tape from the boy's wrists and then told him to pull off the strip that covered his mouth. Tip then made Tucker do intermittent sets of 10 push-ups and 10 sit ups, while the others had Stevie half way back to the Memorial.

Before Stevie could tell where he was going to be taken, Bill pulled off another strip of tape and covered his eyes. Stevie was very confused as he had thought he was going to be made to run, but that wouldn't be possible blindfolded. He stiffened in the grasp of the two boys who firmly held each of his arms, as Bill began to explain.

"Here's the deal kid. You just relax and go where we're taking you. You will not be hurt in any way. In fact this is going to turn out to be one of the greatest nights of your life. You have been chosen as a candidate for admission into one of the Big 4 and so has your roommate. Even better than that though, is that you have also been chosen as a candidate for a secret organization. We're taking you to meet with our membership. If you don't want to go, then you're out and we'll release you right now. I'm asking you this once and only once. How you nod your head may well determine your future here at St. Barnabas. Will you go forward Steven Jenkins!?"

Stevie's mind was racing with a mixture of fear, anxiety, excitement and pride. To become a member of one of the Big 4 like his father had been, meant everything to him. And the added honor of being tapped for admission to this mysterious group overpowered any sense of caution that he might have otherwise harbored. It took him only seconds after hearing Bill Edwards question to emphatically shake his head "YES"!!!

"Very well then, we will now untape your hands and take you forward," Bill said "you may remove the tape from your mouth, but do not remove the tape from your eyes."

Back in the Order Room, the grunts and moans of youthful orgasms began to arise like a crescendo as the 10 boys achieved their climaxes. Most of them had only been able to masturbate themselves over the long summer, so the touch of a fellow member had been sorely missed. They all came quickly...much faster than they would as this school year progressed. The boys had just finished buttoning their shirts and zipping up their pants as they heard the sounds of people in the storm drain below.

By the time Bill had guided Stevie to the ladder leading up into the Order Room, Tip was counting off the 100th push-up and sit-up by an exhausted Tucker Jackson. "Excellent," Tip said "now go back to sleep, your roommate will be back later." Then Tip paused at the door and said "Good night initiate Tucker Jackson and welcome to St. Barnabas."

"Good...good night Sir," Tucker stammered through his panting as he watched frame of the large dark clothed boy disappear from sight. Tucker slumped back down on his bed and soon fell deeply asleep comforted in the knowledge that he was on his way to joining one of the Big 4.

Tip raced back to the Memorial and then carefully made his way down the path and into the storm drain. When he climbed up into the Order Room he saw that Stevie was seated on the couch with the tape still covering his eyes. Some 15 minutes before Tips arrival, Stevie's hands had been retaped behind him and he had been told to sit in silence until their leader returned. Knowing it was now his show to run, Tip began a familiar that had been authored 31 years before by Charlie Gordon.

"Welcome Steven Jenkins," Tip began "you are one of a handful of 7th graders who were nominated today for admission to this group, and you have consented to tonight's proceedings. As you have been told and I now tell you again, no physical harm will come to you at all. On the contrary, you will experience again, and even more powerfully, that joyous feeling that overcame you today on the rope."

"What...I mean how, ah, er um how do you know about THAT?" Stevie stuttered, surprised that his moment of previously unknown and still unnamed bliss had been observed by others.

"We know Stevie because we were watching and we understood," Tip said in a soft and tender voice "because all of us too had our awakening on the rope. It is the beacon that guides us to our new members as it has guided us to you. It set off in you the first taste of powerful feelings that your maturing body has now become ready to enjoy. We are here to teach you, just as older boys have taught younger boys throughout time, dating back to the ancient societies of the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Turks."

Stevie had no way to comprehend what Tip was trying to say to him, but the words about his maturing body and feelings, together with the memory of what he had felt on the rope caused a strange nervous anxiety to rise up inside of him.

"Stand up and receive your first lesson in the pleasures of the flesh!!" Tip said loudly as two of the boys took hold of Stevie's arms and raised him to his feet. "Don't be afraid, we are not going to hurt you, but we are going to touch you. You may cry out as loudly as you wish, for no sound escapes these walls. At first you may cry out with fear although you truly have no reason to. Later we hope that you will indeed cry out loudly in the rapture of feelings you have never known."

"Wait...I ...I don't understand, tell me what you're going to do to me," Stevie pleaded, his voice beginning to crack in fear of the unknown.

Tip moved close to Stevie and held the quivering boy tightly to him, with the top of Stevie's head resting in the center of his chest. "What we're going to do Stevie, starting tonight, is begin to make a man out of feel the pleasures of a man and begin to be a boy no longer!"

Stevie felt the grip on his arms tighten and then he felt some grasp each of his legs. Then he screamed a loud long "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" As he felt Tip's fingers hook the insides of his shorts as they were pulled down in one swift motion. Tip and the others took immediate stock of Stevie's genitals as the boy stood exposed before them. While he had no pubic bush, Stevie did have a sizable amount of blondish fuzz adorning the top of his 2-inch limp penis that hung down across the entire length of his scrotum which held his fully descended testicles. On closer inspection, Tip noted the 4 or 5 light but coarser hairs that stood out at the very base of Stevie's penis...the hairs that would no doubt become the first to darken and curl in the coming months.

As Stevie struggled to free himself, he suddenly froze as Tip's warm hand grasped his virgin penis and began to softly stroke its flaccid length. His face became hot and he felt his penis involuntarily begin to stiffen as his voice seemed to leave him and his head swooned. Stevie was fully erect when he was guided back to a seated position on the couch.

Tip gave Stevie's erection slow full strokes and the luxurious sensation Stevie felt was becoming intoxicating. He felt like he was racing towards something...something he could not name but that he desperately wanted to get to. "Feels like the rope doesn't it Stevie?" Tip purred in his ear as he began to quicken his pace.

"Oh yessss," Stevie moaned "it feels so good!"

"Relax Stevie and let it take you, this is just the beginning. You are going to experience pleasure as you have never known it," Tip said comfortingly as he now concentrated the motions of his hand on the head of Stevie's urgent erection. Using short swift twisting motions, Tip began to hyper-stimulated Stevie's glans. When he returned to stroking Stevie's full length, the young boy's head snapped back and the first burst of erogenous flame shot through him.

"Ooooooo, oooohhhh, mmmyyyyyy, oohhh, ggoooddddd, it's goooood please don't stop," Stevie said almost crying. The next wave hit him like a sledge hammer and his small testicles shot up inside him and then recoiled again and again as he cried out in sounds he had never made before...the sounds that boys his age had been making since the beginning of time. He was ecstatic but frightened by his body's uncontrollable spasms and he cried out "Oh God, what is happening to me," as continued to navigate the course of his first climax.

"It's OK Stevie, just go with it...float in it!" Tip said to him as his hips bucked and his sphincter tingled. Though Stevie did not ejaculate, his dry orgasm otherwise fully drained him and he collapsed back against the couch gasping for air as Tip began to slow and then stopped his stroking.

"Now rest for a take some water," Tip said as he put the glass to Stevie's lips and he began to drink deeply. "Did you like it Stevie...did you LOVE it?" Tip prompted in a salacious voice.

"Oh yes," Stevie whispered "I did love it. I've never felt so good in my life! What was it that happened to me?"

"You just had your first orgasm Stevie. That was nothing, the mere tip of the iceberg compared to what we can teach you if you join us." Tip promised him "Now, while you rest a little more, watch how else boys can be made to know pleasure."

As the tape was peeled from Stevie's wrists and then his eyes, the recovering boy saw the naked bodies of the 16 Order members between the ages of 14 and 18. They had all stripped after Stevie's orgasm and had donned a woolen mask to hide their faces. Stevie canvassed them one by one noting their much larger penises and the varying amounts of hair that rested atop them. The boys paired off and began to fondle their partners to an erect state and then they lay down on the carpet in front of where Stevie was sitting. They young sexually ignorant boy gasped as he watched in awe as the older boys took the penises of their partners into their mouths and begin to suck up and down their lengths.

The combination of the orgy being performed in front of him and soft moans that came from their obstructed mouths soon had Stevie fully hard again and his standing penis bobbed as his testicles twitched reflexively while he continued to watch. Then he heard a series of loud grunts and groans from a couple near the back of the room and he watched as one and then the other began to thrust harder and faster at the slathering mouth that held his erect penis. Soon, the two boys parted, rose to their feet and headed toward Stevie.

Their penises wilting but still protruding from them as they approached, Stevie noted that one boy was much younger than the other, given the disparity in his size and in the amount of his pubic hair. As they drew close Stevie saw semen for the first time as he gazed at the few drops of milky fluid that oozed from their penis heads. Then the younger of the two stopped directly in front of Stevie and knelt down in front of him as the other one spoke while reaching for the nearby roll of duct tape. "I'm going to cover your eyes again Stevie, so we can remove our masks. Just sit back and're going to love THIS!"

No sooner were Stevie's eyes covered, than the boy who knelt in front of him reached out and softly pulled the length of Stevie's erection toward him. Then Stevie felt the excellent wet warmth of the boy's mouth as it descended upon him. "Oh my God..." Stevie moaned as he became lost in the sensations that overpowered him. He bit his lip to stop from crying out as the indescribable pleasure electrified his silken loins. After about a minute or so, the boy stopped and another boy replaced him as the instrument of Stevie's delight. In fact, a line was being formed by the boys who, one by one, ejaculated into the swallowing mouth of their partner.

"oooohhh, aaahhhhh, gooodd, it's sooooo gooood," Stevie squealed as the mouth of the 5th boy greeted him and began to apply a greater suction than anyone before. The head of his penis began to spark and that delicious feeling began to surge again. The 6th boy sucked only on his glans and used his tongue to poke and prod at his slit. When the 7th hot wet mouth took him in and also sucked in his scrotum, Stevie yelled out "OOOOHHHH YYYEEESSSS PPPLLEEEASSE DO MORE!!!"

Knowing he was close to another orgasm, Tip cut to the head of the line and took Stevie in. As he sucked hard and fast on his yearning shaft, Tip gently took hold of Stevie's scrotum and lightly clamped down across the empty area of his sack, just above his testicles. Stevie reflexively reached out and then held on to Tip's bobbing head. He pushed his hands together tightly, but it caused Tip no discomfort. Then Stevie began to slide his hips into each downward slide of Tip's mouth.

Stevie's testicles desperately wanted to rise, but Tip's grasp was restraining them. "Ohhhh...I...I...I gotta go...I think I gotta peeeee!!!" Stevie cried as his orgasm attacked. Through his grip, Tip could feel the onset of the discharge spasms and after the third frustrated attempt of Stevie's testicles to rise, Tip let go and Stevie's groin erupted in it's new found freedom. "AAAHHHHHH, UUUUURRRRAAHH, UUUUNNNNAAA!" Stevie shrieked as volley after volley of ecstasy fired through him and his testicles imbedded in his lower abdomen refusing to come down again.

Stevie fell against the couch back as if he had been shot as Tip pulled his mouth away and watched the young boy gasp for air. After he had recovered a little, Tip gave Stevie a glass of water, which he quickly gulped down. Then Tip said "If you decide to join us, in three days time...on outside behind Dormitory Row after 'lights out.' Go to the large rock behind Henderson House and wait. If you aren't there by 11:30, we will know that you have decided not to join. We shall require your silence about tonight's events in either case. No one would believe you if you did tell, and we would make it a point to cause you to regret having divulged this meeting."

"I...I want to join now...I really do!" Stevie insisted.

"Tradition dictates that you think it over for 3 days," Tip replied "and do not pleasure yourself during that time. Save it for Friday when your lessons will continue!"

Tip helped Stevie to his feet and pulled his shorts up over his now shriveled little penis. Then he alone escorted him back to the area behind Dormitory Row as the others dressed and waited for Tip's return. Tip put his mask on before removing the tape from Stevie's eyes. "I hope you will decide to join us Stevie," Tip whispered as he leaned forward and kissed the little boy on his forehead. Then, as he turned to leave Tip said "remember, not a word to anyone, including Tucker. If he asks where you've been tell him that we ran you up into the hills and left you to find your way back in the dark."

"I won't say a word," Stevie promised "and thank you...for everything...I'll see you Friday night." Tip watched as Stevie walked through the door of his dorm, and then he headed back to the Order Room, where plans would be made for the next 7th grade initiate...