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This is a work of total fiction and is intended for adult readers ONLY!!!

IMPORTANT READERS' NOTE: If you don't start at Chapter 1, you will have great difficulty following the plot of this story!!! This is NOT a wam-bam sex story. BUT, there is a Hell of a lot of sex in it too. The PLOT is what moves the story and will guide you to what I hope are excellent sexual encounters between boys aged 11 through 18 and with some adults. There's sex in every chapter, but give the whole story a chance instead of just scanning ahead and only reading the sex scenes.

3 Time Periods: This story moves between three (3) distinct periods of time.

`(i) 1967-71 at Eton College, an all boys boarding school outside of London for class grades which are the US equivalent of 7th through 12th grade.

    1. 1971-74 at St. Barnabas Academy an all boys boarding school in the greater Los Angeles area for grades 7 through 12.
    2. Present Day at St. Barnabas Academy and other parts of the country.

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1967 at Eton College:

The sudden stirring of the young boy nestled on his chest awoke 18-year-old Tom Geoffrey from the afternoon nap he had been sharing with 11-1/2-year-old Charlie Gordon in one of the bedrooms at the Eton Crew Team Boathouse. Just over and hour ago, the broad-shouldered blond English teen had mentored his new American friend in the joys of masturbation, in the same manner that he had been instructed by an older Eton student when he was Charlie's age. Now as he softly stroked Charlie's dark brown locks, Tom smiled at the memory of earlier that morning when he had witnessed Charlie's athletic prowess on the climbing rope in setting a new school record for repetitions.

During that exhibition, Charlie had unwittingly received a powerful erotic stimulation from the friction that the rope had created against his sliding crotch. It was that effect that Tom had particularly noticed, causing him to then target Charlie as his potential sexual ward. However, it was Charlie's pure athleticism that caused him to target Charlie as a candidate for the Eton Crew Team, which Tom captained. After Tom had masturbated himself in front of Charlie, showing the boy the ejaculatory bliss that awaited him as he matured, Tom almost became erect again as he watched Charlie give himself his first true orgasm. After Charlie had writhed and wailed in ecstasy of the powerful dry orgasm that made him a sexual virgin no longer, Tom explained how he and Charlie might continue their relationship, if Charlie was willing...

"You see Charlie," Tom began his explanation in the aristocratic English accent that delighted young Charlie "for centuries here at Eton many of the students have followed the lead of the great societies of antiquity in the initiation of boys into manhood. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans, as well as other societies of that era, all had a pedophilic philosophy of older boys, and often times men, teaching young boys such as yourself about the joys of their budding sexuality. Then, after the boys had been properly schooled and were old enough to start families of their own, they would seek out a wife. As you will soon learn here in your studies of the Classics, the men of these societies still sought sexual comfort between themselves and especially during times of battle."

"During battles," Charlie interrupted "they would have sex during battles?"

Tom smiled broadly at the confused expression on Charlie's handsome little-boy-face as he tried to explain. "Not during the battles Charlie but before and after them. Considering that they were far from their homes for such long periods of time, it was natural for the men to have sex between themselves, just as they had when they were younger. The Greeks in particular were very keen on having sex the night before a morning's battle under the belief that the great pleasure that the warriors had given to themselves would make them fight even harder to save each other."

"As a general proposition Charlie, sex between boys and men in those days was considered normal and was not kept secret the way it sadly is today. But myself and others both now and well before me here at Eton, do not believe that boys must be left only to themselves until they attain an age that make women accessible to them. On the contrary, we believe like the Ancients, that when a boy's body is ready to enjoy sexual pleasure, that it is the duty of elder students to assist them in that joyous transition."

"You Charlie," Tom said softly "are at that perfect age now. You are on the cusp of puberty and that first orgasm you just surrendered to is nothing compared to the levels of ecstasy I can take you to if only you will follow."

"I'll follow Tom," Charlie cried out "I promise I will! What do I have to do?"

"OK Charlie," Tom laughed at the eager young boy "then I shall love to be your tutor and teach you all that I know about the pleasures of the flesh. But first we must rest a little and then I will show you how boys touch each other."...

And now Tom was fully rested and his penis had begun to stir as he reminisced. Looking down upon Charlie's naked form, Tom's stirrings increased dramatically. While he had been with 8 other boys during his 6 years at Eton, none seemed as innocent and beautiful as this young American he now held atop his chest. Not a hair on him! And Tom could not wait to feel Charlie's cute circumcised cocklet shudder under the stimulation that he was now prepared to give him.

"Hey Charlie," Tom said softly as he gently shook the sleeping boy "wake up you sleepy-head." Charlie's eyes slowly opened and he smiled just before yawning loudly. "Are you ready to learn some more or would you prefer to wait for another time?" Tom asked.

"I'd like to learn now Tom," Charlie said groggily as he wiped the sleep from his eyes.

"Very well then," Tom said as he moved Charlie off of his chest and positioned him on his back. "Let's just see if I can't get that little soldier of yours to stand at attention then," Tom chuckled as he began to softly trace Charlie's inner thighs with his index finger.

"Ooooohhhhh," Charlie purred, as he felt his penis begin to swell, and he waited in anxious anticipation for what was to come next. "Oh God!" Charlie moaned as he felt Tom's hand slide between the crack of his thighs up under his scrotum. Then, without warning, Charlie felt his penis vault to full erection with his glans straining and pulsing as the tip of Tom's finger gently rubbed and prodded at his virginal anus.

"OK Charlie, are you ready?" Tom asked as he looked deeply into the dark haired boy's sparkling blue eyes.

"Oh, yes Tom I'm ready please show me more," Charlie said pleadingly.

Tom smiled as he rose up to Charlie's face and then softly kissed him full on the mouth. Charlie kissed back and then offered no resistance as he felt Tom's wet tongue push his mouth open and then begin to dance with his own tongue. The feeling was indescribable to Charlie as shocks of electricity surged throughout his young body and his penis began to twitch uncontrollably. Charlie also became keenly aware of Tom's hard hot erection as it was pulsating in its confinement against the outside of Charlie's right thigh.

Tom knew that Charlie was in uncharted territory so as they continued to kiss deeply, Tom proceeded very slowly in order to telegraph his moves to the unsuspecting little boy beneath him. He could feel Charlie writhe as his hand drew up from between Charlie's thighs softly sliding its way to the area just above his small hard penis. Without touching Charlie's erection, Tom began to softly rub the areas on either side, where no doubt Charlie's first pubic hairs would one day grow. Then Tom slid his hand underneath Charlie's erection as his palm rubbed Charlie's lower abdomen, while his erect penis bounced across the knuckles on the back of Tom's hand.

That first touch of someone other than himself made Charlie groan, and then he cried out "Ohhh my God!" as he felt the warmth of Tom's large soft hand take hold of his yearning penis and begin to milk it softly.

"Just relax now Charlie," Tom whispered in his ear as he continued to softly manipulate Charlie's hard little boy tool. It felt so good in Tom's hand, so silky smooth yet so alive as he alternated between using his thumb and forefinger to fiddle with the circumcised head and then using his entire palm, although Charlie's thin and modest length penis barely covered 3 fingers of Tom's grip. Then Tom began to slide down Charlie's chest while continuing to deftly stroke his hard silken 3 inches of boyhood. Tom buried his face in the center of Charlie's chest and licked the area between his breasts before taking Charlie's left nipple into his mouth.

"That feels wonderful Tom," Charlie purred as his head began to spin and he rested one of his arms across his closed eyes. "Ooooooo, aaaahhhhhh" he moaned when Tom shifted his sucking to the other nipple while using his free hand to massage the one that had been left unattended. Then Tom's mouth proceeded downward and Charlie knew it would soon hold his penis captive. Charlie grabbed a hand full of sheets in his tightly clenched little fists as he braced himself for what was to come next.

The feeling of the young boy beneath him was causing Tom's own erection to become painfully hard as he licked his way down Charlie's torso. When Tom drove his tongue in the delicate area between the top of Charlie's scrotum and his inner thigh, the boy's muted yelps and gyrating hips caused Tom's pre-seminal fluid to begin to leak. Even though Charlie was lying on his back, the excellence of Tom's attentions had caused his erection to become so hard that it lifted from his abdomen and stuck out an angle more akin to where it would be if he were standing up. "Ooohhh yyeeessss Tom, pleeeeaassse do it," Charlie begged as he felt Tom's hot breath blowing across his straining length, as Tom carefully inspected the base of Charlie's penis for any sign of pubic development. All Tom saw was a soft downy swirl of flat lying short white hairs that seemed far removed from the coarse dark hairs that they would one day become.

"Aaaahh Unnnnaaahhhh!" Charlie cried out as Tom's hot wet mouth engulfed him and the pleasures of his flicking tongue were beyond his wildest imagination. "Yeesssssss, ooohhh yyyeeesssss," the boy moaned loudly as he thrust his hips up and down and from side to side with such force that Tom had to steady them with both of his hands. The taste of Charlie was angelic, and Tom delighted in the feeling of the squirming boy's wanting penis. Though no bigger than Tom's little finger and easily taken whole into Tom's mouth, the rhythmic thrusting of Charlie's pelvis caused Tom to concentrate hard so that Charlie's boyhood would not escape his slathering mouth. Charlie was in such a state of bliss that he lost all sense of his whereabouts and could only try to crest on the stormy seas of the powerful sensations he was now imprisoned by.

Suddenly Charlie felt desperately in need of peeing, or so he though as the flicking of Tom's soft wet tongue sent a bolt of lightening crashed through his brain causing Charlie to hold his breath as his neck strained. Then Tom took his hand and gently clamped off the area in the middle of Charlie's scrotum, trapping his small testicle at the base of the satin flesh sack that contained them. "AAAARRRRAAHHHH!" he shouted, as he could not hold his breath any longer. The first powerful wave of orgasm was all over Charlie and it radiated from his twitching sphincter through his throbbing penis and then it became focused on the testicles that Tom held trapped between his fingers. When Tom felt the incredible strain of the soft fleshy marbles against the edge of his fingers, he tilted his bobbing head up and looked at Charlie's face.

The boy was completely captivated, again holding his breath, his bright blue eyes bulging and the veins in his neck so clearly evident. Then, suddenly, Tom released his grip and Charlie's young testicles slammed up into him for the first of many times, as Tom sucked faster and harder than he had before rapidly rolling his tongue across the top of Charlie's surging penis. "OOOOHHH, AAAHHHH, HHHHOOOOOAAAAHHH!!!" Charlie yelled, as he spasmed again and again with all his might while Tom's mouth continued to slide up and down and his tongue expertly worked Charlie's penis head.

Then Charlie sprang to a seated position grabbing the sides of Tom's bobbing head as his erection continued to shudder and his testicles continued to bounce violently. "EEEEEEEEEA,AHHHHHHHH...oooohhhh...Godddd...Tom...I...don'!!!" Charlie's shrill staccato voice cried out as the force of his prolonged orgasm caused him to begin to weep just before the overpowering sensations began to subside as gentler, more fathomable waves of ecstasy coursed through his weary young body. Charlie slumped to his back as if he'd been shot, while Tom slowed his sucking motion and then withdrew completely from Charlie's now satiated penis.

"There, there now," Tom whispered to him as he stroked his hair and wiped away the tears that were streaming down Charlie's reddened face. "It's OK Charlie, it's a lot for an 11-year-old to try to comprehend. Just rest now while I deal with my own predicament." After a few moments Charlie slowly opened his eyes, his senses beginning to return to him. Then he watched through his tear clouded eyes as Tom took his comparatively huge uncircumcised erection into his hand and then rolled to his back stroking himself in earnest. Even though Charlie was somewhat put off by the sight of the clearish fluid that was oozing from the slit of Tom's penis, Charlie reflexively reached across and pushed Tom's hand away and replaced the older boy's motions with those of his soft tiny fist.

The hot hard veined exterior was no less a novel feeling to Charlie than was the sliding foreskin across the head of Tom's penis, all made super slick by the sheen of Tom's natural lubricant. Charlie looked at Tom's straining face and thought that he might soon cum, so he rose up and began to approach with his mouth. "Nooo Charlie," Tom half whispered and half moaned "just continue with your hand, there'll be time enough for that later."

"But I want to do it now Tom," Charlie said firmly. "Really I do...I think I love you." Before Tom could mount another protest, he felt Charlie's small wet mouth slide over the head of his penis and take in the next inch or so of his shaft immediately tasting the saltiness of Tom's precum coating. Without being instructed, Charlie seemed to know how much he could take in without gagging, while using both of his small hands to retract Tom's foreskin and stroke the unsucked remainder of his pulsating erection. "God this feels like it's alive!" Charlie thought to himself as he struggled to contain as much of Tom's hard fat penis as possible. Charlie was so mesmerized by what he was doing that the knowledge that Tom's seed would soon explode in his mouth, was of no concern to the young boy. Instead, his desire to bring to Tom the exquisite pleasures that Tom had brought to him, now far outweighed and sense of revulsion that he might otherwise have harbored.

As Charlie sucked and slid his hands up and then down into Tom's coarse light brown pubic bush, Tom was soon pushed over the edge of his self-control. "My God this boy is good!" Tom said to himself as the hot tight opening of Charlie's mouth provided perfect stimulation to his exposed glans, while the little boy's soft hands gripped and pleasured the remainder of his shaft. Then Tom's first release caught him completely off guard, as he had intended to warn Charlie in advance of the onset of his orgasm so Charlie could withdraw if he so chose. "OOOhhhhh GODDDDDDDD AAAAHHHH!" Tom wailed as Charlie's tight sucking mouth was suddenly filled with a strong jet of semen.

The force and volume of the liquid that erupted in his mouth startled Charlie and, given how little time had elapsed since his previous orgasm, Tom also was surprised at how much ejaculate he seemed to be producing. Another four volleys soon fired from the slit of Tom's erection while he panted and moaned with joy and Charlie felt for the first time the power of his ability to pleasure another. Charlie didn't think to swallow the hot fluid that was now overflowing in his mouth. While he could certainly taste it, Charlie simply let the viscous fluid and his own copious volume of saliva pour out of his sliding mouth, down the shaft of Tom's erection and through Charlie's stroking hands.

"Stop now Charlie please," Tom sighed as his orgasm was now well passed and he could feel the pool of liquid that collected around the base of his penis begin to slide around his scrotum and down into the crack of his buttocks. "That was excellent Charlie, thank you very much!"

"Oh no Tom, thank you," Charlie countered "I've never felt so good in my life...that was absolutely amazing!"

"Well there's much more where that came from my young friend," Tom laughed as he tousled Charlie's dark locks, "and as much as I like to show you more now, I fear that we must instead wash up and head back for supper. We can shower down the hall and if it's fine with you, we could bathe each other."

Charlie smiled at the idea of putting his soapy hands all over the tall handsome young man who had ushered in a new awareness for him. More than that, Charlie now reveled in the thought of Tom's strong hands covering every inch of his young body. Amazingly, that singular thought caused his boyhood to begin to stir again as they rose and walked naked down the hallway together, hand-in-hand...

Present Day at St. Barnabas:

It had been three days since Stevie Jenkins, a sandy haired, athletic 12-year-old 7th grader at St. Barnabas, had been introduced to the pleasures of his flesh by Tip Conner and the other members of The Order of the Rope. Following his late night abduction by the masked youths, Stevie had been taken to a secret room where he was masturbated and then felated to the first two orgasms of his life. While at first terrified by what was happening to him, Stevie soon became totally intoxicated by the erotic experience. And these next three days during which he had been forced to wait until he could make his intentions known that he wanted to join the secret organization, had passed with excruciating slowness.

Even more difficult during those three long days, was Stevie's efforts to not pleasure himself in the exquisite manner he had learned. All he had been able to think about was the deliciousness of how he had been made to feel. And now, as he awoke from a long night's sleep that had been punctuated with many erotic dreams bordering on a nocturnal orgasm, Stevie felt very impatient about having to wait all day before rendezvousing with the older boys again tonight. Stevie felt like some kind of junkie who was dying for his next fix, and he could not remember ever having so many erections in a day, requiring him to carefully manipulate himself so as not to expose his excited condition. While sexually naïve, Stevie was not a stupid boy and during the days he had been forced to wait, his mind raced with the possibilities and the probabilities of what would happen when he joined this mysterious sexual group.

Surely, Stevie concluded, he would have many more excellent orgasms with these boys, and just as surely he would give orgasms to them. Though only starting his own puberty and not yet capable of ejaculating, Stevie had carefully noted the semen that the hairier boys had discharged that incredible night. He was struggling against a sense of revulsion that a boy's penis would be placed in his mouth and even more, that he would taste someone's bodily fluid. But the power of how great he had been made to feel was too much for him to withstand and he was now more than willing to fully reciprocate with anyone who could take him to that magical place again. Of course, Stevie also was well aware about "the birds and the bees" and that boys were supposed to be with girls. But he wasn't questioning his sexuality. Stevie only knew that he wanted to feel that unbelievable way again and he didn't care whom it was with.

Stevie was just one in a long line of young boys who had proved the powerful accuracy of the "Gordon Formula", which said: simply find a boy with very limited or no prior sexual experience who inadvertently swooned in the sexual stimulation of the climbing rope, and you have a boy who can be made captive to the inescapable gravitational pull of the male orgasm. That's the way it had happened to young Charlie Gordon, who went on to found "The Order", and that's the way it had happened to all of the past and present Order members in the 35 years since. With only rare exceptions would a prospective initiate decline to join, and Stevie Jenkins was not about to become an exception to the Gordon Formula...Hell, the little boy was so hooked on orgasms that he'd have walked through fire to join the Order.

"God not again," Stevie sighed to himself as he uncomfortably rearranged his now ridged penis in his boxers so that it stood straight up and could be trapped in the waistband of his boxers. "And I gotta piss!" Frustrated, Stevie rose from his bed and made his way down the hall to the bathroom. Finding it unoccupied, he stepped up to the nearest urinal and pulled his boxers all the way down allowing his straining 3 inch erect penis to stand fully out from him at a 45 degree angle. Then, with his hands on his hips, Stevie took aim at the upper area of the urinal basin and let fly. A long hard light yellow stream shot from the tender boy's hard organ. The relief he felt as his bladder voided also took on an erotic nature as he could feel the force of the liquid escaping the tender slit of his small penis head.

"Standing for the Queen, eh Stevie?" his roommate Tucker Jackson said laughing as he entered the bathroom with a shower towel draped over his shoulder and his toilet kit in hand, and then witnessed the long range and hands-free piss that Stevie was taking. Realizing that he was busted, Stevie made no attempt to pull up his boxers that lay crumpled at his ankles. Before Stevie could say anything, Tucker added "Been there won't go down until you piss, and it's harder than Hell to piss until it goes down."

"Never heard it put that way," Stevie laughed as the dark haired boy shirtless walked up next to him and pulled down the front of his shorts, allowing his limp circumcised penis to flop out as he directed its head toward its mark and let loose his own volume of yellow fluid. Without having to turn his head at all, Stevie was able to carefully inspect Tucker's penis for the first time, having only caught fleeting glimpses of Tucker's nakedness in the three days that the boys had known each other and roomed together. No bigger than his own, Tucker's penis was almost fully covered by the thumb and two fingers that he used to hold it. What Stevie noticed that was different was that Tucker, in addition to the white downy fuzz that both boys shared, had what Stevie counted to be 5 short black hairs at the very base of his penis...2 on one side and three on the other.

Then, as he watched Tucker shake the remaining drops from his now completed urination, Stevie saw another difference...a pronounced swelling and redness on the sides of Tucker's uppermost shaft, just below his glans. Stevie would later come to learn that it was the sign of a boy who either over-masturbated or under-lubricated. Tucker, in fact, had been actively masturbating for over two years, and with the recent arrival of his first few pubic hairs, his pleasure had heightened with his ability to lightly ejaculate. Unlike Stevie, Tucker had never contemplated masturbating with or on another boy. Having discovered his first orgasm quite by accident, Tucker considered his events of self-gratification to be his deepest darkest secret!

Though only recently acquainted, the two boys had become good friends and they were overjoyed that they were each going to be invited to join one of the Big 4 Societies...and hopefully the same one. They had openly discussed their initial ordeal three nights before. Tucker had truthfully described how he had been forced to do push ups until he was exhausted, while Stevie lied about being forced to run up high into the hillside where he was then left to make his way down in the dark. Tip had made it clear to Stevie that only he, and the few other boys who had experienced the Rope, would be invited to join this as yet unnamed secret society and that Tucker was not one of those select few. While at first indifferent, Stevie was now wishing that Tucker could indeed join with him. As he stood there with Tucker and began to shake his somewhat deflating penis, Stevie felt a sudden urge to hold his new friend, an urge that he immediately dismissed and didn't feel again for some time to come.

"Well I'm gonna grab a shower before breakfast," Tucker said as he headed for one of the 5 curtained stalls.

"I'll take mine after," Stevie replied as he turned and walked back toward their room "but I'll wait for you before heading to the Dinning Hall if you want?"

"Yeah, sure...I'll be with you in a few minutes," Tucker said as he dropped his shorts before hanging them on a wall hook and entering the shower stall. Once inside, Tucker pulled the curtain tight and then reveled in the luxurious warmth of the water that cascaded down his body. As Tucker lathered his upper body with soap, he suddenly shot bolt upright and cried "OWWW, Fuck!!" as the sore areas of his penis shaft were exposed to the soapy water causing an intense stinging sensation. Reflexively he pawed at the stinging area and as the pain began to pass, Tucker soon felt the familiar pleasure that so often emanated from that special part of him.

While he was sore, he was also very horny and Tucker had discovered over the past three nights that having a roommate had certain drawbacks. Of course, the biggest drawback was the lack of bedtime privacy, which had been Tucker's favorite time to beat off. Instead, he had been forced to find other times and places, like anytime in the bathroom when he was now. As Tucker felt his penis swell to its full length in his massaging hand, he reached for his bottle of creamy hair conditioner and squeezes a large amount along his erect shaft and into the palm of his hand. Then he leaned his head into the wall in a manner that allowed him to watch the door of the bathroom through the slight opening in the shower curtain.

At first he stroked the slimy coating slowly and fully across his length, but Tucker had always been able to get himself off quickly and his body began to tingle with ecstasy no more than 10 strokes into this day's first sexual release. With his free hand, he took some of the conditioner and reaching behind himself, he rubbed it into his sphincter as it twitched at the application. Tucker moaned softly as his index finger slid into his hot rectum as he intensified the speed of the strokes to his boy-cock. With rhythmic precision he both prodded at his inner recesses and pumped on his hard young tool, having no fantasy or other thought than just getting to that magical feeling.

His wait was not a long one as he felt the first shudder begin to course through his small frame, as his knees bent and he push into the shower wall even harder with his head. His finger suddenly pushed down hard on his prostate and he fought with all of his might not to cry out as the excellence of his orgasm once again began to take him prisoner. "HHHEEERRRAAAACCKK, aaakkk, akkkkk," Tucker camouflaged his cries in a coughing sound as he almost collapsed to his knees before forcefully pulling his finger from the clamping ring of his anus. Once his finger was freed, Tucker's sphincter slammed shut as his small testicles fired up inside of him while he looked down just in time to see his most powerful ejaculation ever. It was really nothing much, by a more mature boys standards. Merely a small arching spiral of opaque fluid that didn't even reach the shower wall, but it was more than Tucker had ever witnessed himself do before and he felt a sense of manly pride.

"oooohhhhh, aaaaahhhh, ooooooo" he whispered his face bulging with the next four powerful spasms as his testicles "yo-yoed" up and down between his hairless legs and a slow trickle of his young seed slid out into his now slowly pumping fist. Completely spent, Tucker used both of his arms to help steady himself as his head swirled and his magic moment faded. Then he shook off his cobwebs and quickly finished showering. After drying, the young boy returned to his room where a fully dressed and ready Stevie was laying on his bed reading a comic book.

As Tucker dropped the towel from around his waist and began to step into the first leg of a fresh pair of boxers, Stevie looked over and saw from a side angle that Tucker's penis looked both fatter and longer than it had some ten minutes or so earlier. Stevie also saw that the swelling near his penis head was even more pronounced as he returned his stare to his comic book and then felt, to his annoyance, that his own penis was again beginning to stir...