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IMPORTANT READERS' NOTE: If you don't start at Chapter 1, you will have great difficulty following the plot of this story!!!

This is NOT a wam-bam sex story. BUT, there is a Hell of a lot of sex in it too. The PLOT is what moves the story and will guide you to what I hope are excellent sexual encounters between boys aged 11 through 18 and with some adults. There's sex in every chapter, but give the whole story a chance instead of just scanning ahead and only reading the sex scenes.

3 Time Periods: This story moves between three (3) distinct periods of time.

`(i) 1967-71 at Eton College, an all boys boarding school outside of London for class grades which are the US equivalent of 7th through 12th grade.

    1. 1971-74 at St. Barnabas Academy an all boys boarding school in the greater Los Angeles area for grades 7 through 12.
    2. Present Day at St. Barnabas Academy and other parts of the country.

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1967 at Eton College:

After they showered and dressed, Tom led Charlie from the Crew Team Boathouse to the main dining hall. As they walked in silence, Tom was struggling with how to tell the dark haired angelic looking 11-year-old boy about the "manners" of boy-sex at Eton, while Charlie's mind was filled with the wonderment of what his body had just experienced and the powerful attraction he was feeling toward his muscular blond haired 18-year-old mentor. Finally, Tom decided that a frank discussion would be best and he reached out for Charlie's soft little hand and pulled him to the short stone wall that bordered the path they were walking. Sitting atop the wall together, Tom looked seriously into Charlie's deep blue eyes and then began to speak.

"Charlie, there are some things we need to discuss and I do not want you to think them hurtful, all right?" As Charlie nodded with a look of anxious curiosity, Tom continued, "You see Charlie, I clearly remember what I was feeling when I was somewhat older than you and first shared a bed with an older boy. I was so captivated by the magic we shared, all I wanted to do was be with him and do it some more, but that is just not possible. We need to maintain space between us and not openly act like lovers."

"But Tom," Charlie started to protest with a wounded look on his face.

"No Charlie, please hear me out fully, then you can say anything you want," Tom interrupted and Charlie reluctantly acquiesced. "We will be together again and often, but not all day, every day. It must appear that our relationship is no more than my being Crew Team Captain and your being one of our newest members. As I told you earlier, there is a certain etiquette with respect to these matters and it would go hard on us if it became common knowledge that we were together sexually."

"Some students and teachers are very much against sex between boys for different moral and religious reasons, and some just to be mean. So we keep it very private and only others whom we know are also sharing their bodies with each other will ever know about us. It would be hard on me and even harder on you if it was common knowledge that you and I were sharing a bed, can you understand that?"

"Yes Tom, I know that it's not considered natural for boys to have sex with boys, but I don't care really, I never knew I could feel so good and I just want to feel that way all the time."

"Charlie, you need to come to grips with things. We can, of course, exchange pleasantries in public, but you are a first year and I am a sixth year...our social universes are drastically far apart. That is why I have relations with boys my age and you may too, and if the mood and opportunity arises for you, then you should not hesitate to become involved with someone your own age."

Charlie's eyes began to water as he tried to answer. "But Tom, I don't want anyone else and I wouldn't even know how to go about meeting someone else, I feel so new and out of place here as it is...I mean you're the only person I really know besides my roommate Nigel."

Tom reached out gently with both of his hands and softly held Charlie's soft little boy face as he wiped the stream of tears away with his thumbs saying in a caring manner "Now Charlie it will all work out you'll see, and perhaps Nigel could be the boy your own age that you get involved with. Or perhaps someone else, or maybe it will only be you and me. But, on that account, I must stand firm and insist that you respect my decision regarding how we are to comport ourselves in public."

"OK Tom, but remember that I will be with you ANY time you want."

Tom smiled at the forlorn boy and replied "I do know that Charlie and I will be with you as often as I think is appropriate. We can even set a weekly time and day right now, and then if another opportunity for us to get together arise I will let you know. But only I will do the that understood?"

"Yes Tom," Charlie responded "what day and time...and where?"

"Well 'where' is the Boathouse, of course. But if someone else is there we may have to slip off into the woods or possibly just reschedule. I'd think that Sundays, just after Chapel could work very well for us. Does that sound fine to you?"

"Ya!" Charlie said brightly smiling "Especially since that's only two days from now."

"So it is," Tom laughed as he rose and Charlie stood beside him, then tousling the young boy's shiny black hair Tom said "Well, we'd best be off take the path on the right and I'll follow this one."

Charlie reached around Tom's waist and hugged him tightly, his head pressing hard into Tom's chest. "Bye Tom and thanks so much for today...I'll see you Sunday!"

"You will see me before that but remember to be cool, OK?" Charlie looked up into Tom's smiling face and smiled back as he nodded his agreement. Then the two boys set off in their different directions, each occasionally looking back at the other until they became separated by the grove of trees through which their paths diverged. When Charlie got to the Dining Hall he saw that Tom had beaten him there and was engaged in a dialogue with several of his friends at the top of the stairs by the main entrance to the century old stone building. Charlie slowed his pace, wanting to let Tom and his crowd walk in first.

"Where you been all afternoon Charlie?" Nigel Newton asked with his delightful young-voiced English accent as he approached Charlie from behind.

Turning to face his portly tow-headed roommate Charlie said "Hi Nigel, I was down at the Crew Team Boathouse being shown around."

"God, I'll bet that place has seen some parties after the races!! What was it like in there Charlie?"

"It was really cool," Charlie replied with a smile and with no intention of describing the sexual antics he and Tom had engaged in "There's lots of neat stuff on the walls and its got a whole lot of rooms."

"I heard they get girls in those rooms sometimes Charlie," Nigel said in a raspy whisper. "Wouldn't it be great to see some big bosomed lass with her knickers down to he knees getting a bit of the old 'in-out'?"

Charlie smiled at his roommates suggestion although the thought of female intercourse was not yet a source of fascination to him, while Nigel quickly made a mental note to himself thinking "God I may give myself a good wank at the thought of that tonight, right after Charlie falls asleep."

The two boys walked into the Dining Hall and proceeded to the tables that were assigned to their class. "Hey Nigel!" a boy's voice called out as they approached "we've got room here for you and the climbing Yank." Nigel and Charlie walked over and the boy who had called out stood and patted Nigel on the shoulder as he passed and took a seat and the he extended his hand toward Charlie. "Hi there, I'm Chad Halloway...dammed fine show you put on today on the rope...never seen anything like it, you must be strong as an ox!"

Charlie reached out and shook the outstretched hand of the tallish medium built boy with brown hair and a classically handsome Anglican face. "I'm Charlie Gordon, nice to meet you," he said as the grip of Chad's shake began to tighten and Charlie tightened his in response. Clearly his strength was being tested by the much larger boy and Charlie stared up at him eyeball to eyeball, as they both began to squeeze with all their might. Then Chad broke into a broad smile and the two boys released their shake as Chad said "Hell of a grip there Charlie for a bloke your size." Charlie smiled back as he took the empty seat between Nigel and Chad, who then proceeded to introduce Charlie to the rest of the table.

As the dinner conversations continued, Charlie learned that Nigel's and Chad's fathers were in the House of Lords together and they had known each other for years, even thought they had attended different schools before now attending Eton together. The other five boys at the table were from Chad's school and both Charlie and Nigel were meeting them for the first time. As Charlie would later come to learn, Chad was a natural born leader and boys seemed to gravitate to him and his outgoing yet fanciful manner. Charlie would also learn that Chad was an incessant prankster with a keen knack for not getting caught.

"Avoid the cane at all costs!" was Chad's motto...unfortunately, not all were able to accomplish that and on one particular occasion later that year, it would be Charlie, Nigel and Chad who would be required to bare their buttocks and receive 10 of the best the Assistant Headmaster Hugh Archibald could administer with a rattan cane that would leave all three boys bloodied and broken. The caning of schoolboys was as much a part of the fabric of the times as rock music, and a caning would be administered for a myriad of reasons and under many differing conditions. For lesser in class infractions a three-swisher with trousers up was the usual fare, with the intention being to elicit a yelp or two but otherwise allow the boy to maintain his dignity. More serious offenses where a boy would be reduced to sobbing were handled in the privacy of the Assistant Headmaster's office and usually also on a pants up basis.

Only the most egregious of transgressions were met with a bare bottom caning and being caned until the skin was broken had been unheard of...that was until Chad's prank was centered on assistant Headmaster Archibald himself! So furious was Archibald that he left his office windows open so that the swish of the cane, the crack of its strike and the boys' yelps, turned to cries, turned to tortured yells and subsequent bawling could be heard throughout the Quad. The echoing sounds of their scourging caused a good sized crowd of boys to leave their dorm rooms and gather outside the Administration Building and below the open windows of Archibald's office. There the assembled masses bore witness to the entirely of Chad's thrashing, which Archibald saved for last and during which he struck so fiercely that two canes were broken in the process.

But the boys' ordeal would not occur for many months yet, as they now had only just begun their Eton careers and were setting out to establish their many and varied interrelationships. For Charlie and Nigel, no relationship would turn out to be more powerful than the one that would grow between them, although Charlie could only think of Tom as he finished his dinner glancing furtively at the senior table where his gregarious and popular mentor was holding court. Charlie was saddened that he could not sit next to Tom and bask in his warm glow, but he had promised to respect Tom's instructions that they keep a proper social distance and not give anyone reason to suspect that more was going on than was morally proper.

Suddenly Charlie was pulled back into the conversation at his table as the historic feat that Charlie had accomplished with his 10 trips up and down the climbing rope was now the sole topic of conversation. With each boy taking turns asking Charlie questions about how he had done it and Charlie constantly answering that he didn't know, that he had neither trained nor even contemplated that he was capable of what he had done. Then boys from other table began to gather around to overhear the conversation that was centered on Eton's newest celebrity. After they had run out of questions and had finished their desserts, the boys began to stream out of the Dining Hall and Charlie caught Tom's eye as he passed by. Tom gave him a knowing smile that reassured Charlie that he could last the next two days until their appointed meeting on Sunday after Chapel.

The next day was painfully long for Charlie as he attended his classes and was still being given star treatment for his athletic achievement. But Charlie's mind was on Tom and the powerful feelings of his first orgasms the day before. He had been prone to erections all day and but for the mercifully loose fitting pants he wore and the rope like school uniform coat, Charlie's state of arousal might surely have been noticed on several occasions. That evening...being that it was Friday...was cinema night, but Charlie had seen the film months before back in the States, even though it was newly released in Great Britain. Rather than see it again, Charlie decided to seize the opportunity to seek the pleasures of his flesh in a rare moment of privacy in his dorm room, seeing as how Nigel would surely go to watch the movie.

So, as the boys began to parade to the campus Theatre, Charlie slipped off on his own and then circled back to the dorm. Once inside his room, he quickly removed all of his clothes and then lay down on the top of his bed as his penis swelled at his memories of Tom's warm wet mouth rising and falling on his modest hairless boyhood. As Tom had shown him, Charlie lightly grasped the entirety of his silken shaft and stroked it slowly being careful to give particular attention to his penis head. Familiar shivers began to mount in him when the door swung open and Nigel stood before him with a look of shock and surprise on his face.

"Damnation!" Nigel cried as Charlie ashamedly clamored for the blanket to cover his nakedness. "Easy does it there Charlie, no need to fuss...boys will be boys and all, right?"

"Oh God, errr I mean I ahhh I was just I ahh..."

"You were bloody well wanking is all Charlie," Nigel said, mercifully interrupting Charlie's stammering. "Don't fret yourself about it. God knows I do it every chance I get and it would have been you catching me doing it just now, if you hadn't beaten me back to the room."

"What do you mean?" Charlie asked.

"Well I wasn't going to waste a good opportunity to wank myself figuring you'd be in there watching that piece of shite movie. Scant few times we can be alone and I figured like you did, that this would be a great one...DAMMIT ALL, I really need to jack myself just now."

Charlie scrambled to his feet and began to dress as he said "Go ahead then Nigel and I'll leave for a while and then when you are done come on out and I'll come back in."

"OK, but it seems like a dreadful bother and a putrid farce at that," Nigel replied. "I mean if our wanking is out in the open why don't we just go ahead and do it in the same room? It won't bother me if it won't bother you, especially at night. Hell, before I began sharing a room with you I'd wank myself to sleep every night of the week! We'll be political then and adopt a open wanking agreement," Nigel laughed.

Charlie giggled back and said "I guess that's fine, and it's better than sneaking around right? But maybe we should take turns in the room now because its still light out and we'd see each other when we won't be able to when its dark at night."

Nigel smiled and threw up his hands saying "I don't care a bit if you see me or not. Hell we might even learn a bloody thing or two from each other by watching...different strokes and all that."

The two boys laughed at Nigel's clever joke and Charlie settled back down on his bed his penis now deflated but beginning to reawaken as Charlie watched Nigel kick off his shoes and start to undress. The stocky blond headed boy first dropped his trousers revealing his pulled-high socks just below the pale white skin the shown from below his knees up to his mid-thigh, where it met the bottom hem of his plaid boxer shorts. Next, Nigel began to unbutton his white collared shirt and as it opened, his jiggly boy-breasts and the rollie exterior of his portly belly began to become visible to Charlie. When he removed his shirt, Charlie took in the entirety of his roommate's pudgy torso noting in particular his slightly distended pink nipples which so often appear in the hormonal rage of a boy's early puberty.

When Nigel bent over to remove his socks, his soft white skin flowed down with its extra weight, accentuating the hang of his belly and the pointiness of his breasts. He flattened out considerably as he rose and only the slight overhang of his stomach now covered the top of the waistband of his boxers. Nigel hooked his thumbs at their sides and in a smooth motion pulled them down past his bulbous bottom letting them then fall to the floor where he gracefully stepped out. Charlie noted that he had become fully erect and his penis was indeed straining as he looked at Nigel's unaroused and uncircumcised penis, which appeared much smaller given the width of the boy's hips and the roll of silken skin directly above it.

Charlie could see the tips of a few light brown hairs poking from the fold of skin that was trapping most of their length, and they completely disappeared along with sight of Nigel's thimble length penis head when the boy sat on his bed and gravity again caused his puffy exterior to drop down even further. Only Nigel's more than adequately sized testicles were on display now and Charlie noted the numerous shiny short white hairs that suck straight out from his scrotum and glistened in the setting sunlight that filled their room. Then Nigel reached under his belly and proceeded to take hold of and stretch out his penis shaft until he had a three-fingered grip on himself and was actively working his foreskin back and forth allowing his purplish head to pop out before disappearing again into the sheath of skin that was stimulating it.

Nigel quickly noticed Charlie's attentive staring at his ministrations as well as Charlie's erection as his circumcised boyhood stuck straight up from him and almost against his taught belly. "Cold run a bleeding flag up that pole," Nigel thought to himself before saying "Don't get eye strain then Charlie," come on over and have a seat beside me and I'll show you how a proper English boy polishes his bishop." Nigel's chess piece reference to his penis was completely lost on Charlie as he thought about the offer for only a second before rising and crossing the room to Nigel's bed, his hard 45 degree angled penis pointing the way. Nigel shifted to the far left end of his bed with his back wedged into the corner of the wall and then put his pillows behind him as he slumped down somewhat. The change in his posture allowed his flabby exterior to flatten out so that his modest thin line of light brown soft pubes became visible to Charlie.

Charlie took hold of himself and began to stroke in the same rhythm as Nigel although he could not mimic Nigel's usage of his thin foreskin, which caused the purplish head of his penis to disappear and reemerge with every stroke across his 4-inch length. Compared to what Charlie had shared with Tom the day before, this self-stimulation was grossly inferior but nonetheless satisfying. As he stared at Nigel's nimble hand actions, Charlie began to feel that delicious tingling beginning to mount in his groin. Nigel, for his part, was equally fascinated at the sight of another boy masturbating next to him and something about Charlie's circumcised hairless penis was sensually excellent. Then Charlie saw Nigel lean back harder into the wall as he shut his eyes tightly and a clear shiny drop of liquid began to pool in the tip of his foreskin on each of his up strokes, and then it began to flow down the sides as Nigel started to moan softly.

"T-t-t-turn the radio on Charlie," Nigel whispered in a sing-songing voice "I don't want our neighbors to hear me getting off," and Charlie reached over and flipped the switch that brought forth the report of a BBC announcer talking about upcoming local events. As Charlie continued to stare, he saw Nigel's feet draw up towards his loose hanging scrotum as his knees and bent legs flared apart as wide as they could go. "oooohhh yyessss it's happening now...AAAHHH UUUNNNN HHHOOOOO!" Nigel cried as a string thin spray of opaque fluid launched lightly from the top of his pounding hand landing slightly past his navel and then began to run down the side of his wide stomach as he continued to groan out his pleasure in subsequent dry spasms. "ooohh yess ohh God that's so good," he panted as Charlie watched Nigel's testicles rising and falling within the silken sack that surrounded them. Then, fully spent, Nigel slumped to his back continuing to softly roll his fading boyhood between his fingers as his free arm crossed over his shut eyes and his hand began to sift through his blond head of hair.

The sight of Nigel's release triggered that special pulsating glow in Charlie's groin that he had only learned to appreciate two days ago. His small hand began to feverishly stroke his hairless 3-inch erection as he began to squeak out beneath his breath. Those sounds and the increased rocking of the bed caused Nigel to open his eyes and watch the far less mature boy's approaching orgasm. "Not a hair on him," Nigel said to himself recalling that he too had pleasured himself at Charlie's age and dry or not, it felt Damned Fine!

"oooooo ooooo oooohhhhhh," Charlie whispered softly not needing the masking sound of the radio, as Nigel had, to keep the sounds of his orgasm from leaving their room. Then Charlie's neck strained and his face turned red as his mouth now hung open and locked while the spasms of joy began to surge through him. Softly Charlie grunted out the deep breath of air that he had held trapped in his lungs, and Nigel smiled at the younger boy's pleasure as he looked in vein for any sign of liquid at the always exposed head of Charlie's penis. Charlie's eyes rolled for a second and then closed as he now bit down on his bottom lip and gave himself four slow but forceful final tugs as the magic of his moment passed.

"Good show Charlie, nothing better in the world is there?" Nigel crowed.

"Noooo," Charlie sighed "except when someone else does it to you." And no sooner than those words escaped him in the truth serum like afterglow of his release, than Charlie realized that he had just betrayed Tom's confidence. His eyes shot open and he saw the look of bewilderment on Nigel's face. "I-I-I mean I think that might be better," he tried to quickly lie, but Nigel was having none of it.

"Bloody Hell! You've been with someone? I must know of it Charlie, please tell's all I can think about these days," Nigel pleaded. Charlie mind began to race with how to conjure up a believable tale that couldn't possibly implicate Tom, as he looked at Nigel's imploring face...

Present Day at St. Barnabas Academy:

Though the 3-day cooling off period between 13-year-old Stevie Jenkins first sexual encounter with the members of The Order of the Rope had now passed, they had done so incredibly slowly. Stevie was adhering to the command that he be abstinent until he met with the Order this coming night, but he felt desperately horny, beyond the normal hormone charged state of an average early pubescent teen. His introduction to sex a few nights earlier had him now craving another orgasm to the point of obsession...just the way it had been planned by the founder of the Order, one Charles Ridgeway Gordon some 30-plus years earlier. And now tonight, Stevie would be back in that mysterious room with the masked boys...with the promise of even greater delights!

Two other 7th graders had been successfully escorted through the first round of initiation and would be following Stevie into the second round of the process on succeeding nights. However, just the night before, the final initiate had vehemently rejected his first sexual contact. Unbeknownst to anyone, redheaded Arthur Rabeski, was from a devoutly religious family and while he was well aware of the sexual equation, he had completely abstained from masturbation even though his puberty had begun over a year ago. His nocturnal ejaculations were a source of deep religious conflict for Arthur, as was his involuntary orgasm on the climbing rope, which the Order members who observed it had mistaken for a ringing endorsement of his candidacy for Order membership according to the "Gordon Formula".

When the slightly built Arthur was abducted that night and told he was being considered for the secret, as yet unnamed society, his first reaction was one of pride and intense curiosity. But, when he arrived at the Order Room and his eyes were taped shut as Tip Conners began his scripted description of what was in store for him, Arthur was at first humiliated that his orgasm on the climbing rope had been witnessed by others. As Tip began to describe the pleasures that boys can share with each other, Arthur started to comprehend what was going to happen to him and he voiced his objection as he strained at the tape that bound his wrists behind him "You're not going to violate me you filthy SODOMITES!!! Let me go...I swear to God if anyone touches me I'll call the cops!!"

Other boys had protested in the past but they had ultimately reveled in the strength of the orgasms that were then visited upon them. But when Arthur was raised to his feet and his shorts were pulled down, he began to scream hysterically. "Gag him," Tip commanded and a strip of tape was quickly applied to the slender red head's mouth. "Relax Arthur you're going to love this," Tip said comforting him as he reached down and took hold of the boy's limp circumcised penis and began to stroke him lightly while using his free hand to rub Arthur's soft flat belly and sift through the substantial patch of his red pubic hairs.

Against his will, Arthur's penis began to swell and then stiffen to it full 5 inch erect state. He screamed into the tape that gagged him and fought to free himself from the grasp of the boys who held him, but his struggles were in vein. When Tip's mouth took him in, Arthur gasped at the exquisite pleasure he was now feeling and soon he surrendered fully to the moment. Tip was now confident that Arthur had become yet another convert and he continued to suck the 13 year old boy's large mature-beyond-his-years penis until Arthur's hips started to buck and a copious load of his semen erupted from him and filled Tip's swallowing mouth. When Arthur's orgasm had ended, Tip rose and gently removed the tape from the boy's mouth. "I told you you'd love it," Tip said softly just before Arthur spat in his face and began to shriek anew.

"You've despoiled me!" Arthur yelled. "I'll see all of you jailed...this was a sin against God and a sin against nature. Your souls are all damned you faggot bastards!!"

Tip was now in a state of shock and confusion that they had erred so grievously in their selection of Arthur. "Gag him again," Tip ordered as he signaled for the other Order officers to join him at the back of the room to discuss their current predicament. "Jesus Christ...what are we gonna do about this kid now?" Kyle Bartlett asked. "This could be way worse than my 'fuck-up' two years ago," he said making reference to a case of mistaken identity that had resulted in a similar rejection, although no where near as nasty and threatening as Arthur's tirade. The other boy, Lenny Havers, simply declined to join and that was threats of going public. In fact Lenny had really enjoyed the orgasms that Tip and the others gave him, but he was just too shy about being naked in public and sex in general to feel comfortable doing it openly the way the Order members did.

So now Tip had to come up with a strategy for Arthur and he needed one quick. "OK we'll just scare the shit out of this 'holier than thou" little prick, Tip announced. "Here's what we're gonna do..."

After the officers had huddled they quietly informed two of their members to strip and don their wool ski masks while Tip approached Arthur and began to speak in his disguised voice. "Clearly we have made a mistake in selecting you Arthur, but now we need to figure out what to do to insure your silence. First you should know that we can make your life miserable here and at home and anywhere you ever go. No one will believe you if you try to tell and we'll catch up to you one day and give you this!"

Tip then ripped the tape from Arthur's eyes and as his vision cleared he saw two masked naked boys standing before him. One boy, 14 year old Jackie Breck, was small...maybe a little bigger than Arthur himself with a limp penis resting below small patches of light brown pubic hairs at either side, but with none over the top. The other boy, 18 year old Josh Cantor, was strong and hulking at 6'2" and 210 lbs. and he towered over Jackie. Josh had a huge looking cock surrounded by a mass of black hair and a trail of hair that let up and then surrounded his navel. "SUCK MY COCK PUNK!" Josh commanded and at first Arthur thought that it was he who was being ordered to obey that foul command.

Instead Arthur watched with a mixture of horror and relief as little Jackie was forced to his knees by two other members and held there by his arms as Josh presented his cock to the boy's small mouth. As he watched Jackie begin to take it in and Josh's cock began to swell to its full 7" erect state, Tip whispered in Arthur's ear "This is what will happen to you if you ever say a word!" Arthur tried to turn away but Tip forced his head back around and then pulled him from the cot he was sitting on and made him kneel beside Jackie so he was almost on top of the boy as he tried to suck the huge erection being shoved deeper and deeper into his mouth. Arthur could smell the musky aroma of Josh's genitals and then as Jackie gagged when Josh penetrated to the back of his throat Arthur got a whiff of the pungent bile that Jackie vomited as he pulled off of Josh and then spewed on the floor.

"YOU FUCKING PUKER!" Josh sneered as he pounced on the back of the naked little boy and then used his powerful knees to spread Jackie's prone legs out wide...fully parting the white cheeks of his ass. "SEE HOW YOU LIKE THIS THEN!" he yelled as he spit a large volume of his saliva down the crack of Jackie's butt where much of it then pooled at the depression of his anus.

"No, no please don't," Jackie cried in fear as he felt the huge head of Josh's penis being positioned for entry into him. Tip now grabbed Arthur by the head of his red hair and forced him to within inches of Jackie's soon to be violated rectum. Arthur at first saw the monstrous thrust of Josh's hips, and then he heard a slurping like sound as the larger boy's penis began to ram inside the fallen boy. Then the smell of feces arose but not before the shrieks of poor Jackie, as Josh fired deep inside him...all the way to the hilt. "OH GGODDD ITS TOO BIGGGGG PPLLEASSSE STTOOPPPP!!!" the boy's high pitched screaming pleaded as Josh began to recoil and thrust back in again, slowly at first but then faster and faster until his force was bouncing Jackie from the floor and the sounds of his wind being knocked from him could be hear while he continued to plead for it to end.

From his bird's eye view, Arthur could see that blood was flowing from the smaller boy's torn sphincter and then he saw Josh's large neck begin to bulge and crane forward as his mouth opened wide and his masked head began to rock from side to side while he barked out "YAAA, OOHH YAAA, HERE WE GO, HERE WE...", and then he suddenly pulled out and grabbed his huge fat penis with his hand and slid up and down rapidly across its shinny brown and blood reddened exterior, "...HERE WE GOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Arthur was repulsed as he saw four huge spurts of semen rope out of Josh's penis as he stroked it and the white viscous fluid landed all over the back of the now sobbing Jackie.

That was more than Arthur could bear and tears began to stream from his eyes as his muted crying could be heard from behind the tape that covered his mouth. "Now tape his eyes shut again and get him the fuck out of here!" Tip commanded. "And remember," Tip rasped at Arthur as he was being escorted out "it will be your ass that gets ripped up if you say a word about this, and if you run home and tell...we'll know about it and we'll get to you there...COUNT ON IT!"

As Arthur was ushered down the ladder to the storm drain exit, little Jackie rolled over to his back displaying his own full erection. Beaming brightly he smiled at Josh and said, "Hey big dude...don't leave me hanging!"

"No problem," Josh said as his face quickly lowered and his mouth easily sucked in the entirely of Jackie's length. Jackie was hyper-horny after the massive prostate stimulation that Josh had just given him during the little act they had put on for Arthur's benefit. In just a few minutes Jackie's eyes shut tightly and he groaned out the exquisite pleasure of his release as Josh felt the boy's jets of light spray and tasted his sweet saltiness.

Meanwhile, Arthur was led to the back of Dormitory Row where his wrists were untaped. By the time he got the tape off of his eyes and mouth, the two boys who escorted him back had disappeared from sight, although they were only about 50 yards behind him in darkness of the tree line. They watched as Arthur sobbed openly for a few moments before rising wearily and heading off towards his Dorm. Then they reported back to Tip who said, "We might have gotten to him but we're not taking any chances. I'm gonna get some alumni support on this in a hurry...God what a shitty night." Then Tip announced to the room, "Look guys we gotta keep an eye on this kid and see if he squeals. Let's be extra careful with the round two initiation the next three days right?"

After seeing the nodding heads Tip concluded "OK then, I'm shot and am goin' to bed, those of you who are staying...get your fucking over with quick and then shut things down tight. See you tomorrow." Tip left quietly and then headed for the pay phones in the darkened Student Union building. After insuring his privacy, he pulled out a prepaid calling card and dialed an East Coast number. A computer generated voice answered "You've reached Alumni Support. Leave a detailed message and everything will be taken care of." At the beep Tip gave his name and then began to fully recount the night's events including the name and home town of Arthur Rabeski...then he hung up and went to bed.

The next morning in New York City, 47 year old Charles Ridgeway Gordon walked into the midtown Manhattan building that bore the name of the multi-billion dollar company he had founded..."InfoTech." When he reached the top floor he was greeted by and returned greetings to the receptionist, several workers and his private secretary as he entered his palatial office suite. Once at his desk, he immediately saw the red blinking light on the right side of his telephone counsel, as well as the yellow blinking one on the left side which signaled waiting business messages. Ignoring the yellow light, Charles hit a speed dial button and then punched in a code and finally he pushed the record button as the message came on and Tip Conners "delivered the mail."

After hearing the message, Charles popped out the tape and then walked to the far wall of his office where a bookcase stood. He entered a code on the wall-mounted keypad and the bookcase swung open revealing a walk in security room with keyless code entry file cabinets. Charles keyed in the code and a file drawer swung open presenting files with individual names on them. In the one labeled "Tipton Conners III", Charles deposited the tape which he had labeled with the day's date. Then he shut the cabinet and the bookcase doors before returning to his desk and hitting another speed dial button.

When the voice at the other end answered Charles said "Gordon incident at the Academy needs your "special" attention. A disclosure risk scenario involving an Arthur Rabeski of Grand Rapids, Michigan. A message that we can touch him on the home front should suffice...needs to be delivered within 24 hours. Please see to it. Thank you." As he hung up the phone, his intercom went off and his secretary announced "CIA Director Osgood on line 1 for you Mr. Gordon."

"Thank you Constance," Charles said as he lifted the receiver and cradled in the crook of his neck as he hit the flashing button. "Bill how are you, good to hear from you."

"You too Charlie," Director William Osgood replied. "Look Charlie I've got a real fast track issue that requires your services. Platinum fee for you on this one but I need you to turn an executive officer at The Trade Consortium within 72 hours."

"I'd say that's certainly fast track Bill," Charlie replied as he pulled up the roll of key executives of The Trade Consortium on his computer screen "and we may be looking at Platinum Plus on the fees."

"You get me the results and I won't question the fees OK?"

"Well I see three targets that we have files on, but to press as hard as we'll have to turn one in three days may risk the kind of confrontation that we had with your Quasi-Corp matter where the first target committed suicide on want us to press that hard?"

"Fire all your bullets Charlie, we have no luxury of time on this at all!"

"Very well Bill, we'll have your man bagged on time if not earlier."

"Great Charlie, I knew I could count on you."

"For $2 million plus, failure is never an issue here. I'll be in touch."

"Thanks Charlie...I look forward to your report. Bye now."

As he clicked off of line 1 with Bill Osgood, Charlie hit a speed dial labeled "Encounter Team" and when a voice answered Charlie said "Hi it's Charles Gordon...put me on speaker and get the team in the room with you...we've got a Code Red scramble situation."

Back at St. Barnabas, Arthur Rabeski had spent a restless night tossing and turning with his religious convictions, which instructed him to confess the abhorrent events that had occurred. Clearly such abominations could not be permitted to continue but, of equal concern to him were his fears of repercussions and having to confess that he had been sexually violated and had actually enjoyed it until his reason had returned. It was 6:00am and he could sleep no longer so he rose, showered and dressed while his roommate continued to sleep soundly. Surely his father could guide him on this matter and he went to the phone room on the first floor of the Dorm to call him. A chill ran down Arthur's spine when he saw that the note above the bank of phones that was attached with the same kind of tape that had been used on him the night before. The note was written in bold red marking pen and its block letters read: "DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!!!"

For the rest of the day and into the evening Arthur was singularly distracted and his feelings of paranoia had him looking constantly over his shoulder. Finally he summoned up all of his courage and sat down to call his father. "Hi Dad, it's are you?"

"Oh Arthur," his father replied with a noticeably concerned tone in his voice "I was going to call you this evening...there's some bad news I'm afraid."

"What is it Dad?" Arthur fired back in fear.

"It's your dog seems that he got tangled up in his yard chain and was strangled...I'm sorry son."

Arthur began to shake and tremble as tears ran down his eyes. He talked some more about it with his father who, knowing he was upset, said they should talk again tomorrow. As Arthur hung up and headed back to his room he began to chastise himself for not telling his father about his ordeal...surely his dog's death was an accident. That thought perished for good, as did any thought he ever had or would have again about telling his story, when he entered his room and saw the stuffed animal dog hanging from a piece of rope that was taped to the top of his bed post!!!!!!

1971 at St. Barnabas:

In the two days of orientation following his arrival at St. Barnabas, 15 year old Charlie Gordon was missing his friends at Eton. Charlie was also still furious that then President Nixon had requested his father's resignation as Ambassador to the British Isles so that he could appoint someone who was making and enormous contribution to his reelection fund. Regardless of how many times his father passed it of as just being politics, Charlie still thought Nixon was a total prick for doing it. Now here he was having to start all over again at a new school in California, where he'd never been before. God, how he missed being at Eton where he was expecting a great fourth year for himself and not just athletically and academically either. Because as a fourth year, Charlie was now in a position to mentor a young first or second year the way his beloved Tom Geoffrey had mentored him.

Charlie had managed to make three decent friends, however. Rob Givins, the boy from the next room over who had heard Charlie masturbating on his first day there, and his roommate Eddie Lewis were both sophomores. So was Evan Thompson, Charlie's roommate. All four of them had just transferred to St. Barnabas and they naturally hung around together during their orientation and before the full student body arrived and the school term formally commence. Nothing particularly exciting had occurred between them, certainly nothing sexual, but a solid camaraderie was beginning to form. Of course, Charlie's popularity was about to explode just like it had during his first days back at Eton when he was an 11-year-old first year, which was the US equivalent of 7th grade.

"Hey guys!" Evan cried out to the other three new boys as he entered the TV room of their dorm and found them lounging around watching a baseball game. "Get your gym clothes on quick...the sophomore physical fitness test starts in 15 minutes."

"Oh fuck," Rob replied as he noted that Evan had already dressed for the occasion "I forgot all about it." And so too had Charlie and Eddie, as the three boys raced to their rooms to change and in no time they rejoined Evan and then set off together for the gym. The seniors and juniors had completed their test earlier that day and the freshman, 8th and 7th graders would have their tests the following day. Charlie had already made a mental note to be present for the younger boys' performances.

The purpose of the exams was, much like it had been at Eton, to determine who the advanced athletes were for the various sports teams and as part of the recruiting process for the 10 Societies. The tests were administered within a 90 minute period and consisted of running some timed sprints, swimming 100 meters, various standing and running jumps, and climbing the rope that hung some 30 feet from the gym ceiling. Charlie and the others were meeting the rest of their sophomore class for the first time as they entered the gym and were then assigned to different groups to begin a rotation of the various events that comprised the test.

Charlie was assigned to the swimming group first and he and the other 20 or so boys assigned with him left for the pool where they changed into speedos. The combination of Charlie's solidly muscled body and his average pubic growth made him easily the most attractive boy in the group and he was given lane 8 in the first heat. When the whistle blew Charlie flew off of the starting block skimming perfectly across the surface of the water as he entered, and then he swam expertly to win his heat my almost two body lengths in a time that would hold up as the classes fastest.

"Who the Hell is that?" Harry Mitre a junior year member of the Turk Society asked Rick Barnes, a fellow member who was helping to scout for new talent.

"Never seen him before...must be a new kid," Rick replied. "I'll go ask Coach Jessup while you scout the next heat," Rick said as he rose and then walked down to the pool floor and approached one of the coaches there who was holding a clipboard. "Hey Coach," Rick said as he approached.

"Hi Barnes, and I know what you want to know who the speed merchant was in lane 8 don't you?" Jessup said smiling.

"I sure do Coach...that kid was flying."

"His name is Gordon, Charles Gordon and it says he's American but just got here from a school in England where he was a hotshot rower and gymnast."

"Thanks Coach," Rick said as he turned back toward the stands, but not before taking a close look at Charlie as he approached and took a seat on the bottom row while continuing to dry himself. Rick noted the heavily muscled frame of the dark-haired blue-eyed boy who seemed almost devoid of body hair, other than a thin dark line of wet armpit hairs that seemed to almost disappear as Charlie dried them with his towel. His handsome but much younger than his years appearing face also caught Rick's attention as he walked past Charlie and headed back up into the stands to confer with Harry.

"Kids name is Charles Gordon and he came here from England but he's US born," Rick informed Harry.

"Well," Harry replied "he's build like a brick shithouse but he sure looks little boyish doesn't he?"

"Yeah he's not a very hairy kid that's for sure and he's not exactly filling out the front of his speedo either," which observation made the two boys laugh as they watched Charlie and the other sophomores in the swimming rotation file out to change back into their gym clothes.

When Charlie entered the locker room and began to drop his speedo, he was tapped on the shoulder by another boy in his group and when he turned, Charlie stood face to face with a portly boy who, if his hair was blond instead of dark brown, would look very much like Nigel Newton, Charlie's former roommate and frequent lover back at Eton. "Hi," the fat boy said extending his hand "I'm Mikey Taylor...what's your name?" The boy's thick Boston accent was another major difference to Nigel's sweet sing-songy English accent, but both boys certainly shared the same kind of handsome face that was not at all like the stereotypical fat kid with hanging jowls and multiple chins.

"I'm Charlie Gordon, nice to meet you," Charlie replied as he shook Mikey's meaty hand.

"So you're new here huh...I've been here since 7th grade," Mikey continued as Charlie studied the boy's curious build of flabby boy breasts and a rolly stomach, but relatively stout arms and legs. "That was one fast swim you had out beat me by 3-10ths!"

Charlie knew he was a fast swimmer, but he was fairly surprised that this large bodied boy could be so close in time to him, as he smiled and tried not to have a "what the fuck?" look on his face. "I know," Mikey continued as he slipped down his speedo revealing his water-shrunken and lightly haired genitals, which looked almost minuscule beneath the hang of his belly "fat kids can't swim...but this one can! I was on the varsity relay teams last year and I should make it in some individual events this gonna go out for the should you know."

As Charlie pulled off his wet speedo putting his water compromised boyhood on display as he replied "I'm not sure yet, maybe. I'm definitely going out for Crew and Gymnastics though." Then Charlie noticed that Mikey wasn't making eye contact any more and was in fact staring at the adequate but unimpressive pubic growth that Charlie was drying above his average length circumcised penis. Charlie returned an inspecting glance down at Mikey and saw that his penis was beginning to acquire some length and girth. Then Mikey turned quickly away and reached down for his jock and gym shorts.

"Those are tough teams to make Charlie, I wish you luck. But you could definitely make the Swim Team if you can swim like that all the time."

"I'll think about it Mikey, thanks," Charlie said as he finished dressing and then followed Mikey out and then down to the track where the running and jumping events awaited. The two boys chatted casually as they awaited their turns and they were in the same heat for the 100 yard dash, which Charlie won and Mikey finished a surprising 3rd. Mikey didn't fare too well in the standing and running long jumps, while Charlie finished 3rd and 2nd , respectively. Scouts from two other Societies were making notes about Charlie as he and Mikey and the others headed back to the gym where the entire sophomore class would now be tested on the climbing rope.

"I fucking hate the God Damned rope!" Mikey dismayed as the walked in and took a seat in the bleachers to await their names being called. "Everybody will be here and two trips is all I can make and 3 is considered many you think you can do Charlie?"

"I did 10 trips the last time I was tested like this, but I was 11 then," Charlie replied.

"No shit?" Mikey asked "are you serious...10 is the record here, you should try to break it, that would be so cool. Plus Coach Marshall who runs the rope climb is the Gymnastics coach, so you could make a Hell of an impression."

"I'll give it a shot," Charlie said as the thought of impressing Coach Marshall and the memory of how only good things had happened in the wake of his record breaking performance at Eton, now were a powerful motivation for Charlie's performance. As they waited their turns, Charlie and Mikey watched the others as did the many other boys from all grades that had filled the gym this late afternoon. Classes being done for the day and given the rope climb's ability to distinguish or extinguish ones athletic reputation, watching the boys climb could always be counted on as a solid source of entertainment. In fact, watching the rope climbing portion of each grades physical fitness test had become quite the spectator event at St. Barnabas Academy.

Boos and hisses generally awaited anyone who did 3 or less trips, while wild ovations accompanied those who got to 5 and higher. Only 2 boys had managed that feat until the boy who, as luck would have it, did 7 trips right before Mikey was called. The gym had erupted into cheers and clapping when the boy started his 5th trip and didn't stop until he could go no farther about 1/4 way up on his 8th trip. As the boy was greeted with a standing ovation a pale looking Mikey rose as his name was called and he said to Charlie "Just fucking great...I get to follow that?"

Mikey huffed and puffed his way through the 2nd trip he had promised and eminent failure was in the air as he tried to get half way up on his 3rd trip. "Come on Fat can do it," some jackass in the crowd cried out, sending the gym into a roar of laughter. Then Mikey just let go and dropped the 12 or so feet to the mat below as he was roundly booed by the assembled masses.

"Good try," Charlie said trying to comfort Mikey as he sat back down and sweat poured from his face and body. The next two performances were uninspired, and then Charlie's name was called. As he approached the rope, he became aware of the murmurs, whispers and conversations in the stands and he saw several boys pointing towards him. Word of Charlie's athletic display thus far had preceded him and the suggestion that he might hit 8 or 9 trips had begun to sweep through the gym.

"Good luck Gordon," Coach Marshall said smiling as Charlie walked on to the mat and then up to the rope. Then Charlie stripped off his gym shirt in a swift fluid motion, revealing his chiseled muscles and his triangular upper body, as a collective "OOOOooooo" came from his spectators. Charlie jumped high and grabbed hold of the rope with his powerful hands and then quickly brought his feet up behind him. Then he began to effortlessly propel himself to the top using a technique no one in the gym, including Coach Marshall, had ever seen before.

Charlie was actually using an even distribution of his leg and arm strength as he climbed but to the observers it looked like he was bringing his feet up tight behind his buttocks and then jumping up the rope where he would regrasp and spring forward again. So fast and fluid was his motion that that it was as if he were a huge lightening fast inch bug. When he reached the top, he merely reversed the process letting his legs bear most of his weight on each descent so his arms could rest. Of course, Charlie was being careful to keep his groin off of the rope so that a repeat of his inadvertent orgasm at Eton would not occur. As he was now capable of cumming in a decent volume...unlike when he was 11, Charlie was taking no chances of being stimulated by the course rope exterior as he climbed up and then slid back down.

Charlie did 5 trips before anyone could believe it and the gym began to explode with applause and cheering as his pace never appeared as if he could climb forever. The noise was almost deafening as he started his 9th trip, and it had drawn many more students and teachers who had now arrived to watch the end of Charlie's climb. Charlie was showing a little sign of strain as he completed his 10th trip but he raced up and down on his record setting 11th in a manner that had Coach Marshall grinning from ear to ear and shaking his head in disbelief.

The crowd was chanting "Go Charlie Go...Go Charlie Go" as he made his 12th and 13th trips and then Charlie decided to call it a day, even though he could have done several more trips. So, on his last and 14th trip up the rope, Charlie took his feet off of the rope and then brought his legs up straight out from him in a perfect "L" position. Using only his arms, Charlie ascended the rope for the last time to the ecstatic cheering of the gym. Then as he held that same position and lowered himself to about 10 feet from the bottom, he suddenly stopped...and then he lowered his legs and began to start to swing until his legs were going over the top of his head and the bottom of the rope was snaking wildly.

"The kid is going to throw a fucking dismount," Coach Marshall laughed to himself as he watched Charlie swing faster and faster. Marshall rose to help spot Charlie just as he used the top of the last swing to launch himself into a double back somersault before sticking his landing on the mat below. As he panted hard and he shook out his arms as they screamed from the exertion, Coach Marshall tousled his sweaty black hair and said "Hell of a show kid...I damned well better see you sign up for Gymnastics this winter," in a voice that was barely audible over the constant applause and cheering. As he headed wearily toward the locker room, Charlie acknowledged the crowd with a wide wave of his arm and a bright beaming smile.

Not content to let this new hero get away so quickly, a throng of boys...mostly upper classmen, stormed into the locker room and grabbed Charlie from the bench he had reclined on. "Great job Gordon," one of them said as they raised Charlie to his feet and the hoisted him up on their shoulders and then back out to the gym floor where the cheering and chanting had not stopped. Charlie smiled and waved as they paraded him around. Coach Marshall just smiled and then when the cheering finally stopped and Charlie was lowered to the ground, Marshall announced that the rest of the sophomore climbers would go tomorrow and that the 7th graders would be pushed to Friday.

More adulation followed Charlie as he and the rest of the sophomores headed to the showers. He saw Evan, Eddie and Rick and received their praise and shocked disbelief at what Charlie had done. Charlie was detained so long in the locker room with all the congratulations, that he was the last one to enter the showers and when he did he saw Mikey at the far wall with his hands and head pressed up against it as he leaned in and his shoulders shuddered. "My God he's crying," Charlie thought to himself as he walked up to him through the steam. "Hey Mikey, you OK?"

Mikey didn't move as he recognized Charlie's voice and struggled to keep his voice as he tried to answer through his tears. "Y-y-yeah I g-g-guess sooo," he stammered. "I just try hard to be taken seriously as an athlete and that rope just fucking embarrasses me. I take a lot of shit you know for being fat and all. Hell, the guys on the Swim Team call me 'Whale' for Christ's sake. And then to get booed and laughed at like that just sucks."

"Sorry that happened to you Mikey, but fuck just show them what you can do in the pool right?"

"Yeah, thanks Charlie I appreciate it. Hey are most of the guys gone now...I don't want them to see I was crying."

"We're the last I think," Charlie said as Mikey turned and started to walk out.

"OK, thanks and I'll catch you later."

"You Bet Mikey, it was good meeting you and I'll introduce you to some of the other new guys if you want."

"That would be great Charlie...see ya," and Mikey left as Charlie began to wash.

It had been more than a few days since he had last gotten off and the hot water and steamy surroundings had Charlie feeling a bit anxious as he began to wash his genitals. But he was not at all certain of his privacy so he suppressed his amorous stirrings, rinsed off and then reached for his towel. When Charlie walked back through the locker room he found that it was completely deserted, until he turned the corner to the row where his locker stood. There, standing sheepishly was the most beautiful blond headed little boy Charlie had ever seen.

"Hi," the boy said smiling as Charlie stood there naked with his towel in his hand "my name is Billy Mayes...I'm new 7th grade. I just wanted to say how great you were out there and also ask you how you learned to do that."

Charlie was totally captivated by the boy and the tingle in his penis preceded a glowing feeling in his scrotum as he quickly pulled on his boxers and his pants before his growing erection could be seen by his young visitor. "Well hi there Billy Mayes," Charlie said as he reached out to shake the boy's hand "anyone ever call you 'Willie Mayes'?"

"Only if they want a punch in the face," Billy shot back in a manner that told Charlie he had hit a raw nerve.

"Just kidding offense."

"It's OK Charlie, I pretty much get that all the time when people first hear my name."

"OK," Charlie said as he studied the boy's 5'2" frame and his pretty face with piercing blue eyes and the soft downy white fuzzy exterior so common on young blond boys " so you want to know how to climb the rope, huh?"

"I know how to climb it sort of," Billy replied "and I can do 3 or 4 trips pretty much each time, but I want to know how to climb like you did, that was amazing."

"Well I couldn't climb exactly like that when I was your age, because I hadn't started puberty yet and my muscles weren't as developed."

"I don't have any hair down there yet either...not the real ones that is," Billy said sheepishly.

"No problem Billy, I can teach you a similar technique that let me do 10 trips, if you'd like."

"Sure, that would be great...when could we start?" Billy asked with a beaming smile that showed off all of his gorgeous straight white teeth.

"Well I'm sure the gyms open and we've got more than an hour before gym, so how about now?"

"Great!" Billy cried as he began to run toward the row where his locker was located "I'll be ready in just a sec."

Not wanting to miss this chance to see Billy naked, Charlie quickly grabbed his shirt shoes and socks and followed after the young boy finding him when he had just opened his locker and was beginning to undress. Billy unashamedly faced Charlie as he began to strip and Charlie started to talk some bullshit rope theory stuff to explain why he was there instead of continuing to dress back by his own locker. Billy listened to him attentively as he peeled off his sweatshirt revealing his soft while chest with no real pectoral definition. The boy wasn't skinny, wasn't muscular either...he was just at the awkward transitional point, but God did he look soft and luscious.


When he dropped his pants and Charlie saw his white jockeys, the first think he noted was how unfilled the pouch was, but the boy had sturdy, all be they hairless, legs. He had a firm boy bubble butt and as he slipped off his underwear, Charlie took in the vision of his silken boyhood. No more than 2 inches hanging soft and circumcised against a much lower hanging scrotum with two fully descended marble-sized testicles inside. His scrotum and the region above and to the sides of his penis were awash in a soft fine white fuzziness. Only the short hairs on his tiny sack stuck out, the others near his penis laying flat against his abdomen in nebula-like swirls of pube-wanna-bes.

Charlie was concerned that he'd get caught staring, but Billy was not looking in Charlie's direction as he continued to undress so Charlie had a license to study the boy closely until his small jock strap was pulled on. Charlie was fully erect by then, but he managed to shift his erection upwards and under the elastic waistband of his boxers so he was not tented when he stood and led Billy out to the gym after he had finished changing.

Leading him to the rope, Charlie told Billy that the secret was to create a position where he could evenly distributed the burden of climbing between his arms and his legs. Charlie told Billy to slip one of his legs around the rope so that it became trapped inside of his thigh and around his ankle. Then he instructed Billy to use his arms to pull up and follow with his feet and they released and reclamped the rope. After a few awkward starts, Billy was soon slithering up and down in the same manner Charlie had done as a young boy back at Eton.

"How's that feel Billy?" Charlie asked as the boy began his 4th trip.

"Good Charlie, I still feel really strong. I'm usually really beat by now."

"That's because you are sharing the work and not just using your arms. The tighter you can keep your chest to the rope the easier it will be."

"OK Charlie you mean like this," Billy said as he completely eliminated any gap between him and the rope and began to literally slide up and down it. As Billy began his 5th trip he let out a soft telling "oooohhhhh" and Charlie looked at the area of the young boy's crotch and saw that his penis was directly contacting the rope as he climbed. "S-s-something's happening Charlie I feel really weird...but it feels really great too. Ohhhh aaahhh ooohhh." And as Charlie watched, Billy had now stopped about half way up the rope and was just shimmying himself up and down against the rope as the boy's first orgasm began to overtake him.

"I-I-I can't take it Charlie, oh God, oohhhh" and he released the rope and fell back as Charlie was in perfect position to catch him. Charlie had mistakenly thought Billy's orgasm was over but instead the boy was somehow stalled and was spasming wildly in Charlie's arms as his hips bucked and his moans began to sound more tortured. "Oh, what's happening to me...please help me Charlie," Billy cried in a panic stricken voice.

"OK Billy, here this will help" Charlie said as he lay the twitching boy on his back and then pulled down his shorts and jock. Billy's fully erect 3 1/2 inch penis literally jumped out at Charlie and it was firing like a piston as Charlie took Billy's soft right hand and wrapped it around the boy's young penis and then Charlie covered Billy's hand with his own. As he began to stroke him up and down the stalled orgasm was broken and Billy's head flew back and his eyes shut tightly as a fireworks display went off in his head and he felt like he was being shot into space as his testicles rose and fell in his soft scrotum and the excellence of his dry release overwhelmed him.

"Aaaaahh, OOOHHhhhh, aaaahhhh, uuuuunnnnnnnn, hhhoooooo, GGGgoddddddddd!" Billy cried out and Charlie quickly looked around to be sure they were still alone. Then panting hard, Billy's first sexual moment began to pass as Charlie removed his hand. Billy continued to slowly stroke himself with his eyes still shut tightly as he struggled to comprehend the powerful wordless feelings he had just experienced. Billy just continued to lay there eyes shut and breathing deeply.

"Hey Billy, you better get up now OK...Billy?" Charlie said to the unresponsive boy. Charlie was concerned that their compromising position might be discovered so he scooped Billy up into his arms, with the boy's shorts and jock still at his ankles and then rushed him back into the locker room and laid him on out on one of the benches. Charlie watched as Billy, his eyes still tightly clenched, continued to stoke himself...his post-orgasm erection not having wilted in the least. The sight of the beautiful masturbating child was too much for Charlie as he threw caution to the wind and quickly stripped bare. Then he removed the shorts and jock that trapped Billy's ankles and he straddled the bench and then Charlie pulled the boy's legs up and across his sides until Billy's bottom was in his lap and their testicles and penises were up against each other.

Charlie gently removed Billy's hand from his small erect penis and then used his much larger hand to hold both of their penis together at the same time as he began to rhythmically stroke. "oooohhhh" Billy cooed as Charlie began to pick up the pace. Soon Charlie's precum began to flow down into his stroking hand and the luxuriating feeling that shot through young Billy caused him to snap out of his trance-like state as he opened his eyes and then sat up to take full stock of what was happening. He looked in wonderment as he saw what Charlie was doing and then he smiled reassuringly at Charlie and indicating that he certainly didn't want this magical process to stop.

When Charlie leaned forward and kissed Billy on his forehead below his blond bangs, the boy instinctively turned his face upward and their lips met. Charlie's tongue pressed lightly at Billy's lips and his mouth opened willingly as their tongues began to dance. Their kissing sent shivers down both their spines and then the first jet of Charlie's semen released and struck them both below their chins as he moaned into the face of the boy he was kissing. His next three releases were successively less in height and volume and the semen flowed into his stroking hand, its warmth and lubrication now taking Billy over the edge. Charlie felt the boy's hips buck and grind into his lap and then the boy began to tense and squeal in their unbroken kiss as Charlie felt Billy's penis shuddering as he watched his scrotum ripple throughout his youthful orgasm.

When Charlie stop kissing and sat back, Billy slowly opened his eyes and then looked down at their wilting penises which glistened in the sheen of Charlie's seed. "Wha-what happened Charlie? That was so wonderful, I never knew I could feel so good," Billy whispered.

"Well, I guess I got some explaining to do all right," Charlie said smiling. "Let's get cleaned up and I'll tell you all about what happened to me when I was 11...which is exactly what just happened to you now." Billy followed Charlie back toward the sinks, and as they walked, for the first time since Charlie had been forced to leave Eton, he felt really happy again.