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This is a work of total fiction and is intended for adult readers ONLY!!!

IMPORTANT READERS' NOTE: If you don't start at Chapter 1, you will have great difficulty following the plot of this story!!!

This is NOT a wam-bam sex story. BUT, there is a Hell of a lot of sex in it too. The PLOT is what moves the story and will guide you to what I hope are excellent sexual encounters between boys aged 11 through 18 and with some adults. There's sex in every chapter, but give the whole story a chance instead of just scanning ahead and only reading the sex scenes.

3 Time Periods: This story moves between three (3) distinct periods of time.

`(i) 1967-71 at Eton College, an all boys boarding school outside of London for class grades which are the US equivalent of 7th through 12th grade.

(ii) 1971-74 at St. Barnabas Academy an all boys boarding school in the greater Los Angeles area for grades 7 through 12.

(iii) Present Day at St. Barnabas Academy and other parts of the country.

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1967--Eton College:

As the two boys sat naked on the bed just a few feet apart, Charlie Gordon was in a panic that he had betrayed Tom Geoffrey's confidence by intimating to Nigel Newton, that he had sex with another person. The 11-1/2 year old's mind raced for a story that might satisfy the curiosity of his portly 13-year-old roommate. He couldn't believe what he had blurted out during the afterglow of his masturbation, and now the chubby blond-headed boy who had been masturbating with him only moments ago simply wouldn't let the matter drop.

"Come on then Charlie," Nigel's boyish English accent pleaded "please tell me about's been all I think about these days...truly!!!"

"Nigel," Charlie replied in as stern a tone as a prepubescent boy's voice is capable of mustering "I really can't talk about it...just let it go, OK?

"But Charlie, I've been wanking since I was your age and I think about doing it with other boys all the time, but it's all just my imagination. Please tell me what it is really like to lay with another boy?" Nigel looked crestfallen and Charlie certainly didn't want to hurt his new friend's feelings.

"There's nothing to tell really. It's just like what we just did to ourselves only someone else does it to you while you lay back is all."

"There's more to it than that," Nigel replied sharply. "I've heard talk of it before and there's sucking and buggering too!"

"Buggering?" Charlie asked "I don't know what that means," he stated honestly.

"Tell you what then Charlie," Nigel bargained "you tell me exactly what you've done and how it felt and I'll tell you what I know about buggery."

Charlie though about it for a while as he came to the realization that Nigel was totally obsessed with knowing and would give him no peace if he didn't tell. He had also concluded that he could simply change the setting by telling Nigel it happened back in the States before he had come to Eton and Tom's identity would be safe. "OK Nigel," Charlie relented "but you swear to God you'll never tell anyone else."

"I swear," Nigel fired back as he leaned forward in anxious anticipation as Charlie noted that the hang of Nigel's soft pale belly now covered the entirety of his genitals and he had taken on a decidedly Buddha statue-like appearance.

"It was back in D.C. a few weeks before I came here," Charlie began his tale. "My folks had to go to a weekend political function and so they had one of the young aides from the Diplomatic Corps watch me...he was a college kid doing a summer thing or something."

"What did he look like Charlie?"

"Well," Charlie began as he tried to conjure up a physical opposite to Tom "he wasn't very tall or muscular and he had dark hair like mine. He was OK looking I guess. Anyway, we started to talk about stuff and then sex came up and he asked if I'd ever had an orgasm and I said I didn't know what it was so he showed me how to jerk off and we did it to each other."

"How's it feel with someone else?" Nigel sighed as his meaty hand reached under his belly and took hold of his reawakening penis.

"Well I'd never done it before alone so I had nothing to compare it too but it felt great and definitely better than when I just jerked off by myself afterwards. Oh and he came really hard with lot's of sperm flying all over, I mean much more than offense."

"None taken Charlie," Nigel replied smiling. "So did you suck each other then too?"

"Yeah and it was so much better than with his hand and it was neat to suck on him too, but I could get all of him in my mouth."

"What did his cum taste like it despicable?

"Des--what? I mean it's warm and kind of gooey but it tastes OK. Certainly different from anything I ever tasted before but not in a bad way at all. I'd have to say I liked it to be honest with you Nigel. Haven't you ever tasted your own Nigel?"

"No, it never crossed my mind," Nigel replied with a both shocked and curious look on his plump freckled face, "and it's only been a few months since I started to be able to squirt some. So do you want to do it with someone else again. Charlie, would you ever consider doing it with me?"

Charlie looked into Nigel's imploring eyes and at his handsome smile as he recalled Tom's words to him a few days earlier about being free to have a relationship with a boy closer to his own age. "Let me think about it OK Nigel?" Charlie said smiling back as he noticed Nigel was hard again and giving slow attention to himself. "Since we've decided to do ourselves in the open and all, I'd like to leave it at that for now and then we'll see."

"OK Charlie, you let me know when you want to because I'll will do it anytime. And thanks for telling me all about the stuff you did, it's got me a bit keyed up again," Nigel said giving a nod down toward his stroking hand.

"Sounds like a plan," Charlie said laughing as he climbed off of Nigel's bed, and the sight of his flaccid hairless circumcised penis with his soft hanging scrotum caused Nigel to redouble his efforts. "I'll just leave you with your thoughts then Nigel...and you can tell me all about bugging later," Charlie said as he started to dress.

"It's 'buggERing' Charlie, not bugging, and I only know what it is not how it feels or anything."

"OK 'buggERing' conversation to come then," Charlie said as he looked back at Nigel while turning for "I'll see you in a while."

"Won't be too long at all Charlie," Nigel moaned as he had now assumed a prone position with his feet drawn up tightly towards his amply buttocks and his knees were stretched out wide while his hand continue to gratify him. "In fact, ahhh ahhh, I'm alllllmossstt there nnnnnowwwww...hhhuuummmm, aaaaaaaa, ooooooo, uuurrrrrraaaahhh," Nigel brayed softly as his testicle seized and the electric current of sexual release coursed through his groin.

Charlie watched as a thin watery spray burst out the top of Nigel's pounding fist and then more of the liquid seemed to gather and pool in the circle created by his thumb and index finger as they formed a seal around the fleshy sheath of his foreskin that was sliding so excellently across his now purplish penis head. Nigel's face reddened and his neck veins bulged as his young body went on the automatic pilot that only a boy's early puberty can deliver. Five outstanding waves of pleasure later, Nigel slowly opened his eyes and then, raising his slickened fingers, Nigel dabbed at the fluid with his tongue before smiling at Charlie and reporting "You're right, it's not bad...not bad at all!"

The next morning Charlie awoke fully alert and very excited as he thought about his upcoming post-Chapel rendezvous with his 18-year-old sex mentor, Tom Geoffrey. Charlie showered extra long to make sure that he was squeaky clean. As he lathered his genitals, he had to fight to suppress the strong fantasy visions of the muscular blond teen with the comparatively huge hooded penis from his mind, lest he orgasm right there in the shower. He was completely distracted and could barely engage Nigel in conversation as they dressed and then walked to breakfast. Charlie had little appetite and much of the time he was staring over at Tom's table hoping their eyes would meet...but they didn't.


At Chapel, time could not have moved slower as Charlie was beset with erection after erection while the Episcopal minister drone on about sin and redemption. When it finally came to a merciful end, Charlie quickly excused himself from his friends claiming and urgent bladder issue and, once he was outside, the young boy raced down the path to the Crew Team's boathouse. The door was unlocked and Charlie found no one there when he entered and then sat on the living room couch, his small erect penis poking up into the pleat of his black wool formal slacks. "Come on Tom...HURRY!!" Charlie kept thinking to himself when at last, he heard the crunch of the gravel path announce someone else's approach.

Tom walked through the door with a broad smile on his handsome face as he immediately recognized the anxious excitement that Charlie was giving off. "So Charlie, has the day been treating you well thus far?" Tom said in a matter-of-fact tone. Charlie smiled like a Cheshire cat as he jumped up and then leapt into Tom's big strong arms and hugged him tightly.

"I'm so glad to see you Tom!" he cried as he hugged him tightly and as Tom held him with his hands clasped under his firm bubble butt, he could feel the young boy's erection as it pressed against his side.

"I've missed you too Charlie," Tom almost whispered as he now held Charlie easily with one arm while using his free hand to stroke his soft dark brown hair and the side of his angelic blue-eyed face. Then Charlie turned his mouth towards Tom's and they began to kiss deeply as their eyes closed and their minds began to race. Tom felt his penis rapidly begin to achieve a full and throbbing erection as the 5 foot tall, less than 100 lbs. 11-1/2-year-old's tongue darted in and out of his watering mouth.

It was the sight of this passionate embrace that caused Colin Cullen to freeze in his tracks as he observed them from the hallway that led to the downstairs bedroom he had been napping in until Tom's arrival woke him up. Collin was a Crew member in Tom's grade and had decided to bag Chapel and grab some much need sleep in the boathouse following a night of impermissibly leaving school grounds and cavorting around with a group on non-Eton student pals from his nearby hometown. He got completely drunk that night and missed out on the opportunity for sex with a comely young woman at a tavern. Then his friend Kevin who had driven him back to campus, and with whom he had shared a bed on regular occasions when they were both young boys, offered to have oral sex with him. But Collin was too drunk and tired and besides, he actively courted girls now and he only a fall back to Kevin when the combustible situation of convenience, alcohol and hormonal rage presented itself.

When Kevin dropped him off and set him on his path, Colin fell twice, vomited and then stumbled his way to the shelter of the boathouse, feeling very lucky to have not been caught by one of the campus security guards. His offense would surely have earned him bare buttocks caning from the sometimes sadistic Assistant Headmaster Archibald. Colin had felt that bastard's handiwork on two prior occasions, easily accepting his harsh punishment without a single yelp or tear. Hell, Archibald was tough but he couldn't come close to inflicting the kind of body racking pain that his stepfather could and often did visited on Colin as a boy. That son-of -a-bitch even tried to strap him last summer when Colin took one of his car's without permission, but the hulking dark haired 18 year old gave him a look that said "Touch me and I'll kill you!!!" causing his stepfather to quietly back down.

Colin was, in fact, a very menacing figure. He stood 6'4" tall and he was barrel-chested and strong as an ox with jet black hair. He had reached puberty at the ridiculously early age of 9, which explained why his beard was fully in, although school rules required him to be clean shaven. He had ample hair on his chest and under his arms, and Colin's forearms and shins were also darkly haired. Of course, his penis and testicles were engulfed in a huge pubic bush. When totally nude, Colin had a decidedly furry appearance, which gave rise to his nickname: "Bear". His physique was far from that of the classic rower, but he could row like a mad man. It was his inner rage that propelled him, and it was the inability to supress that rage that would ultimately be his undoing some 20 years from now. But even as a teen, he could easily come unglued, especially when anger and heightened sexual tension were combined. So here he now stood watching from behind as the Captain of the Crew Team held and kissed a young boy in a manner that immediately caused Colin to become tremendously conflicted with lust and envy, his pre-seminal fluid beginning to leak from his now engorged penis. Quietly, Colin withdrew and hid behind a corner as he listened to Tom and Charlie as they softly moaned.

"Shall we go up stairs Charlie?" Colin overheard Tom say softly as he lowered the boy to his feet and took him by the hand as they climbed the stairs. When he heard the door shut, Colin quickly and quietly followed after them and then he slipped into the adjacent bedroom and fixed his ear tightly to the wall so he could hear every sound they would make. "Well was it so bad having to be apart then?" Tom asked as he looked at the boy who was slowly undressing in front of him as they sat next to each other on the bed.

"At first I was kind of mad and sad but I can handle it especially now since I...well I think I...I mean maybe me and Nigel will be together sometimes too."

"Well I don't know that I'm not insanely jealous," Tom said feigning a sense of indignity.

"B-b-b-b but Tom," Charlie stammered thinking his mentor was sincere, "you told me it would be OK."

"So I did," Tom laughed as he rose to pull off his shirt and trousers "then I shall only have myself to blame." Charlie smiled as he now got the joke, and he too rose and reduced himself to only his white jockeys which were severely tented. The two boys looked at each other as they pulled down the last of their garments and freed their respective male pride. Tom's uncircumcised 6 inches of wide erection stood out strongly from the neatly cropped light brown nest of pubic hairs at its base. Charlie on the other hand was a cherubic little boy with a 3 inch finger-thin circumcised erection that was so hard it almost pointed straight up at his chin. "God you are a beautiful boy," Tom said as he pulled Charlie down beside him on the bed and they renewed their kiss as their penises rubbed against each other's body.

They began to slowly explore with their hands, with Charlie trying to mimic everything that Tom did. There was an amazing contrast between the small boy's hand on the late teen's almost fully grown penis, and Tom's large hand simply dwarfing Charlie's youngness. But God...did they each send shivers of utter splendor through each other. Even though Charlie was a true novice at all of this, he knew that he wanted to pleasure Tom and he wanted to start right then. So he broke their kiss and as he began to snuggle his way down Tom's side, the older boy turned fully to his back and spread his legs out wide, breathing long and hard to ward of the feeling that he might ejaculate far too soon. For the past two days Charlie had thought about what was going to happen next, and he was determined to take much more of Tom into his small mouth than he had done before.

Tom laid back with his eyes shut as he felt Charlie position himself above his crotch and then take hold of his yearning penis. He could feel Charlie's warm breath and then he moaned as Charlie retracted his foreskin. "Oh dear God," Tom sighed as the young boy's mouth took in his exposed head and then he felt him begin to slide deeper and deeper with every marvelously slick stroke of his dripping wet mouth. On the other side of the wall, Colin had removed his trousers and was slowly masturbating to the sounds in the next room. Using one hand to trap his foreskin at the base of his large fat 7 1/2 inch hairy dick while working up and down on that part of his shaft, while the other hand gave excellent attention to the rest of his length and his hyper-sensitive glans. His pre-cum was spilling from his slit and lubricating him in a manner most fine as his nostrils filled with the sent of it and his unwashed muskiness.

Meanwhile Charlie was succeeding in conquering his gag reflex and more that 1/2 of Tom's length was in his mouth and at the back of his throat. He used one hand to balance himself and with the other he worked the bottom half of Tom's heavily veined erection. Then Tom suddenly sat up and grabbed Charlie by his hips easily lifting and twisting him around until the boy's own penis was accessible to Tom's mouth as he lay back down with Charlie on top of him. "Ooooohhhhh, aaahh, ahhh, aahhh," Charlie lightly cried out as Tom sucked him in fully. Charlie had never thought that they could do it simultaneously and his concentration was broken by the incredible feeling in his hairless loins that Tom was providing. After several moments the two lovers were in perfect rhythm with each other and they moaned and groaned as the lecherous Colin listened in.

"Charlie, back off if you care to for I fear I am going to cum very hard," Tom said in an almost whining voice before sucking the boy's hard thin penis back into his mouth. But Charlie did not care and he went faster and deeper as the taste of Tom's early liquid began to alert him to the impending climax. Charlie was not feeling particularly close to his own orgasm until Tom began to use his seemingly huge tongue to power itself against the underside of his shaft and glans while keeping the top of Charlie's erection pinned against the roof of his mouth. Though muted by the penis they each sucked, the room soon filled with the sounds of their orgasms as, almost simultaneously, their scrotums began to tingle and turn leathery while their penises sparked with ecstasy.

"eeeewwwwuuuuu, uuunnnnnn, oooohhhhh, aaaaaahhhhhhhhh," Charlie softly cried in his soprano voice as he knew he had past his limit and he felt the excellence of his scrotum ascending and descending as it tried in vein to spill forth some seed. His dry orgasm was so overpowering that he was seeing stars as Tom felt the extra rush of blood seem to fatten Charlie's boyhood slightly and give extra hardness to its head. Tom sucked up and down as fast as he could as Charlie shuddered and bucked, and then Tom roared out his own joyous release.

"HHHHHAAAA , GGGAAATTTT, UUUNNNNN, HHHAAAARRRAAAAHHH!" he bellowed not caring if the walls could not contain his sounds. He was imprisoned by the pleasure Charlie was providing and he was experiencing the greatest orgasm of his life as his semen gushed from him and filled Charlie's rapidly swallowing mouth. Charlie felt the first shot go directly down his throat while the others bounced off of all sides of his mouth and what he could not swallow ran down Tom's shaft and collected in his pubic hair and his navel. As Tom continued to howl and ejaculate, Colin went over the edge and bit down into his lower lip, bloodying it, in his attempt to stifle the yells that wanted to leave him as his thick jets of semen splashed against the side of the dresser in front him as he leaned against the wall. Five bolts of sexual lightening later, Colin watched as his voluminous discharge then slid down the oak colored side and then pooled on the hardwood floor beneath. Colin fought to regain his breath and his senses, then he slid down the wall to a seated position as he heard the last of the pleasure groans from the two boys next door.

Exhausted and so fulfilled, Charlie now lay face to face on top of Tom with his small face resting in the crook of the much larger boys neck, as he rose and fell with the labors of Tom's chest as it heaved with the tremendous depths of the breaths he was taking. When voice finally returned to him Tom said, "You know Charlie, that was the best I have ever felt...thank you so much you lovely boy."

Charlie smiled broadly and replied "You keep teaching me all these great things like how we just did it at the same time you know."

"That was called '69' Charlie...because of the way our bodies look when we are doing it."

"Oh," Charlie responded not then appreciating the visual imagery "are there 68 that you still have to teach me?"

"NO!!" Tom laughed loudly at Charlie's wonderful innocence "but there are some other things we can do...some very soon and others much later when you are truly ready for them. It will be my pleasure to show them all to you over the course of the year."

"Can we do some more today Tom?" Charlie said almost pleading.

"Afraid not Charlie, I have a study group meeting that I have just enough time to shower and get to, so I'd best get after it. You shower after me and that will give us good separation in time from here in case anyone was to see us leaving OK?"

"Yeah sure," Charlie answered "but do we need to wait a whole week to be together again?"

"I think we should plan on that Charlie, but you and Nigel can do things if it comes to that. I know you don't like it but trust me on this please, and if something can be arranged before then, I will certainly let you know." Then rising from the bed Tom grabbed a towel from the closet and left for the bathroom shower. Charlie sat up slightly and then rotated his hips until his deflated penis and soft scrotum were directly into a beam of sunlight that had poured through the window and was falling on a previously unoccupied part of the bed. In the intense illumination Charlie noticed for the first time that he had a light covering of matted white fuzz above his penis. He tried to pull at it but it was too short to really get a grip on.

As he waited for Tom's return, Charlie fantasized about what it would be like when those downy hairs began to thicken, darken and curl. Colin, on the other hand, was busy with a fantasy of his that was quickly turning into a plan of action, as he began to quietly tear a tattered towel into long strips and he felt his erection returning as he became immersed in the thoughts of being alone in the boathouse with the showering young boy...

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