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This is a work of total fiction and is intended for adult readers ONLY!!!

IMPORTANT READERS' NOTE: If you don't start at Chapter 1, you will have great difficulty following the plot of this story!!!

This is NOT a wam-bam sex story. BUT, there is a Hell of a lot of sex in it too. The PLOT is what moves the story and will guide you to what I hope are excellent sexual encounters between boys aged 11 through 18 and with some adults. There's sex in every chapter, but give the whole story a chance instead of just scanning ahead and only reading the sex scenes.

3 Time Periods: This story moves between three (3) distinct periods of time.

    1. 1967-71 at Eton College, an all boys boarding school outside of London for class grades which are the US equivalent of 7th through 12th grade.
    2. 1971-74 at St. Barnabas Academy an all boys boarding school in the greater Los Angeles area for grades 7 through 12.
    3. Present Day at St. Barnabas Academy and other parts of the country.

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1971--St. Barnabas Academy

As they showered, 15-year-old Charlie Gordon could not take his eyes off of the 12-year- old boy he had just initiated into the world of sex. As he looked into the angelic face of blond headed Billy Mayes, Charlie felt his penis begin to become erect again. Billy was busy attending to the washing of his body and he did not take notice of Charlie as he began to stroke the length of his penis with a soapy hand. Charlie looked at the young boys hairless genitals as they hung in perfect proportion between his silken thighs. Then he saw Billy's penis begin to swell and gain height, and when he looked up towards Billy's face he saw the boy smiling at him as he had been watched his older friend pleasure himself.

"Can I help?" Billy asked playfully.

"Sure squirt," Charlie replied as he pulled the boy toward him and then took hold of his slighlty more than 3 inches, while a small soft wet hand began to grasp and rub at his 6 inches of boyhood. Charlie bend his head down and the two boys began to kiss passionately as they stroked away, and soon they had each other on the edge of their orgasms. Billy began his first as he softly cooed out his release and his dry climax almost buckled his knees. Then Billy felt Charlie's penis thicken and he felt the splattering of Charlie's semen on his stomach as Charlie grunted and buck his hips slightly until the last erotic wave had crashed over him.

"OK," Charlie sighed "we've got to stop this or we're never getting out of here tonight."

"I could stay here all night and do this Charlie...I swear I could!" Billy replied in earnest.

"I know, I know, but we can't. So let's get dressed and out of here before we get busted."

The two boys walked to their respective lockers and dressed, then Charlie sat down on the bench next to Billy and began to recount his early experiences at he had also orgasmed on a climbing rope and then was mentored in the exploration of his sexuality by an older teen. When Charlie finished his tale, Billy asked with an almost pleading expression "Can you do that with me too Charlie?"

"Yeah Billy sure I can but you have to understand something, and it was hard for me at your age to get this, but it is really important that you do. Billy, we can't hang out together, we can't talk about what we do, and for God's sake we can't get caught. You know how kids tease each other about being queer, or homos and stuff. Well, we'd both be ruined if it ever got out that we are doing this stuff with each other. We'd be labeled for life even though we'll go after girls later on. People just aren't very tolerant about boys being with boys that way, even though it happens quite a bit at our age. It's just that it has to happen in secret, because the vast majority of boys are against it."

"But why can't we hang around with each other?" Billy asked.

"Because it doesn't look right when older kids hang with kids a whole lot younger. Guys will start to think something is going on between us. I mean we can be friends and say hi and stuff, but we need to find a place and time where we can meet in total privacy to have sex. Back at Eton we had a boathouse which was perfect, but they don't have that here so I'm gonna have to find a place in the woods or something because we can't take chances in our rooms or like we just did in the locker's way too dangerous!" Billy nodded his understanding as the two boys parted company with Charlie's promise to let him know as soon as he found a place for them to meet.

At dinner, person after person came up to Charlie to congratulate him on the climbing performance he had put on earlier that afternoon. His instant celebrity was a flashback to his early days at Eton, only now he was being effectively rushed by each of the 10 Societies and the various athletics teams. As for the Societies, Charlie knew little about them in terms of which ones were considered the best. As for athletics, he knew he would crew and do gymnastics, but swimming or baseball was the dilemma. He hadn't played baseball since he was 11, but he played Cricket at Eton and that hopefully kept his throwing and hitting skills sharp enough. He had never swum competitively but the thought enticed Charlie when he spoke earlier with Mikey Taylor, the chubby swimmer they called "Whale."

After the adulation died down and Charlie was freed to eat and think to himself, his mind returned to trying to find a place for him and Billy to congregate. If he were back at Eton, this would have been his year to mentor a young boy from the First Form and the boathouse would have been an automatic site for their erotic rendezvous. But nothing at St. Barnabas presented itself in that manner so Charlie began to consider the heavily wooded area he had found behind the "Memorial to the 10"...the immaculately landscaped and fenced in ruins of the fallen Sheffer House dormitory where 10 young lives had been extinguished in a tragic fire. Charlie had lightly explored the area on his first day at St. Barnabas, and now he decided to return right after dinner while about two hours of daylight still remained.

"Hi Charlie," Mikey Taylor said as he walked up to the table as desert was being delivered.

"Oh hi Mikey," Charlie said and then quickly added "Guys, this is Mikey Taylor he's in our grade and he's on the varsity swim team, Mikey this is Evan Thompson, Rob Givins and Eddie Lewis." The boys exchanged scrutinizing glances, "hi's" and "glad to meet ya's" as Charlie continued, "Pull up a chair Mikey."

"Nah, but thanks anyway. I always blow out of here when desert is served." Then grabbing hold of the roll of his belly the black-haired boy shook his excess weight saying "I'm trying to lose some more of this so I'm bagging on sugar."

"I'm not a chocolate cake fan anyway," Charlie replied. "Think I'll go too...see you guys later" he said as he rose from his chair and walked out with Mikey who was extremely pleased to be seen in the company of such a now popular figure. As they walked out, the two boys passed the table where Billy was sitting and Charlie began to remember how much he had wanted Tom's acknowledgment when he had been in Billy's place. As he passed by he suddenly turned and said "Hey Billy...good luck tomorrow on the rope...remember what I taught you OK?"

Billy's beaming smile and the look of shock on the faces of his classmates made Charlie throw him a wink as Billie said "I sure will Charlie...thanks!"

"What was that all about?" Mikey asked.

"The kid caught me as I was leaving the gym and asked for some climbing pointers...he's pretty good too, I plan on checking him out tomorrow."

"Do you think you could help me too?" Mikey asked.

"Sure, but you're right about the weight loss do that and it will really help out with your strength-to-weight ratio. But I'm happy to teach you what I know anytime you want."

"Thanks," Mikey said smiling at Charlie as Charlie again was taken aback by the physical similarities of Mikey to his former roommate Nigel. "Damned if he wouldn't be a dead ringer for him if his hair was blond and his accent was English instead of Boston," Charlie chuckled to himself. Then recalling his glimpse of Mikey in the showers earlier that day, he further noted that Mikey's penis was much smaller and he's nowhere near as hairy as Nigel, but God, Mikey just seemed so familiar! Charlie was a mix of reminiscences as they continued to walk and chat idly. Thoughts of the excellent sex Charlie had shared in the fleshy warm embrace of his English pal soon created a stirring in his loins as the seeds of longing were now being sown. "The way Mikey acted in the locker room," Charlie contemplated "I swear he was getting hard when he looked at me...I wonder if he's open to sex with boys?"

"Why you staring at me like that?" Mikey asked suddenly as Charlie now realized that he was indeed staring.

"You remind me so much of my roommate back at Eton," Charlie replied.

"You had a fat ass for a roomy huh?" Mikey replied sullenly.

"Portly, is how they say it in England, and so what...besides he was real handsome like you are."

"What!" Mikey blushed "me handsome...get the fuck out of here!"

"I'm serious man," Charlie reaffirmed his disbelieving friend "when you burn off that excess weight, chicks are gonna be going to war over you. Just keep working on it and you'll see."

"I have been working on it," Mikey lamented "It just won't come off and my dad took me to a doctor who says its my metabolic rate that is screwed up. Even though I cut way back on my calories, my body just wont let go of the weight it seems."

"Nigel, my ex-roommate was the same way but his doctor told him that since he was really getting way into his puberty that it could start to change for him soon. I should give him a call and find out how it's going for him."

"I've been pretty late on the whole puberty thing," Mikey said softly. "I didn't have any pubes at all in 8th grade and as a Freshman I only had a few that no one could hardly see. Hell, you probably saw in the showers that I'm still not much in the pube department."

"Yeah I did see that," Charlie replied in a caring tone "so maybe when you really get cranking with it and you hit a growth spurt you will firm up more, right?"

"That's what I'm hoping for, and besides swimming, I need to lose this shit so I can get girls to look at me, you know?" Mikey said longingly which made Charlie think that Mikey was not going to be a potential sex partner after all. Then Mikey looked him in the eyes and said "If I don't have sex with someone soon, I'm gonna go nuts just jackin off!"

Charlie gave Mikey a knowing smile as they continued to walk and then he replied, "Yeah, I know what you mean but even all firmed up and stuff, girls are pretty hard to come by at our age, so you may still be stuck with your hand for a while longer unless...well...never mind," Charlie's voice trailed off as he had set out his bait.

"Unless what Charlie...what did you mean to say?"

"Nothing. Forget about it, you wouldn't be interested," Charlie said matter of factly.

Mikey knew what he hoped Charlie was trying to say but he also knew he was on shaky ground and a wrong move could be disastrous. But he felt compelled to see if what he thought might be happening really was occurring, so he ventured further by saying "I'm pretty much open to anything Charlie...there's not much that doesn't interest me."

"Even if it's dangerous?" Charlie continued to test him "Even if the risks are high?"

"Charlie...just say it straight out, OK cause my answer will be yes," Mikey replied.

"OK," Charlie said "so you want to have with animal!"

"Aaauugghhh...fuck no, that's gross!" Mikey cried out in shock at the unexpected turn in the conversation. Charlie did his best not to show that he was kidding but he could not contain his laughter at Mikey's overwhelming sense of revulsion.

Laughing hard Charlie blurted out "I'm just kidding Mikey." Now that Mikey knew he'd been fooled, he too began to laugh hysterically until Charlie solemnly dropped the hammer on him by saying, "No Mikey, I meant to say sex with me."

"I was hoping that was what you were getting at," Mikey replied. "I've never done it with anyone else but I would with you if you want too."

"Yeah," Charlie answered "I'd like to give it a try...with you that is. But I've done it with boys before, lots of times in fact. Not with lots of boys, but lots of times I mean."

"How many guys you been with Charlie?"

"Three...well four actually, but one doesn't count because...well it's not important. But, with two of the other three I've done a whole lot. One was 18 when I was 11 and for a whole year he taught me stuff like you wouldn't believe. The other one was close to my age and I taught him what I was learning."

"Your old roommate right?" Mikey guessed.

"Right," Charlie said "So if you want to, I'm willing to give it a go. Mikey nodded his agreement as Charlie continued "We need to find a place to do it safely...not in the dorms because it's way too risky. I've been thinking that there may be a clearing in that dense over brush back behind the Memorial than runs along the river embankment. Care to help me check it out?"

"Sure," Mikey replied. "I've been back there a few times and you might be right. Besides we could always just make our own clearing."

The two boys turned for the hill that led up to the Memorial and both of them felt a surge excitement and anticipation. When they arrived, Charlie suggested that they head off in different directions to search for a clearing in the thick vegetation that stood about 10 feet high and ran some 30 feet in width. Poking their heads in periodically as they walked, Charlie wasn't more than a few yards from the back of the fence that surrounded the Memorial when he called out to Mikey that he thought he'd found what they were looking for.

When Mikey arrived, Charlie pulled up hard on the lower branches of the hedgerow revealing a clear area in its center. "It's perfect!" Mikey said as he ducked down and then made his way carefully through the maze of twisting branches until he found himself free to stand fully in the clearing. Charlie was right behind them and so the boys were standing face to face in the tight open area. "Now what?" Mikey asked.

"Now we get undressed," Charlie said as he began to unbutton his shirt "we'll just lay our clothes out like a blanket and in the future we'll store some blankets and sheets out here." Mikey watched in frozen fascination as Charlie removed his shirt and spread it on the dry leafy ground. He was even closer to Charlie's wide shouldered and heavily muscled torso than he had been in the locker room earlier, as Mikey looked longingly at Charlie's physical perfection. Smooth, lightly tanned and sculpted Charlie stood smiling at Mikey, his bright blue eyes were piercing, while his dark brown longish hair was somewhat messed from the ordeal of navigating through the thicket and his sweat had caused some of it to mat against his forehead and temples.

As Charlie reached down to untie his sneakers, Mikey gazed down the hairless crack of his firm butt that displayed itself from beneath his belt and the top of his pants. His shoes and socks removed, Charlie unfastened his belt and dropped his pants so that he was standing in front of Mikey in only his white jockeys, which molded his hips and his ample genitalia which at this point was not yet fully aroused, although he was sparking pretty good! Charlie sat down on top of his spread clothing as Mikey began his undress. First he removed his shoes and socks and then he took off his pants and spread then next to Charlie. He now stood with only his long hanging short sleeved colored blue shirt and his plaid boxers, which had started to tent.

Charlie inspected Mikey's naked legs, noting only a sparse boyish sprinkling of fine and very short dark hairs on his shins...the rest of his legs being otherwise devoid of hair. Almost ashamedly, Mikey unbuttoned his shirt and revealed his flabby upper body. He had solid broad shoulders but below them he had a pudgy sort of doughy exterior of milky white skin. A slight roll at his hairless armpits gave way to his small cone shaped boy-breasts with their distended large pinkish nipples. His stomach did not stick out in a pot-bellied manner but he had a hanging and rippley fatness to him. His sides hung over his waist band of his boxers, and when Mikey sat down cross legged next to Charlie, his stomach more dramatically hung forward and the size of his breasts increased.

Charlie was leaning back with his hands, palm down, supporting him and revealing the thin line of sweaty black hair under his arms. When he slid off his jockeys, Mikey watched as the fullness of his circumcised penis unfurled and lay to the side of his lap as it began to fill and gain height as it rose from the neatly cropped pubic hairs that encircled its base. Mikey was fully hard beneath his boxers as he watched Charlie stiffen and he jumped, as if startled, when Charlie calmly reached over and slipped the first three fingers down the front of Mikey's boxers. Charlie could feel the heat that radiated from Mikey's groin as his fingers went lower, and then he brushed against Mikey's smooth engorged glans which made the rotund boy gasp as the first touch of another sent an electric current through his groin.

"I'll do it." Mikey whispered as he slid down his boxers and Charlie took in the sight of his adolescent arousal, which Charlie immediately but silently noted was no bigger than 12-year-old Billy Mayes' 3+ inches. Against Mikey's comparatively massive frame, his penis looked far to small for its owner and the black sprinkling of pubic hairs were incredibly sparse for the crotch of a 15-year-old.

"Looks like mine did when I was 13," Charlie thought to himself as he noted that the side patches were somewhat denser than the area above Mikey's penis...and that the center area was completely bare, as was his small hanging scrotum.

"Pretty small, huh?" Mikey lamented which watching Charlie's gaze rise to meet his own.

"Only for now Mikey. I remember that my dick pretty much doubled in size from when I only started getting pubes until they pretty much grew all in."

"God you're really big and it's not all hard yet!" Mikey exclaimed as he surveyed Charlie's 5 thick circumcised inches that was inflating quickly to 6 inches of fullness. A solid crop of black pubic hair adorned it's top and when fully erect the head of his penis stood strongly flared and reddened with the blood flow that was now coursing through.

"You ever kissed anyone for real?" Charlie asked, and when Mikey shook his head "No", Charlie leaned in toward his wide face and then pulled Mikey down beside him where he pressed his lips to Mikey's and then offered his tongue. Mikey thought his head was going to explode--both of his heads for that matter-- as the electricity of his first tonguing kiss coursed through his body. When Charlie began to hug him, Mikey threw his big meaty arms around him and pulled him down on top as Mikey turned to his back. The feeling of Charlie's hot hard penis as it jutted into Mikey's beefy stomach felt truly exquisite, and when his own yearning erection made contact with Charlie's firm athletic abdomen, he moaned out soft and low.

Charlie broke off the kiss and then whispered in Mikey's ear "Just lay back and relax, I'm going to take you into my mouth."

"Oh my God!" Mike thought as he pull his knees up toward him to give Charlie full and easy access. He could feel the heat of Charlie's breath as the boy hovered above his groin and then he felt a delicious swoon as Charlie sucked him in and buried his nose in the modest strands of Mikey's pubic hairs. The sliding and sucking and swirling of Charlie's tongue soon had Mikey on the verge of an enormous climax as he felt his scrotum turn leathery and his groin begin to lightly spasm.

"Wait Charlie, I don't want to cum in your mouth," Mikey said trying to avoid anything that might repulse his newfound lover. But Charlie had no intention of stopping, and with one of his hands he pulled down at the tightly wrinkled scrotum that rested below his chin and clamped down lightly but securely on the boyish testicles that resided therein. Charlie felt the veins of the small circumcised penis he was sucking begin to become much more pronounced and hard as his lips now almost seemed to bounce across them as his mouth roes and lowered.

"ooooohhhhh" Mikey hissed as the intital spams began to give way to full fledged orgasmic convulsions. "hhooooo oooohhhh ggoddddddd" he softly cried in a staccato voice as he began to crescendo. Mikey want to shoot what he had, but he couldn't because his testicles were not being allowed to make that glorious rise.

The feeling that luxuriated him as he strained against Charlie's grasp was unimaginable. Finally, when Charlie sensed that Mikey was ready to explode, he released the trapped orbs and used his hand to firmly stroke the magic area between the back of Mikey's scrotum and his anus. Charlie's sucking mouth soon felt the first volley from Mikey's loins, which certainly made up in force what it lacked in volume. "HHHHUUUAAAHHHH!!!" Mikey barked out as his testicles flew up inside of him and he felt his discharge release with a previously unattained velocity . The hot excellence of Charlie's rubbing finger combined with his warm wet mouth soon generated two equally hard releases from Mikey as his testicles ached under the strain of their exercise. Then 2, 3 and now a 4th and 5th additional dry erotic seizure had Mikey moaning uncontrollably as his head rocked from side to side...his eyes clenched tightly shut.

His head spinning like never before, Mikey's body went completely limp and he gasped for air as Charlie knew he was spent and slowly withdrew his stroking mouth. Charlie smiled as he looked down at the blubbery boy with an arm across his closed eyes, noting how quickly his penis was deflating and drawing back under cover of the fold of Mikey's waist...a clearish drop of his juice beading at his slit. Charlie was not the least bit surprised that most of Mikey's orgasm was dry, given the scant sprinkling of pubic hairs on his 15-year-old colleague. But he was caught totally off guard by the force with which the thin watery ejaculate had struck the roof of his mouth, feeling much like the water jet that his dentist used to rise out his mouth during an exam.

Then something surprised him even more as the comatose Mikey began to revive and then sit up. Suddenly Mikey's face became bright red and contorted into a look of indescribable pain as tears flowed like streams from his eyes and he began to bawl like a young child. Charlie knew that was the look of deep guilt and shame, and it was the look that Tom Geoffrey had found on the then 11-year-old Charlie's face when he visited him at the infirmary at Eton following Charlie's savage rape and beating at the hands of the repulsive Collin Cullen...

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