The Phone Call


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Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys.
It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, or offends you, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

If you are underage, or if this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut.
If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

A strongly worded suggestion has resulted in this statement.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either
are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitioiusly,
and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business
establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Thus said, this story is copyrighted, ©2006 It is therefore illegal to copy or use any part of this story without my written permission.

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          I am cleaning out some old stories and getting the posted before I am no longer able to work this machine. I hope you like these little shorts. Let me know, okay?

          I was fucking horny. I had been sitting naked in my easy chair with my leg up over the arm of the chair stroking my nine and a half inch long uncut dick for over an hour and getting no where. I just couldn't concentrate on anything. My thoughts were a jumble. My boyfriend of the last four years had left for college Monday and I have been alone all week. I could make the rounds of the gay bars and try to meet someone but I was really in the mood for boy meat. I have only been with one adult in my life, by choice, and I wasn't impressed. Too much hair and too much smell. I mean he took a shower and all but his sweat smelled like man and I don't like that smell.
          I decided to go online and find some cute twink pictures to jack off to. I sat down at my desk and booted up my computer. Just as I reached for the mouse the phone rang. An instant later and my phone line would have been busy for hours. I sighed and reached for the handset.
          "Joey?" a deep baritone voice asked.
          "Who's calling?"
          "Joey is that you, man? I need to talk to you."
          "Do I know you?" I heard a sniffle on the other end of the line as if the owner of this deep voice was crying.
          "Joey, it's me, Jason, your brother."
          "Hey pussy face. How the hell are you."
          "You calling me pussy face. I know what happened. Man, I'm sorry. Look. I really need to talk to you. Can you come get me."
          "Sure man, where are you? At the house." I didn't want to go near the house. The old man would kill me if I got anywhere near there, or Jase for that matter.
          "No. I'm at the corner of Grande and Aqua Callente" (pronounced awa cal-yen-tay. I live in a southern Arizona town where everything is Spanish. Aqua Callente means hot water. I love the bumper stickers that say: "My child is an honor student at Aqua Callente"-- my child is an honor student at hot water.) "Dad and I had a big fight and I have run away. Come get me, please."

          "I'm on my way, dude. Hang tight." I was up and on my way to the door. I grabbed a pair of shorts that I keep on a hook behind the door. I never know when someone might come by and I am always naked in my apartment so I have something to grab in a hurry. I took my keys off of the hook by the door and grabbed my bill fold and was down the stairs in a flash.
          Jason is my little brother. I have not seen him since that afternoon nearly four years ago. I love him so much. We were so close and I used to take him everywhere. Oh well, I fucked up. I caused us to be separated and I can't blame dad for what he did. Jason is everything to the whole family and I didn't want to be the one to fuck him up.
          It was Wednesday the week before school was to be out. I was a seventeen year old senior and I was going to graduate on Friday of the next week. I had taken a fourteen year old freshman home with me after school. We had an old bed in the garage where I used to go and look at porno and jack off. I had the fourteen year old heavenly body of Kyle laid back on the bed with his pants around his ankles and his feet on the floor as I finger fucked his cute little butt hole with three fingers and sucked his enormous seven and a half inch uncut cock deep into my throat. I had my pants down and was jacking off with my left hand as fast as I could stroke myself. I love to jack off left handed when I suck cock. It feels so different and adds to my excitement. It also takes me longer to cum, but I cum with much more intensity.
          I was really giving it to Kyle's tight little ass hole with my fingers and he was wiggling all over the bed. I knew he was loving it and I was hoping that I might get my first piece of boy butt wrapped around my super hard cock.
          Kyle flooded my mouth with the biggest load of hot boy cream that I can remember and I was firing a load of jizz under the bed when the garage door went up. I jerked up to see my dad and one of his drinking buddies looking at me as Kyle shot another load of his jizz all over the side of my face. "Hey guys, little Joey's a fucking faggot. Come here and see, he's a cocksucking queer," dad's buddy yelled out.
          The other two guys came rushing into the garage. I call the first guy the behemoth. He is six foot four and weighs at least three hundred pounds. He is huge. His arms are as big around as my waist. He picked up Kyle like a bag of dog food and looked at his naked, dripping dick as it softened. He turned the boy over and looked up his ass. "The faggot opened this boi pussy up for a good ride." Before I knew it he had Kyle bent over on the floor and had the biggest dick in history shoving up my friend's ass. I leapt to Kyle's defense only to be grabbed my Kurt and John. John had his pants down and he shoved his eight cock right down my throat. I could smell ass on it. When I looked at it thru my crossed eyes I could see a ring of shit at the base of his dick. I could smell it too. He had just fucked somebody in the ass. He still had a heavy cum and butt juice coating on his uncut cock and as he pulled his foreskin back I could taste more of it.
          All the while this was happening Kurt was shoving his dick in my ass and breaking my cherry. I had wanted to be butt fucked for sometime, but I wanted it on my terms not from rape. Kurt wasn't bad though. His dick felt kind of small and it didn't hurt at all. In fact it was feeling kind of good and I was enjoying sucking the shitty dick in my mouth. I felt Kurt jamming into me as hard as he could and I figured that he was getting his nut. At the same time John was shooting a pretty good sized load down my throat. It was strong and acrid, nothing like the sweet load that Kyle had just fed me.
          Kurt was standing bedside me as John pulled his cock from my mouth. "Got that boi pussy ready for me, butt buddy?" Kurt mumbled an acknowledgment as John moved in and shoved his dick up me. "That little pecker of yours didn't open him up. He is so fucking tight. I do thank you for getting him lubed for me though. God this is tight. I am going to like fucking you boy. Joe, you got one nice little boi toi over here."
          I had forgotten all about my dad though all of this. Where was he. I could hear his voice outside somewhere. All I could make out was, "please hurry, they're killing them." Suddenly I heard running feet and I saw blue pants as John and Kurt were pulled away from me and thrown to the ground. I looked at Kyle and I stumbled over to him and hugged him to me as we cried. Police were all over the place and were handcuffing the three rapists.
          Para medics came and put blankets over me and Kyle and were examining our butts. Something cool and comforting was put on my butt as my pants were removed. I was placed on a gurney and covered up. I saw them working on Kyle as I was rolled out to a waiting ambulance. I awoke in the hospital. Dad was standing there. I heard the doctor tell him that I was okay to go home. He told my dad that I would be sore for several days but I was better off than the other boy. They had to put nine stitches in him to sew him up.
          Dad tossed me my pants and walked out the door. I pulled my pants on and slipped on my shoes on then ran after him. When I got to his truck he told me to get in the back. When we got home he told me I could stay in the garage and that he would set dinner out on the back porch for me. I went in and sat down on the bed and started to cry.
          In a little while my dad and mom came out with a stack of blankets and sheets and the pillows from my bed. My mom made my bed while dad told me that he couldn't abide having me around my little brother. Jason was eleven years old and looked up to me. Dad told me that I had a toilet and sink out here and he would rig me a shower. I was not to go in the house and I was not to talk to Jase. Mom said my dinner was sitting on the back porch and I could go sit at the outdoor table to eat. She didn't look at me or even cry. She turned and went back into the house. I followed dad and sat down to eat some of mom's great pot roast with vegetables and potatoes with gravy. There was a pitcher of iced tea. I ate like a horse. I was starving. When I finished I went back to the detached garage. Dad had hung the garden hose beside the door with a shower head on it. Oh well, it is summer in the desert. The water is never cold at this time of year anyway. I walked over to the bed and picked up my toothbrush. The little half bath in the back of the garage was filthy. I would have to clean it, tomorrow. I brushed my teeth and stripped naked then climbed into bed to cry myself to sleep.
          The next few days I went through the motions. I got up, went to school then came out to meet my dad. I got in the back of his truck. He took me to the construction site where he worked. I sat in the truck until he got off of work. Each morning breakfast would be on the outside table with milk and juice. Dinner was the same. Lunch money would be there with a note sometimes to tell me to cut the grass or carry out the garbage.
          Graduation night I drove my own car to the school with mom and dad following me with Jason in their back seat. After the ceremony I was followed home. Dad raised my hood and pulled a wire out of my motor then went in the house. I went to my bed in the garage. Thank god I would be eighteen in two more months.
          Each morning I rode in the back of the truck as dad went to work. When we got there I sat up front. I could get out and step into the porta-potty if I had dad's attention so that he could watch me. Dad hired college kids and older highschool kids. Some of them had heard what happened and would stand in the porta-potty with the door open and jack off so that I could see. Some of my so called buddies from highschool would cum in their hand and come over and wipe it on my face before going back to work. At least I was getting several loads of cum each day even if I couldn't get a dick to scratch the itch deep in my throat.
          August fifth came and went with no ceremony, happy eighteenth birthday. August sixth dad awakened me early. "You have to be in court in two hours. Get a move on." I dressed in slacks and a nice shirt. Dad didn't want me to get messed up so I rode up front with him. We didn't talk.
          The trial was short and sweet. I testified that they charged in and raped me. Kyle said the same thing. Nothing was said about what we were doing when they came at us. The behemoth, John, and Kurt were tried together for forcible rape. They were each found guilty after only thirty minutes of jury deliberations. Dad and I left the court house. When we got home dad told me to get all of my shit out of the garage and to get out of his house. He told me that I was not welcome there ever again. I was to stay away from the family and not to call for any reason.
          I put what little I had in the garage into my car. Everything else had been loaded during the last two months. I started my car and backed out of the driveway. I had no idea where I was going. I stopped at a grocery store to get a soda. The manager was a friend of mine who I worked for the previous summer. He looked at me and asked me if I wanted a job this summer. I jumped at it. He told me that he would train me to be a checker since I was a highschool graduate. Now all I needed was a place to sleep.
          I was sitting in my car drinking my cold soda when Kyle walked up. "Sup, man." He startled me, I had not seen him since that day.
          "Just hangin dude. Just got a job here now I'm looking for a place to live." I filled him in on the home situation. He told me to take him home he had an idea. I headed across town. We pulled up in front of an older building in the downtown fringes. We went into a real estate office and he took me to an office inside. He introduced me to his mother. She talked to me for a minute then took me out the door then up the back stairway to a narrow hallway. We walked to the other end where she showed me a one bedroom apartment.
          She let me have the apartment on the agreement that I would work for her doing repairs on the other twenty three units in the building as well as the store fronts downstairs. Being raised by a man in the trades I knew all about minor repairs for pluming and electric. I could fix holes in walls and hang doors and paint for her. We were both pleased. Then she sat Kyle and I down.
          "Joey, I know what happened last spring. Kyle and I have talked. I am okay with it. I'm sorry that your dad is being a shit about this. It is not easy coming to grips with the fact that my only son is gay but he is still my son and I love him." With that she left.
          Kyle reached down and grabbed my crotch. "I believe I owe you something." I looked at him. I put my hand behind his neck and pulled toward him. He met me in the middle as our lips meshed together. His tongue was in my mouth in a flash. I pushed him back to the edge of the bed and he fell across it. I popped the buttons on his 501s. His hard cock jumped into the air screaming, "Free at last, free at last, praise be, I'm free at last." I took it in my mouth just to shut it up. Kyle filled my mouth with his hot cum.
          I got up and pulled off my shirt. I pulled his shoes and socks off. I rubbed his sweet feet all over my chest and stomach. I kissed them and licked the soles. I sucked on his toes and rubbed his feet on myself again. I kicked my shoes off then pushed my pants down. I was freeballing it also and my cock popped up. I put his feet together on each side of my cock and began to fuck between them. He pulled at me to join him. I walked around the bed and lay across it from the other side. He scooted up to place his face at my crotch lining his dick up with my face. I felt my cock disappear into his mouth so I took his in to mine. We sucked each other at leisure taking our time to bring each other to a mind altering climax deep in the other's throat.
          In the after glow we sat with our backs to the headboard as he snuggled against me with his head resting against my shoulder. "I love you, you know. I wanted to see you but was afraid to come near your house. I have wanted to get together ever since that day. When I saw you in court today I wanted to talk to you but your dad looked at me like I was some sort of garbage so I stayed away."
          We talked until after eleven. We scooted down on the unmade bed and slept together all night long. The next morning I woke up with my dick buried deep in his ass. He was wiggling his butt at me. I asked him if he was okay and he told me he was now. He wanted me to go ahead. I raised his left leg into the air so that I could get closer and I started fucking him, long and deep. He was making a cooing sound and telling me how good it felt. I was not comfortable so I had him roll to his back. I got in between his legs and started a hard fast fuck. He was all for it as he fucked back at me. Without warning he shot a huge load of extra thick white splooge that coated his stomach and chest in thick ropes. This turned me on to no end. The spasms of his ass muscles squeezed my cock to a violent eruption of its own and I filled him until the golden color of his eyes turned a milky white.
          I fell to my side heaving for air. Kyle was on top of me sucking my cock of every last drop of juice I had in me. We got up and showered then went down to the mom and pop diner below my apartment and had the best breakfast I can ever remember.
          Kyle helped me unload my car as I found my work clothes and ran out of the door. Late for my first day. I had a good day at work and the boss was pleased with me. I headed home. My that feels as good as it sounds. My own home. I opened the door to my apartment and Kyle was there. He had unpacked everything from my car. He had made the bed and put the few dishes I had into the cabinets. He had a green salad on the table and some sort of Hamburger Helper™ concoction cooking in my single skillet and the table set for two. I washed up and sat down to eat.
          "Joey, I want to live here with you. I know, I'm only fifteen. But I'll be a sophomore this year with only two more years to go. I talked to mom and she is cool with it. She is just down the hall if we need her but we can be together. I love you and I want to be with you and I want you to fuck me all of the time. Can you hurry up and eat? I want you to fuck me, right now."
          I giggled at him as I took his plate and mine and went to the stove. I lifted the lid from the skillet and poured our food back in. I put the lid back on then grabbed Kyle's hand and pulled him to the bedroom. I took my clothes off real slow for him. He watched with bug eyed anticipation. I pushed his pants down and tossed him on the bed. I raised his legs to his shoulders and leaned down to lick his perfect ass hole. My tongue found its way inside as I worked at lubing and opening him for my DI—deep invader. When he couldn't stay still I figured he was ready. I raised up to my knees and walked my way closer to his upturned back door. My cock head knocked once then pushed its way inside. He felt so wonderful. I really could stay there forever.
          He told me that he had wanted to get fucked before he met me and was so glad when I had asked him home that day. He had planned on getting me inside him then but then the behemoth brutalized him. He said it hurt because he was so rough but he had some good feelings from it too. I made good feelings for him and he made good feelings for me. When I finished he sucked me clean. I pulled him on top of me and licked and sucked my cum from his ass. We turned around and sucked each other for a long long time. We woke up later and warmed up his dinner then went down to see if his mother had any work for me to do. She wanted me to change the locks on an apartment that she just rented out then I could take the night off.
          The next four weeks went well. We had a great time together and found out what pushed the other's buttons. The day came for the raping trio to be sentenced. Kyle and I dressed and went to the courthouse. The three men were each sentenced to twenty eight years in prison. As we left the courtroom we saw my dad. He looked at us then turned away and took the stairs as we waited for the elevator.
          Nothing much changed over the next four years until the third day of Kyle's senior year. He came home from school all excited. "I saw Jason at school today."
          "My little brother? What was he doing there?"
          "Silly, he's growing up you know. He's fourteen and a freshman in highschool now. He asked about you. I told him you were fine. I gave him our address and this phone number. He said he would try to call when he can." I was not real comfortable with the situation but I guess that Kyle handled it the best way he could. Nothing else was said.
          The year came and went. Kyle and I fucked and sucked each other constantly. Kyle brought boys home from school and we sucked and fucked them in some hot three ways. I felt like Kyle was trying to keep me in boys. He knew that I like young teens and he supplied me. I was twenty one now and it was getting real dangerous being with kids. The law in my state says you can't be more than two years older than anyone under eighteen. Now it was the end of August and Kyle was packing to go out of state to a college willing to give him a free ride for his football skills. I was alone and bored.

          I drove like a madman through the streets of town wanting to get to my little brother. I had not talked to him in four years. That voice on the phone was so deep. It was not him yet it was. I could hear the little boy in there but he sounded like a burly man. I was imagining in my mind what he must look like.
          The light was red when I got to the corner where I was to pick him up. I looked across the street. There was a man dragging a boy toward his car. The boy was fighting the man. I ran the red light and skidded to a stop behind the man's car. I jumped up and ran at him. He saw me coming and let the boy go. He started to run to his car when a police car pulled in front of his car blocking his escape. The cops jumped out and grabbed the man then yelled at me to let the boy go.
          Jase yelled out, "It's okay, he's my brother." The police separated us. They asked for ID. I told them that my brother had been visiting a friend and he needed a ride home because it was so late. Jase told them that he had been at a friend's house and missed the bus. He called me to take him home. I still had my family's address on my driver's licence. Kyle's ID had the same address and the same last name so the cops let us go. Kyle told them that this man tried to get him to go with him for sex and when he wouldn't get in the car he tried to force him. The police arrested the man and Kyle and I left.
          "Take me to your apartment. I was trying to get there but it is too late for the busses to run. Dad and I had a big fight and I can't go back, ever." Kyle and I sat up and talked all night. He had told dad he was gay and the old man flipped out. I asked him why he had said anything after what happened to me. Kyle dug in his pants pockets and pulled out some folded papers and a CD. He handed the papers to me. They were pictures of our dad with other men at work and with little boys. The men were having sex with the boys and with each other. I saw a picture of dad with the behemoth fucking him while he was sucking a little boy of about five or six. The picture was taken in the office trailer at the job site four years ago. Kyle had been afraid of the cops searching him at the corner. If they had found these pictures it would have been all over for our dad.
          We kept the pictures. We met dad on neutral grounds. I showed him print outs of his activities. He mumbled something about not wanting his kids to grow up to be like him. We told him that we didn't. We weren't pedophiles who preyed on innocent children. We were queers who loved other boys our own age. We made an agreement to stay away from each other.
          Mom divorced the old man. She wanted to know what happened and why Jason and dad were at each other's throat. She found some of the pictures on Jase's computer and turned them over to the police. Dad was arrested when the police went to his office and found him and another man with three boys age six to nine. Mom won't talk to Jase or me. She cannot deal with having a houseful of queers. I don't know where she is. Jason moved in with me. We are very happy together.

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