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The Problem With Milo, Chapter 2



"Move it, Mason, get out of those clothes, and I mean now!" Milo commanded like a drill sergeant, but with an unavoidable smile as he absentmindedly flicked his wayward boner. He turned around slowly and headed out the slider to the pool, flashing me his incredibly, sexy meaty ass. "C'mon! Follow me."


Shaking off my shock, I dropped my pants, kicking them across the shiny floor, followed by the rest of my gear and instantly I was totally naked too, sporting a three-quarter plumper myself. I couldn't wait to jump in the pool, because I wanted to get another look at Milo's big bouncing boner. I quickly zipped past him and made a high, graceful ten-pointer, diving headfirst into the cool-blue depths with nary a ripple. It didn't feel cold though, because I guess I had my beer jacket on or something. I opened my eyes in the clear liquid and saw that he was right behind me, hot on my tail, his dick still hard as mine was. It felt wonderful, knowing he was there. And yet, I was still scared shitless.


Coming up for air, a tiny part of my tequila buzz killed now by the cool water, I pushed most of my damp hair out of my face and turned around to see where Milo was at. He surprised me when he popped up right in front of me, so close that I could see shiny droplets of the wet stuff dangling off the tips of his long, curly eyelashes, and rolling down his cheeks when he blinked. God, he was radiant in the bright, early fall sunshine. I totally wanted to lick the clear beads off his tan and sparsely freckled face with the tip of my tongue. It was all I could do not to do it.


But then, he beat me to the punch. We were midway in the pool, halfway between the shallow and deep end, in that perfect spot where we could stand with just our heads sticking out. Refreshingly cool on our lower limbs but blazingly hot everywhere else, probably from the sunshine, alcohol and hormones. He moved in close to me, really close, and wrapped his awesome guns firmly around me. I could feel his hot breath on my damp face, not to mention his hard, burning cock rubbing tight against my equally stiff dick. Against my better judgment, I melted into him. It was so freakin' amazing – the feel of his slippery skin – not at all like what I had dreamed about doing with another dude, let alone him.


Almost inaudibly, he whispered, or maybe it was me – I'm not sure, "Kiss me. Kiss me like you mean it." And he did. I mean, we did! It was freaking awesome.


After several seconds, I shook loose from his tight grasp and threw my arms around him, equally hard and fast, first pushing him back to the side of the pool, then pulling him towards me and changing this crazy dynamic in my favor. I cupped the back of his head, reeling him in even tighter. I leaned forward and pressed my lips hard against his, roughly parting them and invading his mouth with my red-hot tongue like a missile fresh out of an American nuclear sub zeroing in on some Ayatollah's head. I didn't care if this was a setup. I didn't care if someone saw us. I just didn't give a shit anymore. The hormones were released full force and had taken total control of my bridge. All I wanted was him.


He relented, easily, and I quickly attacked his mouth with abandon: tongues dueling, saliva swapping, teeth clicking a little I guess from inexperience, or lust, or whatever, but so what? I was loving it. I had never, ever felt this hot, this sexy, and most of all, this good in my entire life. I was totally stoked!


We kissed like that for quite some time, lips locked and bodies rubbing effortlessly against each other in the cool, languid water, making my eyes roll back in my head because the feeling was so epic. He even wrapped one leg around me, sort of sitting on my legs, so he could get closer to me. Seconds later, he reached down and started to palm my severely rigid dick.


Breaking off our kiss and looking at me squarely in the eyes, he said, "Your hard dick feels so great. Like mine, but completely different, and yet, the same. So weird. It feels just like dildo number three, but bigger," he said, looking at me squarely in the eyes. "It's okay if you want to touch mine. You'll be the first. I want that. It'll be awesome."


I reached into the water to fondle it, the very first time I actually touched another dude's boner for real, on purpose. It was freakin' outrageous! "Wow. So cool," I whispered.


"Oh, god, Mase. You feel so good. Keep doing that."


"Yeah," I grunted, "you too. Right there. Shit."


"Kiss me again," he whispered.


I did. And when I did kiss him, the feeling was indescribable. Sublime, maybe. I don't know for sure what the correct words are. However, I knew one thing: I wanted more of him, more of his body, much, much more of all of this.


Suddenly, after we increased the boner action, the hot tonguing and the hard body grinding, he said, "Let's move back over to the stairs. If we keep doing this, I'm gonna blow and I don't want to do that yet."


"Okay," I croaked, and released him. I'm glad he said that because I was about to spew a huge load, too. We swam the fifteen or twenty feet over to the wide, plaster steps that made up the south end of the large pool.


I sat down on the second step, half in and half out of the water. I leaned back and put my elbows on the warm, concrete edge, spreading my legs, waiting for him to wade into me, up close, hot and personal. He didn't disappoint, and when I felt him softly slip into contact with my energized body, I jerked with uncontrollable lust. It was such a super sexy-good feeling, and something that I had never experienced before. I was starting to wonder if I would be able to handle all of these incredibly sensual and new sensations without my head exploding into tiny pieces of flesh and gray matter.


"Hi," he said, leaning into me and whispering into my ear. His warm, sweet breath on the side of my damp face made me shiver.

"Hi, yourself, buddy," I said, grinning, and put a hand around his lower back, pulling him in even tighter so our hard, burning cocks were thumping around together in the buoyant water like two gray whales headed down to the Gulf of Mexico to mate or give birth. I forget which.


"You have interesting tan lines."


"Yeah, I know. Not everybody gets to go swimming naked all the time like this, you lucky butt. I wore my new O'Neill shortie most of the summer when I was surfing. The water was kinda warm this year and we had some bitchin' swells from a bunch of hurricanes off of Baja. El Nino, La Nina – who knows?"


"You see any of those sharks they've been talking about?" Milo asked.


"No, but a surfing buddy of mine has. I try not to think about them when I'm out there."


"I'd love to see you surf. Maybe sometime you could give me lessons."


"Sure! I could totally do that. That would be way cool. You'd dig it. We'd just have to get you into a wetsuit. Not sure you'd fit in one of mine, `cause you're a little bit bigger, but we could rent one or find a used one somewhere. My friend Angus taught me, but I don't have any friends my age from here that I surf with. You'd be the first," I said. "You could use one of my beat-up boards – I've got a couple. In fact, now that I think about it, I have a green and blue longboard you could use. It's kinda scratched up, but it would work perfect for you `cause it floats so well. I keep them in Angus' garage. He might have a wetsuit that will fit you, now that I think about it." Changing the subject, I asked him, "Are you sure you've never done this before, I mean, naked stuff with a dude?"


"No, I swear," Milo answered. "I fooled around once with my older cousin when I was like eight or nine, but that's it. All we did was palm each other's dicks for like a minute or two. He dropped mine like it was radioactive waste and told me to get dressed. Strange, since it was his idea. I wanted more, but whatever. We never did anything else, and I figured I'd have to wait until I was in college to mess around like that again and maybe do more. You?"


"Well, I've dreamed about doing it with another guy, obviously, since you can see that my dick is so freakin' hard, but never with anybody in particular," I told Milo, and started to think deeply into the recesses in my brain that I didn't access very often, if at all, because I hated going back in time. Suddenly a latent memory surfaced. "Well, there was this one time, but it really doesn't count. When I was a little guy, maybe six or seven years old, my oldest brother told me he was going to teach me all about sex. You know, like everything I'd need to know for the future. How stupid! He's such a douche. Anyway, he took me into his room, locked the door and made me jack him off. He stripped naked, laid down on the bed, and reached out and pulled a bottle of lotion from his bedside nightstand. Then he unceremoniously told me to lather up his boner good and greasy. I totally remember his exact words: `Lather up my dick, asswipe'."


"Oh, shit. I would have pounded him," Milo said, shifting around on my lap to get more comfortable.


"Not likely. He's ten years older than me. Anyway, at first, it was interesting because his dick seemed so big, crazy-red and throbbing, and to my little guys head, disgustingly hairy. And it didn't smell all that good, either. It didn't look anything like mine, all engorged and angry. Sorta small, too, now that I think about it. But then he started to twerk out all over the bed, and when he began swearing I got scared. I thought I was killing him, maybe. I don't know. But I didn't stop. I don't know why. I suppose it was because he was such a shithead to me and somehow in my young mind I was getting even with him. Like hurting him somehow. Probably, I just didn't care. That seems kinda twisted and f'd up now that I think about it. But, whatever. When he blew, I completely freaked, and immediately got pissed off because I thought he had peed all over me. In fact, I was so angry I wiped his cold fucking spooge all over his face and took off screaming down the hall that I was going to tell mom on him."


"What happened next?" he said smiling, his cute dimples resurfacing like magic. It was strangely comfortable telling him old stories while he sat on my legs, both of us totally naked in the cool, clear water.


"Nothing. Nobody was home, and when he finally tracked me down hiding in a closet, he paid me twenty-five bucks to shut me up. He never messed with me again like that, though. Funny thing about him. A couple of years later, he had to join the Navy to pay child support to the two girls he got pregnant his junior year, practically at the same time. My nephews are eight days apart if you can believe it. Not that I ever see them. Boy, were my parents ever pissed off about that. My mom especially, since she always made sure all of us guys knew exactly where the stash of condoms was after she started collecting them."


"Eww! That's just gross," Milo said, twisting up his face in disgust.


"Don't look at me like that, you dork. Fresh ones in the wrapper, dumbass! What do you think she does? Goes up to the Overlook first thing Sunday mornings after everybody tosses the spent ones from the night before down the canyon? She collects as many as she can and brings them home to wash and dry? Yeah, that's her – trying to win this year's County Achievement award for the best use of recycled materials." I was laughing, and I guess it was infectious because Milo started to laugh, too. "Anyway, why Denny didn't use them is totally beyond me. He wasn't an AP student like we are. He barely got his GED, and truth be told, I think my dad paid somebody off so he could get it. He probably wouldn't have even gotten that if my dad hadn't forced him to join the Navy."


"Oh, man. Your mom buys you guy's rubbers? That's freakin' crazy, dude," he interrupted me. "Your mom must be a handful."


"Yeah, she is, but the real question is: a handful of what? Like I said, I was maybe six or seven, when all that shit went down. What the hell did I know? I was a little kid. But you know, they make killer water balloons! I was messing with one this one time when I heard Denny come home from a date way past his curfew. Don't know why I was still up that late at night, because usually, I'm a good sleeper. Anyway, I was playin' around with one of those rubbers, sticking it over my soft little wiener and balls, trying to figure out what all this hoopla was about. I didn't have time to run down the hall to the bathroom to fill it up with water, so instead, I emptied my bladder into it and, just for good measure, I added the rest of a warm can of Pepsi that was sitting on my desk. Pee and Pepsi make an interesting color – kinda gross. Anyway, I didn't bother to tie it, and dropped it on his head from my upstairs window. I popped out the screen and let it fly. Hit him smack on top of his big-fat mother-fucking head! That was totally worth the punch to the nuts I got later on after he found me hiding in the basement. Woke everybody up, but he never did rat me out."


"Holy fuck. Remind me to never piss you off!"


"Ya, huh, right? After Denny got those girls pregnant, we had all these family meetings about sex stuff. I was sort of little, and I don't think I fully understood much of it, but I totally remember it like it was yesterday. What I remember most was how embarrassed my brothers were since Mom was talking about what they were doing with their boners. I didn't comprehend you could do those things. Anyway, for a while it was impossible for my parents to talk to Denny without them yelling at each other. They yelled at us younger guys too, just because they were insanely pissed off. It scared my other two brothers so much that they hardly dated in school."


"That's a f'n killer story, dude. I remember Denny a little, but I don't really remember your other brothers too much, just that they don't look like you. They're a lot older than you, right?" he asked as he moved back to sit on my knees to get a good look at me. Being like this was really strange, but a good strange, both of us halfway submerged in the awesome water, naked and having a normal conversation. That realization made my boner throb again.


"Yeah, they are older. Way older. The two oldest made my life miserable, and the other one completely ignored me, which was probably just as well. From bits and pieces of things I overheard over the years growing up, I guess I was the surprise kid my parents weren't expecting, and unfortunately, nobody had much time for. Most likely, Dad didn't listen to Mom's condom rant, or it broke or whatever, or maybe Denny sabotaged it. So, here I am. Sometimes I think somebody dumped me off on the porch when I was a baby and my parents decided to keep me. Weird, huh? Anyway, the good thing is, by the time I was old enough to fend for myself, they pretty much let me do whatever I wanted. Still do. I guess they figured that they had done such a bad job with the first three, I couldn't possibly be any worse. Or maybe they gave up. Whatever."


"Denny still in the Army? What about your other brothers? What's their story?" he asked quietly, and started to lightly outline my nipples with his wet fingertip. It tickled a little, but was a total turn on.


"Yeah, he is, but it's the Navy. He's making a career out of it. He's married now, but they don't have any kids. We only see each other once a year, if that. And that's enough for me. When they're here, he's nicer to me now. Somewhat, at least. Maybe he's afraid I'll kick his mother-fucking ass now that I'm taller than him. Not sure though. Tanner, the second oldest, is kind of a geek. Well, not kind of. He's the real deal. He runs a Radio Shack all the way in Baltimore, one of the very last ones. Just as well we don't see him either, because he's personality challenged and will only discuss technology, if he says anything at all. Wouldn't be surprised if he programmed a robot controlled by an app on his phone to jack him off. He's getting fat, too, like big as a cow, which was never like him. Strange, since he's the one that worked out the most. He inherited Dad's temper too, just like my other brothers. Don't know why I don't have it."


"Wow. Your family is kinda messed up," he said sadly.


"Not kinda. The one closest to me, Lane, is the total freak of the family. He lives in Paraguay with his Aleut girlfriend, both of whom are Scientologists. He's got headuphisassitis, for which there seems to be no known cure. Nobody has talked to him in months."


"Oh, man. That's whack."


"I know. I think I'll turn out okay, though."


"Ya think?" he laughed, absentmindedly pinching both my nipples and scooting down closer to me.


"I'm pretty sure," I said, twisting his nipples right back. "I think I was lucky, though. We have an awesome neighbor behind us, Angus, an Aussie guy in his late forties who lives in this rambling, ancient Victorian with his pretty young Filipino wife, Avelina. He sorta took me under his wing when I was around seven or eight when my family was kind of imploding. They couldn't have kids for whatever reason, and I guess they liked having me around. Like their surrogate kid or something. He's cool. Taught me how to surf and stuff. She's cool, too. She taught me how to make killer pancit and how to do my own laundry. They're awesome people. He collects old cars, too. If you ever need to replace a carburetor on a '74 Holden Monaro or fix the brakes on a '82 Commodore, I'm your man. He's the only one who knows I'm gay, I guess, except you now. What about you? You have an older sister, right?"


"Yeah, Cassidy. We call her Cass. She's two and-a-half years older than me. That girl is so excited to go to the Middle East. Says she wants to go shopping at that huge mall where Michael Jackson used to hang out with his kids before he croaked on that sleepy juice. She seems to think she'll meet some ultra-rich prince or something. I don't have the heart to tell her that she'd probably have to turn Islamic. I know she'll hate wearing all those dark clothes and bathrobes and that berky-thing over her head. Honestly, with her, you never know what will happen. She's kinda slutty – but cool for the most part."


"You're lucky. I think if I had a sister, our family would be closer, maybe, although it's been way better since all my brothers left home years ago," I said, leaning in to catch a whiff of his hot scent. "Aren't you worried about ISIS over there?"


"No, not any more than I am about Donald Trump," he said.


"Gotcha. I would be, though."


After a comfortable pause, he smiled at me and said, "I guess I am lucky. I told Cass a couple of months ago that I was gay. She gave me a fast hug and said `so fucking what?' She kissed me on the forehead and asked if I wanted to go to the mall and get some banh mi from Pho 88. Said we could look at cute guys together. Nothing seems to faze her, especially when it comes to guys. Maybe she thinks I'm a new girlfriend now instead of a brother. At least she doesn't make me go shopping with her. I'm so not into that. I have to say, though, she does go through a lot of guys."


"You told your parents yet?"


"About her going out with a bunch of guys?" he laughed.


"No, you dumbass, about you being gay."


"Naw, not yet. I will though, probably soon, I suppose. I'm sure they know though, because I've never had a girlfriend. Maybe when they find out, I can get out of moving and stay here in town. I hope it won't be a big deal, though. What about you?"


"I'm sure if my parents thought about it hard enough, like really pinched their brains super-hard, they'd figure it out. They say your parents always know, you know, like deep down inside, but they never really acknowledge it. But again, maybe not. Who knows? My old man is really wound up in his job. He's not into sports, except for fantasy football, or the outdoors or anything, just beer and guns and playing poker with his fat, beer-guzzling buddies. I heard he helped my brothers with their homework when they were little, but with me, not so much. Good thing I didn't really need his help. There was hardly any interaction with him and my brothers and me, and if there was, it was always yelling and fighting – like the Israelis and Palestinians. Only, we never had one of those peace treaties that would last a few weeks. Our house, up until a few years ago, was a constant scream-a-thon."


"Dude, that sucks."


"I know. Anyway, if my parents searched my room, all they'd find is huge stack of straight porn my brothers gave me when they all moved out. Not that I ever look at. Actually, with all the drama my brothers put them through, I'm guessing they'll just say to me `whatever', and show me where the condoms are again. I hope so at least. Honestly, I don't think my parents even know me."


"That's sad, dude."


"This is a lame clichι, but it's kind of been my mantra to deal with it. I just keep saying over and over to myself, it is, what it is. My neighbor behind me, Angus, he knows I'm gay, like I said. I consider him my real dad, my capital D dad. He figured it out way before I did, but he didn't say anything about it until maybe six months ago when I told him I didn't think I was into girls. Said he knew all along, and was just waiting for me to come to him. He has a trans-man sister, you know, a drag king? I guess that's the opposite of Caitlyn Jenner, but I'm not too sure about those things. I mean, who'd want to have their dick sliced in half and made into a vagina? So cringe-worthy. Anyway, I've never met him since he lives in the Outback. Angus is great because he knows how difficult it is to be anything other than straight. He helped me sort it all out, more or less, over the last few months. I haven't told anybody else until today."


"Who'dja tell?" Milo asked, looking up at me and smiling, his beautiful eyes sparkling again. He kissed me quick on the lips and said, "So what about girls? Have you ever made it with a girl?"


"No, not really." It was funny. I would have thought it would have been uncomfortably weird talking about this sexy stuff so soon with Milo, but he really made all my defenses come crashing down. Like I said: weird. He's cool to talk to. And, he listens with such an eager intensity that you feel the need to disclose shit you normally wouldn't otherwise do, like to a therapist or something. Plus, he's so awesome to look at – wet or dry! He totally boned me up like nobody else I'd ever met. Who knew? In my wildest dreams, I would never have thought I'd be here – like this – with a guy like him.


"Well, I've dated girls," I continued, "sure, but primarily so I could go to some of the school dances when a good band or DJ was playing, or a couple of rockin' parties here around town or over in I.V. But mostly after surfing parties down at Little Beach where the girls are so f'n horny that they practically land on top of you and shove their big bouncy boobs in your face and try to suffocate you. I've kissed some and felt a couple of them up. I never went south of the border, though, even when they wanted me to. Not hungry for their brand of pink taco's. That's all the girl action I've had. Not a big deal in my opinion. I didn't really like it. You?"


"Well, I never went all the way, either. I did briefly date some girls late last year, because mostly, I really wanted to make sure I wasn't part straight. You know, to totally make sure. Anything below the tits totally terrifies me – like you said. You know Misty Sessions?"


"Sure. She's kinda pretty, in a bad makeupy/big hair country singer kind of way. She was in my homeroom freshman year. She never paid much attention to what the teacher was saying, because he was so old and disgusting and had these long, gray nose hairs sticking out that you couldn't stop staring at. I remember she would always lock eyes on all the hot jocks way in the back row. What about her, not that I'll be surprised or anything."


"We went out for a couple of times at the end of last year. On our second date, she told me she had an assortment pack of condoms in her purse if we needed them. I wasn't clueless, since she had a feedbag-sized purse. Condoms in multiple colors and sizes, favorite flavors and even some RPD's, dontcha know? And they say guys are fast," Milo laughed.


"Excuse me! I think her fastness rubbed off on you, buddy-boy," I said, leaning in and lightly biting one of his brown, quarter-sized nipples. "And what are RPD's? Rocket propelled donuts?"


"I don't even want to know what that could possibly be. It's raised pleasure dots, you nimbus. And yeah, well, maybe I was a bit fast. Least I know what you got below the belt. We have the same kind of equipment, you and me, and that's what I want and what I'm used to. But a va-jay-jay? Kinda scares me. I don't want no part of that!"


"Hear ya bud, loud and clear. God, it feels so good to say that to somebody. I know exactly what you mean. Remember Pam Humphries? She used to live on our street down past you a couple of blocks by the old train tracks before her family moved up to Pleasant Oaks Estates a few years ago."


"Yeah, I know Pam. Pam The Slam. Bam Bam Pam. She's a good friend of my sister. Why?"


"Uh, oh. How good a friend?" I asked, suddenly afraid to tell him my story. She's so slutty, but still, I didn't want to step on his toes.


"Real good. Like I said, she's a tight friend of Cass's. They've been best buds for like, for f'n ever, I guess. Why? She do something to you?"


"No, no. Nothing like that. Not me exactly. Well, sorta. Don't be pissed, okay? I was with my friends rollin' it at the junior high on a hot August day, riding our skateboards and doing some carving and nollies and stuff, slammin' around in the empty hallways. Izzy, Rob Banks, Dimey and me. Don't think Rocky or One Eye were there. Like I said, I think we were like in fifth grade, maybe. Or fourth. Anyway, Pam was hanging out by the tennis courts sitting on those small, three-level bleachers waiting for some friend of hers to show up. Probably to fuck behind the gym or by the trash bins."


"Yeah, same Pam."


"So Izzy starts chatting her up, all nice like, and for some reason they hit it off. Don't know why exactly, because she's a few years older than us. Maybe she was bored, or has a weird thing for popping little guy's cherries. I don't know. So they start talking about different things, this and that, you know, and then the conversation turns to sex. Next thing I know, she asks us if we'd ever seen a pussy. A real, live, in the flesh big-girl pussy. Izzy says, `Yeah. Of course I have. I got me two crazy girl cousins. Seen them all the time. No big deal'."


"So what did she say?" Milo asked with a grin, the look telling me he was obviously aware of what she's capable of doing.


"She says, `Well, you've never seen a pussy quite like mine. I've got a real special pussy. I named her Squidgy, and she's totally unique. C'mon, and let me show you'. So Izzy and Rob lean in and get closer while me and Dimey kinda stayed towards the back of them, looking over their shoulders because I wasn't as interested as they were, and I wasn't sure what she was going to do. We were all standing around her when she suddenly hikes up her skirt and quickly pulls her lime-green, stretchy panties fast off her feet, and starts waving them all around in the air like she's some bimbo cowgirl at the rodeo who just won the team roping championship or something."


"Oh, man. I can totally see her doing that. I think she even has a few pairs of buckaroo boots."


"Wouldn't be surprised. Anyway, the guys were getting totally excited, probably wanting to smell them or wear them on their face or something, and moved in closer to her still. Next thing she does, is spread her leg's way wide, so they can get an up-close and personal view of her ginny. I couldn't believe it when she reaches down and spreads her little lips open a bit, showing off some of her inner gizzards. Izzy and Rob are totally excited now, salivating and going crazy actually, pushing each other, until she lets loose with a fucking hard stream of hot piss shooting their way! Hit Rob between the eyes. Serves him right. Who knew girls could do that? Man, those guys practically knocked me and Dimey over trying to get away from her. She was laughing so freakin' hard. What a bitch."


"Yeah, she did that to me once, too. But I didn't get wet. Thank god, cuz I'm not into that shit. But...maybe with you! Just kidding! Hey, don't give me that look, Mase. Sorry! I'm just fooling' ya. Her and my sister, well, they're kind of sleazy," Milo said. "It's no wonder we like guys."


"Yeah. No shit. So, um, you want to go in now?"


"Absolutely! Thought you'd never ask."


"Just please, don't piss on me, okay? Today has been weird enough as it is, and I don't need that kinda wetness right now."


"Got it! We'll keep it dry. But some of those other bodily fluids, I can't promise." He gave my dick another nice squeezey tug as I relinquished all of my uneasiness and followed him out of the pool like the super horn-dog I had suddenly become. He opened a cabinet built into the side of the house and grabbed two fluffy towels, tossing one towards me. After we dried off, I leaned over and shook out my hair, and fingered it back behind my ears. I followed Milo through the big house and on towards one of the guest rooms that he was using while he stayed there.


Half-way down the long hallway, we passed a large stainless steel door that looked like it might be an opening onto a lab or a bank vault. It seemed so out of place that I had to ask Milo, "Hey. What's all this about? A room with a keypad and a steel door? Seems like we're intruding on somebody that works for Torchwood or special-ops."


"I doubt that. Uncle Scott doesn't seem like that type. He says it's his office. But then one time he said he keeps his wine in there. So who knows? Maybe it's his hydroponic cannabis lab or something. Never been in there and don't really care."


He didn't say anything more, but still, it seemed strange, and I was still curious. He opened up a door next to the vault, and of course, it was an impressive room just like the rest of the house. Same white-washed walls, same old-oak beamed ceilings and rafters, same big spaces. Plus, the bed was f'n huge! Old, European looking four-poster, like something you'd see in an old-fashioned black-and-white movie from my great-grandmas day. It was rockin'. Or should I say, it was going to be rockin' if I had anything to do with it!


He jumped up on the bed, first, showing me his fine ass, while I took my time and started perving on his hot naked body for a second, trying to make a mental image of him for future masturbatory reference. It's not every day I get to see a hot, horny jock-boy splayed out in front of me with his legs split wide open and all of his delicious looking boy-bits in clear view, just for me. Insane! I was in gay boy heaven. I pushed my long damp hair back behind my ears once more, and slowly climbed aboard too, stretching out parallel next to him on the cool, crisp sheets. We weren't touching, really, but we were close enough that I could stealthily take in a deep, mind-bending breath to inhale his delicious teen scent, making my dick pulse and throb uncontrollably. Oh. Fuck! This time it was cinnamon and musk, and a bit of...sage? I think maybe when I go to college I need to major in fragrance chemistry! He'd be my rabbit, no doubt about it.


"I can't believe you're lying here, naked in my bed beside me, Mase," he said, once I settled down incredibly close to him. When I was situated, he touched my nose with his index finger and continued, "Finally, you're here! Like I told you, I've been covertly watching for a couple of months now, trying to figure out how to hook up with you. I tried a couple of times last week, but either you didn't notice, or I wasn't obvious enough. I mean, dude! This one time last week, I stared right at you, smiling, and you just winked. Winked! Then you looked the other way. Talk about mixed signals."


"I remember that! I thought you were happy because you aced that pop-quiz Mrs. Sturdevant said she wasn't going to give us and then did."


"Well, yeah, I did. But that's not it. This morning, when I got out of the shower and was shaving, I looked in the mirror and thought, `fuckin' screw it' and decided right then that I was totally going to go for it and do whatever it took to make you notice me. Once I put my mind to something, I almost always get what I want. I just have to stay positive, you know? Anyway, I was petrified, for fuckin' sure, but totally confident it was going to happen. Pretty sure my dick didn't go soft all day! I even shaved my ass for you."


"Aww, that's the nicest thing anybody ever said to me," I joked, rolling on top of him, not sure if that was a good thing or not. Our faces were inches away, my legs straddling him, and our hard cocks slammed together. "I'd be happy with your ass plain or shaved. You shouldn't have gone to all that trouble."


"But I did. I'm serious, Mase, about all of this. I really am. We may not have much time to have, um, like, you know, a relationship or whatever, but I wanted you to be my first." He seemed to be sad when he said that. Or maybe now that he got this far, he was scared. I don't know. Whatever was going on with him, we reached a point of no return, and I was going to follow this through all the way. I was going to take this huge wave.


He surprised me though, because I never got a sad vibe from him before today. Maybe it was because he had to move soon. I wish he had been bolder and said something before this. We could have been banging like Bonobo chimps. So I told him, "Well, I'm here now, and I'm naked in your bed." I rolled off him and scooted up closer so that our bodies were in tight contact, from our toes all the way up to our foreheads, side by side. Next, I started to kiss him softly on his beautiful rosy lips. He returned my kiss, this time with a bit less force then before but still nice and sexy. So I slipped into romance mode – ha! Who knew I had that? – and started to give him soft little kisses all over his beautiful face. He laughed a little, sighed and then slowly closed his eyes, so I started to kiss his eyelids. When I did that he grinned, and that made me want to kiss those sexy dimples. So I kissed those too. It made me change my mind that he wasn't sad, and instead, maybe he was starved for affection – I wasn't quite sure which. For some reason, I had a burning desire to make him feel all right. And suddenly, probably for the first time in my life, I had this intense feeling that everything was right in the universe.


We kissed that way for quite a few minutes, and it was stellar! Swapping spit and taking turns sucking on each other's tongues, quickly changing it up and feeling the inside of each other's mouths like we were explorers mapping out some new-found continent. No teeth clacking this time. Oh, no. One minute I'd be the aggressor and by some unspoken rule, we'd switch it up, and he'd take over, rolling hard on top of me. Surprisingly, I was cool with that. I started to run the palm of my hands slowly up and down the side and back of his warm, brawny body, from his beefy jock-boy upper thighs to his fleshy butt-cheeks and further, to his taut shoulders. Every time I did this, he'd let out a little moan of pleasure. God, he felt so good in my hands.


Without warning, Milo slid his strong arms under mine and effortlessly rolled us over so that I was on top of him, pinning him hard to the bed. We seemed to fit perfectly together, him and me. He started kissing and nibbling on my lips, while at the same time started to gently grind his hard, hot teen-cock up against my equally hard shaft. Oh, shit. What a feeling! He was really getting into it, first grinding softly and increasing the rhythm bit by bit. It was starting to get humid and sweaty, all right, but the right kind you wanted more of.


Just when I thought I could take no more, he put his strong hands on my hips, broke our kiss and said quietly into my ear, "Push up, surfer boy. I think we're gonna love this."


When I broke contact with his mid-section, he grabbed hold of my rock-hard stiffy and bent it down, tucking it firmly along his tight, smooth nut-sack, right between his legs. I slowly, ever so slowly, slipped lower, feeling his soft, hairless scrotum rub tenderly on my severely stiff shaft. Oh, god! The feeling was incredible and something I'll remember until the coroner comes and takes me to the morgue. And I swear, when I do drop dead, my cock will still be totally boned and sticking straight up in one of those black Ziploc bags in the freezer's roll-out. Give those tech's something to talk about at lunchtime.


Just as I was thinking how cool it was that my hard dick was in crazy proximity to his butthole, and that I was going to be doing some spelunking it in his tight cavern real soon, I heard something in the other room. It startled me. "What's that?"


"Oh, shit! I think it's my uncle."


We both jumped when we heard the front door slam, with a loud bang, and I immediately flew off Milo, grabbing for one of the damp towels that we had dropped on the cement floor next to the big bed, slipping on the wet floor for a second while I tried to find my footing, before I finally got it, and wrapped it tightly around my waist. "What the fuck, dude? I thought you said no one would be here. What are we gonna do now?" I hissed. "This is bullshit!"


"Mase, be cool, dude," he said, "It's no big deal. I'll tell him we just got out of the pool."


"With boners?"


"It'll be okay."


"But our freakin' clothes are in the other room. Fuck, dude! I can't believe I did this."


"Don't worry. Just chill a second and follow my lead. We haven't really done anything! Anyway, not yet." His eyes were large, but he didn't sound all that panicked. He rolled off the bed, stood up like it was a normal everyday occurrence, and grabbed the other wet towel off the moist floor. He seemed more casual as he wrapped his towel around his waist, and sauntered slowly out into the hallway. However, he wasn't chill, I could tell, because his face was flush, and he seemed to be trying to look around the corner, preparing for the inevitable – whatever it may be. I quickly smoothed out the bedspread we'd been lying on before following him down the long hall.


I didn't know what to expect, being new to this whole kind of crazy drama, but I knew it wasn't going to be pretty. I had so many thoughts running through my head: I was pissed at myself for getting into this type of situation. I was scared about what some old guy I didn't even know might do to us – Milo in particular. I worried that his uncle would figure we weren't only swimming. He didn't sound like an idiot, and when he figured exactly what we were doing together, naked wise, would he freak? And the more I thought about it, if he did figure it out, would he tell everyone and I'd be officially outed? Holy fuck! What a stinking pile of hog shit this turned out to be. But there wasn't anything I could do about it, so I decided to just suck it up and deal with it. Grab my clothes and bail before there was blood spilled. Hopefully, it wouldn't be mine.


I followed Milo slowly down the hall and around the corner, out into the great big space. I couldn't see around Milo very well and couldn't tell who it was, but I was completely amazed when he yelled, "Cass! What the fuck are you doing here? How the hell did you get in here?"


"Dammit, Milo. You scared the shit out of me!" she screamed. No, it was more like a cockatiel screeching. About that time, I came around Milo to get a good look at her. She was pretty, in an older, cheerleader sorta way. Straight guys totally boned to that look: short skirt, tight waist and big tits, and I'm sure she didn't miss a day flirting up with some random horny dude. But I was really surprised when I noticed the small guy standing sort of behind her. He really wasn't her type. But fuck, me! It was Izzy!


"M?" he said quietly, when he spotted me. He seemed shocked, extremely nervous and freaking out in a completely strange way – I'd never seen him like this before. Maybe mad, or arrogant, or, shit, I just don't know what. It scared me, though. He'd been one of my best friends since, like, for f'n ever and I could always read him. Unfortunately, not this time.


"You know him?" Milo asked, as he turned sideways and glared at me, but not like he was pissed at me. I mean, this wasn't my fault, right?


"Who's that guy?" Cass interrupted, totally going crazy too, and before Milo or I could answer, she pointed her perfect spa-like fingernails at me like she was going to launch a poison dart, "And what in the ever-fucking-living-hell are you guys doing in here? No, wait, don't tell me! Just shut up, mother fuckers. Save it. I don't want to know. I totally can tell just by looking at your petrified faces, you dumb asses. Where are your brains? God! Boys are so stupid!"


"We're stupid?" Milo yelled.


Turning to Izzy I asked, "Thought you said you were going to the Grove?"


"I never said I was going to the Grove. I only said we were all ditching the pep-booty thing. What you doing here? With him? And why aren't you at the Grove yourself?"


"Something popped up," was my lame-ass reply.


"And what exactly were you two planning on doing here, huh, Cass? You know I'm the only one supposed to be here," Milo said, growing his balls back.


"Would somebody please tell me what's going on?" Cass screamed, practically jumping up and down, totally ignoring her brother's question.


"Just shut up, already! Everybody. Just shut the fuck up!" Milo yelled. He let out a deep breath, then quietly continued, "Mase and I cut school to come over and go for a swim. Simple as that. And to be totally truthful, we had a shot or two of tequila, if you must know. Now would you please tell me what you guys are doing here? You and...what's his name, Stoney McBlunt? And Cass, how did you get in? Do you even know the code?"


"There's an alarm?" the blond girl asked Milo.


"Yes, bubblehead, there's an alarm! Look on the wall over there. You're damn lucky I turned it off. And where did you get the key? Does Uncle Scott know about this? He's gonna be royally pissed off that you're using his house like it's the Playboy Mansion. Mom, too. They're all going to be so pissed. Dammit! I'm the only one supposed to be here."


"You keep saying that, but obviously you're just as guilty since you have a friend here too." When she said that last part, she used air quotes, and gave me the stink-eye. What a bitch. "And no, Uncle Scott doesn't know and you're not going to tell him. Or Mom for that matter. So shut it, little bro. If you must know, I found the key in mom's junk drawer in the kitchen a few months ago by accident when I was looking for some batteries for my...just shut up, already!"


"Yeah. You're vibrator! She's so stupid, the first time she used it she broke her tooth," Milo said. It would have been funny if everyone wasn't so busy yelling at each other.


"You fucker! I thought it might be a good thing for me to have in case – the key! – if I ever needed a place to, well, just never mind. It's none of your damn business. Seriously, you want to tell me why your clothes are strewn all over the place?"


"I told you. We just got out of the freakin' pool!"


"Hey, Izzy, how much you wanna bet these guys got boners under those towels?" Cass said, turning slightly to look at the little guy. Obviously, she figured I was gay too, just like her younger brother. Unfortunately, when she asked that question, Izzy's eyes bugged out and locked onto mine, but I still couldn't read exactly what he was thinking. I have to admit, whatever it was, it didn't seem good.


"Oh my god. You did not just say that," Milo yelled. Maybe he was trying to cover for me, but I think it was pretty late for that now. I know Izzy and he's no dummy. "And what exactly were you planning on doing here with him, Cass? Isn't he a little young for you? And isn't he the guy who sells smoke to all the stoners at school?"


"Hey, now..." this was Izzy, moving over and starting to get up in Milo's grill.


"Oh, just get over it already, bud," Cass said, turning to look at her newest hook-up, then back at her brother. "It's no secret. You know I like to fuck. Izzy does too. And it looks like my fresh-out-of-the-closet little brother does as well. Making up for lost time, are you Milo?" I was surprised that she didn't sound sarcastic, and instead, just said it matter-of-factly.


There was a deafening silence that blanketed the big room for several long seconds, then almost inaudibly, Izzy looked back and forth between Milo and me a couple of times, then settled on me and whispered, "M, is she right? Is you guys butt bandits?"




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