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The Problem With Milo, Chapter 3



"It's none of your fucking business, buddy," Milo threatened both intruders. "I think it's time for you two assholes to leave. Cass, take your little blunt and beat it. Get the hell out. I'm the one that's in charge here, in case you forgot. And don't pull the age or family card on me this time, because Uncle Scott, and Mom and Dad, will back me up on this in a freaking heartbeat."


This hot jock was so sexy when he got angry, trying to stand up for me. Deep down, in my gut, in some strangely new, surprisingly fresh, and insanely hot uncharted territory, was this wonderful painful ache. I'd never felt it before, but it woke something up inside of me, and I suddenly realized this untimely interruption was okay not a big deal in the whole scheme of the universe. I wasn't even pissed that I wasn't going to get to fuck Milo just to do `it' and lose my V card and take his right this second. And that was acceptable. Because, maybe, something better was going to happen to us later on. Down the road. At least, I hoped so.


Next thing I realized was I'm out to the world, the whole freakin' world! And I didn't even get a chance to freak out over it. That epiphany didn't last long because Izzy started yelling at me, like the pain in the ass he could sometimes be.


"Tell me, M. Be serious and don't f with me. Are you really queer, oops, I mean, ball-lickin' gay?" Izzy stared me down, totally ignoring Milo as Izzy put his hands on his little pint-sized hips, like he could take anybody out. Strange thing was; he probably could. He might be little, but he was tough, like Manny Pacquiao.


"Don't you fucking say anything to that asswipe, Mase. I don't even know why this drug-dealing douchebag is here. It's none of his freakin' business what we're doing," Milo said, turning around to face me, most likely because he didn't want to be outed, either. It was way too late for that now. Anyway, I wasn't so sure what he was thinking. Maybe he hated Izzy. Why? I had no idea.


After a long, and painfully uncomfortable silence, all eyes settled upon me. I stood there thinking for a moment longer, thoughts whirling around in my head. Since I tried not to lie, I finally, reluctantly, answered. "Um, well, to tell the truth, I guess I am. Um, you know, kinda, um, sorta that way," sticking my index finger up and down slowly, like a big bobbing bodacious boner, just for the hell of it.


But then, another strange thing happened, and I stood up, straight, shoved a couple of loose strands of hair behind my ears again and proudly declared, "Actually, to be perfectly blunt, we were about to find out," and I simply shrugged my shoulders. I so wanted to lean over and give Milo a big, dazzlingly-wet and sloppy-kiss right there in front of everybody. When I looked at him, his eyes were bugged out like flying saucers from some old-school 50's movie, and I couldn't do it. I wanted to, I just couldn't.


I tried to brace myself for whatever was going to come our way next, because nobody could be prepared for something like this. And anyway, I wasn't good with this sort of dramatic shit. Whatever. Next thing I know, something seriously strange happened. I guess the crazy train had pulled into town. And like usual, I didn't get the schedule, and it was too late to buy a ticket.


"Yeeessss! I fucking knew it," Izzy hollered at the top of his lungs as he started to do some serious phat moves. I had known him for like, ever, and while I knew he had some moves, I had no idea he had moves like that. It was sick! The weird thing was, it both scared me and turned me on at the same time. Freaky.


No wonder the ladies swarmed all around him like dragonflies attracted to freshly sunscreened arms wherever he went. I guess he had more going for him than a horse-sized phallus. He quickly stopped dancing, and did something else that took everybody by surprise, once again, especially me. He ran over right in front of me, wrapped his unexpectedly strong, long and dark, skinny-little guns hard around my chest, and gave me a huge bone-crunching hug, practically squeezing the life right out of me.


"You won me three hunnered bucks, bro!"


"What?" everybody screamed, practically at the same time.


"What the hell, man? Get the fuck off me," I yelled, giving him a good hard shove backward. He fell down loudly, right on his brown ass, splayed out on the cold cement floor arms all akimbo. It didn't seem to faze him much if at all. He was still grinning, looking up at me. That toothy smile made me furious, and I wanted to smash him a good one right in the grill and cause some serious damage to his pearly whites. I didn't give a shit, even if he was one of my best friends. All these thoughts were zooming through my brain, and I was on the verge of becoming overloaded.


So I took a deep breath and tried to center myself. But that was impossible.


Both Milo and Cass stood there, slack-jawed, looking like the proverbial deer in headlights, except for the fact that their eyes continuously journeyed back and forth between all of us. I think Cass was fascinated with our crazy exchange, while Milo seemed to be in a daze and not sure what to do next. Maybe he was suddenly jealous, or more likely, pissed because he got outed. I had no idea, since I didn't know him all that well.


"What the fuck, dude?" I asked Izzy. "I thought I was your friend."


"See, we all had this bet," Izzy started slowly, while awkwardly getting up off the floor and staying centimeters out of my balled-up fist's reach. "It's like this, bro. See, Rocky and Rob think you're a nice, super-shy beach boy, totally into girls but not all that chill playin' the game. Guess you get wiggy around them, I don't know. One Eye said drop it, said he couldn't see it, so he's a hunnered bucks to the straight side. Dude can't pass up on a bet though, god love `em. Dimey was the only one that didn't get in on the play. I knew. I fuckin' knew it. I totally knew you liked dick. Big, hard cock! And I was right. Ho-haw!"


"Oh, god. All you guys were betting on me? Some friends you are."


"Hey, M. It's all good," Izzy said, without much conviction.


"No, you dick, it's not. That's not what peeps do to their friends!" This was from Milo, backing me up. "You need to be taught a serious lesson in friendship. I'd be more than happy to pound one into you."


"Yeah. Like you ballers always have each other's backs," Izzy shot out. "Or butts, too, as the case may be."


"What other smack do you talk about behind my back?" I interrupted. I wasn't interested in listening to them fight. I wanted to get this over with.


"Nothin'. See, nobody cares, M. I swear. I swear to Allah! Except I can't show you his picture."


"Be serious, you idiot," I said.


"All right, all right. We're all your friends and we don't care one way or the other which way you holster your pistol. Makes no never mind. Just want you to be happy, is all. We love you, man. Honest. You're our number-one bro. See, those guys was talking one day when you wasn't around and we all got to wondering why, when it comes down to doing the big nasty, you don't have much to report. Rocky was sure you were straight, cuz a cute, hot-surfer dude like you could have all the girl pussy a boy could want. Rob too, cuz he saw you with this pretty lady at the spring dance a few months ago and he said she was all over you. One Eye was the only one who told us to shut the hell up. He honestly doesn't care one way or the other. Either do I. But I knew. I can always tell." He was looking at me and smiling.


"How?" I croaked out. "And for how long?"


"Straight dope?"




"Okay. You know me. I don't go all around town spewin' everybody's crazy busy-ness, even though I could. Since this is such a special day for you, I'll tell you. A guy playin' with dicks can always tell another dick player. You know how big I am down there, right? Well, sometimes, there aren't enough pretty ladies around here to take care of my busy-ness, know what I'm sayin'? Sometimes, and only sometimes, I have to give my home boys a big tasty treat, tunneling my torpedo up their tight backsides so they know exactly what they be missing. I mean, c'mon? Who in this skuzzy little town wouldn't want a piece this bad, hard weapon?" He grabbed his crotch through his silky basketball shorts, displaying exactly how big and thick it was. "Guess I'm joining the coming out club today, like you all. Praise Be! As my Grammy would say. Well, the bi-sex club, anyway. Could never give up my pussy, though. No way. Love that shit too much."


"You fuck with guys, too?" screamed Cass, totally flabbergasted. I had almost forgotten she was there. "Like, sticking it up their shit chutes?"


"That's kinda rude, but sure. Where else would it go, baby? Makes no never mind to me," the little guy said. "A tight hole is a tight hole. It's all good, Barbie. You wanna try it? I know you'll like it!"


"Fuck no! And it's Cass, goddammit, not Barbie you fucktard. You ain't sticking anything up inside me that's been in some guy's asshole. That's grrr-osss!" She had to wipe her mouth with the back of her hand because she spewed spit during the last part of her rant.


"You ain't tickled Pammy's cootch?" Izzy asked Cass. "I knows you girls is tight. Girls on girls is hotter than a po' boy loaded with peppers and Habanero cheese after a hard night of drinking and dancing."


"Oh! You fucking little prick!" she screamed at him. "I hate you."


"No way, baby. You got's it all wrong. I'm a fucking giant prick! Whateva. Besides, the Iz always plays safe."


"Oh, my god! You're a damn freak! Stop talking already," Cass screamed again, waving her hands all around in the big open space, and like a flash, slapped them hard over her ears. "Everybody! Fucking stop, please, will you, just for a minute, okay? I need to process all of this shit before I go completely insane." Her voice was so damn irritating! I wondered how Milo handled it, living with her. No wonder he liked staying over here in his uncle's house by himself.


Her insane screeching caught all of us off-guard, so nobody made so much as a peep, most likely worrying that we'd have to clean up her blown-up brain bits if anybody said anything else to piss her off.


Milo was the first to say something after what seemed like a handful of minutes, when he said quietly, to no one in particular, "So now what?"


"Seriously? This shrimp likes girl pussy as much as he likes boy pussy. I mean, Gag! Where the hell else has his mouth been, not to mention his scuzzy dick?" Cass asked, pointing at Izzy. Turning to the little dude, she asked, "And do you let the boy's pork you too, Izzy? God, I don't believe it. Even I don't do that kind of stuff. I might be slutty, but I have limits, you know."


"Eww. Shut the fuck up, Cass. That's completely gross," her brother said. "No one wants to hear about that. Either from you or this shrimp."


"Why? Wasn't you about to get a backdoor slider, Shortstop? Right up tight inside your home plate? Like a grand slam or something, and I'm not talkin' Denny's here," Izzy asked. All we could do was stare at him. "What?" he asked looking around, "M has a fast-pass or something?"


"Shut up, bro," Milo repeated. "I'm warning you."


"Oh god. I need a drink! Milo, what are you guy's drinking?" She really did. Her face was as red as a stop sign.




"Yuck. Can you make me something sweet, with vodka or gin, maybe? Or white wine? Maybe all three?" she said, climbing up on one the shiny barstools that I was sitting on only an hour or so before, which now seemed like a lifetime ago. "Can you put some fruit in it for me? Oh shit, I did not just say that." Cass was the only one that snickered at that.


"You got a forty somewhere around this crib, Shortstop?" Izzy asked Milo.


Milo shot him a hard glance, then directed one at me too, and all I could do was shrug my shoulders once more. The look on his face said he was feeling defeated, and I felt bad for the guy. His fantasy had been ruined. I bet when his team lost a game, he wouldn't be much fun to be around. This thing, whatever it was that was happening here between Milo and me, seemed to be going downhill, and downhill fast towards an epic crash and burn. "Fine," was all he said, as he went into the kitchen and opened up one of the two refrigerators and started poking around in the LED lit cavern.


"I'll have another shot of that killer tequila with you, Milo, if you're gonna have some more." I thought this might be a good time to be a peacekeeper and play nice to him, even though I didn't have to, since I was solidly in his corner. Still, in case he was pissed at me for helping out him, he needed to know I was on his side. "Want me to get it for us while you find something for them?"


"Sure," was his curt reply.


I didn't like the sound of that, so I quickly walked over to him and whispered in his ear, "Can I see you in the living, ah, area for a quick sec?" I didn't give him a chance to answer, and instead, hiked up my towel and walked silently across the wide expanse, grabbing at my clothes along the way.


Milo slammed the fridge door shut with a solid thump, and followed me slowly out of the kitchen. When he caught up with me, I was slipping on my boxer-briefs underneath my towel. I was about ready to pull on my pants and bag the damp towel, wanting to be more comfortable being dressed now since we had an audience. When he caught up to me he said, not all that quietly, "What? What do you want, Mason?" His tone left no question that he was pissed. Pissed at me, or pissed at this intrusion by his sister and Izzy?


"Looks like we're both out now, huh? Out to the whole fucking world."


"Guess," was all he said.


"The way I see it, we either deny it completely, and claim that I was fucking with them, or go with the flow. I'm of the opinion to do go for it. I mean, I don't think Izzy will say anything, other than to my friends, if they are my friends, so he can collect on his stupid-ass bet. And as for Cass, I have no idea who'd she'd tell. Since she's been out of school for a couple of years, it probably won't be anyone we know or anyone who knows us. Seriously, if one of those dorks does say something and it goes viral, I'm not sure I care anymore. And to be perfectly honest, I don't care if people find out that you and I were together. I like you, Milo, I truly do, and I want to see more of you. A lot more. Even though today didn't work out like you planned, maybe next time it will, and it'll be even better." Surprisingly, I gave him my real smile, the one I hardly ever use. That seemed to work, and calmed him down.


"Yeah?" he said incredulously, his sensational smile returning quickly along with his delicious dimples. "After all this shit we've been through today? Everything I've put you through and everything my sister and your asshole friend just said? You still want to hang with me?"


"Yeah, of course I do. Hang, and a lot more. No worries, dude. For some strange reason, when I look at you, I feel like it's all good," I smiled. "And together, you and me, this won't be a big deal."


"Yeah? Seriously?"


"Seriously. And I'm sorry I sort of blabbed and outed you like that, even though your sister kinda did it first. It spewed out uncontrollably. I'm really sorry for that. I should have talked to you first. Are you pissed at me?"


"No, not really. No. Not at you," he answered slowly, obviously trying to process what I told him. "Yeah, we can do this! Maybe this happened for a reason, like you said. And no, I'm not pissed that you outed us. Shit! I was worried that you'd be pissed at me."


"Pissed at you? For what?"


"For putting you in the position where you had to out yourself to your friend. Maybe we do have to go slow, though. Strange coming from me, right? But, Mase, what's going to happen if everybody at school finds out? I don't care about me, but what about you?"


"I'm not worried about that. Listen, you have my word I'll back you up. I've got yours if you've got mine. Right? Seriously. If the baseball team gives you shit, maybe it's time you did something else. Besides, you'll be in the Emirates before spring training, so does it even matter now? And as for anyone else, this is California. After the surprise or shock or whatever wears off, so what? I truly believe nobody will f'n care. Anyway, the only people at school I care about are my friends, and Izzy said they don't give a shit. Plus, our school recently implemented that anti-bullying policy last year," I said, inching closer to him.


"And one more thing. I saw how you stood up to Izzy for me. It got to me when you did that, man. I mean, like got to me. It made me realize how much I really, really want to get to know you better. Anyway, so you know, I'd do that in a nanosecond, just for you. Like I said," poking him in his bare chest, "I sorta like you. Don't know why, but I do. That was a way cool thing to do, backing me up like that."


"But Mase, now that you found out that stupid asswipe over there goes both ways, don't you want to be with him?" Milo asked shyly. "He's your friend, and I certainly can't compete with that monster in his pants."


"Oh, hell no! Why would I do that? Sure, he's my friend, and I say that loosely now, but I'm not attracted to him that way and I certainly, no matter how horny I get, would never, ever do anything sexual with him. Huge dick or not. He's like a step-brother or something. Way too weird."


"But still, you know him. You're friends, I get that," he trailed off.


"Are you jealous?"


"No. Of course not."


"Yes you are. I think it's cute."


"Well, maybe a little. Shit, Mason. Look, it took a lot of courage for me to flash you my boner in class earlier, and try and hit on you. It took me a long time to work up to that. I don't want to lose the chance for us to have some alone time. So yeah, I'm a little worried that you guys will end up together instead of it being us," he said, giving me the saddest puppy-dog eyes I'd ever seen.


"Look at it this way: It's like borderline incest if I did it with him," I said. "He's a bud I've known for a long time. And a good friend. I don't want to get nasty with him. As for you, yeah, I've known you just as long, although we were never friends. We hung in different circles. I wish we had more in common and hung out more so we could have hooked up like this sooner, unfortunately that didn't happen. And that's okay. What matters now is that you had the courage to hit on me. And I'm glad you did, so now we can become fucking friends. I mean that literally."


"Yeah," he sort of giggled, "me too."


"Listen, I don't want to be naked with him. That's just gross. I want to be naked with you. And you know what else?"




"I want to kiss you. Right now." I didn't care if Izzy and Cass could turn around and see us. I moved in close, and put both my hands on his tan cheeks, pulling him into me. Our lips touched, and that crazy electrical current charged through us again. When we broke off, I think we both were seeing new universes forming.


"Awesome! Thanks, Mase, I feel infinity better now. So, you really like me? You're not just saying that?"


"Yeah, dude, I do. How could you ask that after such an amazing kiss? Look, maybe this is a good thing, in some strange cosmic way. Like you said, maybe we're supposed to go slow. Yeah sure, we're horny teenagers, but if we take our time when we finally do it, I think it will be so much better, least that's what I hear. Anyway, I wanted to say I got your back."


"Mase, you're amazing!" He took a fast look behind me to see his sister and Izzy engaged in a quiet, heated conversation, and quickly gave me a rib-busting hug. "Thanks, buddy," he whispered into my ear, "I got your back, too. I won't ever forget this." Unfortunately for him, his towel dropped off his waist and he was instantly naked again, making both of us laugh.


It didn't seem to matter much to him, so he walked over to the couch and slipped on his torn jeans and his red ball cap, but kept his Jack & Jones T-shirt and Vans tossed on the floor. He looked so hot like that. Milo practically floated back to the kitchen to finish making our drinks. I could tell he was feeling considerably better now. I was too, but we still had a couple of other things to sort out. He had said that he thought his parents would be okay with it, although I had doubts about how mine were going to react.


After I threw my shirt over my head, I walked back to the big kitchen island in the middle of the room, but stayed purposely away from Izzy. Looking at Cass, I said, "So, I guess you don't remember me. I'm Mason, aka Mase, aka M, or sometimes hey asshole, depending on who you ask. Anyway, I live up the street from you and your brother, on the southeast corner of Hillcrest Street. Maybe you remember my next oldest brother, Lane. I think he might have been a year or two older than you. You guys probably went to the same school at the same time."


"I know Lane," she said thinking back to ancient history. "Sorry Emmy, he's kind of a douche."


"Emmy? That's a killer name, bro," Izzy said, pulling up and parking it next to her. "I love it!"


"Not kind of a douche. He's the real deal," I answered Cass completely ignored Izzy, hating on that name. "All my brothers are douches. Thank god they've all moved away."


"Denny? He's one of your brothers too, right?" she asked.


"Yeah, he's the squirt leader of the douche patrol."


"Indeed. Agreed. He was the first guy to pork my BFF Pam's older sister."


"Pammy?" asked Izzy. "I know her."


"Yes, Pam. Will you shut it? God you're annoying. I can't believe I was going to hook up with you. Anyway, Emmy, your brother treated her like shit afterwards," she said.


"No shock there," I said. "Lucky for her, she didn't get pregnant. Denny got two girls knocked up within days of each other. I think what little brains he has are all crammed into the tip of his dick."


"Not surprised," she said. "So you like my little brother, huh?"


She sure was deft at changing the subject. "Um...yeah, why wouldn't I?" I said quietly, but both Milo and Izzy heard. My balls suddenly grew back full force and I added, "But he's not really little."


"Why do you say that?" she asked, sincerely.


"Cass, shut up," Milo yelled. "It's none of your freaking business."


"It is my business. Switch it up, doofus. I wasn't asking about the size of your dick, you dork. I was asking why he likes you. If you were my big brother, wouldn't you be asking questions like this to a new boyfriend I was serious about?"


"If you were my daughter, maybe, but you're my slutty sister, so I don't care all that much. And, believe me, I couldn't care less what your twat looks like."


She flipped him the bird, and simply said, "Whatever. So, Emmy, tell me. Why do you like this asshole?" she asked again.


"Hey!" Milo yelled again.


"Stop shouting, you two, and I'll tell you," I said. I had no tolerance for shouting especially among family. Been there, done that, through with it.


"Yeah. Chill, peeps. I second that motion. No shouting. I wanna hear this too," Izzy chimed in. He didn't like family shit any more than I did. Both our families are whack, and that's why we were so tight growing up. We met one summer day when we were young, hiding out at the park, both of us sporting black eyes. His was on the left and mine was on the right. We looked silly, but at least they didn't hurt.


"I guess it's because...he is an asshole," I cracked, but my face still got red. "He's a cute asshole, and well, I just do. I like that he likes me, and that he's brave and strong and feisty. And he's pretty damn cute. There's more to it than that. Can't say why exactly. But yeah! I like him."


"You know, Emmy, I was wrong about you. You seem all right. And I have to say, if you want to chill with my brother over there, you got my vote. I apologize for the rude cracks about you guys. Who am I to judge? I think you'll be good for him," she said, giving him a wink.


"Thanks, sis, for that, I guess. What changed your mind all of a sudden?"


"Not sure exactly why, but you guys seem to fit together like the last two pieces in a puzzle. It's strange, because this is all new to me. I think you guys make a hot couple. Not that I'm perving on my little bro, you understand. You get what I mean. Besides, you need someone that's got it together, instead of all your asshole baseball buddies that always seem to get you into all that trouble."


"Aww, isn't that sweet! So what about me? Am I gonna to get any action around here today? Now that you're good with all this butt fucking stuff?" Izzy piped up.


"NO!" everyone shouted at the same time.


"What did I do?" he asked, looking around, throwing his hands up in the air.


"You bet on me behind my back. That's so wrong, dude," I said, "on so many levels."


"Yeah, I get that now," he said sadly. "I'm sorry, M. Truly."


"And you should have told Cass you're a switch hitter," Milo piped up, defending his slutty sister. "At least so my sister would know. Peeps are always telling us that if we're old enough to do the big deed, we should be mature enough to talk about it and be honest."


"Wow, Milo, I'm impressed," Cass said. "Thanks for that. So Izzy, I'm curious, and this is a serious question. Are you that horny you have to do it with guys, too? Or do you actually find both girls and guys equally attractive?"


"I want to hear this," Milo said, setting down a frosty bottle of Dos Equis in front of Izzy. It wasn't a forty, although it was cold, and it was beer, so even if Izzy wasn't the most interesting man in the world, he'd have to make do.


"Yeah, Izzy, what the hell?" I asked. "I knew you liked to show off your foot-long, but I had no idea you messed around with guys."


"See, it's like this. I love me my babes. Can't get enough. Before I say any more, I think we all need to make a pact of secrecy or something, like we's in the situation room at Barry's house. Outside of M, not very many people know my busy-ness. Some, but not the whole story. Even you, M, you don't know it all. I don't know these guys and I don't want my shit spread around like swat-team tear gas fired all over a brother's crib. Know what I'm saying? And M, or are you Emmy now? You gotta know I'm not going to say anything `bout you or even about your boy over there to our Grove crew or anyone else for that matter. I don't need the bet money any old how. Besides, word gets out, it would be bad for my busy-ness. Gotta keep it chill and on the D.L. Dat cool?"


"Fine. I don't want it to get out either, if we can help it," Milo said. He went back to finish up Cass's drink, listening to Izzy over his shoulder. I hoped her drink was going to be tasty because it looked like he had put at least fifteen different ingredients into it, including three types of liquor. He even found a bamboo-shaped glass, and a little tiny umbrella that he gored into three ripe kumquats he swiped off a potted tree out by the pool.


"I agree. My mouth's shut, dude. Only don't fucking call me Emmy, all right? That goes for all of you. I'm not feelin' that name." I smiled when I said that, because really, I wasn't pissed. It was cool Cass was warming up to me, but honestly, I completely hated that name.


"So we're good now?" Cass asked, holding out her fist for a bump from us three guys. "Sorry about that, Mason. Is it okay if I call you M like Izzy does?" I felt a huge relief and when I looked over at Milo, he had the same expression on his face.


"Sure. That's cool," I answered, then addressed Izzy. "So Izzy, you didn't answer our question. Straight dope: What's up with screwing around with dudes? I figured you'd be the last guy I know who would do something like that."


"Yeah, well here's the thing. There's a reason I sell herb. Its cuz my dad's in the joint and my mom, well, she's kind of off the charts, mentally, you know, and never stays on her med's. Never home, doesn't cook or clean. You know all that, M. Cuz of that I'm out there grinding for myself, you know, I need the flow. So when I was like twelve, my older cousin, Hector, had me running some smoke. No biggie. Made me some serious coin for a kid. That's when I started. After a few months of learning from him, I realized how much more I could make by myself, and how easy it was. I started doing my own thing and left him behind. Little guy like me can totally run under the radar. Got me my own peeps, too they're like my select personal collective, know what I mean? So I don't worry too much about running into any badges. I don't sell on the street and try not to do it at school. I got the best flowers, you know, so sometimes word squeaks out. Guess that's how my man Milo over there knows my bio."


"Yeah, overheard it from a senior on the team a couple of years ago. I never paid much attention about it, though. I think he said your stuff was super-tasty, but expensive."


"Thanks for the compliment, Shortstop. He's correct."


"I know that's why we were always over at Rob's, since both of our parents are whack. But what about doing guys? Where did that come from?" I asked. "And does everybody know about you except me?"


"No, no. No one knew until today. Guess we all got secrets, huh, except Malibu Barbie here."


"It's Cass! Will you shut the fuck up with that already? And I've got my own secrets, thank you very much. None you're ever going to hear about."


"I know, baby. Just like to rile you up. Y'all know Mrs. Lightfoot down at the mini-mart, the one with the fake chompers? When I first started selling, I'd go get food there. Her burritos are good and cheap. Apparently, this one time she put two and two together and gets herself a junior drug dealer. So when it was her and me in the shop this one fine day, she calls me out on it. I tried to cover my ass, unfortunately I couldn't really say no, right? I was actually spooked, although it turned out all right. She likes the smoke and is a good customer now. I make her awesome deals on my wares, and she launders my Benjamin's."


"Yeah, but what about the guys?" Milo interrupted.


"I'm gettin' to it, Shortstop. Chill, boy-o, and straighten your hat. Gangster look doesn't look good on your pretty-white ass. And don't think I didn't see it over there when you dropped your towel."


Izzy stopped for a second to drink almost half of his beer, in one big gulp. "See, with her, she wasn't getting any sexing, and I guess she had a thing for young Blaxican guys like me. So I was in there one time when it was closing time, she took me in the back, popped out her teeth and blew me, then she had me finger her ginny. And of course, I loved it. I mean, I didn't have all that much experience, but she could take the whole thing down, man, all the way down to the f'n ground. It was dope! And of course, once I felt her gummy mouth over my big gun, I wanted more. Next time, after we does it again, I walk out of the storeroom and there's her old man, standing there looking straight at me. He knows what we was doing. Sometimes I wonder if she didn't tip him off. I tried to make a break for it but he was faster and tackled me by the slurpee machine. Didn't hurt me though. Instead, he tells her to go back to the register, and proceeds to walk me into the storeroom again. I thought for sure I was dead meat walking and would end up in tomorrow's batch of those microwavable burritos. Next thing you know, old man says he's got something way better than what his wifey's got. Starts taking off his pants, man."


"Oh, shit," Cass said. "Thought I had crazy stories."


"I know. At first, I thought he was gonna stick it in me, but he tells me to go get the Vaseline out of the emergency box on the wall while he proceeds to bend over on the table showing me his arctic white ass. Wasn't sure I could do it again that soon, but he started to get all desperate like, and well, it turned me on, him squirming and quivering and twitching all around like that. Once I crammed it all in there it felt good, you know, but not as good as his wife's hummer."


"You didn't use a condom?" Cass asked.


"Oh, sure, baby-doll. I always do. And I gets myself checked at the clinic now and then. Gotta when you're busy like me. It's usually the wimmin's I do it with. Funny thing. The guys always want to pay me, but I won't take it. Got my pride, after all."


"Wow, Izzy. I knew you had it tough, but not like that. You're lucky you haven't been caught and sent to foster care," I said. I really did feel bad for him. Plus, I knew first-hand what foster care was like. "Wish you had said something before."


"It's all right, M. No worries. There wasn't anything you could do about. You had your own situation going on. Like I said, got my regulars and they look out for me. This one time my mom was gone for weeks and weeks and weeks, man, and I guess some nosy neighbor called me in because it looked like I was home all alone all that time. `Cept they're not gonna make a Christmas movie about me, know what I'm sayin'? The house was sorta clean, and I had bought some food that I stashed in the ice box. I even had them call Mrs. Lightfoot and she pretended to be my mom hard at work! So's they left me alone. Mrs. Lightfoot sells me money orders so I can pay the lights and the rent, so there's nothing they could get me on. Plus, my grades are okay, so I pretty much stay out of sight," he said, quickly, letting out a raucous belch.


"Dude, I have to give you major credit. I don't think I could do that. In fact, I know I couldn't. Don't you get lonely at night?" Milo asked, out of the blue.


"No, Shortstop, I don't get lonely. I'm busy all the time anyway. Which reminds me, what time is it?" he asked, and all four of us pulled out our phones.


"Shit! It's late already," I said. "I need to get my car out of the lot before lunch is over. If I get caught, I'll get detention and I'll be late for work later on," I said. "I can't let that happen again."


"I gotta jet, too. Like I said, the Iz keeps busy."


"You can't stay, Mase? For a few more minutes?" Milo pleaded, giving me a puppy-dog look.


"No, I really can't. I like my job too much and I don't want to lose it. It's hard enough for guys our age to find jobs nowadays, let alone ones that pay decently. I get off at nine, so maybe we can hookup later?" I said.


"Yes! I mean, sure. Here's my phone," Milo said, grabbing mine. "Put in your digits."


"Aww, aren't they cute? Young love..." Cass said, and let out a long sigh.


"Shut up, Cass," Milo said. "Here. I'll text ya later, k?"


"Awesome! Can't wait," I said, wanting to say more. Instead, I stood there staring at Milo. I think he was as awkward at this stuff as I was, because he was staring right back at me unable to say anything more. Or maybe because we had an audience.


"Would you two kiss already?" Cass practically yelled.


"Yeah, hurry up, M. Kiss dat fool. Then I need you to drop me off."


Milo cracked a huge smile, said, "Hell to the yes!" and came around the big kitchen island, making a production out of it. He took my face in the palms of his hands, like I had done to him, sucked in my lips and ground his crotch hard into mine.


I was in heaven, and when we broke the kiss, completely out of breath. "Oh, god," I whispered.


"That's better," Cass said, pushing her brother away so she could give me a big hug. "Now go, Emmy. I've got a few things to discuss with my brother."


"Okay, see you guys later," I said, and Izzy and I were off, running full throttle back to campus so we could slip out of the parking lot without getting busted. We didn't talk much on the way to Izzy's house, because I was still pissed that he and the crew had a bet on me, and I think he was worried about what I'd think of him now that I knew his whole story. Guess it would take some time for both of us to get over all of this drama.



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