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Chapter 6B


It wasn't until we were half-way back to our neighborhood before either one of us spoke. Milo piped up first when he said, "Dude, I am so, so, so sorry for taking you up there. I can't tell you how sorry I am. This was totally my fault. I take full responsibility. I feel fucking awful. Hope you're not pissed at me."


"No, dude. I'm not," I sighed. "I'm not pissed. Not at you, anyway. Like you said, it's not like it was your fault or anything. It just happened. Shit happens. Shit always seems to happen to me."


"Mase, you okay? You don't sound okay. Be honest. What's going on?"


"I feel like I woke up this morning and now I'm living in an alternate universe or something."


"What?" Milo asked.


"Yeah, that's how I feel. The names are the same, but everybody's changed."


"Yeah, I feel ya, dude," he said. I doubted that. His life seemed too ordinary, too perfect.


"Thanks, dude. No worries. I'm all right," I said quietly.


"No you're not," Milo said, startling me as he pulled the Mini severely over to the curb with a loud, grinding screech. Who knew my car could make that kind of sound? "What's wrong? Tell me."


"It's that...geez," I said, beginning to feel the stirrings of a full-blown meltdown. I started rocking back and forth gently in my seat for a couple seconds. I totally did not want to go here, and talk about my home shit, tonight, of all nights. I only wanted this night to be all about getting naked, getting sexy, and getting super-hot with Milo, and now I was close to tears again. Like I said, I don't fucking do tears.


After what seemed like forever, I took a deep breath and trained my eyes on a big fishing boat getting ready to leave the dock, its lights all lit up. Quietly, I said, "Every time I think I'm past all the shit I grew up with, something happens and it all comes screaming back, you know? Pow! Right back in my face. Why in the holy fuck do I have to have my life exposed all over the place like this? What did I do? Am I secretly a Kardashian? I mean, what the hell is going on today?"


"Dude. I don't know. I just don't. I wish I did. I can understand how it must make you feel. Was it that bad growing up?"


"Yeah, Milo, it really was. My brothers hated me. Like, my first memory of them is of Denny and Tanner picking on me, tripping me so I'd fall down the stairs, or hold me upside down by my ankle so I'd squirm around but couldn't get away. I mean, I was like two or three and beginning to walk. The only reason I remember that is because they made a video. Lane filmed it."


"Holy fuck."


"They'd scare me, hit me, spit on me...not the usual brothers roughhousing. I think they hated me because, by the time I was born, they were already older, and here I come out of the blue disrupting their life and what they were used to. Everybody made it perfectly obvious that my parents didn't plan on having me, either. They even called me Mase-stake. Even my stupid old man called me that."


"Fuck, dude. That sucks. Well, I'm glad you're here," he said, putting his hand reassuringly on my thigh again.


"Thanks," was all I could muster.


"You said your dad didn't hit you. How come he smacked your brothers around and not you?" Milo asked.


"I'm not sure. Thankfully, he never touched me. Although, he did do something else almost as bad. See, he hates me for some reason, too, just like my brothers do. I don't know why. I never did anything to him, I swear. I've tried to figure out why, but I don't get it. He barely talks to me, and when he does, it's always to yell at me for some stupid reason or another, and usually over something that I never did, or wasn't even my fault. I mean, last week he yelled at me for using too much electricity. I mean, how much electricity can I use when all I do is sleep and shit there?"


"Damn," Milo whistled.


"I know. He calls me stupid, which is ridiculous because I'm way smarter than he is, from like, kindergarten on. You probably don't know this. When I was eight, I decided to take control as best I could. I ran away and stayed with Rob. He hid me in his closet and would steal food for me so I could eat. Izzy helped out some, too, as much as he could, but his life sucked as much as mine did. I was gone for five days before anyone realized I was missing. Even Rob's parents didn't know I was there until they finally found me one night when I was having a terrible nightmare. I started screaming and yelling and woke everybody up. I told the social worker I wouldn't go back home, and if they made me I'd just run away again. So after a big hassle, including a couple of torched motorcycles and a few days in a psych ward and then with a smelly and gross foster family, I lived with Angus and Avelina next door for a couple of years. For the longest time, I pretended Angus was my real dad. Floki and I still stay over there sometimes."


"Wait a minute. A torched motorcycle?"


"Oh, yeah. Two." I laughed. "After they found me at Rob's, my parents dragged me back home and said everything would be good from that day on. That was a pile of slow-roasted donkey shit because it wasn't better. It got worse. Way worse. A few days after I got back, Denny and Tanner were ragging on me like never before. Since I was eight and they were big teenagers, I couldn't compete. I thought they were going to kill me, since they told me that often enough. So before they could do that, I decided to get them where it would really hurt. You know what I did?"


"I'm afraid to ask," he said.


"Before they came home from school one day right after I got back, I pushed both of their beloved motocross bikes out of the garage and onto the middle of the driveway, sprayed them with a whole can of charcoal barbeque lighter fluid, lit it up and made a big bonfire. It was great. Well, great only until the cops came and took me to juvy. If you look close enough, the burn marks are still there. I'll show you sometime."


"Holy fucking shit! Oh, dude. I'm sorry, man. That must have sucked big-time. I had no idea you had it like that. You must have been royally pissed. I would have been. So what happened next?"


"After a couple of days in Juvy, I stopped talking, so then I had to do three days in a psych ward, which is a whole other story, and when they determined I wasn't nuts, they sent me to a skanky foster family. They were worse than my parents and brothers if you can believe it. Luckily, Angus and Avelina found out where I was and what was going on and they petitioned the court for an emergency order to take care of me. I don't know what would have happened to me without them coming to my rescue."


"Damn, Mase, I'm so sorry. I had no idea. So what's it like now?"

"Not so bad. Since my brothers have been gone, it's...tolerable. Yeah, tolerable is the right word, I guess. My dad broke his leg three years ago, and it's too painful for him to come upstairs anymore, which is great for me. I can't remember the last time I had a normal conversation with him. It's like I live in a rooming house or something. I can't wait until I graduate so I can get the hell out of here."


"I bet. What about your mom? Does she try to stop your dad? How does she treat you?" he asked.


"Oh, yeah, her," I sighed. "She tries, I suppose. She has her own demons. Booze, cigarettes, OCD. Takes a bunch of pills, too. I shouldn't say this, but I caught her cheating on my dad more than once. And this one time, I caught her trying to steal Floki's pain meds the vet gave her. When I was twelve or thirteen, I'd ride around on my longboard and sometimes Floki would climb on too, when we were coasting down the street. Girl fell off once and hurt her paw."


"Ahhh, your poor doggie. What did your mom say when you caught her doing that stuff?"


"Not much. She pretended she got them mixed up with hers. She's always depressed and exhausted all the time. She cooks and cleans and keeps the house running all right, I guess. She feeds Floki when I'm not there, and when I miss her dinner. My mom hardly does anything else except Facebook and talk all day on the phone with her lady friends. Don't know what her problem is because she won't talk about it. Believe me, I've tried."


"Dude, that sucks. How come your folks don't get some counseling?"


"We all did for a while, at first when the court made us. Nobody stuck with it for very long."


"Why'd they stop?"


"I don't know. Old school, I guess. Or maybe the insurance didn't cover it and they couldn't afford it. My dad never wanted to go to begin with. Maybe the court ordered only a certain number of visits, or our case fell through the cracks. Who knows? That was a long time ago."


"Well, I feel for you, dude. I honestly do. And, Mase, I can't tell you this enough times, I am so sorry I took you up to the Overlook. I totally am. We should have gone back to Uncle Scott's."


"Dude, not your fault," I said.


"I know, still. It sucks not being an adult, huh? When we're in charge, we can make our own decisions and do what we want, go where we want," he said, squeezing my thigh again, this time dangerously close to my crotch. "It's gonna get better. Only a few more months. You'll see."


"I know," I said, taking a deep breath and releasing all those sucky memories. It made me start to feel better, something that Milo picked up on right away.


"But holy shit, man! That was some freakin' scary stuff, wasn't it? I don't ever want to go through that again," Milo said.


"No kidding. Me either. I'm so glad that's over."


"You and me both. So, Mase, you good now?" he asked shyly after a minute or two of silence.


"Yeah, man. All good."


"Awesome," he said, picking up my hand and lacing his fingers through mine.


"Thanks for listening. I don't like talking about that shit. Outside of my crew, nobody knows about all that. You're a good listener."


"No worries, Mase. I totally get it. I think it helps, getting it out instead of letting it build up inside," he said with authority. "Listen, any time you want to talk, I'm here for ya, okay? You can talk with me about anything, anytime, anywhere and it won't go any further. I promise."


"Thanks, dude. I appreciate it. Anyway, I owe you a blowjob, you know," I said, snapping back to reality.


"Yeah, I almost forgot about that."


"No you didn't," I chuckled. "Don't lie."




"Can we jet to your uncle's house for a minute or two? I know it's late, but I can return the favor and head home. What do you think?" I asked.


"I think that sounds freakin' awesome. We should'a been there from the beginning. Maybe we can even sixty-nine, if you can squeeze out another load," he said, this time squeezing my crotch. "I'd like that. It was so tasty."


"Yeah! Me too. That sounds way cool."


"Before I forget, I have to text my mom when we get done. Remind me, Mase, okay?"


"Sure. But dude, why? Do you text her every time you shoot your load?" I asked.


"No, dummy. I have to text her so she knows I'm in for the night."


"Oh. I don't even know what my curfew is. That's nice that your family cares."


"Yeah, it is. But, you know, I care. You can text me when you get home," he said, seriously, then added, "and when you cum, too!"


"You're funny. Shut up and drive. I'm super horny again."


"I'm all over it!"


It didn't take us long to get back to his uncle's house. Once we were both inside, he made sure to put the alarm on in the unlikely event his sister would show up again. We raced past the door to the mysterious room, and further down to the room he was using. Once inside, he turned on the light and slammed the door shut behind him. He was on me like prey, pushing me powerfully up against the wall next to the door, so hard that a picture next to us slipped to the side, rocked a bit and finally fell to the floor. Luckily for Milo, it didn't break.


His mouth was on me, hard and fast, and his tongue slipped forcefully into my mouth. But this was about him his turn now and I wasn't going to let him take the lead. So I grasped for his nice-sized guns and pushed him off me, at the same time spinning us around in a quick one-eighty so that he was the one up against the wall now. I jammed my lips forcefully against his and reached for his wrists, pulling them up and over his head, holding him captive. I held him in place with one hand and fisted his shirt with the other, reeling him in. I kissed him roughly and started grinding my straining crotch into his. This was getting hot fast, and he was moaning and pushing right back into me. I knew he was diggin' this, because soon he wrapped one leg around mine to pull me even closer.


After a couple of minutes, our intense kissing and grinding action became too much for both of us and we broke apart, each of us flushed and panting for air. I wiped my mouth and re-arranged my pulsating dick in my pants.


"Mase, what got into you?" he gasped.


"Nothing. Just wanted to get my horny new friend nice and hot, is all," I said, panting right back.


"Well, you certainly did that."


"Good. Gotta get your clothes off."


"Yeah?" he smiled and said all sexy-like.


"Oh, hell yeah!" I reached for his shirt and fumbled around with the buttons until I finally got them free. I slid it off his broad shoulders, tossing it to the floor. "Nice," I said looking at his bare chest, and pulled him into me again for another hot, sloppy boy-on-boy kiss. We kissed that way for the longest time, until Milo pulled away.


"We gotta get naked. Seriously naked," he said huskily. "Now!"


"Agreed!" We quickly stripped off our clothes, and for the second time today, piled them in a heap on his Uncle's floor.


"Get back there, against the wall again. Damn Milo, you look so hot," I said. He really did have a nice looking body. It was more than obvious that his training had totally paid off.


"You too, surfer boy. You're totally hot yourself. In fact, you're so hot, you're radioactive. I think I told you that once before. Come back over here and let's kiss some more. I want to feel all over that naked body of yours."


"K. Only I'm gonna do it my way, because it's my turn now. No argument," I said. I walked over to where Milo was standing against the wall, leaned in and reacquainted his tongue with mine. We didn't do that long before I let loose and grabbed his chin, pushing it up slightly, and slowly kissed my way down his neck. Interestingly, he must have a fast-growing beard, because his stubble was rough on my face. It felt monumental. Wish I could grow more than a few stray whiskers.


Down below, our throbbing boners were in a Viking battle to the death, and it didn't seem like either one was losing. And, damn! He smelled so freakin' good, like baseball and hot dogs and cologne, maybe. All I wanted to do was feed on him. I wondered what he smelled like after he worked out. I bet it must be wicked.


"So good, Mase," he said with a sigh. "So fucking good."


I didn't pay much attention to what he was saying, as I was a dude on a mission. A mission to get Milo off. I continued my kisses further down, settling in on his nicely defined pec's. I grabbed both in my hands and squeezed lightly while I kissed the middle of his chest. They were nice and firm, and felt so good. I twisted his nipples around, and leaned in and took one in my mouth, then the other. They tasted delightful, like salty cashews, rich and flavorful. My sucking action made Milo sigh again, this time louder.


Milo started weaving his fingers through my hair as I let go of his pec's and grabbed his waist tightly for support, going lower still. I bent down and followed the contours with my mouth, as I slowly kissed my way down his stomach to his belly-button. I did a little exploring there, and I guess it was a sensitive spot for Milo, because he started to giggle and twitch around.


"Too ticklish?" I asked.


"Yeah. Who knew?"


I got down on my knees in front of my hot baseballer, and stuck my face right up into his crotch. He was so hot and horny that his boner was sticking almost straight up, perpendicular to his body. It was an amazing sight and it made me shudder. I moved in a bit more, closing my eyes. I don't know what it is about Milo that gets me all worked up more than his scent. It drives me wild, and his crotch is no exception. It has this masculine funk that got me all crazy and lustful.


"You gonna stare at it all night?"


"Shut up," I said. "I've never seen a hard dick like this so close up. It's beautiful, Milo. I think I'm going to meet it the right way and give it a kiss first." Where the fuck did that come from? But I did kiss it and kissed it some more. And more!


I stuck out my tongue and started to slowly take some short licks all over the sensitive head, tasting a guy's Milo's! cock for the very first time. I wanted to savor it, flood my senses with its taste and aroma. I took tentative licks all over the shaft to get familiar with his length. It felt super-hot on my tongue and velvety smooth. I started to get more serious, and ran the tip of my tongue underneath his stretchy foreskin. It was an incredible sensation for me, but for Milo it was almost too much.


"Fuck, Mason! Oh my god. That feels so great. It's so good it almost hurts."


"Do you want me to stop?" I asked.


"Fuck no!"


"Good, because I'm not gonna." I pushed his legs wider apart, so I could crawl up and get closer to my mission at hand. Before I did, I took a good look under his balls, to the sublime and teasingly forbidden place that I wanted to explore sometime soon. I went back to making his boner good and slobbery with my tongue like I'd read about online, and apparently he liked that too, because his legs started to twerk around. His dick didn't have a definitive taste, a bit salty and a little tart maybe. It was delicious, though, and if this was any indication, I couldn't wait to try his load on my tongue.


I guess I was doing this the right way, because soon, Milo let out a long, contented sigh. That made me feel good that I was doing this the correct way and was pleasing the hot shortstop. I tried to make my mouth extra wet, and opened it real wide, taking the first two or three inches in, just to get a feel for it. It was a phenomenal feeling, and something that I'd thought about doing for the longest time. And here I was finally doing it. Shit!


"God, that feels so fucking excellent, Mase. You're doing good, man. So good. Keep going."


"K," I mumbled.


I kept at it, bobbing up and down on his hard dick, trying to see how much of it I could comfortably take in my mouth. It was either easier than I thought, or maybe I didn't have the same gag reflex I'd overheard girls talk about. In no time, I had a steady rhythm going, and I was able to get most of his stiff meat in my mouth and down my throat. It was an exhilarating feeling, and I loved it.


"Oh, god, Mason! That's great!"


"I know," I said, leaning back on my heels and taking a breather for a second. "It's so tasty."


"It's super-hot watching my dick disappear inside your mouth. And it feels so awesome when your hair falls down on me. It makes me shiver all over."


"It freaks you out?" I asked.


"Yeah, in a good way. Why don't you play with my balls a little? I don't want to cum yet. You can try that again later."


"Sure. I'm all over it." Since he had already done me once, I needed to make this as bangin' a job as I could for him. So I snuggled his balls with my hand, between my index finger and thumb. I made a circle with my fingers, squeezing slightly underneath his ball sack to clamp them snuggly. I covered his pubic bone with my other hand, pushing his boner straight towards my waiting mouth. I didn't go back to work on his cock not quite yet.


I took each of his balls in my mouth, one at a time, swirling them all around. The soft, rubbery hairless-skin felt delicious in my mouth, and I couldn't help nibble slightly on the chewy skin. Milo let out another contented sigh, and I made a mental note to do this again to him.


I started debating about wanting to try something that I was sure Milo was going to love, judging by all of our get-acquainted sex talk we had throughout the day. I wasn't sure I wanted to do it yet, even though I knew Milo would love it. The debate in my mind didn't last long, so I dropped his awesome balls from my mouth and scooted down to a place I had my eye on earlier. It was a little bit deeper and darker, and the second I laid my tongue close to my intended target, Milo let out a shout of ecstasy.


"Fuck dude! Oh my god. That feels so good. But you have to stop."


"Hmmm?" I tried to ask. What the fuck's his problem?


"Mason, you gotta stop. Now."


"Why?" I asked, sitting back and looking up at him. Damn, he was on fire! His cock was twitching like crazy and he had a light sheen of sweat all over his chest.


"If you keep doing that, I'm gonna need you to fuck me, and we agreed to wait for that. Special, remember?"




"Don't start something we can't finish. Remember we talked about it? We agreed."


"Oh, all right," I said. I was disappointed because I wanted to focus on him and make him feel as good as he made me.


"Get up. I have an idea," he said, holding out one of his strong arms to help me up. We kissed again and surprisingly, he turned me loose, flipping off the light switch as he walked away. He padded over to the bed, giving me a great view of his muscular, smooth ass in the low night-light sneaking out the bathroom door. God it was sexy! I had a crazy thought: `I'm going to tap that sweet ass sometime soon', and I had to quickly stifle a little happy dance. As I followed him around the room towards the bed like a puppy, my eyes flashed on the shape of somebody standing in the window of the next-door neighbor's house, seemingly looking at us before quickly turning off their overhead lights and disappearing from view.


"Hey, Milo. You know who lives next door? I think they were watching us."

"No shit? I think my uncle says an older couple lives over there. Haven't ever met them though. Why? What makes you ask that?" he answered. "That must have been quite a show we put on. I bet they're all horned up now and left to go get off."


"Could be. It's probably nothing. Thought I saw someone looking at us, but maybe they were only walking around the room over there. The lights are off and they're all gone now. If you're not worried, I'm not gonna worry. Anyway, I'm gonna close the curtains just in case."


"Cool." Milo pulled the covers back quickly and plopped down loudly in the center of the mattress. He spread his legs apart to give me a great view of his hard cock and hairless balls, and I have to admit that those were the finest bits of male goodies that I had could have imagined. They looked delicious, hard and pink and packed with cum, and I could hardly wait to play with them again.


I landed on the bed, on my side, while he leaned over and grabbed something out of the drawer in the nightstand. I could smell him on the sheets, and it gave my boner a happy jolt. Like I said, something about his smell drove me insane.


"Here. This will be hot." Milo stretched out next to me so we were touching from our foreheads all the way down to our toes. He squeezed out a healthy glob of lube, and smeared it all over our throbbing cocks and sperm-filled balls. He put the bottle down and pushed his entire body hard onto mine, wrapping his strong right arm around my back, pulling me even closer.


"God, Milo. You're right. This is so freakin' hot."


"It'll be like we're fucking each other."


He started to grind his hard cock into my equally hard cock, as our hot and sweaty bodies' glided snuggly against each other. I thought I was going to pass out from the intense pleasure, but I didn't, and instead focused my attention back to Milo. I reached around and wrapped my arm around him to pull him tighter, like he was doing to me. We tried to kiss again, only it was too futile with us grinding and rolling around on each other. So I started to suck on his broad shoulder instead.


Unfortunately, I couldn't focus on that for very long as things were getting too intense. I tucked my head sharply onto his shoulder, and started to match his thrusts. His body, almost completely covering mine now, felt so firm and smooth, and his stiff nipples felt excruciatingly wonderful rubbing against my equally engorged tits. And our dicks! So hard, busy duking it out. Mine was almost painful the way it throbbed and rubbed against Milo's severely rigid phallus. In no time, he had me flat on my back, my arms outstretched and wrapped tight around his back, pulling him as close as I could get.


I could hear him moaning now. He was incredibly hot and horny, sweat starting to drop down on me. He started to grind and thrust onto my body like it was his first time. Duh! It was. And mine, too. Soon, his moans and groans became louder and louder, and he moved his head around to whisper in my ear, "I'm gonna cum soon. Cum with me, buddy. Let's get gooey together. Cum on me, then I'll cum on you."


"On it!" I didn't have to be asked twice by this hot jock, so I twisted my mouth over a bit and opened it up, snagging his earlobe so I could nibble on it. That did it. He was over the top and was finally going to get off. And get off he did! He started to loudly moan and groan now, the whole while rubbing me up and down all over my body with his muscular teenage boy body. I wish I could have seen his face, but we were too tightly wrapped together that it wasn't an option.


His first volley of hot seed spewed between us, sizzling and slightly aromatic. The next few volleys completely saturated my groin, chest and abs. That burning cream blasting onto my flesh was all I needed to start my reward. I started to jerk and twist, and the second load in as many hours came jetting out my cumhole, soaking both our mid sections with our combined delicious teenage dick juice.


We laid like that on top of each other, our fresh-hot loads of teenage seed gluing us together. It was a strange feeling, but not a bad one at all. As far as I was concerned, Milo could cum on me any time he wanted.


"Damn, dude. That was fantastic," Milo said, finally rolling off me.


"I know. I'm soaked in cum! You better text you mom now, and then grab me a cum rag or something on your way back," I joked.


"Oh shit, you're right. Let me run in and get a towel so we can get cleaned up first." When he came back, he asked me, "Hey Mase? I know you don't have any clothes here, but it would be cool if you stayed the night with me. You could wear a pair of my sweat's home in the morning."


"You sure? That would be awesome. I can't though. I have to get up early to go to work."


"I have to get up early too, remember? I told you that I tutor kids on Saturday mornings. I have to be at the center at eight, so getting up early won't be a problem. We can set the alarm for like six-thirty or something. What do you think? This sounds funny, but I'd totally like to cuddle with you until we fall asleep. Especially after the monumental day we've had. I want to wrap my arms around you and hold you tight all night long."


"Yeah, dude. I don't think it' funny at all. I'd like to do that too," I said grinning at him from ear to ear. He was so cute with that hopeful grin on his face. "You got it. Now hand me that freaking towel! I'm a hot, drippy, wet mess."


End of Chapter 6B 

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