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Chapter 7



I woke up incredibly happy, which was sort of a strange thing for me. It was because I was with geez Milo! in his uncle's guest room, spooned and cuddled up in an ancient four-poster bed, both of us completely naked. The crisp white sheets and the colorful hand-made antique quilt felt clean and fresh against my body. Milo's muscular arm was slung hard over my chest high, almost up to my neck holding me tight, but easy, against his strong, muscular body. He seemed like he was still asleep because he was whistling rhythmically through his teeth, ruffling my long hair with his every exhale, tickling the nape of my neck. This was a first for me, sleeping with a naked dude, and it felt like freakin' nirvana. I could totally get used to this.


The big bed might have been clean, cool and comfortable, but Milo's strong body glued to my back was wild, warm and wonderful. I slowly opened one eye and could see the sun starting to peek through the open windows across the room overlooking the pool, teasing us with good experiences to be had this fine fall Saturday morning. I could even smell the citrus blossoms flowering outside from the potted trees surrounding the pool. However, what was even more exciting, which I couldn't even begin to fathom, was that Milo's rock-hard manhood was parallel-parked comfortably between my butt cheeks a place nobody but me ever went. It felt insanely nice to wake up like this, not moving, luxuriating in this baseball jocks savory closeness, and his silky-skin warmth. I made another mental image of this, pretending I was watching this from high above, like from a sputtering Chinese spy satellite, and willed the alarm on my phone not to dare go off any time soon.


Unfortunately, that didn't work. It made us grudgingly, groggily, wake up and answer the day ahead of us.


Milo was the first to stir, snuggling into my back, trying to scooch up to me as close as he could like he was trying to climb inside of me. He pulled his strong arm even tighter, and in a surprisingly gravelly voice asked, "Ummm, what's that song playing on your phone? I totally dig it."


"Yeah? It's Crazy Love by Irene Diaz. It is a cool song, huh?" I almost-whispered, stretching out my toes and fingers, like a complacent calico cat lying comfortably in an old thread-bare armchair in the warm sunshine. Milo was there for every inch dude wouldn't turn me loose.


"Oh, yeah. It's awesome, Mase. I love the ukulele," Milo said, sniffing my hair he had his face buried in. "What a great way to wake up."


"I know. She's a friend of a friend of a friend," I said. "I think they recorded that song in a drainage tunnel near a beach I surf at sometimes. She's on the brink of making it. Just needs some good press or an amazing tweet or something to get her career blasting. Like go on Jools Holland or something. A movie soundtrack would be perfect for her and that song. So, buddy, I hate to say this. We need to get up and start the day."


"I don't want to," he whined. "Can't we stay like this for a few more minutes?"


"No, dude, I wish we could. I have to be at work soon, and you said you have to tutor the little peeps at eight. That doesn't give us much time."


"Oh, all right. But you're no fun. The first time I have a cute, naked guy in my bed, all he wants to do is bail on me. Not fair," he whined again.


"Cute? Did you just call me cute?"


"Oh, did I say that? My mistake. I meant super-smelly and desperately needs a haircut."


"Hey, now. I do not need a haircut. Maybe a small trim, but that's all. I got a little trim a few months back. One-Eye does it. He's been cutting my hair out in his dad's garage since I was a kid. And, asshole, I do not smell. You must be getting a strong whiff of your wicked morning breath. Obviously, cold burgers don't agree with you."


"Doubt that, surfer boy. It's you. I'm sure of it. You must have surfed too close to one of those raw-sewage treatment plants. I have half a mind to spray some air freshener around and take three showers," he joked. "I might even have to burn and bury the sheets out back."


"Oh, poor you. Only half a mind. Imagine what you could accomplish with a full one." Changing the subject, I asked, "What're you doing tonight? Can we do something together after I get off work?"


"Of course we can. I was hoping you'd ask that," he said, stretching out next to me, then tightening his hold around me once again. "I love spending time with you, Mase. What did you have in mind?"


"Nothing, really. Only no cops, relatives, crazy friends or co-workers bouncing in on us today, okay?" I said, counting them off on my fingers. I swear I was missing somebody. "Maybe we can figure out the code for your uncle's secret room and see what's in there."


"Not likely. Tried that already and I didn't get anywhere. But I'm down for anything else as long as you're there right next to me. Naked would be even better."


"Ah, aren't you the sweetest," I cracked, rolling over and pinching his nipple lightly. "I'm off at five, but I need to go home and spend some time with Floki. She's probably wondering where I've been. And I need to go for a run, too."


"I hear you. I was planning on working out with the guys at the gym this afternoon. I'll tell you more about that and why I'm not going in a sec. But first, here's an idea," Milo said. He sure was hyper this morning. I'd hate to see what he was like after a cup or two of Starbucks. "A guy named Gage, who was on my team last year, and his older brother Desoto are having a kegger. They live up on Slide Hill overlooking the reservoir in this big-old red farmhouse. His parents are gone, on a vacation or something. I think he said he's going to have a DJ. Some cool new EDM guy. So, since we're practically out to the universe now, wanna go? I mean, you're pretty much out, and I'm basically out now, too. Shoot, we might be trending on Google by now. Not that I care, because I'm gonna come out to my parents at lunch today. That's what I was going to say before." Milo rushed out the last few words all in one breath.


"Okay, wait! Huh? Slow down a sec here. Dude! Are you fucking serious? Did I hear you right? Did you actually say you're coming out to your parents?" I was stunned. "Like, today?"


"Yeah, I think so. No! I mean, no, I'm not kidding. I'm totally serious. So that's affirmative! Yes. Yes, I am. After I get back from tutoring. But yeah, I'm ready. Cass knows, and it seems like all of your friends know too. I don't have any real close friends to tell, so it'll be just the guys on the team that I'm sure won't care one way or the other. And Coach will find out soon enough, anyway, because that cop recognized me. I remember Coach saying that he has a twin sister who works as a dispatcher for the police department, so those guys that stopped us last night will surely spill it, and it'll get to him somehow. Then everybody will know. You know that's how this town works. Everybody will know everything sooner or later. Ever wonder how weird it is that everybody around here is connected?"


"No shit. Don't I know it," I agreed.


"So I've been thinking. My parents most likely have figured it out by now, anyway, and I'm tired of hiding. No, hiding's the wrong word. I'm tired of not being truthful about who I am. It's time. I'm an honest guy and this has been nagging at me. Besides, I'm almost eighteen. What could happen? My parents could freak out, which they won't do I'm sure of it. Even if they did, Uncle Scott wouldn't do that, and I'd move in here with him."


"You could get an emancipation. I had considered doing that a while ago."


"I don't know what that is," he said.


"Doesn't matter. Bullshit legal stuff I researched a couple of times. You have to get a lawyer and pay a buttload of money. I'll tell you about it later. Back to you this is serious shit. I mean, it sounds like you have everything thought out and all, but have you really, really thought it all out? Thoroughly? I mean, this is a ginormous step, Milo. What if they freak?"


"I've thought of that. I've been thinking about it for a while now. Cass has been after me to do it. She says it won't be a big, dramatic scene. Who knows? Maybe she's already filled them in, or maybe my parents asked her and she spilled her guts. I wouldn't be surprised. I'm not worried, much. Seriously, I think it will be okay, just a bit scary."


"No shit. But dude, you have to promise me something. If it goes all to hell, you'll call me or text me or something and I can be there to back you up, or move you out, or whatever you need, in a nanosecond. I can get out of work if it's an emergency. Not a problem. Dude, you gotta know I have your back."


"That's awesome, Mase. Honestly. Thanks for that. You're a great guy. Anyway, I don't think that will be necessary. If it does for some-odd reason, I promise I'll text you. Either way, good or bad."


"Okay, cool, but...still. I mean, even if you think it's going to be okay, and even if it IS okay, you've still got to be nervous. Right? I mean, I would be," I asked. I wasn't done with this. Maybe because I was more nervous about what my parents might do or say to me when I finally come out than what Milo's parents were going to do to him. And it looked like that we both might be outed rather soon to our families, considering the way things had been going the last few hours.


"No, really. I promise. I shouldn't even have said anything to you about it. I don't want you to be all worried about me today."


"Dude! How can you even say that? Of course I'm going to worry."


"You will?" he asked, his face brightening.


"Damn right! I just spent the night with you, ya dork. Naked, in your bed, all cuddled up! I'm messing around with your dick, for shit's sake! I wouldn't have done that if I didn't like you, or if I didn't think we were gonna be good friends."


"Awesome, Mase. That sounds great. You're a good friend. I appreciate that. Anyway, at this rate, when we go to school on Monday, it will be old news," he said.


"Maybe. I hope so. Last question. Are you freakin' sure your folks won't freak?"


"Yes. I don't care anymore," he said, rolling over on top of me and sticking his face in mine. "I want to show off my new stud."


"Dude, get off me! You're gonna bust my bladder. Unless you're into water sports! I gotta fucking piss."


"Sorry," he said, quickly rolling off me. "Pee? Sorry. Not really feelin' that."


"Agreed. Me either. So, where is he, this new stud?" I asked when he rolled off me. "And what happened to the old stud?"


"He's right here, asshole," he laughed, flicking me in the forehead again. "Sometimes it's hard for me to believe that you're in AP classes, Mase. Sometimes you're so clueless, and I say that with the smallest amount of respect," he said, blowing out another stale cloud of morning breath my way. I stuck my finger in his mouth before he started to say "Sometimes..." again.


"Sometimes... shut the f up already, dick breath," I interrupted.


"I've got an idea," he said, completely ignoring me. "Can I surprise you with something? It won't be embarrassing or get you into any trouble, I promise. We won't be going to the Overlook again, I swear. Done with that. This is something I like to do. I want to share it with you, and I want it to be a surprise. I guarantee you'll love it."


"Crazy-messy weird sex? I could be up for that."


"Seriously? Bad pun. Maybe later, though. If you must know, I'm going to make you dinner. A killer dinner."


"Dinner? Are you for real? You can cook? That's great because I've had enough burnt grilled cheese sandwiches, wieners and beans, Pop-Tarts and frozen pizza pockets to last me a lifetime. What are you going to make? I won't get the trots an hour later, will I?"


"No, you picklehead. I love to cook, and I'm good at it, too. That kitchen out there is the total bomb, and Uncle Scott has tons of food stocked away. It'll be like we're having my coming-out celebration dinner. Then we can go to the party, and then we can come back and skinny dip, and then make out and have crazy-messy weird sex. There. It's settled. Be here at seven."


"Food, alcohol, parties and crazy-messy weird sex. Is that all you think about?" I asked.


"Pretty much. But you forgot baseball. I'm a teenager, you know."


"No, I wouldn't. I'm so much younger than you," I said.


"Right. By one day. I'm raiding the cradle. Oh, no!"


"Shut up, doofus."


"So what do you like to eat?" he asked.


"Apparently, I have a hankering for sausage now. Seriously, whatever you want to do. It'll be way better than whatever I can make. I'll take about anything you dish up. I'm not picky, but I'm no gourmand either. Whatever you cook will be awesome and delicious, I'm sure. Actually, that's pretty awesome that you can do that."


"Cool. I'll make us something special. It'll be good. I promise you'll like it. Anyway, I hate to say this but we have to get up. Let's take a shower together in the master bathroom. You're not going to believe it."


"He won't mind?" I asked.


"Naw, it's cool. Besides, he won't know. The housekeeping crew shows up first thing Monday morning before he comes home later in the week. C'mon, get up, you oaf. I'll find you some fresh sweats you can wear home, and then we'll check out his room."


Milo jumped out of bed first, flashing me his meaty buns once again, and started to root around in a large pine dresser, finding clean clothes for him and some red and silver Titan sweats for me, while I begrudgingly got out of bed and trudged to the small guest bathroom to take a wicked piss. We cruised through the big house, around the pool to the other side of the building, where the master bedroom was. His uncle's bedroom was stark and monochromatic, but the bathroom was something else entirely.


Milo flipped on the lights, and I swear, I was standing in the penthouse bathroom of some swanky new hotel on the Las Vegas Strip or some multi-million dollar condo in Manhattan. LED lights, floor-to-ceiling tinted glass windows overlooking the big pool, and stacks of white fluffy towels on the black-and-white marble countertop. There was even a urinal!


"A pisser? Really? That's so over the top, dude. It would be totally cool to have one of these at home."


"I know. It even has a sensor that flushes by itself. I've asked my dad to put one in our little bathroom, only he's not interested. Uncle Scott has tons of money, so he could afford it when he had this house built," he said. "Get a load of this."


He walked over to the back wall, and pressed a bunch of switches and buttons. Soon, the huge glass enclosure that took up a decent portion of the room was lit-up in an amazing array of mood-inducing colorful lights, bouncing off the cool black-veined white marble. After Milo settled on one setting that was all blues and greens, and a bit of purple for good measure, he flipped a few more switches, and water started spraying from knobs and nozzles all over the place, and then clouds of steam started slowly swirling up gracefully from some undetectable holes near the floor. Apparently, his uncle wasn't worried about water conservation or our drought.


"Damn, Milo, this is so fucking cool. You could have a party in here. Shit, I'd be in this thing all the time. Especially when Floki and I go to the beach. It'd be so easy to wash all of the sand off her when we come back from surfing. I know she'd love it. So how do you control the temperature?" I asked.


"See," he pointed to the panel. "It's all computer controlled. Some are already pre-programmed. The one that's running is labeled `Minutes Before The Hurricane'."


"That's a weird name. What are you waiting for? Let's get in and try it out!"


Milo opened the big glass door for me, and I walked in to a steamy, rain forest light rain. It was soothing, warm and wonderful. I loved being in there, naked, with Milo. "This is so cool, dude. We should do this every day."


"I wish we could. Stand over there," he said, pointing to the tile side of the huge enclosure. "I want to soap you all up. Every inch."


"Oh, man," I said. "You're too f'n sexy, buddy." Milo picked up a way-too-fat, yellowish-brown sea sponge, and squirted some wonderful smelling lavender scented shower gel infused with sea-cucumber oil into the middle of it. He rubbed it all over, and ordered me to face the opposite direction against the glass. I had a wonderful view of the sun just starting to shine on the pool.


"You're gonna love this," he said, as he came up from behind me and started to slowly rub the dead sea creature into the top of my shoulders.


"Oh, god, Milo. That feels so sweet!"


"I know. You'd think these things would be scratchy, but they're not."


Milo continued to run the sponge all over my shoulders and back, making me sigh. It felt so damn good. He rubbed it lower, and even lower still, until he was rubbing my butt cheeks.


"You're getting me boned up again, dude," I said. "Better stop."


"Good. Then I'm doing my job."


"That's true. But we ain't got time for that now," I said turning around, my hard dork slapping him on his hip. "Here, let me do you."




"Front or back?" I asked as I squirted some more of the shower gel into the deep craters of the deceased sea animal.


"Do the front. I want to look at your dick. It's so puuurty."


"You always this weird so early in the morning?"


"Yeah, pretty much. I'm a morning person. Damn, Mase, feels nice."


"It does, huh?" I saw a spot that needed attention near his belly button, and I had to grip his hard-on and hold it sideways. "It's a good thing your mom doesn't bathe you anymore. You'd have a hard time explaining all this dried cum all over you. Even that cop had to tell you about it. I think you're a dirty, nasty boy."


"Thanks to you, I am now," he laughed. "I doubt my mom will be giving me a bath anytime soon. She never said anything about my old pair of cum-crusty tightie-whities that I used as a cum rag when I first started to squirt. But my dad did."


"What?" I almost choked. "No shit?"


"Yeah, he does the laundry, mostly. So, yeah, when I was like twelve or thirteen, we had the `man' talk, and after that, I was so embarrassed that I switched to Kleenex, flushing them. That's when I started doing my own laundry. I didn't want to gross anybody out."


"Yeah, I could see that. I'd never thought of it that way, since I've been doing my own laundry since I lived with Angus and Avelina those two years. Can you believe I was only eight when I started doing laundry?"


"Wow. I'm not sure I could reach the controls when I was that age. No way could I do laundry when I was that age. You're like that kid from Home Alone Izzy was mentioning," he said.


"Maybe. Ever wonder why t-shirts always turn inside-out in the dryer? Chaps my anus."


"Oh, poor you. Want me to kiss it and make it better?"


"Don't be a tool. Turn around and let me do your back. Then I'm going to shampoo your hair."


"Cool," Milo purred. "That sounds sexy."


I finished sponging him off, paying special attention to his meaty ass and solid legs, and I couldn't help but run my finger down his crack, tickling his rosebud. He was surprised and gave a little squeak, but then he got into it and started to giggle. After rinsing him off, I dropped the sponge on a built-in seat along the wall, and looked around to see where the bottle of shampoo was. Of course, there were three or four, all brands that I'd never seen or heard of before. I grabbed one that was all in French, probably picked up by his uncle on one of his trips abroad. It was named Bulles de Chocolat Noir, whatever that meant. After smelling it first, and liking it, I squirted some into the palm of my hand. I was surprised how silky it felt, not to mention the huge amount of iridescent yummy-smelling bubbles it made.


"Close your eyes," I said, as I started to rub my soapy fingers through his curly brown locks.


"So nice, Mase. So nice," he whispered.


"You've got great hair," I said after a while.


"I'm lucky. I all I have to do is shake it out, and when it dries it falls right into place. Damn, this feels so great."


"I've been thinking about cutting my hair. It gets too hot sometimes, and gets in the way a lot," I said.


"No, don't do that. I like it long. Looks sexy on you. If you want, I can braid it for you. Geez, that sounded so gay. But, you know, I'd do it just for you, if you want."


"Thanks, dude. We'll see. I don't normally wear it like that. I do need a trim soon, though. The market promotes the beach look, although it's getting pretty long and they're gonna say something to me soon about it, I'm sure. Maybe I'll cut two or three inches off."


"That would be cool. Don't cut any more than that. I like how it's light when it's dry, and dark when it's wet. You almost done? I want to do you," Milo said.


"I'm sure you do, pervert" I joked. "Get rinsed off and you can do me next."




When we finished, we took our time rinsing each other off, giving us time to check out each other. And of course, we kissed a lot. When we got out of the huge glass enclosure, Milo handed me a big, fluffy towel off the shiny towel rack. I was surprised it was warm almost hot even.


"Hey, Milo? Why is this hot?" I asked.


"The rack has a heating element. It's connected to the control panel to the shower so it knows when to turn on and off. Nice, huh?"


"No shit. I want one of these."


"Feel the floor? It has some sort of device that warms it up from the bottom. It has a sensor too, but I don't know how that works, exactly," he said. "Except that it turns on with the shower, I think."


"Very cool. You know, I've said it before: you're a total lucky-butt to stay here like this."


"Yeah, Don't I know it. But it does get lonely being in this big place all by myself, sometimes," he said. I didn't doubt that, although I'd sure be willing to give it a try for a few months.


As we finished drying off, I asked, "You think there's a spare toothbrush around here that I could use? I hate not brushing my teeth."


"Oh, sure. In that cabinet over there. He's got plenty of everything you could possibly need. Grab one of those disposable razors if you need one. Use that sink and I'll use this one."


"Awesome. Thanks, man," I said. "This is what I imagine a 5-star hotel must be like."


"I guess. I've never been to one before."


"Me either."


"Hey, Mase? I've been thinking. How come you don't have to tell your folks where you are? If I stayed out all night, my parents would completely freak and be calling everybody I know by now."


"Well, it's not like I do it all the time or anything, and I don't stay out during the week, mostly. They probably think I'm at Rob's. I stay over there sometimes. Not so much lately, you know. They give me a lot of latitude, I guess because I don't cause a lot of problems. Besides, they know I'll be home eventually to take care of Floki. I could never ditch her."


"That's kind of sad, in a way. I hate being told what to do all the time, but it's nice that my parents still look out for me, even if I am almost eighteen."


"Yeah, I suppose," I said, thinking. "But, you know, it works for us. Honestly, I'd rather have it this way than having my folks my dad especially getting all up in my business. Know what I'm saying?"


"I do. I get that. But don't you get lonely sometimes?" he asked through a mouthful of toothpaste. He was looking at me in the mirror.


"Sure, I do. Sometimes. But my crew is like my family, you know, and since I've been working I'm not home very much anyway. I do feel guilty for not spending more time with Floki, though. Doesn't seem fair to her that I'm not around like I used to be. She can wander over to Angus and Avelina's place, and they give her a lot of attention, but it's not the same. She's my girl."


"Poor doggie. She sounds like a sweetie. I love dogs, only we could never have one because my mom and sister are allergic. When I get on my own I want one," he said. "Maybe when you teach me to surf you can bring her. Shit! Look at the time. We gotta get moving."


"K. I'm almost done. Go get dressed and I'll catch up to you in a sec."


The next few minutes at Milo's Uncle Scott's house were a complete blur. We both raced around, getting dressed, dumping dirty towels into the hamper and straightening up the bedroom. In no time, we were standing on the front porch, not wanting this to end. We kissed a little, and it was a nice way to start the day.


"Thanks for spending the night with me, Mase. I had an awesomely great time. Before you go, can we take a brofie?" he asked shyly.




"To get me through the day, of course," he said.


"Sure. Just don't let the pictures leave your phone," I sang.


"Eww. OneD. You're adorkable." He pulled out his phone, one of those huge new ones like Izzy recently got, wrapped his arm around my waist and snapped a couple of pics. "Awesome. Promise me I'll see you again tonight?"


"Absolutely, buddy. You know it. I had a great time too."


"Me, too. The best," he smiled.


"Good luck with the `rents today. I hope that goes okay for you."


"It will. I'm pretty sure of it." We stood there on the big porch, not wanting to leave each other.


"So Milo?" I finally said.




"Thanks for flashing me your boner in class. That was f'n awesome."


He didn't say anything, and instead, flashed me that super-sexy smile of his and waved goodbye.



End of Chapter 7 



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