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The Sky In His Eyes

Chapter Six: When It Rains...


   He kissed me!! He actually kissed me!! Or maybe I kissed him. What does it matter, we kissed!! I was beside myself with excitement. I was nearly shaking, and it wasn't't from the cold water we were lying in. That had been put out of my mind the instant I looked into his eyes and became aware of just how wonderful his body felt in my arms. Our lips had touched in what must have been the most sensuous kiss ever. There wasn't't even any tongue action, but it was tender and beautiful and everything that I'd hoped my first kiss with a boy would be. No, it was everything and more!!

   "We'd better go," he whispered, blushing and grinning at the same time.

   "Yeah, maybe we should," I said, still smiling from ear to ear. I didn't care how dopey I looked, I was bursting with love. I stood and gave Skyler my hand to help him up from the stream. The water beaded on his chest and dripped off his delicious little nipples, which were now erect from the chilly water. I just wanted to kiss every inch of his flesh!!

   We waded out of the stream and after collecting our shoes, shirts and sunglasses, began the hike out of the canyon. I let Skyler lead the way, just lagging behind enough that I could admire his smooth, tanned, shirtless body. His allure and beauty didn't come from his clothes or the way he styled his hair, it came from deep within. Of course there was something very cute about the way he wore his Nikes without any socks.

   Every time I looked at him I saw a world of possibility, filled with hope, happiness, and love, where neither of us would ever have to be lonely again, where we could do anything. The voice in my head was still nagging me to tell him how I felt, that I loved him and would do anything for him, to blurt out all my dreams and desires, but we were actually silent most of the way home. I doubt any words could have done my feelings justice anyway. It wasn't an uneasy silence at all though. In fact we traded a lot of bashful smiles and a few giggles along the way. We were just having fun, goofing off like two teen boys, and that in itself made me feel good inside. Our friendship was really growing. But we had also kissed and were feeling giddy, like two teenage lovers. We were friends and it was going to stay that way. For that I was very grateful. Now I had high hopes that it could go to the next level, that we could be boyfriends too. Everyday the chances of him accepting my feelings, and returning them, seemed to grow exponentially.

   It was still early in the day by the time we climbed out of the canyon and hiked back to the road. We were already dry and even a bit dusty. I really wanted to spend the day with him, showing him a good time. I was already thinking of ways to charm him into seeing how happy I could make him. How happy we could be together as a couple.

   "You wanna go grab a milkshake? There's a cool place downtown that has some killer shakes, they make em with real strawberries," I said, already imagining us sitting at a picnic table staring lustfully into one another's eyes. I was feeling remarkably optimistic but my smile began to fade when I saw the look on Skyler's face. I could already guess his answer.

   "Um...well," he answered, considering it for a second as he looked down at the ground and kicked a pebble away. "I have ta scarper off. My dad's gonna be home soon and I'm `sposed to go someplace with him."

   "Oh...ok," I said, trying not to sound overly disappointed as my voice faded. Tiny cracks of doubt were beginning to form in the castle I'd so hastily built in my heart. Suddenly I got scared that maybe he was trying to make an excuse to get away from me. "Well, maybe some other time?"

   "Yeah," he said after a pause. Then he blushed again and looked up with a smile. "How about tomorrow?"

   "Really?" I asked excitedly.

   "Yeah," he said, "I'd love to."

   I couldn't have controlled the smile on my face if I'd wanted to. He used the word `love'!!

   "Sweet! It's a date then, right?" I hinted.

   "Why not? I already got the kiss," he said with a grin.

   Oh my God, I was about ready to pass out! How Ironic that I was standing there blushing while Skyler smiled at me. So why was he suddenly so open? He was into it, that was the only explanation. With all my heart I prayed that he was starting to feel for me what I'd felt for him all along. He'd been very receptive lately, and it was one hell of a promising start.

   "Yeah, I guess I owe ya...or you owe me...or...whatever! I'll stop over in the morning," I suggested.

   "Why don't I drop by your house? I haven't even seen where ya live," he said.

   "Hey, that'd be great! I live right down there on Navajo," I said, pointing towards the street corner. "It's the blue house near the end."

   "Right. I'll stop round in the morning, we can go for lunch and then we'll have the rest of the day for muckin around."

   "That's perfect," I agreed.

   "Well, I'll see ya then," he said taking a small step away but not really leaving. We kind of stood there smiling and looking at each other, not sure how to part after the morning we'd had. Do we just say bye and walk away? If it'd been up to me I'd have grabbed him in my arms and made wild love to him right there on the grass, but the neighbors might have objected.

   "I better go," he said again as he put his sunglasses back on.

   "Yeah, I'll see ya," I said taking a small step away myself.

   "Tomorrow then."


   "OK, see ya."

   "Laters!" I said. Finally we both turned and started for home, glancing back at each other a few times as we went. I felt like I was floating more then walking and I was sure I detected a little more spring in Skyler's step then earlier that morning. That's what a good kiss will do to ya!

   "Oh wait! I almost forgot," I said sprinting back to him. "I'm playing hockey with Luke in the morning but we should be done by one if that's OK with you, or if not I'll just call him today and cancel, I don't think he'll mind, cause I'd rather go for the milkshake anyway and..."

   "No worries, I won't starve before then," he interupted with a hint of his beautiful laugh. He seemed rather amused by my hyper state and run on babbling. But that's what a good kiss will do to ya!

  "Laters, matey!" he said with a cheerful grin.

   Walking home I thought back to those `possibilities' again. More then ever it looked as though my little dream world could become a reality. Some incredible things had taken place recently, and if those things could then why not the rest of my dreams? I mean every time I thought it couldn't get any better it did! Every time I got scared or mad at myself for doing something stupid Skyler would surprise me by coming back, opening up more or telling me that he liked what I did! When I thought I'd been annoying he invited me into his house. When I made a fool of myself in his kitchen he asked me to stay the night. When I had the unthinkable courage to make a sexual advance on him without his permission he told me it felt good. Now I'd knocked him into the water and kissed him and he agreed to a date with me. He didn't have to do any of those things to be nice. He'd barely spoken to me when we first met. I doubt he'd have rolled up and offered me some water that day, or asked me to stay the night if he didn't like me. Furthermore I doubt he would have let me touch him like I did the night before, or kiss him this morning if he didn't really like me...as in "more then a friend". Still I didn't want to build up any high hopes and then be crushed if he decided he was straight. But how could I not be excited over the possibilities?

   I sprinted up the front walk and took all three steps of the front porch in a single leap. For once I was happy to see this house, my house. I'd been none too pleased with the idea of moving just two months ago, but maybe it had been fate. How else could you explain a California boy like me and an Australian boy like Skyler meeting in the middle of the Arizona desert?

   "Hey there," my dad said looking over his newspaper as I walked in. "Didn't expect you to be home this early."

   "Well Skyler and his dad had someplace to go, but we had some fun this morning," I said. Hell yeah I had some fun!

   "Your mother's in the kitchen making a late lunch. Better let her know you're home, unless you've eaten already."

   I walked out to the kitchen and surprised my mom with a little hug. I know it was unexpected. We hugged all the time but usually she was the one to initiate it while I played the part of the kid too cool to let anyone see his mom hugging him. Of course she knew it was just my little act. She knew me better then that.

   "Somebody's happy," she said noticing my smile. "What brought this on?"

   "Oh nothing," I said dismissing it. "I'm just likin Arizona."

   "Would you hold it against me if I said `I told ya so'," my dad joked as he entered the kitchen. I just smiled at him as he got the sandwich my mom had made and returned to the living room. My dad had always been captivated by the desert and wanted to live here. When his job gave him the opportunity he jumped at the chance, but not before consulting my mom and I. They were already set on moving but wanted to make sure it wouldn't be too difficult on me. Naturally I didn't want to leave my friends but we needed the move and I tried to look at it as an adventure. Of course they assured me I would make new friends and I knew that, but I never seemed to be really tight with any of my old friends anyway. Kind of like we didn't have a real connection besides school, popularity, sports, all that stuff. Now I had met somebody that I had a real bond with. It was amazing really. Now I understood what all those love songs were about, I knew why people went all goofy when they fell in love. The grass seemed greener, the sky seemed bluer, the sun was warmer...


   ...the air smelled sweeter, the birds were singing to me...


   "Wha?" I suddenly realized that my mom had been talking to me.

   "Who is it?" she asked with a chuckle.

   "What ya mean? Who?" I seriously didn't have a clue what she was talking about.

   "Fourteen year old boys don't sigh and stare out the window smiling unless they're high or in love. And if you've been getting high you're grounded until you're forty, buddy," she said. "So who is it?"

   "Um...nobody," I lied.

   "You sure about that?" she asked.

   "Well..." I didn't want to lie to my own mother but this was no way to drop the bomb on her that I was gay. I wasn't even sure I wanted to tell her about that at all. "It's just somebody I met, it's nothin really."

   That was an even bigger lie still, but she could see that I didn't want to discuss it and let it drop.

   "Eat your lunch," she said with a smile, placing the sandwich in front of me then leaving to sit with my dad. Maybe before I tell her I'm gay I should tell her I don't like ham.

   I woke up the next morning still excited over the previous day with Skyler and still dreaming of what could happen between us. I skipped showering since I was going to play hockey and would be getting all sweaty anyway. I just used some gel and slicked my hair back, got dressed, grabbed my blades and helmet and was off. I shouldn't even have been on blades that morning though. I was so preoccupied with my daydreams that I came close to splattering myself on both a parked car and a telephone pole on my way to the school parking lot. Then again, if Skyler came to see me in the hospital maybe he'd feel bad for me and cheer me up with some hot hospital bed sex!

   Luke and some of the others were already at the parking lot when I arrived. I was happy to see that Adrian wasn't there and hoped he wasn't going to show up. I picked up speed and went flying past Luke, smacking him on the back of the head playfully as I passed.

   "Oh! You bitch!" he yelled through his laughter as he took off to chase me.

   "So you can skate," I said with mock surprise. "I thought maybe you were just gonna stand there and wobble the whole game."

   "Yeah I can skate. And I bet I can catch you too!" he said closing in on me, finally returning the smack I'd given him. "Tag, you're it!"

   We came to a stop near the one goal net and I noticed the others sitting along the curb talking. I counted quickly and came up with an odd number.

   "Are we short a man?" I asked.

   "Yeah we're just waiting for Andy. He's always late," Luke explained.

   "Oh, Adrian's not coming," I asked.

   "Nah, he doesn't skate," Luke said, then paused. "You don't like Adrian do you?"

   It was mostly a rhetorical question. He knew from my behavior in lunch on Friday that I didn't like Adrian, but I sensed he wanted to know exactly why.

   "No, not really," I said matter of factly.

   "Why not?"

   "Cause I know the kind of guy he is. He's the type who just wants to bully everyone else into following him. He doesn't like anyone who disagrees with him or is even slightly different. He has to pick on people to make himself feel big..."

   "Whoa dude! I guess you really don't like him," he said with a laugh.

   "Nope. But how close am I?" I asked.

   "Honestly...you're pretty close," he said.

   "So why do you hang around with him?"

   "I dunno," Luke shrugged. "We've just known each other since we were little, and he's always been cool with me. I'm sure as hell not his follower. But I guess he knows that and he's never tried to bully me about anything."

   "I just can't stomach people who do shit like that. Like the way he picks on that Sean kid," I said. The thought occurred to me too late that I probably shouldn't have brought it up. I felt guilty for not standing up to defend Sean but what could I do? I sure wasn't ready to let the whole school know that I was gay.

   "So what about Sean? He's a fag, it's his own fault if he gets his ass kicked," Luke replied. Again I was caught off guard by Luke's cold attitude. I wondered if he'd say the same things about me if he knew. Or maybe he'd want to kick my ass himself. Yet it was almost as if I could see something better in Luke. I had a hard time believing he was really that intolerant.

   "It's not his fault dude. Gay people are born that way, they don't choose it. Even if they did what's so wrong about two guys loving each other?" I hoped I wasn't treading on thin ice with this one.

   "Well I guess there's nothing wrong with that," he said after some consideration. "Like if somebody is gay then fine but keep it in the closet. They don't need to be grabbin a guy's ass and trying to kiss him like Sean did."

   I could tell that I didn't know the whole story here but I was sure that the shy blond kid I'd seen run from me at school was not some kind of sicko running around molesting guys.

   "Hope we don't get rained out," he said changing the subject and pointing to the horizon. The sky was growing dark with menacing storm clouds.

   "It's about time!" somebody yelled. Luke and I turned around to see a kid with medium length blond hair skating towards us holding a hockey stick.

   "There he is! Let's go dude," Luke said to me.

   The game was pretty evenly matched and although I hadn't played hockey or even been on my blades in a while I held my own. Everyone seemed friendly enough as well without any real hard contact going on. Luke and I were on the same team and I could tell he was helping me out a bit more then the others, always guarding me and passing the puck to me more then anybody else probably would have. I noticed the air becoming cooler and occasionally there was a rumble of distant thunder. We'd decided to play to ten points but not two seconds after Luke scored the eighth point for our team the skies opened up and began dumping rain on us. It wasn't like I'd never seen rain before but I was surprised at how quickly the storm had come upon us and how much rain was coming down. This was supposed to be the desert after all. Everyone groaned in disappointment and we quickly decided to postpone the game for another, dryer, day.

   "You guys wanna crash at my place while we wait out the storm," one of Luke's friends suggested.

   "Yeah, sounds great," Luke agreed. "Can we order a pizza? It's way after lunch time already."

   Oh shit! I'd forgotten all about the time! I grabbed Luke's wrist and looked at his watch. One o'clock!

   "You comin Nick?" he asked.

   "No, I gotta jet. I'm supposed to meet somebody at one," I explained handing him the hockey stick he'd loaned me. "I'll catch ya in school tomorrow."

   I said a quick goodbye to the rest of the guys and skated off into the rain. It actually felt pretty good. The cool rain was a change from the hot, dry desert air and the lightening seemed to stay in the clouds so I wasn't worried about getting struck dead on my way home. I was more worried that Skyler might want to cancel our "date" because of the rain. We couldn't walk downtown in this and I'd prefer not to have my mom drive us. I still needed a shower as well and wondered if the rain counted.

   As I rounded the street corner and approached my house I was surprised to see Skyler standing on my front porch. His arms were crossed tightly across his chest and he appeared to be shaking. I waved and skated up the driveway but he didn't even smile in return. He just hopped off the front porch and ran to meet me near the side door.

   "Nick! I came over b-but nobody was home and I...I got caught in the rain," he said in a shaky voice. Lightening flashed overhead with a loud crack of thunder making Skyler jump. His eyes were wide and he was visibly trembling now.

   "Are you OK dude?" I asked sincerely concerned about him.

   "I...I...j-just don't like storms. Can we g-go inside, please?" he asked with fear in his eyes. It actually hurt for me to see that fear in his beautiful face.

   "Yeah, of course," I said unlocking the door and inviting him in. I wondered how he could be so upset over just a little storm.

   I carefully stepped inside and sat down near the door to take off my blades. Skyler leaned against the kitchen counter and seemed to calm down some, taking deep breaths. For some reason the storm had really rattled him.

   "It's OK dude, it's just a little thunder," I said trying to reassure him.

   "It's not the thunder," he said.

   "The lightening?"

   "No, it's because of...nevermind," he said shaking his head.

   "You sure? I've never seen you upset like this. If you wanna talk about it I'll listen," I said, placing my hand on his shoulder.

   "I'll be all right, thanks."

   "OK," I said patting him on the back. "Let's go upstairs, I'll show ya my room. I need to get changed anyway."

   Skyler followed me up the steps to my bedroom and sat down in the chair at my computer desk as I pulled my wet T-shirt off over my head and stepped out of my shorts. Skyler was busy watching my South Park screen saver and didn't seem to notice I was down to my boxers.

   "You want a dry shirt?" I offered.

   "Sure, thanks," he said glancing towards me then looking again when he saw I was undressed. He stood up and pulled his own shirt off just as a loud crack of thunder exploded above us. We both jumped but Skyler inhaled quickly, his chest shaking as if he was about to cry.

   "Hey, bud, it's OK," I said rushing over to him and holding him by his shoulders.

   "I know," he said in a tense voice. "I j-just can't stop thinkin b-bout it."

   "About what?" I asked again.

   "About the...I..." he stuttered as a tear rolled down his cheek. I felt myself go weak. Just the thought of him crying brought me to the edge of tears myself.

   "Please, don't cry dude," I said pulling him against me in a hug. He sniffled and put his arms around me but seemed to take a lot of comfort in it. I rubbed his back gently with one hand and whispered to him soothingly. "You'll be all right, and I'll be here to help ya. Just please don't cry."

   Our bare chests were pressed together and despite the emotional nature of our hug I was becoming really aroused. I couldn't hold it back and thinking about it only made things worse. I knew he had to feel my erection pressing against him. Maybe he just didn't notice it yet. I sure didn't want him to get scared or back away. Then I felt something myself. His lips...on my neck!! I stopped breathing. All I could do was stand there and hold him against me. His smooth chest felt warm on mine, his nipples erect, his hands around my back, my throbbing erection pressed into his crotch, and his lips gently kissing and sucking on my neck. I held his thin body tighter as a sign escaped from my lungs.

   Suddenly he stopped and just rested his chin on my shoulder. I wasn't sure what he wanted. Was he waiting for me to make the next move or did he just want some kissing and cuddling? Almost as if he'd read my thoughts he whispered in my ear.

   "Nick, can we do it again? Like we did at my house?"

   "You mean..." I asked, not believing what was happening.

   "Yes," he whispered. "I've never felt this way about anyone. You make me feel better then I've ever felt."

   I pulled him away from me slightly, just enough for me to look into his beautiful blue eyes. The tears were still there, but they seemed to be tears of happiness, making his eyes sparkle like the waterfall in the canyon. My own eyes were welling up as a tear trickled down his smooth cheek. I wiped it away with my thumb and he smiled a little. Slowly I leaned in and kissed him. A sweet gentle kiss as beautiful as our first.

   "I love you Skyler," I whispered to him.

   "I know, Nick. I love you too," he said. There was no stopping my tears after that. I wasn't sobbing but they flowed down my face freely, being forced out to make room for my swelling heart.

   I guided him to the edge of my bed where he sat down, leaning back on his elbows. I knelt in front of him and began to unbutton his shorts with my hands shaking. Sure I'd done this to him once before, but it was completely different this time. Now he was asking me to do it, he wanted me to. But most of all he'd just said that he loves me! This gorgeous Australian boy with the heart, body and mind that I'd fallen so in love with actually feels the same way about me!!

   Carefully sliding the shorts down his long, smooth legs and over his feet I looked up to his face to check his reaction, making sure this is really what he wanted. He just lay there with his eyes closed and his head tilted back, his thin chest moving with his slow deep breaths. Taking a few deep breaths myself I tried to calm my shaking hands before making the next move. I ran my hands over his legs, exploring his tanned skin with my touch on the way up. Still I was testing the waters, so scared that I'd make him uncomfortable and he'd change his mind. I just wanted to reassure him that my only intent was to make him feel good and happy and loved.

   Finally my hands reached his hips and gently pulled on his boxers. Without a word Skyler lifted his bottom off the bed, allowing me to remove them. His willingness relaxed me more, but the realization that this was all happening for real filled me with nervous excitement. Just as before I slid his boxers down his legs, uncovering his beautiful penis. One at a time I lifted his feet from his boxers leaving him completely naked.

   I felt a little awkward for a minute. Besides the night at Skyler's house I'd never touched another boy. I wasn't sure how to go about this. Do I just take him in my hand and go to work? Do I kiss and touch every part of him and really try to "make love"? I must have waited a bit too long because soon Skyler lifted his head and looked down at me. All I could do was look into his eyes and smile. His face softened with a love filled grin that told me exactly what I should do.

   "It'll be more comfortable on the bed," I said. Skyler simply smiled and nodded, then moved to lie down in the middle of my bed. He looked so amazing, his beautiful naked body stretched out like that waiting for me. I could tell he was kind of nervous, we both were, but we both wanted this. I laid on the bed next to him on my side still wearing my boxers which had become extremely tight! We looked at each other for a minute, having a silent, heartfelt conversation with our eyes. I moved my hand slowly to his firm chest, feeling the heat of his body and the beating of his heart. It was the most intimate experience of my life, a sharing of love that I never knew was even possible. We kissed again, holding it longer then either of the previous ones. We sucked on each other's lips and soon I moved my tongue across to his.

   "You ready?" I whispered once our mouths had parted. All Skyler could do was nod.

   He tensed a little as I moved my hand over his slightly ticklish abs but sighed when I took his boyhood in my hand. Again I marveled at the way it felt, so firm and warm, the skin sliding up and down over his moist head. Without even knowing it we had moved closer, our bodies now pressed together. Feeling him in my hand wasn't enough anymore. Not even my chest against his ribs or my own aching erection against his hip could satisfy my need for his touch. I leaned in and kissed his soft lips again, tasting his breath in my mouth. Still it wasn't enough. I kissed longer, my tongue running around his lips and tongue sensuously, but I needed more!! I moved my mouth down to his neck and nibbled on the tender flesh near his collar bone then licked my way to his nipple, teasing it with the tip of my tongue before sucking on it.

   Skyler was squirming beneath me, obviously enjoying the pleasure of both my hand and my mouth. I didn't even care about my own release. Knowing that I was making Skyler feel this good was all the gratification I needed.

   Finally I came up for air, just long enough to enjoy the look of total bliss on the face of my little Aussie lover. I'm doing that for him, I'm making him feel that way, I thought to myself. I wondered if there was any way to give him even more pleasure. I looked down at my hand as it tenderly stroked and massaged him and my mouth began to water. There was a way!

   Skyler didn't seem to know what was happening until I'd already begun. He was too far engrossed in the sensations he was feeling to notice my slow movements. He didn't even seem to notice the thunderstorm rumbling outside.

   I laid across the bed and lifted his one leg over me. Gently I pulled his foreskin back with my hand and after taking a deep breath lowered my mouth around his member. As soon as he felt my wet mouth on him Skyler let out the sexiest whimper I'd ever heard!! I couldn't help but whimper myself. This was all beyond my wildest fantasies! Never before had I really thought of how it would actually feel in my mouth, not to mention the taste! I started sucking, moving my head up and down, stroking him with my lips, playing with his foreskin, his pre-cum leaving a delicious trail on my tongue. For a moment I thought I'd die or go insane from sensory overload!

   Apparently Skyler felt the same way. With a loud squeaky moan as a warning his body suddenly tensed in my hands. He squirmed and shivered, gasping for breath as a stream of hot, sweat fluid filled my mouth. I couldn't even comprehend all the thoughts and emotions flashing through me at that moment. A swirl of love, happiness, hunger and tension.

   The world began to come back into focus as Skyler relaxed from his orgasm. I slowed my sucking and finally pulled my mouth away. Sitting up I looked down at this gorgeous boy that I loved with all my heart. His eyes were closed, mouth open still trying to catch his breath, beads of sweat glistening on his heaving chest. His erection had begun to fade, leaving the foreskin wet and wrinkled around the ridge of his cock head. That's when I realized I still had a mouth full of juice. I was surprised at how sweet it actually tasted. It was better then the few times I had tried tasting my own, but I can't imagine anything about Skyler tasting bad. I closed my eyes and swallowed the whole mouthful in a single gulp. With a smile I opened my eyes on a new world, as a new person. I don't think I'm a virgin anymore, I thought to myself.

   Skyler sighed and sleepily opened his sparkling blue eyes. And there I saw the sky of my new world. Have you ever seen something so beautiful it makes you weak? So beautiful it makes your chest ache, yet in a good way? At that moment I was so weak I had no choice but to lie down next to him. He rolled onto his side, putting his arms around me in a sweet embrace. A single hug had never meant so much to me. We cuddled up with my chin resting on his head as I played with his stringy curls and smelled his hair. Skyler responded but snuggling closer still and leaving small angel kisses on my chest.

   "Skyler?" I whispered.

   "What?" he asked, pulling away enough to look at me.

   "I thought you said you didn't know if you liked guys," I asked with a sly grin.

   "I really don't know if I like guys. But I know I like you, Nick," he answered. I had no idea what I'd done to have this incredible boy fall in love with me, but I wasn't going to question it. I just thanked God for letting it happen.

   "Hey, where ya goin?" I asked as Skyler began to get up.

   "That's twice you've given me the shag treatment. It's only fair that you get a turn," he said grinning mischeviously. I'd been so involved making Skyler feel good that I hadn't given my own needs any attention. I was still hard and throbbing inside my boxers. Skyler stood at the side of my bed and hooked his finger into the waist of my boxer shorts, pulling them down and getting his first look at my hard cock.

   "It's bigger then I thought it was," he said.

   "It's about seven inches," I said, swallowing the lump in my throat. Just the thought of what was about to take place was bringing me dangerously close to the edge. I'd be lucky if I didn't explode at his first touch. He crawled back onto the bed kneeling at the end with my right leg trapped between his. I could feel his balls resting on my knee! I was already breathing heavy when he reached down and gently wrapped his fingers around me. The warmth of his hand alone was almost enough to finish me off. I could see the awe, curiosity and excitement in his young face as he began stroking me.

   "Ow!" I said whincing a bit.

   "What's wrong? Did it hurt?" He asked concerned.

   "Well...it's just that it works a little different then yours does. Here, use this," I explained as I reached behind my alarm clock for my hidden bottle of lotion. He tried again with some of the lube in his hand and I was instantly clutching the sheets. Just the sight of him masturbating me was exciting. I wanted to watch but it felt so intense I could barely keep my eyes open. Suddenly Skyler began rubbing his crotch back and forth against my leg and I knew it was all over!

   "Skyler...slow down...I...Sky..." I moaned, but it was too late. The world went into slow motion, the last stroke of his hand seemed to last forever. The pressure that had been building all afternoon finally burst sending spurt after spurt of seemen onto my chest and stomach. Skyler slowed but didn't stop until every drop and been pumped from me and I was writhing in oversensitive agony. I tried to catch my breath and let my muscles relax as Skyler laid down next to me, kissing my quivering lips.

   "What's it taste like?" he asked, looking curiously at the small puddles on my chest.

   "Yours was really sweet. Mine always tasted kinda salty," I said.

   "You've tasted your own?" he asked.

   "Yeah. You never tried?"

   He blushed and smiled. "Nah, I always chickened out."

   "You wanna try mine?" I asked. He seemed hesitant but didn't refuse so I wiped up a small gob with my finger and offered it to him. Cautiously he opened his mouth letting me insert my finger before closing his lips around it and licking it clean with his tongue.

   "Tastes just fine to me," he smiled. I shivered as he leaned over me, licking more from my nipple.

   "I love you Skyler," I whispered.

   "I love you too Nick. I'm heaps glad you wanted to be my friend."

   There was one question still on my mind but I held back. I'd never felt more complete in all my life and I just wanted to savor the moment of cuddling with Skyler as the storm outside began to fade.

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