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The Suggestive Name, Part 2
by Greg Scott


All the usual stuff about you must be old enough in your jurisdiction, etc.  In other words, if you are underage, don't read this unless you have a really cool teacher who assigned it.  Otherwise, come back in a few years, when nobody will yell at you.

This is the seventeenth story in the series, The Lavender Line.


The following Sunday afternoon, I pulled my car into the driveway at Rod's house, hoping that today would be the "next time" that Rod had promised.  His mother and his temporary housemate were to be at their church until the evening, doing whatever it was that needed doing for the greater glory of their vengeful god.

During the past week, I had grown well beyond thinking of Rod as the guy with the suggestive name.  Indeed, he had become the focal point of my life, replacing Keith in my nightly fantasies, and taking over my daytime thoughts with the simple joys of knowing him.

Rod must have been watching for me because he greeted me at the door as I walked up the sidewalk.  He wasn't wearing his usual smile, and I worried that his feelings might have changed.  Isn't that typical for a teenager?  Searching for reasons to be insecure even when there is no reason to lack confidence.

"There's been a change in plans," Rod whispered as I passed him in the doorway.  "Rich came home from the church for a while."

It took me a moment to remember who Rich was.  We had talked about so many friends and other people from our schools and, in my case at least, family.  Then I recalled Rod's description of Rich as his former friend, now a homophobic bible thumping bastard, efficiently recruited by Rod's evangelical mother.

I swore under my breath as I processed the news. 

We entered Rod's room.  On a chair not far from the bed was sprawled a slightly pimpled, gangly guy with sharp features and a menacing sneer.  He wore boxers, and that's all, exposing the trim features of his pale body.  

"Alex, this is Rich, my mother's new pet," Rod introduced us sarcastically.

I was stunned, as I had never heard Rod speak with such venom.  I walked to the chair and stuck out my hand, hoping to take the edge off the tension that I felt and maybe introduce a little civility to Rod's attitude at the same time.

"Hi fag," Rich spat the words.  "I presume, at least, that you are a homo."

"You're right," I answered defiantly with more pride in my identity than I had yet developed.  I knew that he was putting on some sort of show for me or Rod, and I wanted to let him know that I wasn't going to be ruffled by it, even though I was.

Rich looked at Rod with fire in his eyes, but I thought I detected more than disdain in that gaze.

"Rod, why don't you tell your little fag friend what fun we're going to have today?"

"It's your fucked up idea.  You tell him," Rod replied.

"Rod wants me to take you for a test drive," he said with a broadening sneer.  "He won't fool around with anybody unless the guy's got my stamp of approval."

"Tell him the fucking truth, you sick bastard," Rod shouted, his face now a bright red.

"Calm down there, Rod.  You need to chill and enjoy the ride," Rich advised.  "See, Al, the deal is..."

"It's Alex," I interrupted.

"You see, Al," he stressed the nickname, "Young Rod's mommy thinks she raised this fine Christian lad.  She would die if she found out that little Roddy and you liked to use her house for cock sucking and shit packing.  Well, maybe she wouldn't exactly die, but she would make Roddy wish that he had died."

"You're a sick perv," Rod said quietly but with audible rage in his voice.

"I've never even been in this house," I said, demonstrating my fixation with getting the facts right.

"But you do like to suck dick and have a big cock in your ass, right?"

If this was where he wanted to take it, I decided that I would give him as much as he could handle and, hopefully, a lot more.

"Oh, yes," I cooed.  "I love to wrap my big, hungry lips around a huge cock oozing precum, feel it pounding against my throat until it shoots its jizz in coating my mouth so that I can taste it with every meal for the next week."

"Shut the fuck up," Rich said, showing that I was succeeding.

"And I love to have a cock push into my ass, so I can cover it with my shit and it slams into my intestines, coating them with the world's best laxative."

"I said shut up!" Rich shouted.  "You're going to make me puke."

"Wouldn't that be a shame, or are you afraid that I'll give you a hard-on if I keep talking like that?"  I thought I had achieved an advantage.

"Tell him, Rod, or the deal's off," he threatened.

"I'm sorry, Alex," Rod's head hung down.  "He said if we don't get him off he'll tell my mother that I'm gay."

"You are gay, Rod," I said with more reason in my voice than I felt.  "I mean how bad can it be if your mom finds out?  She'll still love you, and she's going to find out sometime."

"Man, you have no idea what she's like," Rod was obviously scared.  "She's not like your parents.  You have it easy.  You just have no idea."

"I'm sorry, Rod.  I just can't do this.  I'm sorry," I turned to walk out of the room.  As I reached the door, I heard Rod whisper something, but I couldn't understand what he had said.  I turned to look at him.

"Please," he whispered even more quietly, but I could read his lips this time.  Tears streamed down his cheeks.  I saw his chest heave in an inaudible sob.  I've only know this guy a week, why do I care so much about him, I wondered.  I walked back into the room.

I crossed to where Rod stood.  I brought up my hand and brushed at the tears on his cheeks.  Then I leaned into him to give him a brief kiss on his lips.

"Shit, faggots, I don't want to watch that," Rich said.

"Okay, let's get this over with," I said to the scrawny boy.

He jerked off his boxers and positioned himself on his back.  I decided that I was going to get him to cum as fast as possible.  I was determined that I would give him nothing more than a hand job, and not a very good one at that.

As I sat on the bed at Rich's waist, for the first time it registered on me that this straight boy was already hard.  I thought that was odd, but boys our age can get hard for just about any reason.  I decided to sort it out later, as I set to work.

I grabbed his cock roughly with my right hand.  I noticed that it felt strangely thin but that it looked quite a bit longer than mine.  I chastised myself for even noticing that, but guys always compare, I guess.

"You've got to join in, too," Rich said to Rod.

Rod sat on the opposite side of the bed from me.  He looked at me either asking my permission or wondering what he should do to do his share.

"Play with his balls," I said.  Rod followed my instructions but with obvious reservations.

"Now switch jobs," Rich ordered.

I released his cock and took my new position fondling what turned out to be very sizeable balls.  Rod gripped his cock and resumed the pumping action that I had been administering.

I glance up at Rich's face.  I notice that his eyes were moving from Rod's moving hand to Rod's eyes, still red from crying a few moments before.  I was beginning to get a better sense of Rich's anger and his seemingly vengeful behavior.

"Suck it.  That's what you guys like to do, right?" Rich insisted.

It was obvious to me that Rich was talking to Rod, but I was determined to deny him that pleasure.

"I want to suck him," I said to Rod.

"No, I'll do it," Rod said.

"You don't have to fight over me boys.  There's plenty for everyone."

I leaned down and took Rich's considerable length into my mouth.  I fought a gag as much from the musky smell as from the unaccustomed length.

Rich was clearly not obsessed with hygiene.  One look at his hair suggested that he hadn't showered in a couple days.  His odor, though, took me by surprise.

Yet, as I got into a rhythm with my tongue and mouth, I realized that the odor wasn't really all that offensive.  In fact, much to my dismay, I was starting to find this entire event rather erotic, and my tenting shorts would have made that clear to anyone.  Fortunately, Rich had closed his eyes, lost in his own world.

I motioned for Rod to bring his head closer to mine.  I released the aromatic penis long enough to whisper into Rod's ear.

"When he starts to cum, kiss him," I said.

Rod looked at me questioningly, not understanding my intent.  I nodded to underscore my insistence, and he nodded back.

"What the hell's going on down there?" Rod asked, his head now raised.  "I want more of that hungry mouth action."

I returned to my sucking and Rod resumed rolling Rich's balls around. 

My hope was that if Rod kissed Rich, the coercive little bastard would be stunned long enough for me to pull my mouth away and finish him with only my hand.  I just hoped that Rod didn't put too much into that kiss.

"I want to fuck that ass of yours, Al my slut," Rich said.

I released his cock from my mouth, stood up and moved toward the door in one fluid motion.

"I'm out of here," I said.

"No, no," Rich pleaded.  "That's okay just keep blowing me.  I want to come in your mouth."

I looked at Rod, who looked scared by the developments.  I went back to my job.

I could tell that Rich was getting close, mostly because he started a verbal commentary on my performance.

"Oh, yeah, Al.  You are a great cocksucker.  Oh man, work that big tool, suck on that thing.  I can tell you love it, Al.  You're loving this, you faggot."

I was glad my mouth was full so that I didn't have to answer him.  In truth, I had started enjoying it, although I wouldn't have told him that for anything.  In fact, long before he had said he wanted to fuck me, I had fantasized about that long thing probing my insides.  I knew that I was now leaking precum.  I just hoped that it wouldn't soak through to my shorts before I was finished.

"Oh, Jesus; Oh, Jesus; Oh, Jesus."

I took a moment to note the irony in Rich's climactic moment or my signal to Rod might have been in time.  Instead, just as I motioned Rod with my finger to begin his kiss, both of Rich's hands were firmly planted on the back of my head as he took over thrusting deeper and deeper into my throat.

I heard Rich's muffled moan, indicating that Rod had followed my instructions perfectly, unfortunately I couldn't make my escape so the kiss was just serving as a bonus for our blackmailer.

His cum blasted into my mouth, filling it to capacity.  I was amazed by the amount and by the sweetness, but I couldn't let Rich know my secret pleasure.  When he finished I surreptitiously tucked my hard cock behind the waist band of my boxers to keep it as hidden as possible.  I quickly stood, and looked for some place in the room to spit the delicious cum.

Rich grabbed my arm in a painful grip.

"I want to watch you swallow it," he said.  The hatred had returned to his eyes.

I shook my head.

"Swallow it," he said with real force this time.

"You are such an asshole," Rod yelled at him.

I moved forward, leaning toward him.  I think he thought that I was going to kiss him.  I saw fear and lust in his expression.  He wanted me to kiss him, I knew, and he wanted me to share his cum with him.  

When I was about six inches from his face, I saw him open his lips slightly to prepare for the impending kiss.

I spat directly onto his lips, and I watched as some of his cum mixed with my saliva leaked into his mouth before he could close it.

He started cursing me, but his words were a jumble.

"Let's get out of here," I said to Rod.

We walked to my car holding hands, with both of our dicks pointing the way, something that we later laughed about.

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