Hey, here is the thing that nobdy reads. If your not 18 dont read this. This story is made up, not real. It came out of my Crazy, messed up head. And to start off i want to apologize if this bring back any repressed memories.


The Tide Began to Rise
Chapter 16


Life as I knew it had changed. The only thing that remained from my old life is the scars and friends. After my mom’s funeral, I decided to embrace this new found life. At school, I was friends with everyone. I’m not a popular person; it’s just that no one hates me. Cody told me that I no longer needed to hide from my classmates. Now I go out and do things with people I never thought I would be friends with.

It has been 9 weeks since the day my life took a turn for the better. 8 weeks since the funeral. I took my mom’s ashes to Texas, and threw them into the wind. My mom always loved it there. She loved the ocean, so I saw it fitting to let the wind carry here out to sea. After I released her to the wind, I cried until I couldn’t breath.

When I got back home, I decided to start life anew. I made a new outlook on life. I decided to leave all the bad memories in the past. I decided to forget all those that hurt me, and all they had done.

There is one person that I really hadn’t talked to since I was in the hospital. Brad has been avoided me, for reason’s that I can’t seem to figure out. He hasn’t returned my phone calls or any of my text messages. I have made it my mission to get him to talk to me. I have been trying since I could walk again. When I would call out to him, he would turn and almost run away. At the time, I still hurt so I couldn’t chance after him. Now I can and he won’t get away.

_  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _ _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _ 

I walked into school with Brent. We were talking about a Halloween party that we want to have. I looked around the cafeteria and I saw Brad. I told Brent that I would catch up with him later. Brad was sitting at one of the tables. He was facing the front doors, but I don’t think that he saw me. I decided to make sure he doesn’t. I would go around the back and sneak up on him.

When you first enter the school through the front doors, there is a door on the left that leads into the music room. In the back of the room, there is another door that leads into the cafeteria. Out that door leads not only to the cafeteria, but also to the gym. So I went into the gym and went to one of the side doors.

When I got back to the cafeteria from the hallway, I was behind Brad. He was sitting with a few friends. There was an open chair right next to him. I walked right up and sat down.

“Hi Brad, how are you doing?”

“Umm……..Hi Tyler, I’m good……………………Umm……………… I got to go.”

Brad stood up and started to walk away. I reached up and grabbed him.

“Brad wait…………………………..AWWWWW! ........................ Brad had continued to walk and dragged my arm with him. My chest was still sore, and when Brad took my arm, it stretched my chest out. I let go and grabbed my chest.

“Oh my god, are you ok?” Brad asked.

“Yeah…………… I’m………………….. OK……..”

“Ok good.”

“Brad, can we please talk. I hate it that you won’t talk to me. You haven’t said a word to me since I was in the hospital. I asked for your help and you said no. Then every time I tried talking to you, you ignored me. I’m not going to stop until you talk to me.”

“OK……………… Fine…………….We’ll talk after school.”

“Let’s talk now.”

“What about class?”

“We can skip. I will just get a doctor’s note saying that I started hurting and you took me in.”

“I’m not going to skip.”

“Yes you are; you know you want to. Or you really do hate me now, and you never want to talk to me again. “

The bell rang for us to go to class. I stayed in my chair. I expected Brad to walk away, but he didn’t. After a minute or so, I got up and walked toward the front doors.

“Ok Tyler, where do you want to go to so we can talk?”

“I don’t know dude, let’s go to the park. Will that work for you?”

“Whatever dude.”

We walked to his car. We drove to the park. When we got there, we went over and sat down at one of the picnic tables.

“So talk Tyler.”

“What’s your problem Brad? Why are you doing this? Since the day you came to see me in the hospital, you’ve avoided me. You’re one of my best friends. It felt like I did something wrong. I thought that I pissed you off somehow; if I have tell me. If you just don’t want to be friends with me anymore, then tell me. I would rather know that then run around after you, trying to get you to talk to. I feel like an idiot yelling your name down the hall only to have your turn tail and run.

“You didn’t do anything wrong. When I saw you lying in that bed, I almost lost it. I couldn’t see you like that. I know it was selfish of me. You needed all your friends, and I wasn’t there to help you out. For that I’m sorry. It’s not that I don’t want to be friends, it’s far from that. There are just some things that I need to sort out in my head. I guess I should have told you before. I wasn’t mad at you.”

“OK, I can live with that. Oh by the way we are going to hang out this weekend. Just some friend’s, like a small party, thought I would let you know, just in case you want to stop by.”

“Ok, thanks. I’ll think about it.”

“Well, I guess you better drive me to the doctor so we can get the notes, don’t won’t to get detention.”

We went back to the car. Brad didn’t say much during the drive. He made a few comments, but nothing big. I started to wonder what he needed to work out. What would make him ignore me? He will tell me when he is ready. I let the thought drift away.

<Brad’s POV>

How could I let Tyler catch me off guard? I’m always so careful. I felt bad for doing it though. It’s not like I wanted to do it. Just being around him was beginning to drive me crazy. Being in love with him and not being able to have him is unbearable. Then when he got hurt, I couldn’t see the love of my life in such a way. I had to stay away from him.

I felt like an ass, but I needed to for my own sake. I felt worse when he started pursuing me. When I saw him, I turned tail and ran away. Once I looked back and saw the hurt in his eyes. A look like I broke his heart, when in fact I was breaking my own.

So why today did I let my guard down? Tyler always gets to school at the same time. He always comes though the main doors. I learned his schedule so I knew when I need to hide. So why today did I faultier? Maybe somewhere deep inside my subconscious, I want this cat and mouse game to be finished. I didn’t want to be away from the friends that I’ve had for so long. I can only imagine what they must think about me. I didn’t tell them what I was going to do.

_  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _

 I dropped Tyler off at his new house. Brent’s house. I can’t help but wonder how those two became friends. I can see it happening now, but they became friends before everything happened. Something seems off about the whole thing. I just can’t seem to grasp what it is.

After dropping him off, I decided that I would go home and really figure things out. I went to my room, turned on my stereo, and laid down on my bed. I closed my eyes. My mind started bringing up all the times I spent with Tyler. The one time that stands out the most is the first time we had gym together. The class wasn’t what I remember. What I remember about it is that it was the first time had seen him naked. It was back before any problems started with his dad.

That day in gym we had gone outside and played soccer. So of course we got really sweaty and smelly. When it came time to change back to our normal clothes, we needed a shower. We walked in and went to our lockers. I sat done on the bench and untied my shoes. Tyler kicked his shoes off and dropped his shorts and boxers at the same time. Then he took off his shirt. He turned toward me. When I looked up, straight ahead, his cock was right in my face. I stared for a few seconds. Then I looked up at Tyler’s face.

“Uh hi Tyler, How are you? ....... Before you get your hopes up, I’m not going to. Go ask one of the other guys.”

“What are you talking about?” Tyler asked with that hint of sarcasm hidden in that innocent tone.

“Whatever dude.” I finished getting undressed and we went and showered.

 There have been so many days that I fell asleep with that image being that last thing I remember. There are many days that that is what I jack off to. I remember the look of his cock. I remember every detail of it. I remember that musky smell radiating from his balls.

The thought of it was turning me one. I had a huge bulge in my pants. I reached down and undid my jeans. I lifted my butt off the bed and slid my pants down. The tent in my boxers was more defined. I started to rub my dick through the cloth. After a minute I slid my boxers down, and took my raging cock in my hand and slowly started to masturbate. I sat up and took my shirt off, and then I lay back down to continue.

I closed my eyes and imaged that Tyler and I were alone in the locker room that day “Tyler turned to have his cock right in my face, without hesitation I took it in my mouth. I reached up with my other hand to cup his balls. I played with them as I sucked him off…….” I started to moan as I pumped my cock faster and faster. With my other hand, I reached down and started fingering myself. I slowly pushed my middle finger in my ass. When I got past my first knuckle, I moaned louder….

 “Brad, I want to fuck you so bad.”

I pulled off his dick, “Do it.” Was all I said. I got on the bench and lay down on my back. I lifted my legs up. Tyler positioned himself to stick his cock in me. He spat on my hole and then rubbed it in to lube me up. Then he spat in his hand to lube up his cock.

“Do you want it fast or slow?”

“Just fuck me.” I said

He rubbed the head of his cock against my hole. He pushed the head in slowly. I moaned form the pressure and from pleasure. After about a minute he started pushing in further. When I felt his pubic hair touch my ass, he pulled out. Then he trust back in hard “oh fuck yeah.” I screamed. I was in heaven, sex heaven, and Tyler was God….

I was fingering myself at the same speed Tyler was fucking me.

“Fuck me Tyler…………….FUCK…………….oh my god………………harder.” I screamed

I was pumping my cock hard a fast. I arched my back. I moaned one last time and shot my load on my chest. 3 shots flew out of my dick, two hitting my chest with the 3rd one hitting my chin. I pulled my finger out of my ass and used it to wipe cum off my chin. Then I stuck it in my mouth. I loved the taste of cum. Every time I ate mine, I imagined it was Tyler’s, with him sitting on my chest shooting his load right in my mouth.

I grabbed one of the towels I keep in my room to clean myself up, and wiped the sweet nectar off my chest. I picked up my boxers. When I put them on, I heard a knock on the door. My heart stopped. “OH MY GOD” I grabbed a pair of shorts and put them on, another knock. “FUCK…………Fuck…..Fuck.” I went over and opened the door. My mom was standing there. I hung my head and walked over to the bed. She walked over and sat next to me. “Fuck…..Damn it………….”

<???’s POV>

“He is going to pay for this. He’s been on that high horse for too long now. I’m going to kick him off.”

I put the letter I wrote in an envelope.

“He’s going to wish he had died.”

_  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _

Ok everyone, I hope that you enjoyed the chapter. Even though this is a fictional story things like this do really happen and if they are happening to you or a friend here is where you can get help .


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