Hey, here is the thing that nobdy reads. If your not 18 dont read this. This story is made up, not real. It came out of my Crazy, messed up head. And to start off i want to apologize if this bring back any repressed memories.



The Tide Began to Rise
Chapter 17


<Tyler’s POV>

“What happened to you today, you weren’t in any classes. Nobody saw you all day long.”

“Umm yeah, I left with Brad. I wanted to talk to him. I had him take me to the doctors to get a note so I won’t get in trouble with school. We talked for a bit, and he said that there are some things that he has to work out. He also said the he might come by for the “get together” we’re having. If he shows up, I figure that that will be a good time to tell him about me…………Do you think that’s a good idea?”

“It’s up to you. I can’t say for sure, because I’m not ready for people to know about me. So I guess I’m not the best person to ask that.”

“Can I ask why you’re afraid to tell people? You didn’t seem to have a problem telling me. If you start with friends, when or if you decide to tell others, your friends will be there to support you. Just like I’m doing for you now. I’m not trying to get you to do something you don’t want to do. I love and support you with whatever you choose.”

“I love you too. Maybe you’re right. You have my back and that’s all that matters. I guess I’m afraid what people are going to think of me. I don’t want everyone to start hating me.”

“How could anyone hate you? You’re too nice for anyone to even think about hating you. If you do decide to tell, I will be right there with you.”

“I think I will tell them this weekend. It’s just going to be me, you, James, Jennifer, Brad, and Brie right?”

“Yeah, unless you have invited anyone else.”

“I didn’t”

We went into the family room to watch TV. Nothing good was on. We ended up on A&E and watched Parking Wars until Julie got home. Then we could decide what we are going to have for dinner.

After dinner, Brent and I went up to his room to do our homework. We really didn’t have that much. Out of everything we have, Chemistry was the hardest. Neither Brent nor I understood what we were doing. We kept getting on the internet to find the answers we needed. One thing for sure is that we will not be choosing careers that have to do with chemistry.

Once we had our homework done, we went back down stairs to talk to Julie about the Halloween party.

“Hey mom…… Can we talk about the party?”

 “Yeah, sure”

“Well, where are we going to have it? I thought we could decorate the back yard. I really didn’t think you would be cool with having it in the house. Don’t want anything to get broken.”

“We can do that. We will have to go to Nobbies to get all the decorations. You will have more room out there also. You can do a little inside, but if anything gets broken, your car will be mine.”

“You would take my car. Then who would run to the store for you.”

“Tyler would.”

I laughed “I don’t have my license”

“We need to take you and get that. How about tomorrow? I can go in late, I’ll call you in. That way when I take Brent’s car from him, I can give it to you.”

“Oh that’s just mean mom, and how do you know something will happen that will get you to take my car?”

“Because I know you so well”

“HA-HA very funny. Ok back to the party. After most of the people leave, I was thinking we could go to the basement and watch scary movies. Is that ok with you?”

“That’s fine as long as there not to many people, just a few friends. We will go this weekend to get all the decorations.”

We talked for a little while longer. We discussed what we wanted the backyard to look like, what food we wanted to have. At first we wanted to have a DJ, but we decided to just get a bunch of CD’s and pick songs that way. We started a list of everything that we needed and wanted to get.


<Brad’s POV>

“FUCK…………Fuck…..Fuck.” I went over and opened the door. My mom was standing there. I hung my head and walked over to the bed. She walked over and sat next to me. “Fuck…..Damn it………….”

She didn’t say a word. She just sat there and stared at the floor. All these thoughts went through my head. “What had she heard? Does she know? Will she disown me? Is she going to tell dad?” The silence was driving me crazy. It was maddening, knowing that she knew and she wouldn’t comment either way. Right about now I’d take her rejecting me, just so the silence would be broken.

“Mom, say something….. Please.”

“I’m trying to find the words. There’s just really no way to ask it delicately.”

“Then just ask it.”

“OK…….” She took a deep breath.  “Brad, are you gay.”

Ten thousand pounds had been lifted off my shoulders. For some reason I was happy that she asked me.

“Yes I am. I’m sorry if this hurts you in anyway, but I’m glad that someone finally knows. I’ve held it in so long, hiding it from everyone. It’s a relief.”

“I’ve wanted to ask for a while now. Just the way you act made me wonder. Also, when we are out, when we pace by a beautiful girl, you never seem to notice. You do whenever there is a handsome young man.”

“Yeah, I guess that was my way of trying to tell you without saying the words.”

“I guess, and you already answered my next question. I was going to ask if you had a boyfriend, since you said that it’s a relief to finally tell someone, I guess you don’t. For me that is kind of a relief. That might have been a little much for me to take in.”

“Well, I’m glad you’re so happy about it……..Can you not tell dad. I will tell him later. I just don’t want him to freak, at least not just yet.”

“That’s fine honey. I’m sorry that I’m happy you don’t have anyone. Is ……………. Is there……………..”

“Another boy I like? Yes there is, but I can’t be with him.”

“Why not?”

“He’s straight, and he has a girlfriend.”

We talked for a while. Mom had a lot of questions. I didn’t have answers for most of them. Some I just didn’t want to answer. She was getting really personal. After we were done, she told me that I could tell her anything. I thought yeah right. I can come here and tell her how it felt the first time I got fucked (when that happens). I’m sure she would love that.

Mom left the room. I just lied down and thought about things. Through my thinking I had decided that I will tell Tyler how I feel about him. I hope to god he doesn’t hate me after.


<Brent’s POV>

After talking with Tyler, I became increasingly comfortable with the thought of telling Brie and the others. I had said goodnight to my mom and Tyler and came up to my room. I told Tyler that I would tell them this weekend. The more I thought about it, the more I realized the sooner I tell, the sooner we won’t have to hide it. Then depending on how I feel after telling them, I can tell my mom. Then I wouldn’t have to hide from her either.

I drifted off into dreamland. I woke up the next morning and got in the shower. While washing my body, I played the scenario of how I wanted this coming out to go. I got out of the shower and got dressed. I put on all my lucky clothes; boxers, socks, shirt, and jeans. I’m not sure what I hoped would happen. All I know is that I hoped that none of my new friends, Tyler’s friends; hated me. I don’t think they will, but I wore the clothes just for the extra luck in the matter.

I headed to school alone, my mom had already taken Tyler to the court house to get his license. When I got to school, Tyler was there. I thought that was really fast. He showed me the license, and I told him he was cute. We sat down at our normal table. Soon after we sat down Brie and everyone else sat down with us. We talked for a little bit. I wanted to tell them now. I cleared my throat. I made sure that is was loud enough for everyone to hear me. Everyone at the table stopped talking.

“Hey guys, there is something that I need to tell you.”

“Brent, are you sure?” Tyler asked me.

“Yes…………..Guys, I need to tell you that I’m……………….I’m Gay.”

“WOW………………I didn’t see that coming. Is everyone turning gay? Brie, are you a lesbo?” James said.

“Shut up James.” Jennifer said. “Brent we are here to support you.”

“Yeah dude, I’m here for you to.” James said.

“What about………The other part?” Tyler asked

“You can” I said

“What are you two talking about?” Brie asked

“Well, we are together. Brent and I are dating,” Said Tyler.

“OH MY GOD!” Brie yelled she got up and came over and gave me a huge hug.

“How long?” asked Jennifer.

“Since the day you all help me move out of my old house. Brent asked me while we were waiting for you. Part of the reason that we started hanging out a lot is because we both had a crush on the other.”
“Aw that is so cute.” Brie said.

The bell rang and well went to class. I told everyone to meet outside in front of the school and we would hangout. We all went our separate ways. In all my classes, the teacher yelled at me. I was day dreaming about how things are going to change. Tyler and I won’t have to hide our feelings around our friends. We might still do it in public just because you never know who is watching, or who we will run into. I don’t think either of us is ready for everyone to know, one step at a time. I’m just so excited to be able to give Tyler a kiss and not have our friends care.

I think that it will defiantly take me time until I’m ready to tell my mom. I just don’t know how she will react. I know she loves me, I’m her son, but I’m her only son. Something this big needs to be done when the time is right, and only when I’m ready. Right now, I am not ready.

_  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _

Ok everyone, I hope that you enjoyed the chapter. Even though this is a fictional story things like this do really happen and if they are happening to you or a friend here is where you can get help .


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