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The Tide Began to Rise
Chapter 22


[Brent’s POV]


The entire week was going by so fast. School seemed to fly by. I would walk through the front doors in the morning, and then it seemed like 30 minutes later, the final bell would ring. Every day was like that, everyone except Friday.

From the moment I woke up, I knew it was going to be a long slow day. When I opened my eyes and sat up, my head started pounding. The feeling was like someone had taken a hammer and was hitting my head while I slept. I swung my legs over the edge of the bed and let my feet rest on the floor. When I tried to stand up, I fell forward. My left leg was asleep and I couldn’t catch myself.

The morning just kept getting better and better. I slipped and fell in the shower. I cut my face up shaving. I ripped my jeans when I bent over to pick up my shoes. If this is a sign to show what the rest of my day is going to be like, then I think it might be a better idea if I stay in bed.

I went down stairs to grab some breakfast before Tyler and I left for school. I searched all the cabinets and the fridge. I didn’t find anything that sounded good. As I closed the door to the fridge, I saw Tyler walk into the kitchen. He went to the cabinet that the cereal and Pop- tarts are kept. He took out a pack of strawberry Pop-tarts. Then he grabbed a glass and came over to the fridge to get some milk. When he put the gallon back in, he leaned over and gave me a kiss. I returned the kiss without question.

I decided to go to school without eating. I figured that I could wait until lunch to get some food.

When we got to school, the first bell seemed to take forever. We were talking about our party. The conversation didn’t feel like it was going anywhere.  It was almost as if everything that was getting said, was getting repeated.

When the bell finally rang, I let out a sigh of relief. My first class, and all the others, dragged on. I was sure that I would be able to go to sleep and wake up and still feel that each class was going to go on forever.

The one time during the day that I wanted time to go slowly, it zipped right on by. Lunch is time during that day that I could hang out with my friends and the guy that I love.  This day is hell.

At 3:30, an eternity to me, the final bell rang, When we walked out the front doors, I dropped to my knees and yelled…. “YES…………..FINALLY, SCHOOL IS DONE.” Tyler looked at me like I was crazy.

“What is wrong with you? You have been acting weird all day.”

“I’m excited that we can finally go home. I’m not sure why but my day seemed so long. It might be because I want to get to the party.”

“Yeah. MY day flew by. So maybe you are crazy.”

“You’re lucky you’re so sexy.”

“What would you do?”

I smiled. “You will never know…..Let’s get home and decorate. That way we will have less to do tomorrow. I mean, we shouldn’t put anything out that couldn’t get ruined by the weather.”

“Yeah, that sounds like a good idea…….. Do you mind if I drive home? I have never driven your car.”

I thought about it for a minute. Tyler added, “If you really love me, you would let me drive.”

“That is low.” I said as I handed him my keys.


[???’s  POV]


Tyler’s having a party this weekend. That will be the perfect time to strike. Start by embarrassing him, and then go into hurting him. I have been watching him like a hawk. I know what he is. And that party is where it will start. I will make it known what my intentions are.

I pulled out my phone, I pressed and held 5. The phone rang 5 times.


“Are you ready to get this really started?”

“I guess when?”

“At the party he is having. I think it is time that the rest of the student body knows his secret.”

“I will be there. I don’t think they will be watching for me.”

“Even if they aren’t, you still need sneak in. I don’t want to take any chances. I will need you there. Also, I need you to make sure everyone will be there. I know most everyone will be, but I know there are still a lot that aren’t even invited to go. So everyone that you can get a hold of; call them, Facebook them, hell even tweet about it. I’m going to be doing the same.”

“I will, see you there.”

I hung up. I smiled and went to work on making sure the entire school would be at Tyler and Brent’s party. It kind of seems like I’m doing them a favor. I only want more people there to get more of a shock.


[Tyler’s POV]


Brent and I went straight home. We wanted to get some decorating done before tomorrow. We started by setting up the tables for the food. It is going to be kind of like a buffet line. We set up more tables, with chairs, so that people could sit down and eat.

Next we set up the lights. We set them up so that the entire back yard would be lit up. For the main area we went with dark lights, that way the lighting didn’t affect anyone’s costumes. We put brighter ones around all the tables and food. I thought it would be a cool idea to put one of those bleeding skull candles on each of the tables.

In one part of the yard we set up a fire pit. In the middle we put a manikin of a witch. When we started the fire it would look like we are burning a witch at the stake.

The rest of the outdoor things, we decided to leave until the morning. The rest was small things but important things. One was the spider web. We wanted to wait on it just in case the wind picked up over night.

We decided to put up all the decorations for the inside. There was really no chance of it getting ruined. By the time we were done, the house was completely transformed. It looked like the house had been abandoned for years.

“Ok sexy, let’s grab something to eat. After that we can head to bed. Tomorrow is going to be an early day.” Brent said.

“Sounds good……………. Hey, I haven’t seen your mom anywhere. IS she even home?”

Brent pulled out his phone and checked his messages. After a minute or so of him scrolling through the hundreds of texts that he ignored all day, she said “Ah, here’s one from her…….it says “I will not be home this weekend. I trust you two with this party. Have fun and be safe.”……. I guess that’s a no to your question.”

“Well, I was thinking that maybe we could………………… know…………………….get to know each other a little more.”

“Are you saying what I think your saying?”

“Yeah, but not too far.”

“Really?” The look on his face was that of a little kid in a candy store. When I saw that look, first I thought “yay, I made Brent happy.” Then I thought; how long has he wanted me to say that. Is this relationship all about sex for him?

“Yeah, let’s go up to your room.”

Brent grabbed my hand and we made our way upstairs. We got to his room. I walked in and sat on his bed. He shut the door and came over and stood in front of me. I looked up at him. He knelt down.

“What did you want to do? I don’t want to ask you to do anything that you are not ready to do and that you are not comfortable with.”

“How about we go until we get uncomfortable. Does that work for you?”


Brent got up and sat down next to me on the bed. He moved in closer to give me a kiss. He put his hand on my neck. Our lips met. We held them together, just staying in that magical moment. After a few seconds, I felt Brent open his lips just a little. Then I felt his tongue slowly start to enter my mouth. My own tongue acted with a mind of its own. It pushed past Brent’s and entered his mouth.

We were making out for 5 minutes, when Brent broke the kiss. He pulled back a little, moved his hand down to the bottom of my shirt. He started to lift it up. When he got it off me, he started feeling up my chest and my stomach. As his hands were roaming, we resumed the kiss. Brent slowly started to move his head down. He broke the kiss once again. Instead of kissing my lips, he was kissing my body. He started with my neck, then my chest. He spent a great deal of time on each of my nipples; sucking on each one, biting gently, and pulling them. The attention that he was giving them felt so good.

When he was done pleasing my nipples he moved down my stomach. While kissing his way down, he started undoing my belt and jeans. When he had the zipper pulled down, he asked me to left my buff off the bed just enough so that he could pull my pants down. He didn’t pull my underwear down though. He stood up and started to undress himself. When he got down to his boxers, he climbed onto the bed with me.

“You’re sure you are ready for this?” Brent asked.

“Yeah, but go slow. I don’t want to go too far.”

With that being said, we moved up so that we were completely on the bed. We both slid our underwear down. When we did, we stared at each other’s cocks. This is the first time that we had seen each other naked. We stared for about a minute. I had always imagined what Brent looked like naked. In my fantasies, he was always the big buff guy. He had very defined muscles.  His abs was like a wash board. His chest was perfect. His cock was a foot long. In my mind, it was like God made a special, perfect mold just for him.

Now that I see him naked in front of me, I realize that those images were just my fantasy. He is not the perfect muscular guy with a huge dick that my mind made up. He is just like any other guy. To see him lying next to me, I see now that I want this Brent more than the Brent that I dreamed about for so long.

Brent switched positions. He put his head down by my hardening cock, placing his own cock near my head. I had dreamed of 69ing with Brent for months. Now it is coming true. He grabbed my now completely hard dick and started moving his moth closer to it.

“Brent……… I don’t know what to do here.”

“Don’t use your teeth, and don’t choke yourself.”


I took Brent’s dick in my hand. I tugged on it for few times. I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. As the air left my lungs, I looked around the room. I wanted to remember what the room looked like the first time I did anything sexual with Brent. I wanted to remember the smell, that way every time I smell that smell again, I will remember this time.

As the last bit of air left my lungs, I opened my mouth wider. I moved my head closer to the head of Brent’s cock. I closed my lips around the head. I moved down just a little bit. I let my tongue move over and around Brent’s dick. I heard him moan. I slowly started taking more and more of his cock in my mouth. The whole time moaning from the pleasure that Brent was giving me. I felt the tip of hit the back of my throat. I pulled off quickly. I coughed a little. I didn’t let it stop me through. I got that delicious cock right back in my mouth. This time I know how far I could get Brent’s cock in my mouth without gagging.

I started going faster and faster. Brent was doing the same. It felt so good. I know I was making Brent feel good by the sounds he was making. I had his balls in my hand. I was rolling them around and massaging them.

Brent started playing with me ass. He was rubbing each cheek. He was pulling my cheeks apart. I felt him take a finger and start rubbing my hole. I pulled my mouth off his cock.

“Stop that.”

He pulled his hands away. It only lasted a few minutes. He started rubbing my hole again, this time putting a little pressure on it.

“Brent, please stop.”


There wasn’t a pause this time; he just went back to doing it. I stopped whatever I was doing and tried to get out of Brent’s grasp.

“Let go Brent.”


“I asked you to stop and you didn’t.  You know that we were only going to do what we were both comfortable with. After the first time I said stop that should have been your clue that I wasn’t comfortable with what you were doing.”

“Ok, I’m sorry, I won’t do it again. Can we finish now?”

“You can finish up yourself, I’m done.”

Brent let go, I grabbed my clothes and left his room.

All I wanted was for my first sexual experience with Brent to be perfect. He had to go and ruin it. Maybe this relationship is all about sex for him. That’s all he seemed to care about. Maybe it is too good to be true. Someone like me can’t have a guy like Brent without there being a catch.

I got down to my room. I dropped my clothes on the floor, and then I lay on my bed. I grabbed a pillow, buried my face in it, and began crying. I was hurt because of what Brent did. I was hurt because the way I left in his room, and what I said to him.

I cried until I fell asleep. Hopefully I will feel better for tomorrow will be better.


[Brent’s POV]


Tyler left me lying naked on my bed. He told me to finish up myself. I could tell from the look on his face that he was mad. He had every right to be. He asked me to stop and I didn’t. I know going in that we would only go as far as we were comfortable with. I was ready and willing to go much further. I guess that I figured that Tyler would be to. I really screwed up. I’m going to have to think of something big to make it up to him. I’m going to have to think of something fast. I don’t want Tyler being mad at me during the party.

I decided to let the idea come to me in my sleep. I repositioned myself on the bed; I pulled the cover over me and closed my eyes.

I tossed and turned all night. I woke up every hour from the same nightmare. I dreamed that Tyler and I broke up before the party. I tried to get him to forgive me. Repeatedly he asked me to drop the subject. I couldn’t. I needed to know that everything was ok between us. My constantly asking only made things worse, it only mad Tyler madder at me. Then, right before people started showing up for the party, I asked one more time. Tyler yelled at the top of his lungs that we were over. I stood there, stunned. He just walked off. Guest started arriving. Everyone went straight to the back yard. I sat at one of the tables with my head hung low. I heard a commotion over by the radio. As I got closer I heard people yelling. The only words I could make out were “Tyler”, “Gay”, and “Kill”. Then out of nowhere people started fighting. I started pushing people out of the way so that I could get to where I thought Tyler would be. By the time I got through the crowd, the fighting was over, and everyone was mumbling to each other. I noticed someone lying on the ground. I made my way over. As I got closer, I saw that it was Tyler. He was covered in blood. As I knelt down beside him, I would make up from the nightmare.

Each time it was the same. I woke up in a sweat. By 6 am, I had had enough of the dream. I turned on the lamp on my bedside table. I lay in bed, with my eyes wide open. I tried catching my breath. My mind started to go to how I was going to make up what I did to Tyler. I don’t want to do something huge, just something to show him that I love him and that I’m sorry.

I climbed out of bed. I grabbed a pair of shorts and put them on.  I figured going commando for now will work. I will have to change my clothes before all the quests start showing up. I went downstairs. As I was heading down I felt a rumble in my stomach. I decided that I would figure out what I would do for Tyler over some breakfast. I walked up to his door; put my left hand on it. “I’m sorry” I said under my breath I continued to the kitchen.

I was looking through the pantry, cabinets, and fridge for something to eat. Then it hit me. I can cook Tyler breakfast, the serve it to him in bed. It is nothing huge but shows that I love and care for him. I grabbed some eggs and bacon out of the fridge, some hash browns out of the freezer, and a new loaf of bread out of the pantry.

After about 15 minutes of cooking, I plated the food. I grabbed a glass and put some orange juice in it. When I had everything on a tray, I went to Tyler’s room. I opened the door as quietly as I could. I walked in and sat down on the edge of the bed.

“Tyler………….Tyler………….wake up babe.”

He rolled over and looked at me

“What?” he said, obviously still tired.

“I made you breakfast in bed.”

He sat up and looked at the tray I had in my lap.

“Wow. Thank you. Why did you this?”

“Just my way of saying I’m sorry about last night. I know I went too far and I didn’t stop when you asked me to.”

“You didn’t have to do anything to say sorry. I know you were caught up in the moment. Yes, I was mad at you when I left the room. No, I was more hurt then mad. I said before we did anything that it wouldn’t go that far. I wanted last night to be perfect. That was my first sexual experience with another person. You ruined it for me. When I got down here, I start wondering if you really loved me or if you just want have to get me in bed. Sometime during my sleep, I forgot all about that and I forgave you. I love you Brent. You have done so much for me, and the least I could do for you, is forgiving you for trying to stick your finger in my ass. I mean, you really didn’t have a lot of blood in your brain.

We both laughed. We ate the breakfast I made. Once the food was gone, it was time to finish the decorating for the party. Tyler stayed in the house for most of the day, while I finished things outside. At about 4:30; James, Jennifer, and Brie showed up. Tyler and the two girls went to work on all the food. James and I continued to set things up. We were mostly working on all the electronics.

Around 6:30 all the other quests started showing up. Everyone was in a costume. There weren’t too many that were the same. There were a few people that we asked to cover up more. One guy thought it was funny to wear nothing but a bow tie. Well, he needed to wear more because he had nothing to show off.

Tyler, Brie, and Jennifer brought out all the food and set it on the tables. We set up coolers all over the place with water and soda in them. By 7:20, there were about 100 people at the party with more showing up. When I saw all these people showing up, I went to find Tyler. I found him by the computer that is controlling all the music.

“Tyler……Where are all the people coming from? Did you invite all them?”

“No, we only invited our class and there are a lot of people from lower classes here. I thought that maybe you invited more people.”

“Nope. It wasn’t me. I’m going to ask a few people.” I walked away and went up to a group of people that I know are sophomores.

“Hey guys. Are you enjoying the party?”

“Yeah, Thanks for inviting us.” One of them said.

“I invited you?”

“Not personally.” Another one said. He had a confused look on his face.

“Ah, that’s good. I thought I was losing my mind. You don’t remember who it was that gave you the invite, do you? I want to thank him or her.”

“His name was David.”

“Ok, well enjoy the party.”

I went back to Tyler. I was trying to think of every David that I knew. There were just too many kids with that name at our school. Maybe it is a practical joke. I really don’t have a problem with everyone being here, as long as they don’t cause a problem.

“Hey, did you find out who invited everyone?”

“Yeah, his name is David. I’m not sure what David they are talking about.”

Tyler got a worried and confused look on his face. Then he looked me in the face and smiled. “Let’s have some fun.” He said.

We walked around and talked to our guests. Somewhere I lost Tyler. He must have found someone that he really wanted to talk to. I decided to go inside and check on things. When I got in the house, I noticed some people going upstairs. I followed them. I heard a door shut. When I got to the top of the stairs, I found all the bed room doors were closed. I started knocking on each. The response was the same each time, “room taken”. I wasn’t going to let them have sex in my house. I opened the door to each room and asked them to put their clothes back on and go outside. Everyone asked who I was. I told them “this is my house.” They got dressed and went back outside. None of them were happy.

I saw everyone in a group around the dance floor. People were laughing, so I figured they were having a great time. I made my way to the crowd. As I got closer, I heard “Tyler”, “Brent”, and “Gay”. These 3 words rang in my ears. I started pushing my way through the crowd. Tyler was in the middle. He was sitting on the ground, with his knees in his chest and his arms wrapped around his legs. He had his head buried. I know he was crying. I forced my way through the last bit of the crowd. I knocked a few people over.

I ran up to Tyler, to see if he was ok. I put both my hand on his shoulders.

“See, what did I tell you? Brent is in love with Tyler. Aint it cute?”

“Maybe he just cares about him. You know, like a human being.” I heard someone say. I didn’t recognize the voice. Or at least I don’t think I do. I was too worried about Tyler to care about anything else.

“Tyler, are you ok?................Please answer me………..”

He didn’t do anything expect continue to cry. I moved to his left side and let my hand slide down his back. I started rubbing his back, trying to comfort him.

“There, you see. A straight guy would not do that to another guy. Brent can Tyler are fucking homos.”

I had had enough. Whoever this guy is, made Tyler cry. He made him sit to curl up in a ball and shake from fear. He won’t even talk to me. I leaned in and kissed Tyler’s forehead. I stood up and looked in the direction that the voice was coming from. When I saw his face I knew that he was the one that invited the entire school to the party. Now I know why he did it.

“What the fuck is your problem David?”

“You and Tyler are.”

James and Brad showed up right next to me. I asked both of them to grab David.

“The party is over. Everyone needs to leave.”

Nobody moved.

“I’m only going to ask you all to leave one more time. Then I’m going to get mad. There is only one person I want to be mad at right now. So can everyone please go home? I’m sorry the party is getting cut short.” My eyes never left David. I was ready to strike the moment he made a move. From the corner of my eye, I could see some people start to leave. Others stood there and watched us.

“You all have 1 minute to walk away.” I said through gritted teeth.

“Make me leave, faggot.” I heard someone say. I turned to him. I could feel the heat in my face. The anger inside me burst out all at once. I ran and tackled him. I sat on his stomach and started punching him over and over again. A few people, I don’t know, came up and got me off this kid. I fought hard to get them off me, but I couldn’t. The kid scrambled to his feet and ran away. Once he was out of site, the other people let me go. I turned to yell at them, but saw that it was James and Brad.

I went over to Tyler. I helped him stand up, and we walked inside. I asked James to make sure everyone left. I took Tyler to his room. I sat him down on his bed. I sat down right beside him. As soon as my butt hit the mattress, Tyler fell over into my lap and cried.  I just sat there and rubbed his back and shoulder. We will talk about what happened tomorrow. For now I just need to comfort him.

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