Hey, here is the thing that nobdy reads. If your not 18 dont read this. This story is made up, not real. It came out of my Crazy, messed up head. And to start off i want to apologize if this bring back any repressed memories.



Anything in  ~ is a text.

The Tide Began to Rise
Chapter 25

[Tristan’s POV]

School was amazing. Everyone was talking about Brent and Tyler. Some of the people were saying good things, which didn’t make me very happy. However, most of the people were saying bad things. When I heard those, I got a huge smile on my face.

The only part of the day that I didn’t have a grin on my face was my last class of the day. Our teacher had to leave, so we had a study hall. Brent is in that class. People were whispering about him and staring at him. I thought it was getting to him. I think it was breaking him down, but he did something I didn’t expect. He stood up and went to the front of the class, and called everyone out. He challenged everyone that was in class.

At the end of class, Brent was the first out. I was the last. When I walked out, I pulled out my phone and called David. For some reason he wasn’t in school today, so I thought he would want to know what happened. I told him how most of the day went, and then what Brent had done. He didn’t seem too happy about how Brent stood up against everyone. I told him that Tyler never even showed up. That seemed to excite him.


[Brent’s POV]


I pulled out my cell phone and called Tyler. I wanted to know why he wasn’t at school today. I wanted to know that he was alright. Mostly I wanted to say that I was sorry.

The phone rang 3 times, and then is stopped. Tyler must have looked at his phone, saw that it was me, then pressed ignore. I guess I wouldn’t want to talk to me either. So I decided to send him a text.

B ~ Babe, I’m really sorry. Will you please just tell that you’re ok. ~

I didn’t expect anything back. A few seconds later my phone buzzed.

T ~ You better be. I’m ok. ~

B ~ I truly am. Where were you today? ~

T ~ I said I’m ok, not we are. For right now, we’re done talking. ~

B ~ I understand, can we talk when I got home? ~

T ~ When I got home, yes. ~

B ~ I love you Tyler. ~

T ~ Remember that…. ~

His last text shattered my already breaking heart. I’m such an idiot. I’m not even sure I want to go home.


[Tyler’s POV]


My phone started ringing. I knew the ringtone. It was Brent.

“It’s Brent. Should I answer it?” I asked

“No, just ignore him. Hurt him like he hurt you. Press the ignore button.” Brad said.

I listened to him. Then he sent me a text. I read it out loud.

“Just ignore him.”

“I’m not that kind of person. I’m just going to tell him we will talk later.”

Brent and I exchanged a few more texts. Then I shut off my phone. By the end, I had tears in my eyes. Brad was looking at me.

“Do you want to go home?” he asked.

“No, I want to hang out with you. So what is next?”

“Well, I was thinking that we could go to Joe’s Karting. I haven’t been there in a while and it sounds like fun. I think it is just might be able to get your mind off things.”

“Yeah that sounds like fun.”

We drove there in silence. I kept going back to the text conversation that I had with Brent. I know that I am mad at him, but I started to think that I was being really hard one him. He had said he was sorry. But I am not ready to forgive him.

We got to Joe’s and we got out of the car. We went inside. We got signed up and ready to get in the karts. We started going around the track, it really did take my mind off what was going on with Brent. I was having fun. I was crashing into the walls, and other people that were racing. Even when we were done with our race, I didn’t go back to thinking about Brent.

After the race, we decided to go grab a bite to eat. Then it was time to go home. As we drew closer to my house, my heart started to race. When we were in the driveway, I just sat there. I couldn’t make myself get out of Brad’s car. We just sat there. After about 15 minutes, I saw the garage door opening; I looked over my shoulder and saw that Brent’s mom was pulling into the driveway. She waved as she passed us, we both waved back. When her car was in the garage, she closed the door.

“Do you want to sit here for a bit longer? I don’t mind waiting until you are ready.”

“Yeah, I want to wait for a bit.”



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