Hey, here is the thing that nobdy reads. If your not 18 dont read this. This story is made up, not real. It came out of my Crazy, messed up head. And to start off i want to apologize if this bring back any repressed memories.


The Tide Began to Rise
Chapter 29


[Tyler’s POV]

We got home from dinner around 10:30. Brent’s mom wasn’t home she must be out with her man.  I was wondering if and or when we would be able to meet him. From everything that I have heard of him, he sounds great.

We walked inside and went straight to the family room. Brent turned the TV on then sat down next to me on the couch. I learned over into him. He put his arm around me.  We started watching the office.  I love the show but I hate the guy who play’s Michael Scott.  He is a great actor, but I think he tries to hard at this roll.

I decided that I really didn’t want to watch The Office. I moved my hand over from my hand down to his inner thigh. Again he did nothing. Maybe he is to in The Office. I started to rub his thigh, moving my hand back and forth. I started squeezing as I moved my hand. Brent shifted a little. He opened his legs and slouched down a little. He didn’t say a word. He just kept watching TV.

I felt Brent pants become a little tighter. He may not be reacting to my touch with his words, but his body was. It’s good to know that there is such a subtle way to turn to Brent on. I moved my hand up closer to his crotch. I squeezed his thigh all the way up. Brent closed his eyes and leaned his head back. I continued to rub his thigh. A minute or so later, I moved my hand that last little bit to grab a hold of his cock through his pants.

When I grabbed a hold of him, he twitched. He let out a moan of pleasure. I started rubbing and massaging his hardening member. I moved my head to who his pants. I undid the button with ease, then I pulled down the zipper.


“Don’t say anything.”

I maneuvered my hand into his pants. His cock was rock hard.

“Tyler please.”


I got his cock out of the opening on his boxers. It was standing straight out. That last time I saw his cock, it seemed so much smaller. Now it seems huge. Maybe it is the way that I turned him on. I took him in my hand once more. I started to beat him off. Brent started to moan pretty loudly. He started thinking his hips pre cum started to flow out of the head. I used that sweet liquid as lube to help me jerk my man off.

After a few minutes of beating him off, I decided it was time that I make Brent a lot better. I slow lowered my head, as I did, I opened my mouth.



I took his member in my hand, also in my mouth.  Oh my god, he tastes amazing. Maybe it is the pre cum that I rubbed into and all over his cock. The taste so like nothing I had ever experienced before.

Brent started moaning louder and louder. I stopped bobbing my head. I took his cock out of my mouth. I looked at him. He had a look of “what did you stop” on his face.

“I need to get in front of you.”

I got off the couch and get down in front of him. I didn’t wait until I was resting on the floor before I began to attack his cock again. I started slow, and then picked up speed. Brent put his hand on the back of my head. He started pushing my head so that I took more and more of his member in my mouth.  Once he pushed my head down and thrust his hips at the same time, when he did that, I made me gag. I reached up and removed his hand from my head.

Each time I went down on him, I tried to relax my throat so I could take more of him in my mouth. It worked. I got to the same point on his cock that I did when I gagged. I took my hand and started to remove his pants and boxers. I wanted to be about to take his balls in my mouth without his clothes getting the way. I took his cock out of my mouth. Just long enough to get his cock out from behind his boxers.

This time instead of taking his cock in my mouth, I went straight for his balls. I took one in my mouth and sucked on it. I played with it with my tongue. I spent a minute or so, on that one, then I switched to the other. I didn’t want that one feeling left out.  I was using one of my hands to jack Brent’s member.

“That feels so …….. good.”

With my other hand I started playing with his ass. I felt a little like a hypocrite doing that, but oh well.  As long as he didn’t tell me to stop, then I was going to keep going.

I spent equal time on both of Brent balls before I went back to sucking him off.

“I’m getting close”

When he said that a thought ran through my head, I don’t know if I’m ready to swallow cum. Would Brent get mad at me if I didn’t want to swallow it. I decided that I would suck him a little longer, until he started to tense up more. I took my hands and started to lift up his shirt. Brent took it a step farther and took his shirt off.

About 2 minutes later I noticed Brent’s breathing started to change. It became deeper. I took that as a sign to take my mouth off and go back to stimulating his balls. This time I took both in my mouth. I used my hand to rub his hole.

He shot his load. I saw the first shot of cum shoot straight up and land on his face. The second shot and the 3 after that all landed on his chest and belly.


“You’re welcome. You’re not upset that I didn’t take your cum, are you?”

“Not at all. I mean I would have been awesome if you did, but if you not ok with it, then that is ok with me.”

Without saying a word, I got off the floor and got on the couch next to Brent. I used my hand to spread his white love juice over his chest and his abs. I started to kiss him. I could smell the fresh cum. I broke the kiss, swallowed hard, and then started to lick the cum off his face. I kept it in my mouth. When I had all or most of the cum cleaned off, I went back to making out with him. I pushed some of the cum out of my mouth and into Brent’s.

We continued making out for 15 minutes or so. I finally broke the kiss. Brent just looked at me.

“So what changed?” Brent asked me.

“What do you mean?”

“Monday, you told me we were pretty much starting over. That all I was going to get for a while was a kiss and holding hands.”

“Oh, I don’t know. You took me on our first date. I wanted to repay you I guess.”

“Well, now it’s your turn.”

“No, later. Right now I just want to cuddle with you.”

“Let’s go up to your room. You head up, and I’m going to let patch inside.”

“Why my room?”

“Because you have a more comfortable bed and I bigger TV. I want to cuddle and watch TV or a movie.”

“Ok, I will pick out a movie.”


I want to the back door and let Patch in. He was very excited to be in the house, and to see me. I shut the door and made my way up to Brent’s room.  Patch followed me. When I got up to his room, Brent was laying on the bed. The blanket was folded back enough for me to slide in. I walked up to the bed and started to climb in.

“Nope……. Stop right there.”


“In order to get in this bed, you have to show a lot more skin.”
“Oh, I gotcha.”

I stripped all my clothes off. When I was showing more skin, I crawled into bed with Brent. I laid with my back to him. He put one arm over me and started rubbing my chest. We stayed that way until we both fell asleep.


[James’s POV]


“Did you guys hear what happened with Brent and Tyler?” I asked

“Yeah , It’s complete bullshit.” Brie said.

“What happened?” Brad asked

I had to explain it to him.

“Man, I was wondering why I didn’t see either of them all week. We should see if they want to hangout this weekend.”

I pulled out my phone and sent Tyler a text. It was midnight, so I didn’t expect an answer until the morning.

“I sent him a text, I will send him another one in the morning. For now what do you wall want to do?”

“Dude, its midnight, there is nothing to do except, smoke, drink, and have sex or sleep.” Brad said.

“I’m down for the sex.” Jennifer said.

“Ok everyone get out of my room.”

Everyone started to laugh.

“No, I want an orgy.” Jennifer said

Again everyone laughed.





Ok everyone, I hope that you enjoyed the chapter. Like I said at the begining of the chapter.


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