Hey, here's is the thing that nobdy reads. If your not 18 dont read this. This story is made up, not real. It came out of my Crazy, messed up head. And to start off i want to apologize if this bring back any repressed memories.



The Tide Began To Rise
Chapter 31


[Brad’s POV]


Colin is gay. From the moment I saw him, I could tell. He could be my chance to get Tyler. I notice that he was staring at Brent. When he did, he had a lustful look on his face. From what I know from hanging out with Brent, he is bond to screw up. When he does, I will be there to Comfort Tyler. I just need to wait.

“What are we going to do here? Just walk around?” I asked

“Shop for clothes, duh” Both Jennifer and Brie said in unison.”

“Why do I even come, I hate shopping.” I said

“You come because you love us. Besides, what else would you be doing?” Brie asked.

“Umm, duh, I would be home jacking off.”

We pulled into the parking lot about 5 minutes later. We walked inside and met everyone else in the food court. I went up to Tyler and gave him a hug.

“Nice to see you to. Even though I saw you about 45 minutes ago.”

“I know, but I didn’t give you hug before.”

“Very true. So, how have you been? I haven’t talked to you in a while.”

“I’m good. Been bored; staying at home and talking with my mom is not my idea of a good time. She talks too much and she is trying to understand me. I love her, but I don’t want her to understand me. Like she is asking me not stop questions. I’m regretting my decision to tell her I’m gay. At least when I was “straight” I could sit in the living room with here and not get asked who I think about when I masturbate. Do you know how embarrassing that is?”

“No I don’t, but she loves you. This is new to her and she just wants you to know that she accepts you.”

“Well, she can show it in a less annoying way.” We both laughed.

“I’m going to go introduce myself to Collin. I didn’t get a chance to when we were at James’ house.”

“Ok, fine then. I will just talk to Brent.”

I walked over and stood next to Collin. I looked at him and smiled.



“I’m Brad. I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself before.”

“I’m Collin, but I guess you know that.”

“Yeah…….. So, you like Brent, don’t you?”

“As a friend yeah, how else would I like him?”

“Please Collin; I saw the way that you were looking at him back at James’s house. You don’t have to hide it from any of us. I’m gay too; Nether James, Jennifer, nor Brie care. If they did then they wouldn’t be friends with us. Be comfortable with who you are. If you want something, go for it. If you want someone, then say something. The worst that can happen is that they turn you down.”

“I don’t want to ruin what Tyler and Brent have together though.”

“I can understand that, but I also understand that you can’t sit around and wait. I know that’s what you thought about doing. I want to wait as well, but it’s not something that I’m enjoying. The difference is that the person I’m waiting for knows how I feel.”

“Thanks man, I will think about it. I don’t know if I will be able to just come out and say what I feel, but I can let him know in other ways.”

Damn I’m good. Now I just have to hope that Collin is good at throwing his charm around. If I wasn’t so set on Tyler, I would take a shot with him. Maybe if Tyler and I don’t work out. I mean, this Aussie is really cute. My first choice is and always will be Tyler.


[Tyler’s POV]


“So how was your ride with Collin?” I asked Brent.

“It was good, Talked and got to know each a little bit better.”


“He told me that he moved here from Montana. And before that he lived in Australia, which explains that accent.  He told me about the friends that he had in Montana. I don’t think they were really friends.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Well, to me it sounded like they were using him. Like his family is pretty well off. Whenever they needed something or wanted something, they would ask him. If he turned them down, they would get mad and start bashing him. So I think he needs some real friends. “

“I think it might shock him when we don’t ask for money or anything.”

“Yeah, I think we should offer to pay for him today.”


“Ok follow my lead.”

Brent walked over to Collin. I followed.

“Hey Collin, Do you have you bank card or your credit card on you?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Can I see them?”

“Oookkkkkk.” He pulled out his wallet. Brent grabbed it out of his hand. At first Collin was shocked, then he about flipped out.

“Give me my fucking wallet dude.”

“Wow, dude, calm down. I’m not stealing it; I’m only taking it away from you for today. You’re not paying for anything today.”

“What? Why?”

“Because what you told me about your old friends back in Montana. Friends don’t do that. They don’t ask you for stuff, and then get mad when you say no. So today, Tyler and I are going to take care of you. If you were planning on buying something today, then you are using my card to pay for it.”

“Wow, I can’t let you guys do that.”

“You don’t have a choice. I’m not giving you your wallet back. I’m trying to be nice here. We are trying to show you that you don’t have to take care of everyone. Someone wants to pay for you, let them.”

“Fine, I’m going to break that bank.”

“Good luck, no limit on this credit card. I love my mommy.” Everyone laughed.

I don’t know if it is just me, but it seems like Brent is very into Collin. Ever since we met him, he is all that seems to be on Brent’s mind. Whether he realizes it or not, he is flirting hard core. I guess I can let that go for now, as long and nothing comes of it.


[Brie’s  POV]

Brent is not being very subtle about how he is acting towards Collin. He better be careful. He may not thank he is doing anything wrong, but he has a boyfriend. He has to watch his step.

“What store are we going to first? I want to shop till I drop.” I said.

“I think we should go to Van Maur. They have great clothes.” Tyler said.

“What is it with you and clothes, babe?” Brent asked.

“I’m gay. I love Clothes. Those two things go great together. What did you want to do?” Tyler responded.

“I want to go to Spencer’s.”

“Then go. Nobody said we have to stay together. We all have cell phones. How about we all meet back here at 1:30 or so for lunch? We can decide what we want to do then.” Tyler Said.

“Works for me.” I said. I grabbed Tyler’s arm “Let’s go bitch.”

“Excuse me! That is miss bitch to you.” Tyler said.

We both started walking towards Van Maur. I turned around and saw Collin following Brent. I looked at Tyler. I started wondering if I should tell him what I think about Collin. I’m sure he is going to try and go for Brent. The only thing is that I’m afraid that if I say something, Tyler will get mad at me. He might not believe me. Then again if I don’t tell him, then something does happen he could get mad because I didn’t warn him. I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. Either way I risk a friendship/ I think that the lesser evil would be to tell him, if he gets mad, oh well. When something does happen, he will come back and apologize. Well, that’s what I hope would happen. I don’t want him mad at me, but I don’t want him getting hurt because of something that Brent does.

“Oh Ty, what did James want to talk to you about?”

[~car ride with James~]

“So bud, what’s wrong? Your eyes are blood shot. Did Brent do something?”

“No, we went to pick up Collin before we went to you house. “

“So why would that make you cry?”

“The house that he lives in.”


“Think about it, what house would do this to me.”

“The only one that I can think of is your……….Oh my god. Is he in your old house?”

All I could do was hang my head.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry. Wouldn’t Brent have known when got the address to pick him up?”

“You would think so. I think he is to into Collin. He doesn’t know, but last night, I woke up and saw him texting. I looked at his phone and he had been texting him all night long.”

“Wow. Really?”

“Yeah.” I said with an obvious sadness in my voice.”

[~back at the mall~]

“Wow. So you kinda already know then.”

“What do you mean?”

“That Collin has the hots for Brent. Collin can’t take his eyes off him.”

“Yeah I know. I don’t know what to do. Brent is doing the same thing. I asked him what they talked about in the car ride here. When he answered, his eyes lit up. He doesn’t know what he is doing to me. I love him but right now, I don’t ever want to talk to him. Why are gay people so much Drama?”

“Because you are all bitches.”

“I love you Brie.”

“Love you to babe.”






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