Jack Edwards

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The Trap - Background

When we were fourteen, my brother and I, along with my best friend, Jeremy, set a trap. It all started when Trevor Richards called Jeremy a "little queer". We told Trev to "fuck off!" but as soon as he was gone, I gave Jere an arm punch.

"You aren't a little queer," I said. "You're a lot queer."

My brother Daniel was walking on Jeremy's other side. Daniel laughed. Jeremy shoved him. Daniel shoved Jeremy back into me.

Daniel and I are fraternal twins; not identical. But we had both grown fast over the previous year, and we were tall and thin. I had pale blond hair which I liked down to my shoulders. Daniel's hair was a darker gold than mine, and he liked his hair shorter. His eyebrows were black and his eyes were a deep blue. My eyebrows were as nearly white as my hair, and my eyes were a light, blue-gray. I always envied his dark blue eyes.

Daniel and I were probably closer than most twins; fraternal or identical. We had played with each other's dicks as far back as our first baths together. Mom would stop us when she caught us, but we'd do it when she wasn't around.

We slept in the same bed until we were eleven. We were four years old when my dad died. Perhaps that’s why Daniel and I slept cuddled together at night. We used to sleep, hanging on to each other, basically. Since we slept in only pajama bottoms, Daniel's warm skin always felt comforting against mine.

I remember waking with stiffies that sometimes sprang from the flies of our jammy bottoms. Sometimes we'd rub them on one another. My first little dry orgasm came one Saturday morning when Daniel was still sleeping and I woke up with a stiffy pressed to his jammy-covered butt. Sleepily, I rubbed my stiffy on his bottom. It felt good, and it felt better, the longer I did it. Suddenly, I was rubbing hard against him, and... well, I guess I shouldn't have called it a 'little' dry orgasm; it sure as hell didn't seem little at the time.

Daniel woke, grumpily. "What are you doing?" he asked, though of course, he knew what I was doing. He didn't try to move from under me.

"Nothing," I told him, nuzzling into the back of his neck, feeling strangely good-all-over.

The next time it happened, I tried to tell Daniel what it felt like, so he had to try it. We pulled down our jammy bottoms, and he rubbed his stiffy on my bare, left butt cheek a long time; long enough to have his own dry orgasm. We did a lot more rubbing after that.

My granddad stopped by one morning when we were eleven. He saw Daniel sleeping draped over my back, and us wearing only pajama bottoms, and he went out and bought us two twin beds so we could sleep separately. At the time, I remember being happy to have a bed of my own, but sad to no longer sleep with Daniel.

My best friend, Jeremy, was short, with black hair. By the time we were fourteen, the three of us had been cock sucking and cornholing together for almost three years. Well, sucking first, then cornholing a month or so later.

"It's not funny, Cody," Jeremy complained to me after I said he was a lot queer. "I don't act like one. I bet Trevor's more queer than any of us. I bet if you gave him half a chance, and he'd fuck anything that moves."

Jere's older brother Brandon always said that. "Get me wasted, and I'll fuck anything that moves," he'd say.

We tested it, and he did; sorta.

Brandon's three years older than us, so he was like fifteen when I was twelve, and Brandon and his friend Nick got wasted one afternoon. Jere and I tried to get them to fuck Brandon's dog. It backfired when I rubbed between Brandon's legs to try to get him hard and horny for the dog. Instead, he started tugging my pants off. I tried holding onto them, but Brandon was on the high school wrestling team and strong as hell. He tickled me, and got my pants and underwear off and then sucked up my dick, which was still a bit of a worm back then.

Being sucked by a horny fifteen-year-old beats getting sucked by your twelve year old buddy or brother, any day. Brandon sucked my stiffy like an enthused vacuum cleaner... one with fingers.

While Brandon sucked me, Nick got Jere's pants off and started sucking him. I remember lying side-by side on the floor with Jere – each of us hanging on to the sides of a fifteen-year-old’s head making sloppy noises between our legs – and the two of us looking at each other like, holy crap!

Then Brandon sent Jere for their mom's can of Crisco, and Brandon stood up over me to strip off his clothes. I lay there, legs apart, fingering my stiffy, and looking up at Brandon’s big, thick, fifteen-year-old cock wagging over me. It was dripping precum like drool.

Jeremy came back, handed the Crisco to Brandon, and then lay back down beside me. Brandon dropped to his knees between my legs, and I knew what was coming. I knew it was going to be a hell of a lot different from when Daniel or Jere cornholed me.

Brandon got a pillow from the couch and stuffed it under my butt. Nick did the same to Jere, right beside me. Then the two of them passed the Crisco back and forth, lubing their cocks and our butts.

I'd never had a youth-sized cock up my butt. It didn't hurt, I guess because of being cornholed by Jere and Daniel, but I sure as hell knew it was there. Brandon got it all the way up my butt and then sort of fell over onto his hands, over me. He started banging my bottom and watched my face as my body bounced. I grabbed onto his arms.

He paused with his dick all the way inside me, and then holding himself up on one arm, he shoved my shirt up and felt over my stomach and chest. His eyes met mine, and he lowered his face to mine. He kissed me.

It was the first time I'd ever been kissed by a boy. He smelled of pot and beer, but I liked it. I liked it when he shoved his tongue into my mouth and taught me how to kiss. He laid down on me and gathered me in his arms and probed into my mouth with his tongue the way only a horny fifteen-year-old boy can. I held onto his shoulders and was surprised by how hard his muscles were. Then his hips started to move again, and I felt his thick shaft sliding in my hole and moving inside me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and I hugged his neck and rubbed my stiffy up against his hard belly while the sides of our faces pressed, and he breathed heavily in my ear.

I look back on that moment as when I really became gay. All the fooling around with Jeremy and Daniel was just something boys did, but Brandon introduced me to passion; to passion and real sex and actual ecstasy.

That weekend, I slept over with Jere, and in the night, Brandon came to our bed and lifted me from it. He carried me back to his bed, and we did the same thing all over again. We did it pretty regularly after that, though Jere and I never did drugs like Brandon and his friends. I suppose you could say that Brandon was my first real lover. At only twelve, I thought of him that way.

A few months later, my first cum was with Brandon. It came with his cock up my butt and his hand over my mouth because of all the noise I was making.

Brandon had a girlfriend, too. So did Nick. And I think they were fucking them, even back then. That didn't seem to make a difference to those guys, and it's probably part of the reason that Jere and I assumed all guys would fuck other guys if they were honest about it.

And so that day Trevor called Jeremy a little queer, and Jeremy said he thought Trevor would fuck anything that moved, I figured Jere was right.

"We ought to set up a trap for Trevor," I suggested.

Jere looked up at me, grinning, and that's how we first started talking about trapping Trevor and the others.


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