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Jack Edwards

The Trap - Ben and Nacho Next

I woke up with the breath from Daniel’s nostrils in my ear. His face was beside me on the pillow, and his arm was across my chest. There was still time to sleep, so I rolled onto my side under his arm, with my back to him. In his sleep, Dan spooned up to me, hugging me and nuzzling into the back of my hair. His flaccid cock and balls against my butt crack were comfortable. I fell instantly back asleep.

A little over an hour later, I took a wet washrag to my belly in the bathroom; cleaning off our combined cum from the night before. Dan gave my butt a squeeze, and I passed the rag off to him.

“You had morning wood when I woke you,” Dan said. “I almost grabbed it, but it was late, and I decided we might as well wait for the fun this afternoon.”

As I reached for my toothbrush, I glanced at his reflection in the mirror. “We’ve turned day camp into sex camp.”

Dan grinned, finished his belly, and rubbed the washrag in my butt crack. “I know that I’ll be up for it later,” he said, concentrating on my bottom, “but right now, I feel like I’d be glad to give it all a break for a while.” He glanced at my reflection in the bathroom mirror. “Not us, though,” he said. “We don’t need to take a break.”

I leaned over, hands on the bathroom counter so Dan could get at my bottom better. “Yeah,” I agreed, “sleeping naked together every night would make it hard to give up sex.”

“Yep. Hard,” Dan said with a grin, leaning over from behind me. He wrapped his arms around my chest, pulling me up, and rested his chin on my shoulder. His eyes met mine in the mirror. “Are you crushing on Thanh?”

I had started brushing my teeth, so I finished, with Dan hugging me from behind. I spit out the toothpaste and washed my mouth out before answering him.

“He’s cool, Dan, and he’s hot, and he really likes me; but we haven’t like, fallen in love, if that’s what you mean.”

Dan stared into my eyes through the mirror for a moment, thinking. “Tell me if you do,” he finally said.

I nodded. “Tell me if you start crushing on Nacho.”

Dan’s mouth twisted into a grin. “I’m crushing on parts of him,” he said.

I cocked an eyebrow. “You crush on parts of me all the time.”

Dan laughed, and then his smile faded. He hugged me hard and kissed the nape of my neck for a long moment. I rested the side of my head against his. Dan’s cock thickened, rising up under my butt. Our relationship was changing; subtly.

“Crushing on me?” I asked softly.

“Yeah,” Daniel murmured into the nape of my neck before stepping back to give my butt a swat.

“I’m hungry,” he said, turning back toward the room to dress.

“Dan,” I said.

“Yeah,” he said turning back.

“Me, too,” I told him.

Dan grinned.

Jere had been riding his bicycle over in the mornings to go with us to the elementary school. When we were ready that morning, and Jere still hadn’t shown, I called his house. Brandon answered.

“That Trevor guy spent the night,” Brandon told me, between yawns. “Jere left with him a while ago.”

“Cool,” I said. “Thanks!”

“Wait!” Brandon said. “Are Jere and him fuck buddies or something?”

“Geez, Brandon,” I said. “I don’t know. Why don’t you ask Jere?”

“I was just curious,” Brandon said. “’cause if you aren’t ‘getting any’ from Jere these days, I’d be glad to help out. You and I haven’t screwed in centuries. Why don’t you sleepover here tonight?”

“Actually, Daniel and I both are sleeping over there tonight, but so are some other guys. We’re all gonna sleep on bedrolls in your game room.”

“Great! I’ve got a date with Tiffy Griffin, but she’s not putting out for me yet. I’ll come get you when I come home.”

“No, Brandon. Not this time, okay? All us guys are gonna be playing games and doing stuff.”

“Doing stuff?”

“Seriously, Brandon. I promise. I’ll come over Sunday afternoon and you and I can do our own stuff, okay?”

“Why don’t you come over now? I don’t have to be at work for a couple of hours and I’ve got huge morning wood.”

“Sorry. I gotta get to the day school we’re helping with. Sunday; I promise.”

“You better, or I’ll come kidnap you.”

Jere was with Trevor when we got to the elementary school, but he came over right away… grinning.

“Cody,” he said, coming right to me, “we slept together the way you guys do; all night.” He leaned closer. “Trev says I’m turning him gay.”

“I’m not sure how much of a turn that was,” I told him.

Jere grabbed my bicep and leaned up to my ear. “We’re boyfriends,” he whispered. “Trev brought it up. He asked if I wanted to be like, special friends with him, and I said, ‘Like boyfriends?’ and he sorta swallowed hard and all, but then he said, ‘yeah’.” Jere poked my belly gleefully. “I’m sleeping over at his house tonight.”

“Jere!” I protested, “We’re supposed to sleep over at your place. Remember? We already asked Benjamin and Nacho, and I was gonna ask Thanh.”

“But I want to be with Trevor,” Jere pleaded, “and he’d never be cool with other guys knowing.”

“Why not? Benjamin and Nacho fell into the same trap, right?”

“Yeah, but we haven’t sprung the trap on them yet,” Jeremy objected. “We don’t know what’s gonna happen with them, and you know Trev.” Jere leaned close to me “Please, Cody! It’s like Trev and I are completely different. We really like each other.” He frowned. “Don’t laugh!”

I shook my head. “I wasn’t gonna laugh. I know you’re serious.”

Jere’s frown faded, and his eyes dropped. “I’m not ready to share him yet, okay? Let me have him to myself for a while, okay?”

“Sure, Jere. I’ll talk to Dan.”

“You can’t back out on me,” Daniel told me after I told him about Jere and Trev, and that I’d just as soon stay with Thanh that night.

“We’ve already invited Benjamin and Nacho,” Daniel said. “I can’t do them by myself. Tell Thanh you’ll sleep over with him tomorrow night.”

I chewed my lip, thinking.

“Look,” Dan said, “I’ll tell Ben and Nacho it’s been switched to our house. You tell Thanh you’ll sleepover with him tomorrow night, and help me tonight to spring the trap on Ben and Nacho… you owe me.”

I didn’t owe him, but I did think that, with me having Thanh, it’d be cool if Daniel had a boyfriend like Nacho. Besides, I liked the idea of sexing with Benjamin. I nodded. Okay.

Until that week, I had only had sex with Jeremy’s older brother, Brandon, who I looked up to like my own big brother, Jeremy, my best friend, and Daniel, my brother. I’d certainly thought of having sex with other boys. I thought about Thanh that way from the first time I met him. Ben was one I’d thought about. But I hadn’t thought I’d wind up sexing with them all… well, not that fast.

I suppose that even at fourteen, I knew the idea of having a boyfriend was that you were supposed to have sex only with him. But I was fourteen, and I was going to continue having sex with my brother and my best friend anyway. Giving Trevor a ride the day before, and having Ben over for a sleepover, which I hoped included sex was fun; a fourteen-year-old boy’s sexual romp. I had no problem in my mind at the time, thinking of Thanh as my boyfriend, but still having sex with a few other, like-minded guys.

“It’s just tonight,” I told Thanh. “It’s something I promised to help Daniel with. But tomorrow night, I promise. I’ll sleep over with you.”

Thanh frowned. “My family goes to church on Sunday mornings.”

“Can you sleep over with me?” I asked. “We sleep in on Sunday mornings.”

Thanh frowned. “Probably. I’ll see.”

Dan and I stopped by Jere’s house on the way home to pick up the video camera. It lay uncovered in the game room, and a note had been taped to it…

Nice tape, Coder. I’m making a copy. Then you and I will make one together, dude! – Brandon

“Shit!” I said. “He’s got the tape with us and Trevor. How’d he find it?”

Daniel shrugged. “He was probably looking in here for used underwear.”

I didn’t laugh.

Mom ordered pizza for us. She liked our friends and was happy when they slept over. Friday nights, we normally ordered out something anyway. Mom called it her night to be lazy.

Ben loved games, and brought over Axis and Allies. After supper, we watched Star Wars videos and played some A & A. When Mom went on back to her room, Daniel asked if we wanted to play some poker.

“Strip poker,” I suggested as if it was a sudden idea, even though Daniel and I had it planned. Ben and Nacho glanced at each other. Nacho grinned.

We locked the door to our bedroom, and I got out a deck of cards as the guys sat in a square on the floor between the foot of Dan’s bed and the TV stand. Dan maneuvered them so that he sat with his back to the TV. Nacho sat to Dan’s left and Ben sat across from him. They could both see the TV.

“Hey, guys!” Dan said. “Jere’s brother Brandon gave up a porno video tape. You wanna watch it?”

Nacho grinned widely – he had amazingly white teeth – and nodded. Ben was interested, too. “Sure!” he said.

Dan turned around and powered on the TV and VCR. Then he pushed the ‘PLAY’ button. The tape from the trap started and showed Benjamin entering the teachers’ storage room.

Ben was redheaded and had pale skin. He still had freckles across the bridge of his nose. As soon as he realized what he was looking at, he went so white that his freckles actually appeared to darken. He looked like he might be physically ill.

Nacho’s eyes went wide as he recognized the room and the situation. He must have recognized that it wasn’t Dan who was tied down, but he had to know that his turn with Dan was coming. He licked his lips like his mouth had gone dry. He glanced up at Dan and flinched when he saw that Dan was watching him. He turned back to the TV and his face flushed deeply under his tan skin.

Benjamin’s eyes dropped to his lap. I actually worried about the guy. He really did look like he might throw up… or faint. His eyes darted up to the screen, and he saw himself, on the tape, nuzzle between the backs of Jere’s legs. Ben dropped his face into his hands and moaned.

Nacho, on the other hand, rearranged his crotch, while trying to not look like he was rearranging his crotch.

I scooted over beside Ben, and, laying my hand on his back, I whispered in his ear. “Nacho did the same thing to Dan that you did to Jere.”

Nacho glanced at me, so I figured he overheard.

“It’s on the tape, dude,” I told him.

Nacho swallowed hard, and turned back to the TV. “I didn’t know there was a camera,” he said, quietly.

“Obviously,” I observed, then turned my attention back to Ben. “Here’s the deal, Ben,” I said, purposely loud enough for Nacho to hear. “We’re gonna watch this tape of what you two guys did, so you know what’s on it. Then Dan is going to get his turn doing to Nacho, what Nacho did to him; and I’m going to take a turn with you for Jeremy’s sake.”

Nacho glanced at me, cocking an eyebrow.

“And if either of you guys refuse,” I said, “we can’t guarantee that nobody else will see the tape.”

Neither of them said anything. On the TV screen, Ben had been sucking Jere’s cock, and it was obvious that Jere was having an orgasm, and that Ben was swallowing Jere’s cum.

I leaned close to Ben and put my arm over his shoulder. “Don’t pretend you didn’t like it,” I whispered at his ear. And then I had a flashback to a moment when we had just turned eleven, and I sat beside Jeremy the exact same way. We were in our underwear, with boners, and I put my arm over Jere’s shoulder and whispered into his ear. “Don’t pretend you don’t want to try it, Jere,” I remembered telling him.

“Don’t you pretend either,” I heard Daniel tell Nacho. “You’re next on the tape.”

“I didn’t suck anybody’s dick,” Nacho protested.

“You will,” I told him. “You made Dan suck yours; now it’s your turn.”

Nacho shook his head. “I’m not sucking anybody’s dick.”

“Dude,” I said, “you will. There’s no way we’re gonna let you make Dan do that and not turn around and not make you return the favor.”

On screen, Ben had pulled off his pants and underwear, and his cock sprang up in profile.

I gave Ben’s shoulder a squeeze. “Let’s see it,” I said. “Take your pants off, Ben.”

“We’ll all take our pants off,” Dan said, pushing down his shorts and underwear. His cock sprang up against the bottom of his shirt. Ben’s and Nacho’s eyes went to it. Since none of us had shoes on, Dan was naked from the waist down.

I did the same thing, and my cock sprang up. Ben, sitting next to me, stared down into my lap.

I turned to Ben. “What are you waiting for, dude? We’ve already seen yours on TV.”

Ben hesitated. But then Nacho pulled off his pants and underwear, and all our eyes went to his thick, dark dick.

“Oh, geez,” Ben murmured. “You guys all have big dicks.”

“Your’s is cool, dude,” I told him, looping my arm over the backs of his shoulders again. “Get it out.”

Ben shrugged, took a deep breath, and shucked out of his shorts and underwear. He, too, had a boner, a very straight one that pointed up and out at an angle from his lap.

On the TV screen, Ben was grinding his cock into Jere’s bottom. The four of us watched, and when Dan stroked his cock, we all stroked ours. Ben’s eyes kept dropping to my lap.

On the videotape, Ben finished and left. The tape jumped to when Nacho entered the room. When Nacho dropped his pants to reveal his cock on screen, I reached into Ben’s lap and wrapped my hand around his cock, replacing his hand.

“You can do mine,” I told him.

Ben hesitantly reached into my lap and closed his hand around my cock. His lips parted and his own cock twitched. Daniel and Nacho reached into each other’s laps.

When Nacho climbed onto the table, on the videotape, and aimed his dick into Daniel’s mouth, Ben was mesmerized, and the skin of his neck and throat flushed deeply red.

“There’s no way you’re going to let a copy of this tape out,” Nacho said, confidently. “You aren’t gonna let people see Daniel sucking my cock.”

“Who said it’d be a copy of the entire tape?” I asked.

Nacho frowned at me. “Look,” he said, “I know you guys probably put Brandon and his buddies up to taping us so we could be blackmailed into sucking your cocks or whatever. There’s no way you’d let a copy of that tape get out. And just so you know; there’s no way we’re gonna suck Brandon’s cock.” His hand paused on Daniel’s cock as another idea struck him and his eyes narrowed. “I wonder if Brandon even had anything to do with this. Maybe you guys did it all yourselves.”

I glanced at Daniel.

“Fuck it!” Nacho said, looking from me to Dan. “You already know Ben and I will do stuff with you; I mean, we already did, right? And you guys aren’t pricks enough to really let a copy of the tape out. We know that. So drop the blackmail stuff. It’s stupid.” His eyes darted back to the screen. “I’ve thought about doing stuff with guys, even before the other day. I bet most guys wonder about it.” He glanced at Dan. “Daniel and I have always been cool, and when I did that… ” He pointed at the screen, “I did it ‘cause I wanted to, and I figured Daniel wanted to. I liked it. He liked it. It was fucking hot. So I’m good to go again. I’ll even suck Dan’s cock if he wants me to.”

Ben glanced at me without his hand stopping on my dick. “Is it true?” he asked. “What he said. Like, did you guys set it up?”

I shrugged with an apologetic grin.

He swallowed and his face looked strained. He leaned close to my ear. “I’ll suck your dick if you want me to.”

“Dude,” I said, spreading my legs wide, “go for it!”

Ben glanced back at Dan and Nacho.

“Nacho,” I said, “Ben will suck my cock if you suck Dan’s.”

Nacho glanced at Dan. Dan grinned and held his erection up.

A moment later, Dan and I were sitting with our backs to the foot of his bed. Ben was on his stomach between my legs and Nacho was on his stomach between Dan’s. My hands were on Ben’s head and Dan’s were on Nacho’s, and the two of us were talking them through their first cock sucking and ball tickling lesson.

Their bodies were much alike, looking down on them. They both were slender and had fleshy bottoms. Nacho’s skin color was darker, of course. Ben’s was white, except for some freckles over the backs of his shoulders. Ben’s red hair was curly, and it was soft as I ran my fingers through it. Nacho’s black hair was long and straight. Nacho’s skin looked softer, but Ben’s was smooth.

After we got them past the no-teeth thing, and introduced them to some ways to use their tongues and cheeks, Ben started to really get into it. I liked it. When a guy likes sucking your cock, even if he’s new at it, he can make it feel pretty good. I leaned over Ben’s head and rubbed the backs of his shoulders. “Just cut loose,” I told him, quietly. “Slobber it up. Have fun.”

Ben’s head bobbed in my lap, and he did make slurping noises. I held his head and rocked my hips forward and back on my butt.

Nacho lifted his head off Dan’s cock and glanced at Ben. “He really likes it,” Nacho observed.

“My dick tastes incredibly good,” I murmured, joking.

Nacho glanced up at me and cocked an eyebrow before opening his mouth and taking Dan’s dick back inside it.

“I can suck my own dick,” I told him.

Nacho lifted his head again. “Seriously? How much can you get in, ‘cause I can like, kiss the end of mine.”

“I can get the end of it in,” I said.

“Let’s see.”

Ben hadn’t been paying attention and I had to pull his head up to get him off my dick. “Hold on,” I told him. “I gotta show Nacho I can suck my dick.”

Ben backed up on all-fours to watch as I bent hard over my pelvis, and, holding my dick in my hand, I closed my mouth over the end.

“Shit!” Ben murmured. “Wish I could do that.”

I lifted my head. “I can get more in when Dan pushes on my back or my butt if I’m upside down.” My eyes rose to Ben’s body, up on all fours. Looking down his tapered back to his narrow waist and bottom, I could see muscles in his back. “Don’t move,” I told him.

I retrieved a KY tube from where I’d hidden it at the back of my nightstand drawer, and I got on my knees behind Ben.

“You, too,” Dan said, giving Nacho a pat on the back.

Nacho got up onto all-fours with his butt toward Dan, which placed them alongside us, facing the opposite direction. I grinned at Dan as I squeezed out KY and passed him the tube. Then I spread the gel into Ben’s butt, rubbing down onto his pink perineum; he was hard.

With what was left, I coated my dick and laid it up on Ben’s white bottom. Nacho, on all fours, himself, and Dan, kneeling behind him, watched as I placed my crown at Benjamin’s sphincter.

“Just relax Benj,” I told him. “You’re about to see how it was for Jere, when you cornholed him.” I pushed my crown in. “He was okay with it, Benj. He liked it.”

Benjamin tensed and his back arched. I patted the side of his butt much like patting the flank of a horse I was going to ride. “Just relax Benj,” I said. I liked Benjamin, and I suspected he’d been wanting to do stuff like this for some time. I wanted it to be good for him, and I fully intended for him to have his fun as well. Slowly, I eased my dick in until my lap pressed his bottom. I bent over him and closed my hand around his erection. It was steel-hard and warm. I stroked it, and slid my own erection in and out of his bottom.

I turned my head, laying it on Ben’s back where I could watch Dan grab Nacho by the hips and push his cock inside him. It was hot to watch.

Benjamin felt good under me. At the moment, I was full of warm feelings for ol' Ben, grinding my dick into his bottom, hugging his naked body. I've wondered at times, if sex can be like alcholol, at least for some people – a few drinks and you love everybody; get naked together and you're suddenly best chums. I'd known Ben forever, just like Trev and Jere. He and I had just been friends before, but you can't do what we were doing together, and not feel more intimate.

Ben's skin was warm, and taut over his back. I kissed it. I sat back on my haunches and pulled Ben back with me, sitting more upright in my lap. I stroked him. We watched Dan lie on Nacho, taking him down flat onto his stomach on the floor, and then we watched as Dan laid on top of Nacho, white slender body on tan, and we watched Dan's hips thrust, flattening Nacho's firm butt and flexing Dan's butt muscles... and leg muscles, and lower back. Dan nuzzled the back of Nacho's hair, enjoying himself.

Ben leaned back against me, his weight settling into my lap and driving my dick well up inside him. He made a little circle with his butt, discovering pleasant sensations. I kissed under his ear and took a deep breath of his scent. I suppose guys’ scents have always turned me on. I would discover that was something Thanh and I had in common. I could smell Ben's sex, coming up from between his legs. It was warm and yeasty. I took my hand from his cock to smell it. His was a rich smell... an aroma.

I took him up on our knees and hugged his belly to keep myself buried in him. Then I took him down flat onto the floor like Nacho, and I rode Ben like Dan was riding Nacho; hanging on to Ben's shoulders, enjoying his butt under my lap, enjoying his tightness on my dick.

"You okay, dude?" I asked in a murmur.


"Feels okay?"


I sucked behind his neck.



"Can I do you next?"


He reached back with both hands and felt the sides of my waist, and then my hips, and then the sides of my buttocks, and then he grabbed my butt, pulling with my thrusts.

Dan and Nacho lay on their stomachs with their heads at the feet of Dan's bed while we watched more of the video. Ben and I sat on our butts with my arm over Ben's shoulders and his hand in my lap, fondling.

Nacho had asked who else we trapped, and we weren't going to tell him.

"I can guess," he said. "You musta caught Trevor. The last two days, he's been following Jere like Jere was in heat. And you probably caught Thanh 'cause you and he, Cody, have been hanging together and making eyes at each other."

"Bullshit!" I said.

"You have," Nacho asserted. "I'm right, aren't I? Show us those two guys, too. I wanna see what they did."

So we rewound the tape to the beginning, and the four of us watched. We grew hard again. I figured Dan and Nacho were playing with each other up on the bed because they kept laughing and the bed bounced.

When I put my arm over the backs of Ben's shoulders, he leaned against me and rested his hand on my thigh. But then, slowly, dividing his attention between me and the TV, Ben explored my body with his hands... over and inside my thighs, my belly and chest, my balls and cock.

For this copy of the videotape, we had left out the part with Kyle and Tyler, mainly because Dan didn't want our buddies seeing him get screwed by a couple of sixth graders. The tape moved on from Nacho to Thanh and me.

Ben's body grew warmer and his breathing grew heavier. His cock looked painfully hard, and I took my arm from over his shoulders so that I could reach into his lap and stroke him. He looked at me, on TV with my legs up almost around my neck and Thanh pushing his cock into my bottom, and Ben leaned to whisper in my ear.

"In a second, can I do you again; that way? Can I do like Thanh?"

I nodded. "Yeah."

When Thanh and I kissed on TV, Ben turned to me.

"Have you ever kissed anybody?" I asked.

He shook his head, looking at my lips, and then he kissed me. The kiss grew warmer and we opened our mouths to one another. I lay down onto my back, pulling Ben on top of me. We rubbed cocks and kissed and Ben moaned softly.

"This feels good, Cody," he murmured.

I pulled my knees up on either side of him.

"I'm still loose," I told him. "Just put it in."

Ben knelt up, splayed his knees, and I felt his crown between my buttcheeks and pressing my hole. I arched slightly when his cock went up my butt. But then he folded himself over onto me, and kissed me, and then hugged me and fucked me like a natural. I hung on to him and ground back.

We went a while, and I rolled us onto our sides; his hips still pumping between my legs. And then I got him onto his back, and I rode his cock like a cowboy... the way Jeremy rode mine when he got really worked up.

When Ben lay onto his stomach to go to sleep, I lay onto his backside and cuddled onto him.

"Cody?" he said softly.


"Sometime, could we try a sixty-nine?"

"Sure, dude," I said, and then I wondered when. I liked Ben just fine, but my future plans were for Thanh and Dan... and Jere. "Maybe we should wash up our dicks," I told Benjamin, "in case we get the urge in the night."

"Do you think we will?"

"Could happen."

Ben twisted back under me. "Let's wash up then. I'll wash yours if you'll wash mine."

I woke in the night to the sound of Dan's bed rocking gently and to the feel of Ben's body sliding down mine. Ben's hand was over my cock and he rubbed it until he was down between my legs. He started sucking me, and at first, I was so tired, I was simply going to let him. But then he got me hard, and awake.

"Ben," I whispered. "Sixty-nine."

He crawled up from under the covers, and we threw them back. He dove for the foot of the bed, reversing positions with me, and we went up onto our sides, facing each other's crotch.

His sex smelled stronger, despite our earlier washing. It smelled good, though. At that age, you have to go a long time without bathing to get gross. I rubbed my face on his cock and balls and nuzzled between his legs. He had started to suck the end of my cock, but paused, and then imitated me. I licked his balls, and he licked mine. And from there, I took him through a more, in depth lesson, on how to suck another boy's cock.

I rolled onto my back with a sigh, and looked up at the ceiling in the dim light. Ben came back up beside me, resting his head on the pillow beside me. I felt his eyes on me and rolled my head to look at him.

"We'll still be friends, right?" he asked.

I nodded and patted his side, down by his waist.

"Better friends now, doncha think?" I said with a sleepy smile.

He smiled and laid his hand on my chest before closing his eyes for sleep.

I left my hand on the side of his waist, and wondered where I would find time to do stuff with Ben. It occurred to me, really, for the first time, that screwing with everybody could be a problem.


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