Jack Edwards

The Trap - Benjamin

I pushed the record button as soon as I heard the door. It was Benjamin. If it wasn't going to be Thanh, Benjamin was a good second choice. I always liked Ben; he had a cute face with really pink lips, and lately, his zipper had a tendency to ride up to one side of his crotch, leaving his package in a nicely protruding ball in front. Benjamin wasn't as tall as Daniel and me, but he wasn't short. He played sports, and he had wavy red hair which he wore down to the back of his neck.

Like Trevor before him, Benjamin's mouth dropped and his eyes went big when he saw Jeremy stretched naked over the table. Ben started to laugh, but stopped when Jeremy called out, "Who is it? Who's there?"

Ben walked up to the table, looking down at Jere's naked body. He angled his head to read the writing over Jere's bottom. He laughed, silently. He looked more closely at Jere's blindfold, making sure that Jeremy couldn’t see, then Ben glanced around the room.

"What are you going to do to me?" Jere asked quietly.

Ben turned back to Jere. His brow furrowed. His lips pursed. He walked behind Jere, studying his body. With a final glance around the room, Ben dropped to his knees and took a closer look up between Jere's legs. He peered closely for a moment, then got to his feet. He went to the door and locked it, and returned.

Ben knelt behind Jeremy again, and reached up between Jere's legs. He lifted Jeremy's cock and balls on the palm of his hand. He studied them, tilting his hand to one side and then the other. Holding them on one hand, he used the fingers of his other hand to examine them. He leaned in and sniffed. With the side view that the camera had, I saw Jeremy’s dick grow longer. Then Ben really surprised me. He licked the back of Jere’s balls, and then he nuzzled in between the backs of Jere’s legs, burying his face between them.

He rubbed his face under Jeremy’s bottom, getting Jere’s scent on his nose. He licked. I could hear him licking. His licking grew even more vigorous, like a cat on catnip.

Ben twisted and sat down on the floor, under and between Jere's legs, his back toward the table. He nuzzled up between Jere’s legs and under Jere’s balls and cock. I could see Jere’s cock bouncing around, the end hitting up against the table. Ben pulled it down, and took Jere's cock into his mouth.

Jeremy gasped.

The sounds of Ben sucking grew louder as he got into it. He sucked Jere’s cock and fondled Jere's balls. He felt inside Jere's legs with both hands, and then over the globes of Jere's butt. Jere's hips began to move forward and back.

Ben kicked off his shoes. Without taking his mouth from Jere's cock, Ben unfastened his shorts and pushed them and his underwear down to his knees. He started stroking his dick while he sucked Jeremy's and I almost swore out loud, trying to get a closer look through the viewfinder and wishing I could aim the camera to zoom in. Ben had a straight dick with a big crown. It looked just a little shorter than mine or Daniel's but it was a nice one.

Jeremy moaned. His hips rocked.

Ben sucked until Jeremy whimpered and his body went rigid. I could see Ben swallowing. Even after Jeremy finished, Ben kept sucking as if to get out the last drop. Jeremy shuddered violently and whimpered desperately before Ben let him go, and then Ben licked all over Jeremy’s cock and balls as if cleaning them.

Benjamin got to his feet, pants and underwear still at his knees, and I could see his erection clearly. Ben's pubes were still thin, but they were clearly red. He grabbed the base of his cock, aimed it between Jeremy’s butt cheeks, and eased the end of his dick into Jeremy's bottom.

Ben’s mouth went slack and his eyes drooped. I could imagine feeling what he was feeling as he made the long, slow slide into Jere's back end. He grabbed Jere by the hips, looking down between their bodies for a moment, and then he pumped, pumping with his whole body.

I liked the way Trevor drove with only his hips, more than Ben's stiffer thrusting. It looked hotter for one thing. I thought I'd show Ben how, once we confronted him with the tape, and I fucked him. I had no doubt that he and I could really get it on, especially when he began humping Jere's bottom like a wild man. The slap, slap of his lap against Jere's bottom sounded loud in the empty room.

Ben's body went rigid. Head back, his mouth hung open in a silent cry.

His chest heaved. His head fell forward. He looked down at his belly, flat against Jeremy's bottom. He moved his hips around slowly, stroking the sides of Jeremy's hips with his hands. He pulled out slowly, watching his dick reappear from inside Jere's bottom.

He pushed back in. He pulled out. He pushed back in and ground around. I could guess how it felt and rubbed the front of my shorts. Ben leaned to the right, studying his lap against Jere's bottom. Then he leaned left, studying it from that angle. He pulled back and shoved forward, slowly. Then he ground, sucking in his gut so he could bend closer to watch. He bent his knees and drove upward, hard, watching his lap flatten Jere's white bottom. It was obvious that Ben's cock had stayed erect. At fourteen, it isn’t like you’re still shooting blanks and can go on and on, but it isn’t uncommon to stay hard… with the right simulation.

Ben held Jere's hips and, eyes closed, ground his cock around inside Jere as if savoring the sensations. I quietly unfastened my shorts and pushed them and my underwear down onto my thighs. My cock sprang free and I almost sighed aloud with relief as I grabbed it.

Ben leaned forward to grab the backs of Jeremy's shoulders, and, watching his belly at Jere's bottom, he drove forward with his hips, lifting Jere onto his toes. Ben circled his hips there, watching. Jere moaned.

Letting go of one shoulder, Ben reached under Jere and grabbed Jere's cock, squeezing, tugging. Jere moaned again. Ben reached under with both hands. It looked like he held their dangling scrotums together with one hand, fondling them together.

Ben got Jere hard again; I could see Jere's erection under the table when Ben let go. Ben grabbed the insides of both of Jere's legs, and he made a slow, sensuous, circling thrust followed by a grind. I thought to myself as I stroked my own cock, that I wouldn't need to teach Benjamin anything.

He started pumping his hips faster, and this time, it was just his hips pumping. He kept his lap firmly against Jere's bottom, flattening it, squishing it around. He paused, holding the two of them tightly together, and reached in front of Jeremy again to grab his cock. Keeping his own cock buried to the hilt in Jeremy's bottom, he jacked Jere firmly and fast until Jere was whimpering and his hips were moving.

Suddenly Jere was moving around on his feet as if the floor was hot and I could hear him gasping. Benjamin grabbed both Jere's hips again, and banged at Jere's bottom. I beat my own cock rapidly. I came. At fourteen, it was still the watery stuff and it made squirting noises, falling onto the cardboard. I quickly covered my crown with my hand.

Benjamin was too far gone to hear anything, though, because his own orgasm was about to hit. He went up onto his toes, taking Jere up onto his. Benjamin's butt and leg muscles were all rigid and hot looking; in fact, his entire body was, as he held Jere's butt clutched tightly to his front.

His chest was heaving. Slowly, he came down off his toes, letting Jere down as well. He pulled out and his dick was all slick from the butter, and from come. He saw the same paper towels Trevor had used, and tore off some for himself. He cleaned himself, and then, like Trevor before him, wiped Jeremy’s butt; though less tenderly.

"Thanks," Jere said quietly.

Benjamin patted Jere's bottom.

"I liked that," Jere murmured. "I liked what you did."

Benjamin started to say something, caught himself, hesitated, and then turned for his clothes. He dressed.

Before leaving, he returned to Jere and gave him a friendly backrub. He looked at the ropes around Jere's hands and hesitated. Then he left the room, and I stopped recording.

"Hello?" Jere asked quietly, a moment later.

"He left," I said.

"Who was that?" Jere asked.


"He was good," Jere murmured. He shifted his feet. "I'm really getting sore. Untie me for a while."

"I can't. What if Daniel's sending the next guy?"

"Dude!" Jere protested.

Carefully, but quickly, I pulled up my pants and climbed from inside the castle. I crossed the room and locked the door before untying Jere.

He stood up stiffly, rubbing his lower back and butt.

"What did it look like?" he asked. "It seemed like Trevor and Ben didn't hesitate at all."

"Nope," I said, grinning. "And they both liked it!"

Someone tried to turn the handle of the door to the room. Jere and I froze, looking at each other.

"It's me, Daniel," my brother called from the other side of the door.

I walked over, let him in, and locked the door behind him. Daniel was all grins.

"Trevor's about ready to shit in his pants," Daniel said. "As soon as he got back outside, I asked if he'd seen Jere, and he got all white and stammered and stuff. He said that he forgot to look for him and told me to go look. I said I would in a second 'cause I was busy. So he came back a few minutes later and asked if I'd looked for Jere yet, and I said, no, I asked Benjamin to go 'cause I couldn't break away." Daniel laughed. "Trevor sorta got a real shit-eatin' grin, and said, oh. Then I saw him looking around for Benjamin every few minutes, and when Benjamin finally came back out, Trevor stared real hard at him, and looked confused, like he didn't know whether to say anything, so he just stayed away. And then Benjamin came up to me and said he didn't get a chance to look, and said I should go look for Jere."

"Yeah, well they both think they, like, raped Jere," I said, knowingly, "and they can't say, oh, I found him, 'cause then Jere would say they screwed him, and if like only one person had come into the room, it'd have to be them."

"Who next?" Daniel asked, rubbing his hands together.


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