Jack Edwards

The Trap - Daniel

Daniel and I had walked to the elementary school that morning, because of the camera. When we walked home, I was in the middle, with the camera bag, and Jere rode his bicycle slowly along the curb on my left. Jere was doing most of the talking; Daniel hadn't spoken a word.

“Did you guys even hear what I said?” Jere asked.

“Yeah,” I told him.

“Well, why are you so quiet?” Jere demanded. “We trapped ‘em! We trapped ‘em good!”

“Yeah,” I agreed with a shrug, “but I’m not sure we should do like we planned with the tape.”

“What do you mean?” Jere asked, frowning.

“I mean,” I said, “that after Trevor was an asshole, I liked the idea of trapping him and the other guys, and blackmailing them, one at a time, into sucking our dicks or letting us fuck them. But now I'm thinking that Trevor liked it – they all liked it. I bet we don’t have to force them to do anything, unless we wanna be pricks."

Jeremy’s brow knit as he considered what I said.

"We said they’d fuck with a guy, just like we do, only they wouldn’t admit it, right?” I reminded him. “Well, we were right. They are like us. So how would you feel if Trevor used a video of you to force you to suck him and let him fuck your butt?”

Jere grinned. “As long as I could do it back, I’d like it.”

“Smartass! But that’s exactly what I mean. We don’t have to force them. At least, you don’t with Trevor. He likes you."

Jeremy smiled slightly.

"Cody just doesn't want to share Thanh with us, Jere," Daniel said, sullenly, from my other side.

I turned to him, frowning.

He frowned back. "Well, it's true,” Daniel told me. “You don't give a shit about Trevor. You just don't want your ‘boyfriend’ to think you're an asshole for trapping him so we could all fuck him."

I felt my face grow instantly hot and my jaw clench. Daniel wasn't stupid, and he knew me; hell, we were twins after all. He knew there was truth to what he said.

"I really do give a shit about Trevor," I protested. "He can be an asshole, but he's our friend, and you didn't see him with Jeremy. I did. He was like, loving on Jere. And you saw how he treated Jere afterward."

"Hey," Jeremy said, "maybe I should show Trevor a copy of the video when it's just him and me."

"And I could show Thanh our tape when it's just him and me," I agreed.

Daniel said nothing, not even about him showing Nacho his tape alone.

I glanced at Jere. He nodded past me at Daniel and shrugged a ‘what’s up?’.

I turned back to Daniel. “So what do you think, Dan?” I asked. “What about you showing Nacho his tape when you’re alone with him?”

“I say we show them all the tape at one time,” Daniel said, without looking at me.

“Hell no!” I said. “Trevor would freak if we exposed him in front of everyone. He’d wanna beat the shit out of all of us.” Then I laughed. “And we would expose him.”

Dan didn’t laugh, but shrugged. “Start with a copy of you and Thanh,” he said. “Show ‘em what queer really is.”

“What the fuck?” I said, giving Dan a shove.

He shoved me back, hard. I fell against Jere, and the two of us fell over; along with the camera and bicycle.

Daniel kept walking.

Leaving the camera, I got up to run him down, tackling Daniel from behind. We rolled. We struggled. He elbowed me in the eye.

“Holy shit!” I muttered, and swung up blindly, hitting the side of Dan’s face.

Daniel got me in a headlock.

“What the fuck is the matter with you guys?” Jere demanded, as he caught up to us, juggling both the bicycle and camera.

“Daniel’s pissed because I have a boyfriend and he’s never had one,” I said.

“Fuck you!” Daniel muttered, using his free arm to slug me in the gut. I tightened my gut in time.

“What then?” I asked. “Did you want Thanh for yourself?” I squeezed Dan’s nipple hard with my fingers.

“You shithead!” Daniel yelled. He kicked and shoved back from me, got to his feet, and walked off ahead of us.

I sat up and rubbed my eye.

“I’ve never seen you guys fight like that,” Jere said, watching Daniel walk away.

“Not for a long time,” I agreed.

Jeremy set the camera down and pulled me to my feet.

“You’re going to have a shiner,” he told me.

“I’ll put ice on it.”

Jeremy grinned. “I hope Thanh likes black eyes.”

“Yeah, right,” I mumbled.

“Cody,” Jeremy said, thoughtfully, as we resumed walking, “do you think Daniel could be jealous of you and not Thanh? I mean, like you and Dan are really tight.”

I glanced at him. “What? Like Dan thinks he’s my boyfriend? That’s dumb. He would have been jealous a long time ago because of you or Brandon.

“Brandon and I haven’t been your boyfriend, Coder.” Jeremy smiled apologetically. “You and me; we’re tight, too, you know, and I’m a little jealous because of Thanh.”

“That’s crazy,” I told him. “If I had a girlfriend, you wouldn’t be jealous.”

Jeremy shrugged. “I might.”

When Jeremy and I got to the house, we found that Daniel had locked our bedroom door.

“We wanna watch the video,” Jeremy said.

No answer.

“We’ll watch it on the living room VCR,” Jeremy said.

“You don’t watch it without me,” Daniel called through the door. “And I don’t want to watch it today.”

Jere frowned. “I could take it home and watch it,” he said.

“Like hell you will,” I told him.

Jeremy shrugged. “Okay. Just don’t watch it without me.”

He left shortly after that.

“You gotta let me in, Daniel,” I called through the door a short time later. “I’m not gonna hide the tape anywhere out here.”

He unlocked the door, and I went in. Daniel flopped back on his bed, reading. I took out the tape and hid it in the box for our old GI Joe game in the top of our closet. Then I lay back on my bed and got my own book to read. Dan and I didn’t say another word until Mom came home from work.

“Okay, what happened?” Mom asked, looking from Daniel to me as we sat across the supper table from one another; not looking at one another. “Who gave you the black eye, Cody?”

I shrugged.

“Daniel, who gave you the bruise on your cheekbone?”

Daniel didn’t answer.

“It’s obvious you two had a fight. Was it with each other?”

We didn’t answer.

“What about?”

Daniel’s and my eyes met only for a moment, and we glanced away from one another.

Mom studied us, then leaned back in her seat. “You two haven’t been fighting over a girl have you?”

Mom didn’t wait for an answer; not that either of us intended to give one.

“Oh my, you have!” Mom said. “You two are so easy to read! You both clench your jaw when I get close to something you don’t want me to know.” She shook her head. “I’ve wondered what would happen the first time one of you got a girlfriend. You both are so close, I wondered if the other one would be jealous. Is that what happened?”

“I’m not jealous,” Daniel said angrily.

“So Cody’s the one with a new girlfriend,” Mom said, pleased with her powers of deduction. Then she leaned forward, sympathetically. “You boys are getting older. I know it’s not easy, but you’re each going to have your own lives; your own interests… and girlfriends. You’re going to have to give each other room to grow up.”

“Geez, Mom,” Daniel and I said at almost the same time.

She laughed.

I thought about it, though. Mom thought the same thing Jeremy seemed to think; that Daniel was jealous. I wondered how I’d feel if I thought Daniel was gonna get all tied up with a boyfriend. The thought made me less pissed with him. I never liked being pissed at Daniel anyway; anymore than he liked being pissed with me.

Mom left the kitchen for us to clean up, and Daniel and I started to clear the table.

“I wanna stay tight’,” I murmured. “Don’t go thinking that I’m gonna get all tied up with Thanh.”

Daniel glanced at me as he turned to the sink with dishes. I followed him and kept my voice down. “No boyfriend’s like a brother,” I said. “Not even a best friend is like a brother.” I glanced at Daniel. “Not like my brother.”

He didn’t say anything right away, but he smiled a little. Then, when my hands were buried in dishwater, Daniel came up behind me, and I felt his fingers on my ribs. I stiffened.

“Girlfriend, huh?” he asked under his breath, with a wicked laugh.

“Don’t do it!” I warned, but it was already too late. Dan knew that all he had to do was act like he would tickle me, and I turned to quivering, giggling, jelly. It was like a reflex with me, and it worked on me every time.

Daniel started tickling my ribs, and I did the one thing I had strength for; I collapsed to the floor.

Daniel came down after me, and I cried out. It came out more like a scream.

“Daniel! Quit tickling your brother!” Mom cried from the other room.

I tried to say, “You heard Mom,” but it came out only as gasps and uncontrolled laughter as I tried to roll away on the floor.

Daniel finally let me catch my breath about the time I thought I’d pass out. He dropped onto his butt beside me, and his smile gentled as he looked down into my eyes.

“Sorry about the black eye, Coder,” he said.

“Yeah, sorry about the bruise on your cheekbone,” I replied.

“We’re cool?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I said. “Except that I gotta get you back now, for tickling me.”

Daniel rolled his eyes. Whenever I told him I had to get him back, he went crazy trying to guess what I was going to do, until I did it.

I was lying on my back that night, on the couch, watching TV, when Daniel brought an ice pack from the kitchen. He lifted my head up, and then sat down before lowering the back of my head back into his lap. He placed the ice pack on my eye and stroked my hair.

“I’ve always been proud of you two,” Mom told us from her armchair. “You boys always make up so quickly. You’re good brothers.”

“Yeah, well,” I said. “I still owe Daniel for tickling me.”

“Even though I’m putting an ice pack on your eye?” Daniel asked.

I smiled. “Maybe not.”

I smiled partly because I knew something that Mom didn’t. Daniel’s dick was stirring. I rubbed the side of my face against it through his soft shorts.

We were back to normal that evening, as we bellied up to the bathroom sink, side-by-side in our pajama bottoms to brush our teeth. I paused with the toothbrush in my mouth in order to take a closer look at my eye in the mirror. Daniel glanced at me.

“Next time, don’t make me so ugly,” I said, pulling the toothbrush from my mouth. “Next time, you get the black eye and I’ll take the bruised cheek.”

Daniel put his arm across my shoulders, and pulling his toothbrush from his mouth, he smiled at me. “You look ‘interesting’ with your white eyelashes and eyebrows and that black eye. His nose was almost touching mine and his grin grew milder. “I always wanted white eyelashes and eyebrows like you have. Did I ever tell you that?”

“Yeah. And I always wanted long black ones like yours,” I said.

Daniel’s smile faded, his eyes going back and forth between mine, and then he leaned closer and pressed his lips to mine for the first kiss on the lips we ever shared. We turned to each other and our mouths opened to each other, foamy toothpaste and all.

Daniel laughed first, and then I did. We turned back to the sink, spitting out the toothpaste.

Our eyes met in the mirror.

“I’ve been thinking about doing that,” Daniel said. “Kissing.”

I nodded. “Yeah. Me, too… but not with the toothpaste in our mouths.”

Daniel smiled. “We better piss and go kiss Mom goodnight.”

When I turned from locking the door to our bedroom, Daniel was waiting behind me, and deftly stuck his hand into the fly of my pajamas. His fingers closed around my cock which was already rubbery, and he smiled.

With one hand around my dick, he grabbed me by the shoulder and pushed me back against the door before pressing his lips to mine. I opened my mouth to his, slipping an arm behind his back. As his tongue probed into my mouth, he pulled my cock from inside my pajamas.

At fourteen, Daniel and I had done about everything two boys could do together, sex-wise; except kissing. Now, the way Daniel pressed me so hungrily, his tongue probing my mouth while he grabbed at my cock, was totally different. It was hot as hell.

Daniel pulled the drawstring on my pajama bottoms, and, dropping to his knees in front of me, he slid them off my hips. They dropped to the floor. Grasping me by the sides of my thighs, Dan buried his face under my cock and nuzzled into my balls. He nipped and sucked there while my cock grew hard.

I leaned back against the door and watched my cock brush back and forth over the side of Daniel’s face. He pulled his head back, and, wrapping a hand around the base of my cock, he closed his mouth over my crown. My mouth dropped when he swirled my crown with his tongue, and my knees sagged. I grabbed the sides of Daniel’s head.

While he sucked on me, Daniel fished his own cock from inside his pajamas. He started to stroke it. He also started to bob on my shaft; slowly, while looking up at me with my cock in his mouth, watching my reactions.

My eyes drooped with pleasure and I cradled his head in my hands. He took me deeper, and I moaned. My cock grew wet with his saliva, and his bobbing began to make slurping noises.

Bending, I grabbed him under the arms and pulled him to his feet. I wrapped a forearm behind his waist and pulled his belly to mine. Our cocks angled out to the sides.

“I’m sleeping with you tonight,” I told him, “the way we used to when we were kids.” Holding his belly to mine, I stroked his golden hair back from the side of his face, and gazed into his eyes. “Brother,” I said softly. “My brother.”

He smiled.

I pulled the drawstring on his pajama bottoms.

Daniel got into bed first, and rolled onto his back, opening his legs and arms to me. Daniel liked me on top when we rubbed dicks together, and I liked being on top. This time, though, instead of just hugging while we did it, we would be kissing. I dove onto him; settling onto him cock first; cock to cock.

Dan wrapped me up in his arms and legs, and I slid my palms under the backs of his shoulders. I probed into his mouth with my tongue and circled my hips between his thighs, grinding us together.

We kissed. We kissed like Brandon used to kiss me. When we weren’t careful, I bumped my black eye, and Daniel bumped his bruised cheek against mine, but we almost didn’t feel it. Passion was new between us, but it was an honest passion. Daniel was the one boy I had loved all my life, and I was his. We had been intimate since sleeping together as children, and there was nothing to hold us back.

Our kissing grew almost fierce as we probed and sucked and swallowed one another’s saliva. Dan pawed at my back and butt. I held his face between my palms and barely let him breathe.

We lay afterward, on our sides, wet belly to wet belly, legs entwined. I ran my finger lightly and tenderly over Daniel’s features.

“When we were little,” I told him, softly, “I used to love the way you said my name. You’d use a long ‘O’ and accent both syllables like they were two different words; Koh-dee. Uncle Joe teased me once, saying it the same way, and I got mad at him, because you were the only one who was supposed to call me Koh-dee.”

Daniel smiled. “You used to call me Dan-uh. I remember sitting at the table, maybe before Dad died, because we were still in our booster seats; and I remember Mom trying to get you to say it right. She went, ‘Say Dan,’ and you said, ‘Dan,’ and she said, ‘Now say yell,’ and you said, ‘Yell,’ and she said, ‘Now say DanYell,” and you said, ‘Danuh’. Mom went like, ‘Agh!’ and looked up at the ceiling, and you grinned at me.”

I smiled. “I remember that.”

Daniel’s look grew more earnest and he laid his palm on the side of my face. His eyes moved over my features.

I pulled him into my arms and ran my hand down his lean back to his firm bottom. I squeezed it, and pulled us tight down there. “We’re going to sleep together at night from now on,” I whispered beside his ear, “except for sleepovers.”

He hugged me to him. “And you won’t ever need to jack off,” he said, “’cause if you want your rocks off, I’ll do it for you; whatever you want.”

“And I’ll do it for you,” I whispered. “And I don’t even need to screw with Thanh… or I can share Thanh with you, if you want, but if you don’t want to share Nacho, I’m cool with that, too. We don’t even have to do other guys for a while if you want.”

“Whatever,” Dan murmured, brushing the side of his face against mine. “Koh-dee,” he whispered softly. “I want to get my rocks off again.”

I could tell. We’d both grown hard again.

“Fuck me, Brother,” he whispered.

I rolled Daniel to his back, moving on top of him. He wrapped his legs around my waist. I pulled my hips back and coated my cock with cum from between our bellies. Then I aimed in, found him, and felt his tightness slide over my crown and down my shaft.

Once more, I slipped my palms under the backs of Daniel’s shoulders, and he locked his arms across the small of my back. I covered his mouth with mine and moved my hips forward and back. The tightness of his opening slid up and down my shaft.

He wiggled his butt back onto my shaft, and I ground deeply inside him. The sensations from my dick, buried inside my brother, and my loins, pressed to his bottom, brought a moan from my mouth at the same instant Daniel moaned. We tightened our embrace, and I felt his erection against my belly. And then we moved together.

I looked up at Daniel when he returned from the bathroom, and I lifted the covers for him to crawl under. Daniel slid up between my arm and my ribs, cocking a leg over my middle and resting his hand on my chest. His balls and flaccid dick draped my hip; the inside of his thigh covered my own cock and balls. He kissed my black eye very gently, and then rested his head on my shoulder. I stroked his back.

His skin against mine felt as comforting as it ever had when we were young. But now our bodies were longer. We were leaner and boney. But Daniel was still Daniel. His scent was familiar. His body was familiar. His skin was soft and warm.

“We weren’t naked when we used to sleep like this,” Daniel softly said.

“We got stiffies, though,” I said.

Daniel chuckled and nuzzled up into the side of my neck.

When we were juniors in high school, I ran across a poem written by a young Egyptian prince, in his early teens, to his lover who had just died. His lover was his sister. The poem was moving and beautiful, and I wept when I read it, because by then, I knew how much I loved Daniel. But at fourteen, we were just beginning to learn about love.

Mom always kept the air conditioning cold at night. That night, we slept as well as we did when we were eleven and sleeping in each other’s arms.


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