Jack Edwards

The Trap - Jeremy

Jeremy’s balls rested loosely on my upper lip. I was on my back with his dick down my throat, and Jeremy was doing a pretty good job of getting my dick down his. At fourteen, we’d gotten pretty good at sucking cocks – we’d been doing it for each other since we were eleven; back when our dicks were stiffies instead of boners.

Jeremy’s compact little hips pumped, while at the same time, he sucked on my cock enthusiastically, as he almost always did. Jeremy liked my cock. I ran my hands over the backs of Jeremy’s thighs and over his bottom. I liked Jeremy’s bottom. His skin was smooth and absolutely hairless, but he had firm muscles and I liked to feel them.

When it came to pure sex, Jeremy and I had something special. It had little to do with being best friends and a lot to do with being fourteen and athletic, and both of us liking sex, being good at it, and being entirely comfortable with each other. Our tastes blended. He loved being fucked, and I loved fucking him. Jeremy is the one who taught me how incredible it is to fuck a boy who loves being fucked. We liked sucking one another’s cocks as well, and when Daniel was with us, we often did.

As I ran my hands over Jeremy’s bottom, Daniel reached in with KY. I watched his fingers as he spread the gel between Jere’s buttocks – we actually bought tubes of KY at Walgreens. The first time, the middle-aged guy at the cash register eyed us narrowly, but then laughed when we told him it was for a science experiment. It was an experiment – a biology experiment – and we went home to experiment right away. After that, we always bought from him, and he always thought it was funny. I don’t know if he was gay, or what he thought we were going to do with it, but back then, I don’t’ think they had any rules against kids buying KY; at least at our Walgreens.

Daniel smoothed KY in Jeremy’s crack, and then spread more over his cock. Dan’s cock always looked thick up close. Like mine, his cock had an upward curve to it and his shaft was slightly flattened in shape, like the body of a snake. His broad crown flared back, deep pink in color, almost like the hood of a snake. We had argued since our first hard-ons about whose cock was longer or thicker. Because of the curves, measurement could be subjective. In truth, mine was slightly longer; slightly. His was slightly thicker; very slightly. Neither of us would acknowledge that to the other, of course. We were after all, teenage brothers.

Daniel scooted forward over my face. I watched his crown press against Jere’s pucker, and then disappear into Jeremy’s butt. But then Daniel’s balls dangled directly over my eyes, and I couldn’t see as well. So I played with Daniel’s balls with my fingers.

Dan’s hips started forward and back. His balls swung forward and back as well. I played with them to keep them up out of my face, and Dan’s scrotum began to tighten up.

It was good that our mom wouldn’t be home for another couple of hours. The sounds of our slurping and Dan’s belly slapping Jeremy’s butt were loud enough that she would have heard them, passing our door. On top of that, Jeremy and I were moaning. Moans came naturally at the moment, of course, but moans were also how we let each other know what felt good.

Daniel didn’t have a cock in his mouth, and he was making more noise than us; grunting and saying things like, “Oh, yeah, Jere; Oh yeah, Jere,” over and over.

Daniel’s balls tightened even more until a testicle was snug-up on either side of the root of his cock. Jeremy’s balls had done the same, though I had to go cross-eyed down my nose to see Jere’s. Daniel’s ball-tight cock was lined up with Jere’s ball-tight cock in a line down to my mouth. I could smell both their scents, and that made me about ready myself.

With me swallowing his cock, and Dan fucking his butt at the same time, Jeremy was worked up and sucking hard. He rubbed his hands in the creases of my legs and ran his fingers over my scrotum. His tongue worked on my crown. Jere’s body got hot in sex, and I felt it growing hotter as my own scrotum grew tight.

Jeremy pressed his fingers firmly under my balls, down at the very root of my cock, and I knew he was ready; that was a signal we used. It was a good signal because it could trigger the other guy’s orgasm as well. It worked so well on Jeremy and me that we called it our ‘launch button’.

My balls went tight and a hard knot of fire ignited in the root of my cock. I pressed both Jeremy and Dan behind their balls and instantly tasted Jere’s cum in my mouth and throat. My own cum pumped, and I heard Daniel whimpering the way he did when he came. It got really noisy for a moment, and then all our movement ground slowly to a halt.

Daniel backed up on his knees, pulling his cock from inside Jere’s bottom. Jeremy rolled off me, and my cock flopped up on my belly. I sighed and gazed up at the ceiling.

Jeremy rolled onto his back and sighed, as well. “You guys ready for more of the video?”

“I’m gonna get a soda first, Jere” I told him.

I got to my feet, and I pulled Jeremy to his feet. Dan got to his feet on his own.

Thanks to my granddad, Daniel and I had a TV and a video recorder in our room. Frozen on the TV screen was Jeremy, bent over the table in the teacher’s supply room, and beyond him, the door closing as Trevor left. It was our first time to watch the tape. We’d only made it through watching Jeremy and Trevor before stripping one another and Jere climbing on me for a sixty-nine.

“Are we going to do this after every trap on the video?” Daniel asked as we walked down the stairs toward the kitchen, naked.

“Nope,” Jeremy said. “Next time, we do different. I get to fuck you.”

I handed Cokes out from the fridge, then leaned against the kitchen counter to take a sip of mine. Dan came up behind me to hug me by my belly and kiss the back of my neck.

Jeremy cocked his head. “You guys are different today. You’re acting strange… like you’re boyfriends or something.”

I leaned back in Dan’s arms and smiled. “We’ve always been tight.”

Jeremy frowned. “Don’t go shittin’ me. Something’s different today.”

“We’re sleeping together again,” Daniel said, “like when we were kids, only now, we’re doing it naked.”

“Oh, shit,” Jeremy murmured, looking us up and down. His cock started to rise again.

“Sleep with us tonight,” I said. “It’s summer. We’ll push our two beds together and take turns fucking you in the middle.”

Jeremy frowned at me. “No you won’t. Besides, you like the middle.”

He was right about that. We each liked the middle, most times.

Returning to our room, Dan sat on the floor and leaned back against the foot of his bed. The TV and VCR sat opposite it on a table against the wall. I took a seat next to Daniel, where we would easily reach into one another’s lap. But then Jeremy sat his butt down between my legs and backed into my crotch. He leaned back against me as if he was settling into an arm chair.

He still had his Coke, and he rested it on my thigh. It was cold, and I jumped slightly. Jere laughed and rubbed the bottom of the can up and down my thigh. I wrapped my arms around Jeremy’s chest and pulled him back with a menacing growl. Jere laughed.

It was fine with me to be an armchair; especially with us being naked.

Dan restarted the video tape. Jeremy’s body shifted over the table. The door opened, and Benjamin came in.

Even though I taped it, it was like watching it for the first time because the TV image was so much larger than that of the viewfinder. By the time Ben dropped his pants on the video tape, and his boner sprang up, Daniel’s boner was rising from his lap beside me. He stroked it.

I reached over and replaced his hand with mine. I liked the feel of Dan’s cock. Truth was, I liked the feel of any guys cock in my hand. It always excited me.

Jeremy took my other hand from his chest and lowered it to his dick, which was also erect. He wiggled his butt back into my crotch, and I fondled him as well as Dan. My cock grew hard against the base of Jeremy’s spine.

We watched silently as Ben pointed his erection up into Jere’s butt crack, and then drove it upward. Jeremy unconsciously moved his butt back between my legs. I sucked the nape of his neck.

As Ben orgasmed on the TV, Jere raised his bottom over my lap. I pointed my dick up for him, and, still slick inside from Daniel, Jeremy had no trouble taking my cock up his butt, and he sat down smoothly.

Jeremy settled back against my chest, and began a slow grind of his bottom in my lap. Reaching in front of him, I fondled and stroked him while watching the TV over his shoulder. I was only half-watching, though. My mind was also on Jeremy’s tightness around the base of my shaft, his bottom bones in my lap, stretching me up into him, the warmth of his insides, sheathing my erection, and the feel of his body resting back against mine… and the way he slowly ground his butt.

When the screen shifted to Daniel lying on the table on his stomach, my attention returned more fully to the screen. In the video, Nacho entered the room. Daniel knelt up beside me, wanting my attention on his cock.

Even though Dan had washed his dick, I wasn’t going to suck it so shortly after it had been inside Jere’s bottom. Besides, I couldn’t suck it and watch the screen. So I stroked it and felt Daniel up.

“It looks different on TV than it felt,” Dan observed.

On the video, Nacho straddled the back of Dan’s legs, angled his cock down into Dan’s butt, and then lay down on him, flattening Dan’s bottom. Jeremy ground harder in my lap and Dan drove his hips forward against my hand around his cock.

“It’s hot to watch,” Daniel murmured.

I let go of Jeremy’s cock. Whenever he got into screwing himself on my cock, Jere rarely needed additional stimulation. I simply wrapped an arm around his waist and hung on while trying to jack Daniel and watch the TV, all at one time.

Daniel pushed against Jere and me, wanting us on our sides so he could get to my butt. I held Jeremy to me, and we rolled onto our sides and adjusted. Jeremy ground back against me; I ground forward against him. Dan lubed my butt. I tried to see the video.

When Nacho climaxed on the video, it was real obvious. He shook all over.

Dan rewound to when Nacho started fucking, and the three of us concentrated on our own copulation. I hugged Jere, moving with him, stroking him. Dan, kneeling on widely splayed knees, held me by the hipbone and rocked steadily in and out of my butt.

We came, one by one, and then Daniel stopped the tape.

“Well,” Jere said with a sigh, “we made it through two traps this time.”

The three of us showered together after supper. The “Fuck me” written on our butts still wasn’t coming off, which was a concern because the next day, Thursday, Miss Johansson planned to take all the kids to the local pool for a swim party in the morning.

We scrubbed hard, and the ink faded slightly, but the words wouldn’t come completely off without taking skin off with them.

We made it through the rest of the tape that night before Jere and I piled on Daniel the way Kyle and Tyler had; belly down. I was in the middle between them again, and I enjoyed it. I always liked lying on top of Dan that way. His butt fit under my lap so perfectly, and the back of his body always felt good under the front of mine. Jeremy, draped on my backside, driving his boner up my butt, just made it even better. I hugged on Daniel and sucked the side of his neck, and took my time enjoying the sensations. Even at fourteen, having come twice only a few hours earlier, slowed us down.

When Daniel still hadn’t come after Jere and I had, Dan rolled me to my back and got my legs up the way he’d tied me for Thanh, before getting on top of me. Jeremy lay beside us, watching. He watched Daniel kissing me, and when Daniel paused for a breath, Jeremy leaned in, and for the first time, my best buddy and I kissed.

Jere and I got into it; kissing like the teenagers we were. Daniel kneeled up at my bottom, and Jeremy moved his chest over mine to get at me better, and so we could fondle one another. I was kissing Jeremy when Daniel came.

By then, with the resilience of early adolescents, Jeremy and I were both hard again. Daniel got off me and rolled to one side. He watched as I sat up, leaning back against the bed. Jere knelt astride my lap, facing me. Jere’s cock pointed up toward my face. I gave it a playful swat and it wagged at me. Jere grinned and wagged it some more.

I pointed my cock upward. Jere laid his hands on my shoulders and slowly sat down. We paused to line up when my cock head slipped between his buttocks. My crown slipped in, and Jere sat the rest of the way down. He settled in my lap, and I grabbed his bottom to pull him snug and work my cock all the way inside him. Like he had many times before, Jeremy clasped his hands behind my neck, and he started rocking his hips; rubbing his dick on my belly. We both liked doing it that way. But this time, Jeremy leaned in, and covered my mouth with his.

We probed with our tongues, and Jeremy rocked his hips. He leaned back, and his eyes twinkled. He grinned, and holding on behind my neck, rocked harder, slower.

“Sorta weird,” he said, “kissing you.”

“To tell you the truth,” I said, “kissing you is more like ‘kissing my brother’ than kissing my brother”

“Funny,” Daniel murmured.

Jeremy grinned though, and rocked forcefully, the way he knew I liked. He liked it that way, too, and I saw the pleasure of it wash over his face.

Jere leaned forward again, smiling, his lips close to mine. “Is it okay to kiss again.”

I smiled. “Best buds our age should kiss a lot, don’t you think? Especially, kissing with tongue while they fuck each other.”

Jere smiled and kissed me, pulling on the back of my neck.

I heard Dan get up from the floor. He turned the VCR from tape to TV, finding an old movie.

Jere and I kept at it, paying no attention to Dan or the movie. I ran my hands up and down Jere’s sides and back; it always felt awesome when his smaller body rocked in my lap like that. It felt awesome on my dick, too.

Jere ran his fingers in my hair and rubbed his face on mine, and did other things besides kissing which were new to us. We lasted at least half an hour before I rolled forward, laying Jere onto his back, so I could pound us both to a climax.

Our fourth climax of the evening came with shudders, high whimpers, sweat, and work… and it was damned good.

We slept together, naked. Jeremy lay between us, and we slept all over him, the way we slept on each other. Even though it had been years – except for the night before, of course – Daniel and I had been used to sleeping on one another. I wasn’t sure Jeremy would like it, but he did.

“Your mom keeps it so cold in here at night,” he said. He smiled. “You guys were like a double blanket… with boners.”

I knew I had boners in the night. Toward morning, I dreamt of Thanh. He had hung with me at day camp all the previous day, and even invited me for a sleepover at his house for Friday night. I told him we might have something else going, and to be available. So I’d been thinking about Thanh, I’d had a lot of sex that evening, we’d watched the video of Thanh and me – Dan was right; watching yourself with someone is damned hot – so dreaming about Thanh was almost bound to happen.. I dreamt that I slept over with Thanh.

I wondered if Jeremy dreamed about Trevor, because Trevor had hung close to Jere all day… pretending not to, of course.


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