Jack Edwards

The Trap - Kyle and Tyler

"See!" I whispered. "Someone else has already started looking for you. Quick, give me back your hands!"

Daniel plopped back down onto the table. “That’s pretty damn quick!” Daniel protested as I frantically tied his hands with a simple wrap around and square knot.

I ran for the castle and got back inside, just as the door opened. I hit the record button, even before looking into the view finder. What I saw when I looked into it, almost made me laugh out loud.

Two of the elementary-aged boys stood at the door to the room with their mouths gapping open. I thought, No way Jeremy would have sent these guys! But then I got a knot in my stomach. They're gonna go get Miss Johanson!

But they didn't. The first boy into the room, Kyle, waved his buddy, Tyler, on in behind him and they shut the door. Kyle locked it.

I knew that Kyle had just turned eleven because Miss Johansson made a big deal of it. I figured Tyler was still ten. I only knew them as Kyle, the shorter, curly-headed one, and Tyler, the one with a thick mop of dark brown hair. Glancing around the room like deer on the watch for predators, they stepped carefully toward Daniel and the table.

"Who is it?" Daniel asked. "Who's there?"

Kyle held a finger to his lips and shook his head at Tyler. Tyler nodded.

They got to the table, and when they read the writing about Daniel's butt, they snickered.

"Who is it?" Daniel asked, this time sounding concerned. I was sure that he sensed from the snickering sounds that there were two of them.

They looked him over, walking around the table. Kyle slapped Daniel's butt. The whop echoed in the room.

"Shit!" Daniel cried out.

I was about ready to jump out of the castle and bust Kyle's little butt. But then Kyle ran his hand soothingly over Daniel's bottom.

Tyler had been distracted by something out of view of the camera, but quickly returned, grinning widely. He held up a whiskbroom for Kyle to see and then nodded his head at Daniel's bottom.

They snickered again, covering their mouths to keep from laughing out loud. I knew what they had in mind, but for a moment, the mental image of what Daniel would look like on the video that way, just got the best of me.

Tyler aimed the end of the whiskbroom into Daniel's butt crack, but Kyle stopped him. Kyle pointed to the tub of margarine. Tyler frowned, puzzled, but then Kyle took the whiskbroom from him and dipped the end in the margarine.

"What's going on?" Daniel asked nervously.

I was nervous, too. It dawned on me that the guys might push it in too hard or deep; a hard whiskbroom handle wasn't a soft-skin-covered dick.

Kyle inserted the little broom handle into Daniel's bottom.

"Oh, Geez!" Daniel cried out, arching up.

Tyler and Kyle stepped back quickly. My knots on Daniel's wrists were enough to hold him down. Seeing that, the two boys pointed at Daniel's whiskbroom tail, and snickered together. I carefully zoomed in for a moment.

Tyler started looking around for something else to stick up my brother's butt, but I thought Kyle might have a different idea. The front of Kyle's shorts had the ridge of a stiffy.

Kyle stepped up to the table again. He reached between Dan’s legs and lifted Daniel's balls with his hand. Tyler saw and returned to stand beside his friend. Kyle reached under Dan’s belly to grab Dan by the dick. He gave it a tug and made an air horn sound when he did.

The two of them snickered again. But then Kyle's face grew serious as his eyes traveled up and down Daniel’s body. Kyle swallowed hard, and then got up on the table. He straddled the backs of Daniel’s legs the way Nacho had. Kyle pulled down the front of his shorts. Kyle's stiffy sprang out from under a bald pubic mound, at least four inches long. The kid had a good one for an eleven-year-old.

Tyler's eyes went to his buddy's dick and his eyes widened. Kyle grinned wickedly, and nodded down toward Daniel's bottom as if to say, 'I'm gonna stick it there.'

Tyler swallowed hard. Kyle pulled the whiskbroom from Daniel’s bottom and tossed it aside.

"Thanks!" Daniel moaned. "Don't do that again... whatever it was."

Kyle rose up on his knees and pushed his shorts down onto his thighs. Then, holding the front of his shorts down, Kyle fell forward onto one hand and angled his stiffy down into Daniel’s butt. He looked a little like a spaniel getting ready to mount a dane.

Daniel's head cocked. "Is that your finger?" he asked quietly.

Tyler laughed out loud.

"Fuck you!" Kyle said to him.

"Who are you?" Daniel demanded.

Kyle didn't answer, but laid his body down onto Daniel's backside and began wiggling his cock around inside Daniel.

"It's your dick," Daniel murmured.

Kyle clung on to the backs of Dan’s shoulders, laid the side of his face down on Dan’s back, facing the camera, and began humping his little hips with hard thrusts. Beside the table, Tyler stripped off his own shorts and underwear. As he walked around the table, I could see that he had a thicker, but slightly shorter stiffy than Kyle. Tyler’s butt didn’t have an ounce of fat on it. It was like two little fists of muscle atop his long, skinny legs.

Just then, someone tried the door handle, and they all froze.

Just great! I thought. That's probably Thanh, and he's gonna leave now.

A moment passed, then another. Clearly, whoever had been at the door, left. Kyle started humping again. Tyler stroked his own stiffy with a thumb and two fingers.

After a few moments, Tyler climbed up onto the table and nudged Kyle, obviously wanting to try fucking Daniel himself. I wanted to tell him to go shove his stiffy in Daniel’s mouth, but that would have blown everything… so to speak.

Reluctantly, Kyle got up off Daniel and climbed off the table. Tyler took his place, and leaning over my brother's bottom, Tyler shoved his stiffy quickly up Daniel's butt before falling onto him.

"Fuck!" Daniel murmured. "There are two of you." Then, more hesitantly. "There are only two of you, right?"

The two boys ignored him. Tyler started humping and he drove more slowly, with full-bodied thrusts.

Kyle stripped off his pants and underwear. The kid had white legs; beginning of the summer white. He pulled off his shirt, and his torso was only a little darker. His stiffy curved up from between his thin legs, and his balls were a little ruddy ball.

Kyle’s eyes were on his buddy’s butt. The two little globes of Tyler’s bottom clenched and dimpled with drive of his hips.

Kyle reached out a hand, cupping Tyler’s right bun. Kyle left it there, feeling Tyler’s muscular little glute flex as he thrust. Then Kyle grabbed the tub of margarine and dipped his right forefinger into it. He leaned over Tyler’s rising and falling bottom, and with a steadying hand on the small of Tyler’s back, Kyle eased his finger up Tyler’s butthole.

Tyler paused. His little buttocks flexed as he squeezed Kyle’s finger. He adjusted to it, and resumed banging Daniel. A moment later, Kyle got more margarine, but this time, spread it on his stiffy. He climbed up on the table behind Tyler and scooted his knees along either side of Dan’s legs and inside Tyler’s. Steadying himself with a hand on the back of Tyler’s shoulder, Kyle aimed his cock into his friend’s butt.

Tyler paused, and Kyle guided his stiffy up Tyler’s bottom. Tyler began to move again, and Kyle’s dick slipped out. Tyler paused. Kyle reinserted. They started again, slower.

Tyler was flat on Daniel, clutching the backs of Daniel’s shoulders. Kyle lay down flat onto Tyler, hugging onto him, and flattening even more, the two bodies under him. Tyler resumed long, hard thrusts. Kyle made rapid hip pumps, like bunny fucking. All three of them made noises and the table rocked, squeaking.

Daniel’s face was turned away, but the ten and eleven-year-olds were facing the camera, eyes closed in concentration. Their mouths hung open. Daniel’s hips moved like he might be fucking the table. I quietly freed my own boner and began to stroke.

Those little kids went a long, long time. At one point, Tyler went a little crazy, his voice climbing in rising whimpers, but then he kept going. Then Kyle went crazy and it looked like he tried to drive his cock all the way through his buddy and into Daniel. But then he kept going, too.

I was firing blanks at that age myself. I knew how you could go over and over, with dry climaxes, and sometimes needed to.

The bell rang for lunch, and the two boys stopped. Kyle pulled out and climbed off the table; then Tyler. They dressed quickly. At the door, they looked back at Daniel and hesitated. Then Kyle grabbed Tyler by the hand and they went out.

I stopped the camera and came out of the castle.

“Dude,” I said, “I’m locking the door. I need you to suck me off so bad!”

“Sixty-nine!” Daniel said. “I need it, too! And who the hell was that?”


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