Jack Edwards

The Trap - Nacho

"I wanna try Nacho, next,” Daniel said.

I wasn't surprised; Daniel had the hots for Nacho. Nacho was thirteen and Hispanic. He wouldn’t turn fourteen until September. He was thin, with dark olive skin and large dark eyes and a small mouth with red lips; and in the gym showers, we'd seen that he had dark nipples and an uncircumcised dick that hung long and heavy between his legs.

"Thanh," I said. "Thanh next."

"I don't care who," Jere said. "But one of you guys has to take him on. My butt's all sloppy and stretched and I'm tired of being bent over."

"I'll do it," Daniel said, quickly, "as long as it's Nacho."

"I'm still on the camera, then," I said.

Jeremy shrugged. "I'll see the video later," he reasoned. Then he grinned. "I can't wait to see what it looked like with Trevor and Benjamin."

"And your butt," Daniel said, giving Jeremy's ribs a punch.

"Later," I told then. "We gotta do this while we can."

Jeremy quickly dressed and Daniel stripped. We tied Daniel down, but the way we were originally going to with Jere. We turned the table ninety degrees so that it was sideways to the camera. We made sure the entire length of the table was centered in the camera’s view, and that we could still see the door beyond it.

We blindfolded Daniel, and tied him, spread-eagle, face down, completely on top of length of the table; an arm and leg tied to each of the four corners. We wrote "Fuck Me" above his butt and drew arrows in from the sides of his butt cheeks toward his hole, and up the backs of his thighs.

Daniel’s body really looked cool with him on his stomach like that. He didn’t have a fleshy bottom like Jeremy, but a firmly rounded and dimpled one, like mine. The skin on his bottom was creamy smooth, and soft like a baby’s skin.

I pulled his cock and balls back on the table between his legs so Nacho would see them. Then I stroked inside Daniel’s thighs with a combination of affection for my brother, and arousal over how he looked.

“Don’t get me hard,” he murmured.

I crawled back inside the cardboard castle. Jere went to the door, checked outside, looking both ways, and then disappeared.

He would tell Miss Johansson that he came back, but that Dan and I had to run home on an errand.

A short while later, the door handle turned, and I pushed the record button. Nacho leaned in, looking into the room for the missing Daniel. He did a double take when he saw Daniel tied down naked on top of the table. Then he laughed out loud.

"Who's that?" Daniel asked.

"It's me," Nacho said, coming into the room. The door closed behind him and he walked up beside the table. "Dude! What happened to you?"

I thought, Oh, shit; Nacho won't try to do anything now since Daniel knows it’s him. But Nacho hadn’t given his name, and Daniel didn't let on.

"Jeremy’s brother and his buddies tied me up," Daniel said. He cocked his head inquiringly. "Who is me?"

Nacho's eyes had stopped on the writing above Daniel's butt. He rubbed his crotch and his eyes traveled over Daniel's backside.

Would Nacho actually believe Daniel didn't know who it was? He had to know Daniel would recognize his voice.

"You don't know who I am?" Nacho asked, making his voice all gravelly sounding, disguising it.

"No. Who are you?"

Nacho didn't answer, but traced the letters of "Fuck Me!" with his finger tip.

"What did they write on me?" Daniel asked.

In his gravelly voice, Nacho answered. "It says, ‘fuck me!’"

"Oh, shit!" Daniel answered quietly.

Nacho rubbed his crotch harder, chewing his lip as if trying to decide whether Daniel really didn’t recognize his voice.

“You really don’t know who I am?” Nacho asked in his gravelly voice.

“Howie?” Daniel pretended to guess.

Tentatively, Nacho ran his hand over Daniel's bottom. Daniel had a firm, dimpled butt. I was his brother, and I liked Daniel’s butt... a lot.

Geez! I thought. Nacho's buying it.

Nacho slid his hand down between the backs of Daniel's legs, onto Daniel's warm perineum, and then he tickled the back of Daniel's scrotum. Daniel moaned softly.

Nacho’s nostrils flared as he took a deep breath. He bent and took another deep breath; this time between Daniel’s legs. He looked closely at Daniel’s cock and balls. Unlike Daniel, Jeremy, and me, he’d probably never had a chance to take a close look at another guy’s equipment. Nacho bent even lower, and his mouth disappeared between the backs of Daniel’s legs. I wondered if he was tasting Daniel.

Nacho lifted his head slightly and, at eye level, ran his hands admiringly over Daniel's bottom, the backs of Daniel’s thighs, and then up Daniel’s back. The front of Nacho's shorts was tenting obviously.

He reached under Daniel, grabbed his cock, and straightened it out under Dan’s belly.

"You got a hard-on," Nacho observed in his gravelly voice.

"Yeah," Daniel admitted. “Do you?”


Nacho stepped back and dropped his pants and underwear to the floor. His cock was as long as Daniel's and mine and thicker. It curved upward from between his legs, rigid. Nacho had pubes, but unlike most guys' pubes, which are all curly, Nacho’s pubes were straight like his hair.

Nacho wrapped his hand around the base of his cock, stroking, and stepped around to the camera side of the table since Daniel was facing that way. Nacho had a nice, fleshy butt. He cocked a knee up onto the table in front of Daniel’s face, and leaned forward. I couldn’t see, but I could guess he was pressing his cock at Daniel’s mouth. A moment later, Nacho’s butt muscles tensed and his hips rocked minutely. I could hear slurping sounds which I was sure the microphone would pick up.

Nacho pushed his hips forward even farther. Daniel’s body jerked and he choked. "Don't gag me, Dude!" he complained.

"Sorry," Nacho said in his gravelly voice. He climbed up onto the table and straddled the backs of Daniel’s legs, laying his cock in Daniel's butt crack. He leaned forward and pumped his hips, and the end of his cock shot up from between Daniel's butt cheeks. The camera was positioned perfectly.

Nacho grabbed the margarine tub, lubed up his cock, and pointed it down between Daniel's butt cheeks.

"Geez!" Daniel gasped, his head and shoulders rising as much as he could up from the table. "Go slow!"

Nacho paused a moment, then leaned slowly forward while Daniel muttered, "Oh, shit!" over and over.

When he was all the way in, holding himself up over Daniel on one hand, Nacho ran his other hand over Dan's back and sides, feeling him up. Then he lay down onto Dan, flattening Dan’s buttocks under his lap, and hugging under Dan’s chest. Dan’s head lifted, and. Nacho nuzzled into the back of Dan’s hair. Nacho circled his hips around, moving his dick inside Dan. Then Nacho lifted his hips and drove back down into Daniel's butt. He pulled back, and drove down; just his hips, again, and again, flattening Dan’s bottom each time he ground in.

Over and over, Nacho's movements were fluid; I could almost imagine waltz music to it… one, two, three, one, two, three, grinding on three. He took his time, enjoying as he pumped.

Daniel moaned and moved with him. It became like a dance between the two of them, on top of the table. The table rocked and made squeaking noises with their rhythm. I hoped the table was strong enough.

“Dude,” Daniel murmured, lifting his hips, “you feel good.”

The camera caught sight of Dan’s dick between his belly and the table before he lowered his hips again.

Nacho squeezed Dan’s legs between his own. He murmured like Dan was doing, and sucked on the back of Dan’s shoulder. He slipped his hands under Daniel's thin pecs, and rubbed them like they were breasts while he ground with his hips.

Nacho was lean-muscled, too. His legs flexed and his butt dimpled with his thrusts. The muscles in his forearms worked as he fondled Dan’s nipples. Nacho’s skin grew damp with perspiration.

He slid a hand under Daniel's belly and wrapped it under Daniel's cock. The two of them moved together. They moaned together, too; in unison, with matching ‘ugh!’s.

"Daniel," Nacho asked in a harsh whisper, "do you like this?"

"Yes!" Daniel replied throatily.

"Will you be mad at me?" Nacho asked, again in a whisper.

"No way!"

Nacho nuzzled behind Dan’s ear. "It's me, Nacho," he said.

"You like this?" Daniel asked.

"Yeah. You want me to untie you?"

"No. Don't stop yet! I'm gonna come."

"Me, too."

Nacho's hips pumped faster and he drove harder and longer. Moving with him, Dan rubbed his cock on Nacho’s upturned palm.

Daniel arched up from the table, straining against the ropes. "Ah! Ah!" he cried out.

Nacho ground down with his hips, whimpering, and his butt muscles spasmed.

They slowed, and then stopped.

Nacho pushed up abruptly, like someone suddenly waking up. He quickly pulled out of Daniel, and Daniel grunted at the sudden vacancy.

Nacho climbed off the table, looking down at Daniel for a long moment, biting his lip. "This is weird," he finally murmured and shook his head. He picked up his underwear and pulled them on, tucking his still thick and wet cock into them sideways.

"I'll untie your hands," Nacho said, "but you do your feet. I need to leave first so we don't walk out together, okay?"

"Oh… kay," Daniel said slowly.

It sounded to me like Nacho was having the regrets and just wanted to get out of the room.

He had his clothes back on and loosed Daniel's hands. “I'll get back out,” he said, “before Jeremy sends someone else looking for you."

"Wait!" Daniel said, pulling his hands free. "Like... you wanna do this again sometime?"

Nacho paused at the door, started to shake his head no, then nodded. "Yeah, dude. I do. Later."

With that, he left, leaving Daniel still working his hands free. He hadn’t even gotten his blindfold off.

I turned recording off, and climbed out of the castle.

"What an asshole, leaving you like that," I said.

"No he isn't," Daniel told me, reaching for the blindfold. "He even told me who he was."

"Wait," I said, catching Daniel's hand. "Don’t take the blindfold off. Jere's probably sending someone else."

"We'll trade, then," Daniel said.

"We might not have time to trade," I protested.

Just then, we heard a door open and close down the hall.


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