Jack Edwards

The Trap - Thanh

Nacho steered clear of Daniel at lunch, and Benjamin avoided Jeremy. Trevor, however, hung close to Jere, and kept looking at him almost as if he was worried for the little guy. It was like a complete turn around for Trevor.

I got Jeremy and Daniel to one side, and we told Jere what happened with Kyle and Tyler.

“No shit!” he said. He looked around the cafeteria for the two younger boys. Kyle and Tyler were making a point of not looking in our direction. “I bet they freak when we show them the video,” Jere said, speculatively.

“Yep,” I agreed. “We can use the video on those two, just like we’re gonna use it on the other guys. I bet Daniel would like closer look at Tyler’s butt… hands-on.”

“Damn straight!” Daniel said.

Jere and I glanced at him, and Daniel wriggled his eyebrows.

“What about Thanh?” I asked. “Did you send him looking for me?”

“Yeah, sorry. He came back when he couldn’t find you. I wondered what the hell happened.”

“We’ll try again after lunch,” I said.

“Maybe we ought to wait for another time,” Daniel suggested.

“Like hell!” I said. “I’ll take a turn on the table. Just send Thanh!”

Daniel raised his hand. “I do the camera,” Daniel said.

Jere started to protest.

“It’s my granddad’s camera,” Daniel reminded him.

“I know how to do it,” Jeremy replied, resentfully. “But I’ll take care of sending Thanh.” His face screwed up. “What do I tell him this time?”

“That Brandon and his buddy came back and took me to be initiated, of course,” I said.

Jeremy cocked his head in disbelief. “Like he’s going to believe that?”

“Why not?” I asked. “They got my brother; they came back for me. Just make it sound believable.”

“Brandon’s just all over this place,” Daniel said with a grin. Then he frowned. “But Thanh has to be the last one. Miss Johansson is gonna get suspicious if we keep disappearing, Cody, and the other guys might start talking and figure out what’s going on.”

“Okay,” I agreed. “Last one, as long as it’s Thanh.”

We stole, one at a time, back to the teachers’ supply room. This time, I stripped, but Daniel wanted me to try it differently.

“I guarantee Thanh will jump your bones if you do it this way,” Daniel said. “Get up on the table and lie down on your back.”

I eyed him skeptically, but got up onto the table and lay back on it lengthwise. Daniel tied my wrists to the corners of the table above my head. I thought he was going to tie my legs to the corners at the other end.

“It’d work better if you tied me face down like you were,” I told him.

Daniel grinned. “Pull your legs up like you do when you hook your ankles behind your head.”

I cocked an eye in surprise. I was quite flexible; we used to call it ‘double jointed’. “I can’t stay that way long,” I protested.

“Just do it.”

I pulled my legs up. Jere took one, and Daniel took the other. They tied my ankles to the same corners that my wrists were tied to; left ankle with left wrist and right ankle with right wrist. They didn’t stretch me as far as when I locked my ankles behind my head, but the way that they trussed me up had the same effect.

Jeremy and Daniel went to the foot of the table and looked me over.

“What do you think?” Daniel asked.

“He looks helpless.”

“And ready, really ready,” Daniel said, stepping forward to arrange my limp cock to point straight up my belly.

They wrote ‘fuck me’ on the backs of my thighs and pointed arrows down to my butt hole. Then Daniel blindfolded me while Jere went to send Thanh looking for me.

“If it’s too uncomfortable,” Daniel said, “we can flip you real quick.”

“It’s not so bad,” I said, “but like I told you, I don’t wanna stay this way too long.”

“Well,” Daniel said, rubbing margarine into my butt, “if this doesn’t turn him on, I’ll be glad to take care of you.”

He kissed the back of my right thigh and gave my butt a little pat. Then he turned away to get into the cardboard castle.

"I’m gonna look forward to getting Kyle and Tyler," Daniel said, as he settled in. "Hey, what did they stick up my butt before their dicks?"

"A whiskbroom," I told him. "You looked funny as hell."

"Yeah, right. Maybe I'll stick one up your butt and videotape it before Thanh comes."

"No time, dude. And be quiet. He could come anytime now."

"It'd be funny as hell if Kyle and Tyler came back."

"If they do, tell 'em to get the hell out of here before they chase off Thanh again."

We waited. I heard soft footsteps, and then the door handle. The door opened and closed, but I couldn't tell if anyone came in.

"Who's there?" I asked, trying to sound a little tremulous.


"Is anyone there?"

I heard a soft footstep beside the table, then nothing for what seemed like a long time, but was probably only moments. I tried shifting a little to get comfortable. A warm hand softly touched the back of my thigh, and I jumped. The hand stayed there. It could be Thanh's hand, I thought; it felt long and thin... and warm and soft. He stroked the back of my thigh, then my belly and chest, lightly, like he was trying to soothe me.

His stroking returned to the back of my thigh, only closer to my butt. And then he laid his hand on my balls. I caught my breath.

He fondled me gently, feeling the skin of my scrotum between his fingers. He closed his hand around my cock, which was quickly getting hard, and he stroked it. I lifted my bottom for him, and moaned softly.

He was still stroking when he leaned over from the side and I felt his warm breath on my balls. He blew on them, gently; all over them and along the sides.

“Oh, dude,” I murmured soflty.

Then I felt his lips on my ballsack, lightly; a kiss. Then another kiss. Using his tongue, he drew a line up the middle of my scrotum from the bottom.

I moaned again; softly.

Like a mother cleaning a puppy, he thoroughly licked my balls. He sucked one into his mouth and then the other. I heard the slight rustle of pants dropping to the floor, and he climbed up onto the table without taking his mouth from between my legs. He knelt at my bottom.

He took my cock into his mouth and rubbed his palms on the backs of my thighs. And then he kneeled up and scooted forward. I felt his lap against my butt and his cock on my scrotum instead of his lips.

Leaning forward, he planted a hand on the table beside my neck, and with his other hand, I felt him stroke the side of my face and brush back my hair. He traced over my lips with a finger tip. I sensed his face close to mine, and I felt his breath on my mouth. His lips replaced his finger and he kissed my lips softly; and then more firmly.

It was Thanh. I recognized his scent, the smell of his breath. I had liked it from the first time I met him. His breath was different, and I imagined it was because he ate different foods.

I kissed back. But I didn't try tongue. I didn't want to scare him off.

His hand left my cheek and felt down my chest. His lips left mine, and he pressed his cheek softly to mine. I felt his breath on my neck, and rubbed my cheek against his.

“I sure as hell hope you locked the door,” I whispered.

He left the table. I heard the door locked, and then he was back. I heard the quiet sound of fabric over skin when he pulled off his shirt, and the soft sound when it fell to the floor.

Thanh climbed back onto the table and I felt him at my bottom again, his cock lying between my legs and on top of my balls, as he bent over me once more. Again, I felt his lips on mine. We rubbed cheeks, and then he pulled back off me, and I missed contact with his body. A moment later, I felt his cockhead, slippery with margarine, between my butt cheeks and at my hole.

He eased in, a long, slow slide. Any cock can feel big when it’s shoved up your butt. I moaned softly, and my head arched back.

I guessed that Thanh’s dick was about as thick as Daniel’s. I also guessed it could be longer; at least Thanh took longer to slide it in. And I thought that’d be cool; if Thanh had a long dick. Then I felt his lap against my butt.

Thanh folded himself down onto me, grabbing me by my shoulders. His mouth covered mine, and his tongue pressed at my lips. I opened my mouth to him, and he probed in with his tongue.

He caressed my head with his forearms, holding my cheek to his as his hips began to move. I heard his breath at my ear; felt it’s warmth.

“Oh, dude,” I murmured again.

He kissed my chin, my cheeks, my neck. And then, while he moved inside me, he stretched up, and untied the knots around my ankles. My legs were free, and I hooked my heels behind Thanh’s bottom.

He worked on my hands next; first my left. I laid my hand on his back, and felt soft, warm skin and lean muscles beneath. He released my right hand and I laid it on the small of his back, and felt long muscles working along his spine, as he ground with his hips.

And then, carefully, he pushed up my blindfold, and pushed it off the top of my head. Thanh’s eyes gazed down into mine. A smile played at the corners of his mouth.

“Cody,” he said, softly, in that reed-like voice of his, and smiled outright, before he covered my mouth once more with his.

Boys at fourteen are natural lovers, when they aren’t afraid, and when they’re with a boy they like, and when the two of them do, naturally, things that feel good. And I had been with boys before, of course. I found out later that Thanh had as well.

He wrapped his arms over the top of my head, and I ran my fingers into his hair. We brushed faces and lips. We kissed and embraced. We moved our hips slowly and together.

He moved faster when he came, and almost brought me off with him. He pulled out, and lay on me. We kissed. I rolled him to his side with his back to me. I found the tub of margarine and lubed my cock, entering Thanh from behind. I spooned and caressed him, and hugged him as I moved inside him, cocking my top leg over his hip.

His slender body seemed perfect to me, in every detail, from the smooth skin of his fleshy bottom, to the way his bottom fit between my legs, to his long limbs, and the clean scent of his hair. I reached in front to fondle him, and got his cock hard; it was at least as long as Daniel’s or mine, and, I thought, probably longer.

I kissed the back of Thanh’s neck and shoulders. His warm flesh was soft and smelled faintly of fragrant soap. I held him tightly when I came, and I pressed deeply inside him.

We rested until my cock grew so flaccid it slid from inside him. And then I remembered Daniel, and realized the time that had passed.

Thanh rolled toward me, onto his back. He smiled up at me, and stroked my hair.

“You are pretty, Cody,” he said.

I looked down at his thick, black hair and large dark eyes and smiled. “I think you are beautiful.”

Thanh’s smile widened. “Do you have a boyfriend?” he asked softly.

“Yeah,” I said. “I do now.”

He looked disappointed until he realized what I had said.

“Me?” he asked, surprised.

“Yeah,” I said, and kissed him again. I would have liked to stay there. I would have liked to talk and make love again, but I figured Daniel would get tired of waiting, and we needed to get back outside anyway.

“Thanks for rescuing me,” I said.

He smiled, and a twinkle in his eye made me wonder how much he believed I had needed rescuing.

“We better get back out there,” I said. “You should go first. We should go out separately.”

Thanh frowned slightly, but nodded. “Okay,” he said.

We kissed again, and got up from the table. We dressed, and then kissed again.

“Go ahead,” I told him. “I’ll clean up in here and be out in a second.”

As soon as Thanh was out the door, Daniel sprang from inside the cardboard castle, relieved to be out.

He stretched and glanced at me sidelong. “So you have a boyfriend now?” he said, sounding slightly annoyed.


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