Jack Edwards

The Trap - The Pool

“It’s set,” Jeremy told us on the way to the pool. “I asked Trevor to come over to shoot pool after day camp, and he said he would.”

It was our latest plan. Trevor first, at Jeremy’s house; that afternoon. Jere’s family had a top-floor game room with a VCR and TV. Brandon was working that afternoon, as were Jeremy’s parents. It was perfect.

Daniel, Jeremy, and I changed together, into our baggy swimsuits. We changed at the end of the bench against the wall, keeping our backs to the wall. That didn’t keep Jamie Kaiser from noticing something on the back of my leg and trying to get around behind us. Jamie was a smart-assed eleven-year-old ‘elf’. He had long brown hair which his small ears poked out of on the sides. He had big eyes and a small mouth that was always turned up in some kind of mischievous grin. He was prettier than a girl. Actually, he was cute as hell.

My eyes were on Thanh who was undressing close by me and letting me get a ‘good look’, and I was enjoying the look. Thanh’s cock was a grow-er, not a show-er, and yet, it hung loose and long below his balls. I’d always heard that Asian guys had short dicks, but Thanh certainly didn’t. I let him have a good look, too, and tried to not get a hard-on.

I didn’t see Jamie get behind me.

“Fuck me!” Jamie cried out. “It says ‘Fuck me’ on your butts.”

He spooked Dan, Jere, and me like we were quail breaking cover; the three of us scattering away from him and unsuccessfully hiding our butts from everyone else. Other kids, and a couple of guys our age, tried crowding around to see.

Thanh leaned around to get a look at Daniel’s butt. I tried to read his expression, to see what he thought of all three of us having writing on our butts, but it was all happening pretty fast.

“Initiation,” Daniel told them all, thinking quickly. “We’re gonna be in high school this year, and some seniors tied us up, and wrote on our butts.”

“All three of you?” one guy asked.

“At different times,” I said.

“So did they fuck you?” Jamie asked with a mocking laugh and a slap on my butt.

He dodged as I turned toward him.

“No,” Daniel answered for us, “but we maybe we should tie up your little butt and see what happens!”

Jamie wiggled that little butt teasingly at us. It was bare at the moment, and I kicked at it with my foot. Jamie dodged away.

“I bet somebody fucked ‘em!” Kyle called out. Tyler was standing next to him, and his eyes went wide in panic. He shoved Kyle to be quiet.

Glancing around the room, I saw Trevor, Benjamin, and Nacho avoiding eye contact with us. Thanh’s eyes met mine, though, and then he grinned. Tyler was still trying to shush Kyle, and the shorter kid was laughing.

“We’ve got to get those two,” I said to Dan, nodding in the direction of Kyle and Tyler, “as soon as we’ve gotten the others.”

“Sometime,” Daniel said thoughtfully, “we need to trap that little shit, Jamie.”

Thanh wore a red Speedo. The pale-olive skin of his long torso and thin legs glistened in the sun as we walked from the shower to the pool. He moved with that Vietnamese grace of his; like a young deer.

Thanh hung with Daniel and me in the water. We moved to chest deep water, close to the side of the pool, and as we talked, Thanh and I surreptitiously copped feels of each other.

“Cut it out, you guys,” Daniel finally murmured with a frown. “Some of these kids are swimming underwater with their eyes open.”

Daniel nodded toward Trevor who, surprisingly, was hanging with Jeremy. “Trevor’s sticking close to Jeremy again.”

“He wants another piece of Jere,” I told Daniel, leaning close so Thanh didn’t hear since he didn’t know the whole trapping story.

Dan nodded and looked across the pool at Nacho, who was looking at him. “I don’t think Trevor’s the only one who wants another piece,” Daniel murmured.

Just then, Jamie Kaiser swam by, chasing another kid. I grabbed Jamie and jerked his swimsuit down to his ankles before shoving him on.

That didn’t faze Jamie. He pulled his suit back up, got a couple of buddies, and came after me. The kid was a ball grabber. I grabbed back. In seconds, Daniel, Thanh, and I were covered in fifth and sixth grade boys. Jere and Trevor waded in, and soon every male in the pool was involved, old guys – soon to be high school – versus the young kids.

There was a lot of ball grabbing, and in the middle of it all, someone reached into the front of my suit and tugged hard at my cock. With a couple of kids draped over my shoulders, I nevertheless, managed to turn in time to see Jamie swimming away.

Oh, yeah, I thought. We gotta get that kid.

The pool fighting quieted down, at least for some of the older guys. Trevor hung with Jere and made no pretense about it. They were leaning back against the side of the pool, talking. Daniel drifted into a conversation with Nacho. That left me alone with Thanh. We sat at the shallow end and talked about his family; four older brothers.

I was fighting a hard-on, just because I was close to him. I’d had four climaxes the night before to elevate the hormones, and overnight to recover; I was primed. Thanh was, too. We kept moving closer to each other and our eyes kept dropping to one another’s body.

Finally, Thanh glanced toward the changing rooms. “Shall we go to the bathroom together, Cody?” he asked.

I grinned.

There was a little kid in the first toilet stall, but the others were empty. Thanh and I went to the far back one in the corner with urinals opposite. Since most boys pee in the pool, I figured we’d be alone.

I latched the door and turned to face Thanh. He smiled and laid his hands on my shoulders. His eyes roamed back and forth between mine. Slowly, I slid my hand behind the small of Thanh’s back and pulled his slender body to mine.

Thanh really was thinner than me, and only slightly shorter. In his red Speedo, with a semi, his package was way prominent. Sliding my hand to his butt, I pulled his package to mine. Our bare bellies pressed and our faces came close. My eyes dropped to Thanh’s lips; his dropped to mine.

He wrapped his slender arms around my shoulders, and though he wasn’t effeminate by any means, Thanh made me feel masculine. He pressed his lips to mine, and I slid my other arm behind his slender back. I pulled him harder to me.

Our mouths opened. We probed with our tongues. His taste was fresh and his mouth was hot. Our bodies pressed; our chests, bellies and the fronts of our legs. I slid both hands into the back of his Speedos and cupped his small buttocks. Thanh had a lean-back erectness to his posture, and one of those bottoms that swayed gracefully down from his spine, like boys’ bottoms sometimes do. His damp skin was cool and smooth. We devoured each other, and grew achingly hard.

Thanh reached between us, pulled the drawstring of my swimsuit, and reached into the front of it. He pulled my cock up and free. There was no first-timer hesitation in his movements or touch. He grabbed my cock like he enjoyed the feel of it. He grabbed it firmly, moving the skin up and down my shaft.

I tried to think what we could do in the stall; what we had time for and wouldn’t get caught easily at. I pressed my cheek to his, catching my breath. His cheek was soft, and I rubbed mine against it.

“You want to do hand jobs?” I asked in as quiet a whisper as I could manage.

“No,” Thanh whispered. He backed to the toilet, bringing me with him. When he dropped to the seat, he pulled me close to his face by the hips, and then tugged my swimsuit down onto my thighs. The waistband caught the end of my dick, and then let it slap up against my belly, free.

Thanh slid forward on the toilet seat and slid his fingers behind my cock, looking closely at it. He stroked my shaft and glanced up at me, grinning. “Nice,” he mouthed. Then he closed his mouth over my cock.

Thanh did like Daniel. He watched me while he sucked my cock, looking up at me with those dark, almond-shaped eyes of his. I liked that he watched me, and I liked the way he sucked; again, no hesitation. He used his cheek on my crown, then took me far into his mouth.

I quickly realized, though, that Than’s intent wasn’t to suck me off, but to coat my dick well and good with his saliva. When he got up off the seat, and turned my back to it, I knew what he had in mind.

I dropped my swimsuit to my ankles and sat down onto the toilet seat while Thanh stripped off his Speedos, clutching them in one hand. For a moment, he was all arms and legs like any boy of fourteen, but then he stood before me and let my eyes travel up his body.

Thanh had very narrow hips which flared gently to long-muscled quadriceps. His slender torso had an elegant taper, and his skin had a warm glow. The graceful beauty of his form, though, was made erotic as hell by the darker-skinned erection that pointed up thickly from between his legs and by the egg-shaped balls which hung with perfect symmetry in his scrotum. His shaft was as thick as Dan’s or mine, but it was definitely longer by as much as an inch. His cock wagged in my face and his balls swung, as he widened the stance of his long legs, and moved up to straddle my legs and the toilet.

Steadying himself with his hands on my shoulders, Thanh lowered his bottom, and I held up my cock for him to settle onto. The muscles in his legs stretched under his smooth olive skin, and I ran my free hand over them.

My dick bent slightly as my crown pressed at his hole, but then his opening gave. Lubed only with spit, it slid tightly over my crown and grasped my shaft behind it. Thanh froze for a moment, and I held my breath. He was tight, and I really felt the slide of his tightness down my shaft as he settled into my lap.

He made a little circle with his butt, adjusting, and I grabbed the sides of his waist. His cock rubbed over my belly. Both our heads were down, but at that moment, we lifted our heads and our eyes met. His dark, Asian eyes stared into mine, and we held each other’s gaze, feeling our joining. Then I dropped my eyes again to his body; to his dark nipples, soft skin, and muscles whose outlines revealed themselves as he breathed. I ran my hands over his sides and hips and legs. I closed my hand around his cock and felt its thickness and incredible hardness under warm skin.

“You are beautiful,” I whispered.

Guys don’t normally think of their brothers as cute, but Daniel was, and I’d always been proud of him. Jere was cute, too, and he had a great little body. But Thanh was unqualifiedly beautiful, as only a fourteen-year-old Vietnamese boy can be.

The first time a guy, even a guy as young as I was, has a beautiful lover, a truly beautiful lover, it changes him. It changes how he feels about himself, and how he looks at sex and lovemaking. Sex with Brandon had been hot, pure and simple. With Jeremy and Daniel, it had been fun and play, and often full of affection and fire. With Thanh, it would become a thing of passion and... beauty.

Thanh leaned his forehead onto mine. “You are beautiful, Cody,” he whispered. “Your hair shines in the sun like white fire. When I look in your eyes, I feel like I'm falling. When I am close to you, the way you smell...” He smiled. "The way you smell gives me a hard-on." He rubbed his nose alongside mine. “The first time I saw you,” he whispered softly, “I stared and I couldn’t stop staring. When you smiled at me and said hello, my heart beat very fast because I knew you liked me.”

“My heart is beating very fast right now,” I whispered, pulling his butt more tightly into my lap. I tightened the muscles of my pelvic floor and it moved my cock inside him. I turned my face up to him, and Thanh covered my mouth with his.

Our mouths opened. His tongue probed into mine. I laid a hand low on his back and one high. His body slowly undulated under my hands and on my lap. I slid my tongue against his and moved my hips under him as best I could. We were on a toilet in a stall at a public swimming pool, but we made a dance out of time; two slender young boys, moving as one.

Kids were yelling in the pool. Someone turned on one of the dressing room showers. The air was full of pool smells. But I was only vaguely aware of those things.

Thanh clasped the tops of my shoulders and straightened up in my lap, pressing his cock against my belly. I kissed his chest. I sucked his nipples; first one, then the other. I ran my hands over his body and pulled his hips in rhythm with his undulations.

I knew time was passing, and that we couldn’t stay too long in the stall. I sucked from one nipple to another. I held his bottom in my palms, and I drove upward with my cock as firmly as I could, pulling him forward onto me. I thrust upward and held my hips up under him as Thanh moved on my cock and gave us both pleasure.

The skin of his chest was soft against my face, though his body was hard. I wrapped my arms around his chest and rubbed my cheek against his sternum.

Thanh hugged my head to his chest and rubbed his cock more firmly on my belly. I felt my balls tighten.

“I’m getting ready to come,” I whispered. “We shouldn’t take too long; you come too.”

Thrusting his fingers into my hair, Thanh tilted my head back. He bent and kissed me, rocking, rhythmically. Then, bent, he wrapped his arms around my head and hugged my face to the nape of his neck as he ground his bottom down hard into my lap.

I clutched his sides and smothered my whimpers by pressing my mouth to his neck as I drove up with my hips and my orgasm rose powerfully. I grabbed his bottom, pulling it hard into my lap, and I almost came off the toilet seat, driving up into him. I went rigid and pumped out my cum inside him.

I relaxed back onto the seat, and took a breath, then a second. Thanh had stopped, but now resumed rubbing his cock on my belly. I slid my hips forward on the seat, sliding Thanh back on my lap with me, so I could bend over his cock. His cock was long enough, and I was limber enough; by holding his butt tightly in my lap with one hand, I could stay inside him and still close my mouth over the end of his cock. I stroked him and licked on his crown, and sucked the tip of it, while Thanh ground his butt on my cock.

His cum flew into my mouth and onto my face with almost no warning because he had remained so quiet. His cum was warm and thin and tasted mild, like a twelve-year-old’s.

He lifted my chin and kissed my lips, and licked his cum from my face. My cock remained hard enough to stay inside him. We kissed and nuzzled faces until we heard Mrs. Johansson calling out “fifteen more minutes” to everyone in the pool.

With a final nibble at my lips, Thanh stood up from my lap and backed to let me up. My still-heavy cock plopped up my belly.

Thanh pulled on his Speedo and had difficulty tucking in his cock. I pulled up my own swimsuit and watched him tie the drawstring on his; watching his long fingers deftly work the string over the soft skin of his belly.

I gave him a final kiss and a pat on his bottom. To Dan or Jere, I might have said, “Wow! That was hot!” but that would be so out of place. Instead, I took Thanh’s hand in mine, and I rubbed my face against Thanh’s face, before stepping back and opening the stall door. He smiled at me, and I smiled back, and gave his hand a last squeeze.

I let him go first, and I watched him from behind with a possessive delight as I followed him back out to the pool. Thanh was so incredibly perfect. I truly didn’t care about springing the trap on Trevor that afternoon as we had planned. I would much rather spend the time with Thanh.


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