Jack Edwards

The Trap - Trevor

It took a lot of thinking and talking, because the more we talked about it, the more we really, really wanted to trap Trevor, and maybe some of our friends, with their pants down… literally. We wanted to be careful, though, because we didn't want to ‘out’ ourselves; not until we knew Trevor and our friends would be up for it… again, literally.

Our idea, plans, and opportunities all came together at the beginning of the summer between junior high and high school, when Miss Johansson talked a bunch of us boys, and three girls who had been in eighth grade with us, into volunteering as "counselors" at a day camp she was going to run for little kids at the same elementary school we'd all attended before junior high. It was a small town.

She was able to talk us into it because Miss Johansson was smokin’ hot. She’d only been out of college a couple of years, and looked almost as young as some of us. She was maybe two inches taller than Dan and I, and she had boobs that were just big enough that it was hard to look her in the eye when she talked to us; our eyes kept dropping to her boobs because they were like, right there. She was cool, though, and didn’t freak over it. And she had really pretty brown hair down to the middle of her back. So, yeah, when she asked us guys to volunteer, we didn’t even think about it.

So for this day camp, it was basically Miss Johansson, us counselors, and a bunch of kids. She was always busy, but us counselors had it easy, mainly handing out games to kids, playing games with them, and stopping arguments. Miss Johansson organized some activities, but mostly, the day camp was simply there to give kids a place to play.

There were a couple of rooms that we were supposed to keep the kids out of, but that didn't keep us out of them. One was a teachers' work and supply room, and that's where we set the trap. Jeremy would be the bait. He wanted to be.

Daniel and I brought our granddad's camcorder to school that day. He let us borrow it sometimes to make videos. This was back when camcorders were still sorta new, and my granddad's camcorder was sorta big. The good thing was that it could record for hours on one tape. We managed to keep it hidden from Miss Johansson when we came to the school that morning, and from most of the kids. We told those who did see the carrying case that it was something for kids’ games... which was true, sorta.

As quickly as we could, we hid the camera in the supply room. Then, later, after all the kids got started on their morning activities, Daniel, Jeremy, and I returned to the supply room.

Some teacher had made a cardboard castle out of a couple of large boxes. We moved the castle to the wall opposite the door, and set the camcorder up inside it. We cut out a little square hole that looked just like a little window, and set the camcorder up on a stool behind it, pointed back toward the door. Since the hole was smaller than the lens, from outside the castle, you really couldn't see anything; not even the little red recording light. We angled the viewfinder so that whoever operated the camera could remain hidden. My granddad also had a directional microphone which we aimed inconspicuously out of a small door at the bottom of the castle. I won rock, scissors, paper for the job of cameraman.

Next, we set up one of those folding tables that schools, especially cafeterias, have a million of; the kind that stack on big carts or stack against walls, and are heavy for twelve-year-olds to handle. We set it up halfway between the cardboard castle and the door.

Jere stripped naked, and we blindfolded him. We were going to tie him down, spread-eagle on top of the table, but Jere got a little nervous and only wanted his hands tied. So we turned the table longwise between the door and the castle, and bent Jere over the width of it so we had him sideways to the camera.

Jere’s feet were on the floor, but his belly and chest were on the table. We stretched his arms out wide but tied his wrists loosely, anchoring them down with rope tied around the legs at each end of the table. We made it look like he was really tied, but it wasn't all that tight. Then we wrote, "Fuck Me!" in black marker across the top of his butt, about where guys get saddle tatts now. As a final touch, Daniel brought a tub of margarine from the refrigerator in the teacher's lounge. We spread margarine into Jeremy's butt and left the tub open on the table.

I checked the view from the camera. The height of the camera was maybe an inch or two lower than the table. With the lens zoomed out, I could see all of Jere, and beyond him, the door. Jere’s hips were centered in the view, and when I zoomed in, his dangling dick was clearly framed.

The stage was set. Jere was blindfolded and tied naked across the table. He had a smaller version of his brother Brandon’s body; already tight at fourteen, and with a really cute bubble butt. Like Daniel and me, Jere barely had any pubes yet, but his dick had thickened and grown to ‘youth’ size.

“Oh, yeah,” I said, feeling over Jere’s bottom. “No way Trevor’s going to pass this up.”

“Maybe we should warm him up first,” Daniel suggested with a grin, reaching under Jere to give his cock a jerk.

“Like hell you should!” Jere protested, dancing on his feet to get away from Daniel’s hand.

We each gave his fleshy little bottom a pat. I climbed behind the cardboard castle and made sure to zoom in just enough that Jeremy's head was at the edge of the field of vision. I didn’t want it to be obvious that it was him. Then I got comfortable and ready to push the record button. Daniel went out to tell Miss Johansson that Jere and I had to run to his house for something, and then he went looking for our first catch; Trevor.

"Hey, Trev," Daniel said, finding Trevor about to go out to the playground. "You gotta help me. Jeremy’s older brother, Brandon – the one on the high school wrestling team... anyway Brandon and a couple of buddies hauled Jeremy off for ‘initiation’; ‘cause he’s gonna be a freshman. They had rope, and they said they were going to tie Jere up and leave him somewhere."

"You didn't stop them?" Trevor asked, frowning.

"Me? Stop Brandon? You're shittin me."

"You coulda gotten Miss Johansson."

"Oh, yeah; tattle on Brandon and his buddies, and next time they’d come after me. If Jeremy hadn’t fought so hard, they probably would have taken me, too… this time. No way, I’m gonna get them pissed at me," I said. Then I looked around, and shook my head. " Jere hasn't come back and it's been a while, and I’m thinking that they really did tie him up and leave him somewhere. I'll check around outside. You check inside the building; like, the bathrooms and the teacher's lounge and supply and stuff?"

Trevor hesitated, looking annoyed, obviously wanting to join the games outside. But then, it was like he got what Daniel was saying. He grinned lopsidedly. "You really think they tied him up somewhere?" he asked.

"Duh; yeah!" Daniel answered with a frown.

The corners of Trevor's mouth turned up in a grin. "Okay. I’ll look inside." Then he frowned. "Just as long as those senior assholes don't grab me," he said.

“They’re long gone,” Daniel reassured him as Trevor turned back toward the interior of the school.

I pushed the record button the instant I heard the door handle. Then I watched on the viewfinder as Trevor entered the room. His mouth dropped and his eyes went wide as he saw Jeremy, butt naked and bent over the table. The door closed behind him.

"Is that you, Brandon?" Jere asked, doing a good job of sounding pissed. "What did you write on my butt? You better untie me, or I’m gonna tell Mom."

Trevor didn't answer. He looked around the room, cautiously, for anyone else. He even looked at the cardboard castle, then at the high windows, though no one could see in. Satisfied he was alone with Jeremy, Trevor stepped over behind Jere, and read what we'd written above Jeremy's butt.

Trevor read it, and his mouth dropped again. His eyes dropped to Jere’s butt, and Trevor unconsciously rubbed the crotch of his shorts. He rubbed himself while looking Jeremy over, thoroughly. Hesitantly, he extended his fingers to Jere's bare butt, which was so temptingly smooth, and rounded and hairless.

Jeremy jumped when he felt the touch.

"Who is it?" he demanded.

Trevor ran his palm over Jere's right butt cheek.

Jere pretended to tremble a little. At least, I thought he pretended.

"You aren’t Brandon, are you?” Jere asked in a tremulous voice. He was doing a great job of acting, I thought.

Trevor didn’t answer, but instead, silently, Trevor went over to the door and locked it from the inside. Then he returned to stand behind Jeremy.

With his eyes locked on Jeremy's helpless butt, Trevor rubbed the front of his shorts. I could see his boner roll around under the fabric. Then Trevor unfastened his shorts, and they dropped to the floor. The front of Trev's tighty-whities were well tented. Trevor played quarterback the year before. He had strong, slender legs, and they were as hairless as Jere's butt.

Trevor hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his underwear and pushed it down over his hips until his underwear also dropped to the floor. Like all of us at fourteen, Trev's equipment had been growing. His cock was as thick and long as Daniel's and mine, but it had a leftward curve to it. His balls looked bigger than ours. They hung loose. Trev had more pubes than us, in a dense little patch above his erection.

He stepped from his shoes and the shorts and underwear that were puddled at his feet, and up to Jeremy. Trevor’s cock slid up over Jere's butt as Trev pressed the fronts of his legs to the backs of Jere's. He grabbed Jere by the hips and rubbed his cock on Jere's bottom. Trevor’s face, especially his cheeks, flushed deeply.

He rubbed his cock on Jere's bottom, and rubbed his hands up Jere's side and over his back. Trevor's nostrils flared. He pulled off his t-shirt, and bent himself over onto Jere, feeling Jeremy’s sides, feeling Jeremy's back with his belly and chest. Trevor’s eyes closed and I heard him take a deep breath of the back of Jeremy’s hair.

"That feels sorta good," Jere said quietly.

Trevor straightened back up. He glanced down at the container of margarine, took some onto his fingers, and stroked it onto his dick. The sloppy sound filled the room. Then Trevor aimed the end of his dick at Jere's hole.

"Not too hard!" Jere whispered frantically. "Not too fast!"

Trevor pushed his cock in partway.

Jere tensed and I heard him gasp. Trevor froze, and Jeremy slowly relaxed. Trevor took Jere by the hips, and pressed forward with his own hips steadily until I could see no space between his lap and Jere's bottom. Trevor’s head fell back and his thick brown hair hung from the back of his head. His mouth fell open. His pecs flexed as he pulled Jere’s bottom, leaning back, and flattened Jere's butt on his loins.

Holding Jere by the hips, Trevor pumped slowly, once, twice. Jere moaned softly. Trevor stopped, and looked down at him.

"It's okay," Jere murmured. "It feels okay."

Trevor widened his stance, shoving his pelvis up and forward. Taking Jere's hips between his legs, Trevor buried his cock inside Jeremy. He held Jere by the hips and pumped his own hips; just his hips; watching his cock appear from and disappear back into Jeremy's bottom.

Trevor built to a steady rhythm. His eyes roamed Jere's body again. Trevor ran his hand over Jere's back. Then he bent down over Jere again and wrapped his arms under Jere's chest as he humped Jere's bottom. He nuzzled the back of Jere's black hair, and kissed the back of Jere's shoulders.

I almost laughed. Always pretending to be so straight; it was clear from how Trev was acting now that Jere really turned him on.

Trevor’s eyes closed in concentration, and he pumped his hips jerkily, but steadily. Jeremy bumped his butt back against the thrusts. And then Trevor whimpered, dropping his forehead to the back of Jere's head. Trev drove hard several times, and then held it, and I saw his butt flex with the pulsing of his orgasm.

Trevor sorta collapsed onto Jere, hugging Jeremy as he caught his breath. Then Trevor slowly pushed up from Jeremy, and pulled his dick out. He looked around, spotted some paper towels, and rolled off a few. He wiped his dick, and then, almost tenderly, he wiped Jeremy’s bottom.

Trevor paused for a moment, looking at Jeremy, bent and tied over the table. Trevor hesitated, as if he might let Jere go. Then Trevor frowned, and began putting his clothes back on.

He dressed quickly.

"Are you going to untie me?" Jere asked.

Trevor hesitated again, stepped toward Jeremy, then stopped. His face grew pale. He turned, opened the door, and left.

Neither Jere nor I said anything for a few moments; giving time for Trevor to move down the hall.

"Do you think he liked it?" Jere finally asked, softly.

"Oh yeah. You liked it, too, right?"

"Yeah," Jeremy said. He shifted on his feet. "Do you think we have time for you to untie me and let me stretch?"


"Shit!" Jeremy murmured. He worked his muscles, and it was fun to watch each flexing in turn. "Who do you think Daniel will send next?"

"Thanh, I hope," I said.

Thanh was a new kid; a Vietnamese guy our age. Miss Johansson brought him the first day of summer camp and told us that his family had recently moved into town and that he'd be starting high school with us in the fall. She brought him so he could get to know us.

Thanh was my first ever, boy crush. Daniel and I were thin. Thanh was even more slender, but a graceful, Vietnamese slender, with long legs and arms. He had a thin face and big dark eyes, with long eyelashes and eyebrows like dark little wings. His skin was paler than most Hispanic guys, and his voice had the rich, reed-like quality, that some fourteen-year-old boysí voices have. He didnít have an accent as much as a quiet, careful way of talking.

Thanh seemed to like me, too. He liked my hair, and gave me a hard-on the first day when he stood close and stroked it with his fingers. We hung together those first couple of days, and I really wanted to know if he'd fall for the trap.

We grew quiet, waiting.

It wasn’t Thanh who came.


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