Jack Edwards
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The Trap - Trevor's Reckoning

We heard Trevor coming up the stairs. He was telling Jeremy that he had only shot pool one time. When he got to the top of the stairs and opened the door, he saw Daniel and me.

“What the hell are you two doing here?” he asked.

“We’re here to play, too,” Daniel said, innocently. I almost grinned at the double meaning.

Trevor only frowned. My guess was that he hoped that it would be only him and Jeremy, and that he might somehow get another opportunity to do Jere’s butt.

Daniel and I stepped up to the pool cue rack. Jere and Trevor followed.

“Pick a straight stick, Trevor,” Daniel encouraged. “Curved ones don’t shoot well.”

Trevor eyed Daniel narrowly, but Dan simply picked out a cue stick.

I glanced at the table. Brandon had fucked me on it a few times. I was pretty sure he’d fucked his girlfriend on it. Jere and I had screwed on it, too. The table needed new felt, but was surprisingly unstained.

“We always let Jeremy rack the balls,” Daniel said, stepping toward the table. “Jere’s great with balls.”

I was ready to kick Daniel’s butt.

“Hey, Daniel,” I said, shifting attention, “isn’t there a Braves game on TV this afternoon? Why don’t you put it on.”

Trevor wasn’t paying attention. He was examining the pool table and helping Jeremy pull balls out of the pockets. Daniel turned on the TV. Then he started the VCR.

“No game,” Daniel said, “but there’s a movie on. Hey, Trevor, have you seen this movie before?”

Trevor, pool cue in hand, turned toward the TV. He squinted a moment as his mind sorted out the unexpected image. Then he went completely white.

“Hey, that’s you, isn’t it, Trevor?” Daniel asked.

Trevor started toward the TV.

“It’s only a copy,” I said. “We made a copy of the original tape. Brandon and his buddies still have the original.”

Trevor stopped. His eyes were locked on the TV, as if he couldn’t take them off it. Watching yourself fuck on TV can be pretty arresting.

Finally, Trevor tore his eyes from the screen, looked directly at me, angrily, balled up his fist and stepped my way. Daniel immediately stepped beside me, and Trevor halted, squared off against us.

“Dude,” Daniel said, “if you gotta be pissed at someone, be pissed at yourself. They caught you, dude. They caught you on tape.”

Trevor’s nostrils flared. He looked like he would hit one of us, and then he glanced back at the TV.

“Actually,” Daniel said, “it’s pretty hot.”

Trevor said nothing, but watched the screen with his jaw clenched and nostrils flaring.

“No sense pretending you didn’t enjoy it,” I said. “Look at the screen. Look at your face. Hell, look at your body. You were really getting into it.”

Trevor glanced at me angrily.

“Hey, dude,” I said, holding up my hands defensively. “It’s cool. Jere even likes you still. We’re just showing the video to you to make sure that Jeremy gets his turn.”

Trevor’s eyes went wide. “What do you mean?”

Trevor heard Jeremy move behind him, and he turned to see Jere standing with rope in one hand and a tub of margarine in the other. The front of Jere’s shorts were tented, and, even from behind, I could tell that Trevor’s eyes dropped to Jeremy’s crotch. Jere was grinning, but he also looked really ready.

Trev recovered himself. “Oh, no,” he said. He turned toward us because behind us was the door.

“If Jere doesn’t get his turn,” Daniel warned, “that videotape of you could get out. Other people might see it.”

“You won’t do that,” Trevor said, confidently. “Jeremy’s in it, too.”

“But you can’t see Jeremy’s face,” I pointed out. “No one can tell it’s Jeremy.”

Trevor glanced back at the TV and frowned.

“What if the police see the tape?” Daniel asked. “You, like, raped Jeremy.”

“I didn’t rape Jeremy!” Trevor protested.

“Take another look at the screen, dude,” I said. “Jeremy’s tied down.”

Trev’s face flushed an angry red. “You’re, like, blackmailing me?”

“Extortion,” I said, and turned to Daniel. “I’d call it extortion, wouldn’t you?”

Daniel shook his head. “No. I think blackmail’s the right word.”

Scowling, Trevor looked from me to Daniel and back to me. He looked back over his shoulder at Jere and then at the screen. On the video, Trevor was hugging Jeremy from behind and nuzzling the back of his neck, while driving his cock up Jere’s butt with his hips. Trevor watched, biting his lip, and I could see his package thickening up.

Jeremy stepped forward and took Trevor by the hand, turning Trev toward the pool table. The TV was to the side, and Trevor’s eyes never left it. He continued watching it, silently, as Jeremy tied ropes around Trevor’s hands and bent him over the side of the pool table.

We had worked it all out in advance, and now Daniel and I stretched the ropes that were around Trevor’s wrists, and tied the ends around the legs of the pool table on the far side from Trevor. Trevor’s chest was on the side railing, but his butt was well back from the table so that we would have room to work. When Trevor’s ropes were secure, Jere walked up behind him and rubbed his hands over Trevor’s back, and then over his shorts-covered bottom and then under the back of Trevor’s shirt. I wondered if Trevor would react, but he kept watching the TV. It was almost like Jere had tamed a lion.

Jeremy spread Trevor’s stance, which lowered Trevor’s bottom, and then Jere bent over Trev from behind, hugging him and pressing his front to Trev’s butt. Jere rubbed under Trev’s stomach and then shoved his hands into the front of Trevor’s loose shorts. Trevor’s eyes drooped and his body stiffened.

Jere continued to rub his boner against Trevor’s bottom through their shorts, while he fondled inside Trevor’s pants. Trevor’s eyes closed, and his head dropped.
And then his hips moved forward and back slightly, responding to Jere’s manipulation.

When it was clear that Jeremy had gotten Trevor hard, Jere worked Trevor’s shorts and underwear down and off his hips. They fell to the floor, leaving Trev bare-assed. Jere knelt down and tugged the shorts and underwear away before widening Trevor’s stance again.

At fourteen, Trevor had strong legs and a muscled butt. His large balls hung down loosely between his thighs and from behind, the pink color of his scrotum contrasted with the pale skin color of his thighs. Trevor looked even hotter in person than on the video, especially bent over like that.

I leaned in from the side to look. Trevor was definitely hard. The leftward bend in his dick made it thicker looking somehow; thick and heavy.

Jere enjoyed the moment. He rubbed inside Trevor’s legs. He reached between Trevor’s legs from behind and lifted Trevor’s balls on his palm. He reached under and got a feel of Trevor’s dick. He stood back upright and pushed Trevor’s shirt up, exposing his strong back; the long muscles on either side of Trevor’s spine were bowed with his bending over, and they looked rock-hard.

Daniel and I circled, watching. Jere stepped out of his own shorts and underwear, and his cock sprang free. Jere stepped up where Trevor could see it, and Jeremy waved his stiffy at him. “Not as big as yours, Trevor,” Jeremy said, “so it shouldn’t hurt.”

Trevor glanced up at him, his brow knitted. “Did I hurt you?” he asked.

Jeremy shook his head. “No. In fact, I liked it.” He smiled, hopefully. “Maybe you’ll like it, too.”

Trevor swallowed. His eyes dropped to Jeremy’s erection, then back up at Jeremy.

That little look of Jere’s and the way Trevor’s eyes darted up to Jere’s convinced me that what I’d been suspecting the last couple of days was true. They liked each other.

Clearly, something was happening between them. These days, medical researchers know how the process all works. Oxytocin and opoids are released at orgasm, triggering affections and strong social bonding. Oxytocin is also released at childbirth and during nursing to bond mothers to their babies. It like nature’s emotional glue, and it bonds young lovers through sex. The effect on boys with their first lovers can be strong, and it had been particularly strong with Trevor, who, we learned later, had never had sex before the day of the trap. I certainly didn’t know the science behind it at the time; I just knew it was as if having sexed with Jere had worked a love potion on Trevor.

As for Jeremy, I think his interest in Trevor began much earlier, as a short boy’s admiration for a tall, strong one. When Trevor started showing interest in him, I think it aroused Jeremy’s interest even more.

When it comes to brain power, Daniel has it over me every time. But when it comes to knowing about people and their feelings, I’ve got it. Watching Jere and Trevor in that moment, I knew I wanted us to be careful to not mess things up between them, as silly as that sounded with Trevor tied down and all. Jere was my best bud, and it was important to him.

There was a problem, however. It was Trevor’s bare butt. I wanted a piece of it.

I laid my hand on Trev’s right butt cheek. The skin was soft, but Trevor had hard, strong glutes.

Daniel opened the margarine, and Trevor’s eyes darted to it. He watched Dan spread margarine onto Jere’s cock. Then he watched while Jere stretched and pulled his shirt off. Jere had a tight little body. It had already turned Trevor on majorly, at least one time.

Jere stepped around behind Trevor. Trevor’s head dropped in anticipation.

Dan and I watched from the sides as Jeremy slipped his slicked cockhead between Trevor’s strong butt cheeks. Jere paused as he entered Trev; then Jere’s hips moved forward, and in one smooth movement, his dick disappeared completely inside Trevor’s bottom. Jeremy’s belly came flat against it, and from behind, I could see Jere’s balls resting on Trevor’s butt.

Jeremy folded himself over Trevor’s back and reached under to stroke Trevor’s cock. Jere may have simply wanted to hold onto it, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to keep Trevor hard.

“Here, Jere,” I said. “I’ll do that.” I dropped to my knees beside Trevor, and reached under to take hold of his cock. “Just enjoy yourself, Jere,” I said with a smile. ”I’ll take care of things down here.”

Jere pushed down on Trevor’s butt with both hands, lowering Trevor’s bottom a bit more; and then Jere grabbed Trev by the hips and started humping. All Jeremy’s legs and belly muscles flexed, and it was hot to watch. As strong as Trevor’s butt was, it still made a little quiver with each impact, and Jere’s lap made slapping sounds against it.

I glanced at Trevor. His eyes were closed. But Trev’s cock stayed hard and hot in my hand, and I stroked it, following the leftward curve.

I ran my other hand over Trevor’s side and back. There wasn’t an ounce of fat to him, but only lean, hard muscle. Then I noticed that the end of his cock had grown damp with precum.

“Hey Trev,” I said, feeling a little surge of desire, “want me to suck your cock?”

“Yeah,” Trevor answered, nodding, his eyes closed.

But then I thought of how Trevor could be sometimes. If I sucked his cock, he might hold it over me. “Just one thing,” I said. “You just gotta suck Daniel’s while I suck yours.”

“What?” Trevor asked, lifting his head.

“Fair’s fair,” I said. “If you want your cock sucked, you gotta be willing to suck somebody else’s.”

I fondled his balls and stroked his shaft encouragingly. Trevor’s hips moved.

“Here, I’ll show you what it feels like,” I said, and bending under him, I took Trevor’s cock into my mouth. I sucked off his precum, then bobbed, and then I swirled his crown.

Trevor gasped and his knees almost buckled.

“So?” Daniel asked, “you want your cock sucked?” He had taken off his pants and when Trevor opened his eyes, Dan’s cock was right there beside his face.

Trevor stared at it.

“Well? Do you?” Daniel asked.

Without taking his eyes from Daniel’s dick, Trevor nodded.

Daniel climbed up onto the pool table, and then knelt in front of Trevor’s mouth, splaying his knees wide to get his cock down to the right level. His cock was longer than Trevor’s, and Trev couldn’t hide the interest any boy has in a cock longer than his own. Daniel brushed his cockhead on Trevor’s lips, and Trevor opened his mouth. Daniel pushed his dick inside, but not far.

I got under Trevor and resumed sucking, but I took it slow. I didn’t want him to come yet. I paused when Jeremy really began to pound, and I simply held Trevor’s dick. But that was enough. Trevor shot cum out onto the floor, all the way under the pool table. I jacked him until he was done, then continued to fondle him until Jere drove home hard with a grunt, and gasped loudly, and I knew he was coming inside Trevor.

I hadn’t had my turn with Trevor yet. It was selfish, especially if he and Jere were about to become boyfriends, but I had a helluva hard-on.

I stroked Trevor, keeping his erection going; and then I sucked him up again to get him really hard. When Jere pulled out, I called for him to get down with me.

“Take over here,” I said. Jeremy’s eyes went to Trevor’s wet cock, and he nodded without glancing back at me.

Getting to my feet, I shucked out of my shorts and underwear, leaving my shoes on like everyone else had done. I lubed my dick at the pool table, and I saw Trevor glance at my cock from the corner of his eye, without stopping his sucking of Dan.

I walked over behind Trevor and nudged his feet closer together with my foot, moving his butt a little higher. I squared off at his bottom and pointed my cock down into his crack. I bent my knees slightly to angle up, and then slid in slowly. Trevor was tight.

Guys at fourteen can handle dicks up their butts, often more easily than older guys. And when the dick is that of another fourteen-year-old, even a well endowed fourteen-year-old, it usually isn’t bad.

Though Trevor wasn’t used to a dick up his butt, he’d been loosened by Jere, and my cock wasn’t that much thicker, though longer. Trevor started to tense, though, so I paused and rubbed his sides and belly until he relaxed. I pushed more of my cock in, and paused again when he tensed.

“Doing good, Trev. Just relax. It’ll start feeling good again.”

I finally got all my dick inside him. The ring of his sphincter was tight around the base of my cock, and his insides were narrow enough, I felt them sheathing my dick. Guys that young still have soft colons, and Trevor’s felt like a warm glove.

“Holy shit, Trev,” I murmured. “You feel great!”

I moved my hips slowly forward and back, watching my shaft reappear from between Trev’s buttocks and then vanish again as my pelvis flattened against his bottom. I glanced over his strong back, and felt over it with my hands.

Daniel went up on his knees a little, gasping. He took Trevor’s head in his hands, and made short pumps with his hips, so as not to gag Trev, but I could tell Dan was coming. To his credit, Trevor swallowed it all.

When Dan pulled out, I humped harder, banging Trev. Jere pulled off because I was driving Trevor’s cock down Jere’s throat. Trev started bouncing back against me.

“Yeah, Trev,” I said. “It feels fuckin’ good, doesn’t it? Bang back on me, Trev. Force my dick farther up inside.”

Despite having come that morning with Thanh at the pool, I was worked up after watching Jere fuck Trev and Trev suck off Dan, and from sucking Trevor myself. It was adolescent lust, pure and simple, and fucking Trevor’s strong butt had my blood racing.

I closed my eyes, and pounded. I switched pace and drove with my hips. I felt over his back and legs and butt. And then, as my jism rose like fire from my balls, I held Trevor’s hips tightly and ground in, pumping my cum into him. Gasping.

And then it was over.

I opened my eyes, gazing down at my lap pressed to Trevor’s butt. The muscles in Trevor’s back were working and his hips were making little pumps; Jere was sucking him again.

When I pulled out, Jere leaned out from under Trevor. “Untie him,” Jeremy said.

So Dan and I, in only our shirts, with still thickly-swinging cocks, untied Trevor’s wrists. Trevor stood, and looked down at Jere who was sucking again on his cock.

Jere stopped and stood up. “Sit down,” he told Trevor. “Sit down on the couch.” Jere pointed to the couch under the window.

Trevor backed to it, Jeremy following. When Trevor sat down, Jere climbed astride him immediately. He pressed his cock and belly to Trevor’s chest, and reaching back, he grabbed Trevor’s cock. Jere sat down onto it, settling quickly, with only spit for lube.

With Trevor’s dick was all the way up his butt, Jeremy simply sat there, gazing into Trevor’s eyes. He leaned forward and kissed Trev.

Trevor didn’t respond.

Jere kissed him again; a little longer, a little more firmly. Trevor’s jaw moved, slightly, responding.

Jere pressed his lips once more to Trevor’s and ground his hips. Trevor’s hands went up to Jere’s back, holding him. Their mouths opened, and they kissed with tongue. Jere’s hips rocked forward and back, and Trevor’s hips moved under him.

I glanced at Daniel. He was watching them, and idly fondling himself. I nodded my head backward toward the door. Daniel chewed his lip, considering; then nodded.

We pulled on our underwear and shorts. It was tempting to want to stay; Trevor and Jere were really getting into it. As we got ready to leave, Trevor wrapped both arms around Jeremy tightly, and, keeping his dick buried in Jere, Trevor rolled Jeremy onto his back on the couch. The two stayed in a tight love-ball; tightly embraced with Jere’s legs wrapped around Trevor’s waist. They were tight at their bellies and chests, but their hips moved as Trevor thrust and Jeremy met the thrusts. Their heads moved, too, as they continued kissing, feverishly.

Daniel glanced at the table beside the TV and VCR; the table with the pile of board games and poker chips, where we had hidden the camera. I knew what he was thinking, but there was no way to aim the camera more at the couch without Trevor noticing. I tugged Dan’s hand, and we stepped out the door.

“We gonna just leave the camera running?” Dan asked quietly as we walked down the stairs.

“Yeah,” I told him. “The camera will stop when it hits the end. They should be long gone by then. We can come back and pick it up later.”

Dan grinned. “Trevor isn’t going to give anyone shit anymore,” he said.

“Dude,” I told him. “I don’t think he would anyway. He really likes Jere.”

Daniel paused, reflecting on that, then nodded and continued on. “You could be losing your best friend,” Daniel said with a sidelong glance at me.

I shook my head. “Boyfriends aren’t the same as best friends.” Then I smiled. “Or brothers.”

I laid my arm over the back of Dan’s shoulders as we reached the bottom of the stairs. “We just need to get you a boyfriend now. You and Nacho have fun at the pool?”


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