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THE TWINS: chapter 1

Normally I wouldn’t give a crap if a new family moved in, but that all changed when they moved in next door. They were the twins -- two brothers who looked my age and looked like they worked out a lot. Since it was the summer it was fairly hot and it just so happen they were moving furniture, so they were hot, sweaty, and shirtless. I couldn’t help but watch them from my bedroom window all day. Eventually I decided to take them something to drink and invite them to dinner that night.

When we were at dinner I couldn’t help but occasionally stare at Ty, one of the hottest twins on earth. I know he had to have seen me because a few times he looked at me with this look of forgiveness.
When classes started again I had a few with Ty and a few with Tommy. Since I had a car I would happily drive Tommy and Ty to and from school. Ty played baseball and Tommy played football. I would always watch their practice, but I was torn between the two because their practice schedules would cross.

I always preferred to talk to Ty because he seemed more down to earth and more opened minded. Tommy on the other hand was the definition of the word jock -- being the QB it was almost a given.

I always stayed after to give them a ride home that way I could get to know them both. It always was a great way to get to know them especially Ty. One day I was waiting like always when Ty just collapsed out on the field. I ran out to the field when I got to him I checked his pulse and breathing. His pulse was faint and breathing was slow. When the paramedics got there I ran over to the football field to get Tommy and tell him what was going on. On the way to the hospital I ran every traffic light and every stop sign. When we arrived there I called his parents to tell them what was going on. Once they got there they all started talking and finally I heard Tommy say “We have to tell him. He’s one of Ty’s closest friends.”

That’s when they walked over to me and they told me that when Ty was 14 they discovered a noncancerous lump in his back. The following year it was removed and he was in the hospital for around a week. When the doctor came back in he said they lump had returned and they would have to remove it again. The following day we would be allowed to see Ty so we all decided it was late enough and to go home. On the way back to school to drop Tommy off to get his stuff and change, he never said a word just sat in silence looking out the window. On the way back I finally spoke up “Tommy, its goanna be okay, he’s goanna make it through it.”

“If only that was true, if only life was that simple.” He replied without any emotion in his tone or in his expression.

When we got home we said our goodbyes and I went upstairs to bed thinking about all that’s happened today.
The next day I went by the hospital to see Ty. When I got there he was sitting up in bed watching TV. I walked over to his bed to give him a hug when he pulls me into a deep passionate kiss. When we broke the kiss he looked me in the eyes and finally spoke up.

“I was goanna do that after practice yesterday, but this seemed like a good enough time as any.” He said looking into my eyes.

“That’s for sure. How did you know I was into you?”

“After we had dinner at your place I caught you looking and I always kinda found it cute how you would try to hide it, but that’s not as cute as you are.”

“Aww you find me cute. I may be cute but you’re sexy as hell.”

As soon as I got up off the bed I went down to the cafeteria to get him some food. On my way back to his room I stopped at the nurse’s station to make sure he got extra food from now on. When I got back to his room his parents and brother were there asking him how he was and all that bull shit.

When he was done eating the only things left were the uneatable things. By the time he was done eating it was time to leave. I waited a few minutes after his family left to give him a good night kiss. When I got to my truck I got a text from him saying “I can’t wait to see you tomorrow ;)”

   The next day was Saturday so I could spend all day with him. Just before I left for the hospital his mom asked me if I could spend the day with Ty since they couldn’t be there until later.
When I got to the hospital he pulled me on top of him and kissed me once more very passionately. When we finally broke the kiss I looked into those deep green eyes and asked “What is with you lately you’ve been all over me as if you can’t keep your hands off of me?”

“Nope I can’t not with that sexy body of yours, and I get to go home today so you get to take me home.”

“Okay I’ll pull my truck around and you get downstairs.”

When I got to the doors he was there waiting in a wheelchair with a nurse. Since my truck was so high I had to pick him up and put him in my truck. When we got back to his house I carried him in and put him on the couch just as he pulled me on top of him and started kissing me once again very passionately. Since he was wearing a pair of basketball shorts those slide off fairly easy. When we got our shirts off he stopped me and looked at me with those deep green eyes and said “Can we take this slow maybe go out on a date first?”

“Of course we can whatever makes you feel comfortable. I won’t and don’t want to rush you into anything you don’t want to do.”

“Thanks babe. I’m glad you understood.”

After we got dressed I went into the kitchen to make him some lunch and just as I did that his parents and brother walked in. Ty looked at me and mouthed “that was close” and went back to watching TV.

When I got home that night he sent me a text asking me if I was free that Saturday.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: this is the rewritten version of the story I wrote on JUB. Email me @ and tell me what you guys think about the story so far. I will try to post on every few weeks or whenever I get some free time. This is a work of fiction so send in suggestions where you would like this to go. I would like to thank Tim, and Juan, you guys helped me decide to post my story you guys have been there for me for a while now. I know it has only been a few months but still you guys have been there for me, so thank you. You have no idea how much I love you guys.