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THE TWINS: Book 2 Chapter:2-A family at last

I unwrapped the box Ty handed me and opened it to find a photo album with a picture of us on the front. I opened the book to find pictures us throughout the year and even the ones of us with Jay.

Turn to the last page.” Ty said sitting right next to me. I turned to the last page and just looked at Ty. The last page had a simple ring and Ty's hand writing which read:

Cam, I need no other than you to make me happy. You are my life, my love, my world. Will you marry me?

I just looked at Ty who took the ring form the last page and kneeled down on one knee in front of me holding the ring. “Cam will you marry me?”

Of course I will Ty.” I said as he slipped the ring onto my finger. I pulled him up to me and pressed our lips together. When we broke we just looked at each other with two huge smiles. Jay laughing a little got my attention. I turned to look at him and our parents. Ty walked over and took Jay from my mom and walked back over to me.

Now we'll be a real family.” Ty said as he sat down.

We've always been a family, just now we can make it official.”

Well Jay looks like you get another daddy.” Ty said looking down at Jay, who just laughed and flailed his hands up at us.

Well I think this calls for a celebration. How about tomorrow night?” Ty's mom asked getting up and walking into the kitchen.

Sounds good mom.” I said.

We didn't do much more that night and when Jay started getting tired we all went upstairs. Instead of Jay sleeping in his crib he slept with us, as a family.


I woke up and carefully took Jay from the bed and carried him downstairs. I sat at the counter holding Jay humming to him. I warmed up a bottle for Jay and sat on the couch just humming to him while he drank his bottle. Ty came down a little later and sat down with us and begun to hum with me. Jay fell back asleep in my arms.

I love you Cam.” Ty whispered to me.

I love you too Ty.” I whispered back. I leaned over and kissed Ty.

We sat in silence for a little while longer until we decided to go back to bed. We slept for a little while longer. When we got up Erin was making breakfast and watching the news.

Morning boys.” She said as we walked into the kitchen.

Morning mom.” Ty said pulling out a chair for me and Jay.

How did you sleep?”

Good Jay never woke up.”

That's good.”

So what's for breakfast?”

Pancakes, eggs, bacon, and fresh fruit,”


After breakfast we just sat around playing with Jay and just relaxing. Later that night Tim and Zach came over to help us celebrate the engagement. After a small dinner and them playing a little with Jay they left. We all went to bed early so we could get an early start on the next day.


Me and Cory had moved into the dorms at UCLA together and were really enjoying the school and the area. Cory was a computer science major and I was an English major. Both of our parents knew about us and our relationship. Cory's parents supported us but my parents through me to the dogs. I really didn't care about them now because I had Cory.


I really wished we had gone somewhere closer to home.” I said while feeding Jay on the couch.

Yeah it would have been nice.” Ty said sitting next to me on the couch.

After I fed Jay he needed to be laid down for his nap. Me and Ty sat on the couch just watching what ever was on T.V. I slid closer to Ty and rested my head on his shoulder. After a few minutes we shifted so we were laying on the couch with me slightly on top of Ty. I looked up at Ty just admiring his features. His strong jaw line with the slight stubble the collected from him not shaving for a few days and I was beginning to really enjoy it. His short light brown hair really did make his green eyes pop almost. That white smile that was oh-so perfect. I leaned up and kissed Ty lightly on the lips and as I pulled back form him he was just looking at me with a smile.

I love you Ty.”

I love you too Cam and I never will stop loving you.”

I leaned back up and kissed Ty once more but with more passion and love. I rested my head on Ty's shoulder. After a few minutes of lying like that I drifted off to sleep. When I woke up Ty had moved me into our bed and Jay wasn't in his crib and I could smell something cooking in the kitchen. Ty was making one of my favorites food, lasagna.

Something smells good.” I said as I walked into the kitchen.

I thought I would make your favorite food for dinner.”

Well you thought right.”I said picking Jay up out of his high chair.

How was your nap?”

Good but if you were with me it would have been far better.”

Well I had to get dinner started and Jay started crying.”

Thanks for putting me in bed.”

Yeah well I knew you wouldn't be to comfortable on that couch.”

“This is why I love you so much.”

I guess that will do.”

I love you for other reasons as well you know that.”

“Yeah I know that.”

Good. Now give me a kiss.” I stepped closer to Ty and leaned in to close the gap between us. After we broke the kiss we stood there resting our heads against each others just looking at each other.

That is another reason I love you.” I said while we were still standing like that.

And what would that be?”

The way you kiss me, I can feel your love, passion, and tenderness.”

I can feel it too.”

After dinner we all sat down around the T.V. just enjoying being together. I was still holding Jay while laying slightly on Ty. After a while I put Jay down for bed and sat back down with Ty on the couch.

“I don't think this can get any better.” Ty said pulling me closer to him.

I think I know how.” I said with a sly grin on my face.

You mean like this.” Ty said leaning over and pressing his lips firmly against mine. I felt his tongue flick across my lips and parted mine slightly. Ty slid his tongue into my mouth I ran my tongue over his feeling the slightly rough texture of his. When he pulled his tongue from my mouth he flicked the tip of my tongue with his as if he was motioning for me to follow. I slid my tongue into his mouth as he ran his tongue over it. He began to slightly suck on my tongue.

I had moved so where I was straddling his waist, but not braking the kiss. Ty was grinding his crotch into my ass. I reached down and unhooked the button on his jeans then slid the little zipper down. He help push them the rest of the way down and kicked them off and onto the floor. He did the same with me and my jeans.

When we got to our shirts we had to brake the kiss. After we had pulled our shirts off we just sat there for a minute just looking at each other.

Fuck you're so damn sexy in that jock strap.” Ty said to me sliding his hands into the waist band.

It's yours and I hope you like it.” I said moving his hands around to my ass.

I got an idea, kinda kinky but hot.”

Whats that?”

Let me fuck you it that.”

Hell yeah.” I said pressing my lips back against his.

I pulled Ty's boxers down, with his help off his ass, and down his perfect, rock solid, long, tanned legs. I broke the kiss and slid off the couch and between Ty's legs. I could feel the warmth from his legs as I an my hands over his thighs. I slowly reached for his cock and began to stroke it. I sucked on his perfect balls while stroking him and looking up at him. Ty had his head thrown back, his mouth open, and moaning slightly. I released his balls from my mouth and using my free hand I held up slightly so I could gain access to his perineum. I flicked at it first with my tongue then kissed it slightly and each time getting a moan from Ty. I began to suck on it and Ty moaned louder.

After a few more minutes of that I slid back up to his cock and licked my way up the shaft to the head then slowly I slid the head into my mouth and swirled my tongue around the head. I slid my way down his shaft taking every inch of it I could get into my mouth. Before I knew it my nose was in his neatly trimmed pubes. I began to just swallow while his cock was deep in my throat. Ty was running his hand through my hair and moaning loudly. I slid back up to the head and swirled my tongue around it again.

WOW! That was awesome.” Ty moaned as I straddled his waist.

Glad you like it.” I said covering his mouth before he could say anything else. Ty 's hands found their way back to my ass and he was slowly rubbing and squeezing my ass. I broke the kiss and hovered just over his cock. As I began to slowly slide down Ty's cock I could feel the power and force it held. It was now my turn to moan as I impaled myself onto Ty. When I was all the way down I just sat there allowing myself to adjust to Ty. Ty leaned up and gently kissed me, removing any pain I felt. I began to slide up and down on his cock as we both moaned out in pleasure.

The head of his cock was hitting my prostate and I knew I wouldn't last long. Ty reached down between us and wrapped his hand around my hard cock. We got into a rhythm as I would go up and Ty would stroke my cock. Not long after this I could feel my balls churning and my cum being pumped up and out of me. I shot my load all over our chest, stomachs, and lower jaws. As soon as I finished cumming I could feel Ty's cock expand and his hot load fill my ass.

Ty laid us on our sides on the ground in front of the couch so we were still facing each other. Ty pulled us closer together after we had recovered.

I think that was best sex we've had in a while.” Ty said running his hands up and down my back.

Well we've been so busy with Jay, school, and the little bit of work we do.” I said resting my head on his bicep.

Yeah that's true.”

Come on let's go to bed.” I stood up and held out my hand for Ty.

We walked into the bathroom to clean up before going to bed. Ty was already in bed when I got into the bedroom so I slid in next to him and pulled us closer together with him wrapping his arms around me. Those arms always made me feel safe no matter what it was. As I drifted off to sleep I remember thinking 'We are a true family, a real family at last.'

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