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THE TWINS:Book 2: Chapter:3a

The few months after Ty's proposal at Christmas we were either in class, doing classwork, having Jay time (our favorite), or trying to relax. We had spent some time on the wedding planning but not much since we had a lot to do and since Spring Break was coming up we decided to stay at home and try to get more planning done.

Jay was now 6 months old and he seemed to keep getting cuter everyday. I was still getting used to getting called 'Daddy' by Ty who even in bed liked to call me that and I did it to him when I was really wanting to be kinky which wasn't often now and since we had Jay sleeping in our room we tried not to have crazy sex all the time.

My birthday was coming up later that month, April 17th to be exact. I knew Ty was planning something and I knew it was going to be good. Kelsey had offered to watch Jay since she knew that we both needed at least one night to ourselves.

So when do we want to have the wedding?” Ty asked as we were sitting down at the table trying to sort shit out.

I was thinking next June. Maybe the 12th.” I said hoping he would recognize the date.

You think I would forget that didn't you. It was the day we first met and the same day I found the love of my life.”

And the same day I found my one true love.”

You're so sexy in the morning light.”

And when you hold Jay you look perfect.” I said stepping over to him on the other side of the table and kissing both of my 'boys'. I had begun to call Ty and Jay my 'boys' because it was easier and it was kind of cute to call them that.

Okay no matter how much I love this we need to finish some of the planning and get our stuff ready.”

Yes we do, so quit distracting me with those damn sexy looks you keep passing me from over there.”

Me? Passing you looks? You've been doing it since last night at dinner.” I said smiling trying to match Ty's huge cheeky grin.

I love you Cam.”

I love you too Ty. You're all I need in this life. You and Jay.”

Jay giggled so I picked him up and walked over to the window with him. I stood there holding Jay with Ty behind us with his arms wrapped around my waist and his chin resting on my shoulder. I was beginning to sway back and forth while humming. Jay was yawning and getting sleepy so I walked back into our room and laid him down in his crib while me and Ty watched over him as he slept. Ty sat on the bed near the head of the bed. I sat at the foot of the bed. Ty slid down to me and rested his head in my lap looking up at me. I stroked his hair with one hand while he held the other over his heart with his.

We shifted so we could lay together. Ty had his arms wrapped around my waist. His head rested against my own. His hand was holding mine at my waist. I was laying on my back while Ty was on his side facing me. I had a simple mobile for Jay that was low and we could hear it while laying in bed.

I love you.” Ty whispered to me while kissing my jaw line.

I love you too.” I said turning to kiss him gently on the lips.

You are my life, my passion, my lover, my best friend, my fiance, my. . .every thing. I want nothing more than you and only you. You complete me. You make me who I am today. Without you I'm not sure what I would have done without you.”

Well I wouldn't be able to do this.” I said pulling us closer together and rolling Ty on top of me.

Our lips met and I could feel Ty's tongue flicking at my lips. I parted my lips and his tongue slid in. As our tongues danced our hands roamed. My hands slid under his shirt and felt every inch of the skin on his back. Ty's hands were roaming over my chest and abs. He ran his fingers inside the waist band of my jeans. I began to tug at his shirt and Ty was at mine. We broke the kiss to take our shirts off. We just laid there looking into each others eyes. Some how we forgot about our shirts and just laid there.

I love you so much Cam.” Ty said.

I love you too Ty.” I said leaning up to let our lips meet.

As our lips met and sensations of pure joy, love, happiness, and passion were sent through my body and straight to my heart. Just from the simple touch of Ty's lips I could feel the love and passion in Ty's heart for me.

Ty we can't do this now. Not yet.” I said breaking the kiss and looking into his eyes and seeing the disappointment in his heart.

I'm sorry. I just got carried away.” he said rolling off me and pulling me with him so we were face to face on our sides.

No I got carried away. I'm sorry.” I said grabbing his hand in mine and giving it a squeeze.

Let's not argue so let's just say we both are just 2 horny college studs.” He said with a chuckle.

You're right you are a total stud. A stud who I get to hold, and kiss, and cuddle with every night while we share a bed in our apartment. And I get to say I love you when ever I feel like.”

I'm glad I get to do the same with you.” He said pulling us closer together.

We laid there like that for a while not wanting to get up. Ty rolled onto his back and I rested on my head on his chest. I drifted off to sleep for a few minutes before I woke back up to find Ty asleep and Jay still napping. I carefully slid back up so I was resting with my head next to Ty's and wrapped my arms around him. Ty shifted so he was facing me and pulled me close to him.

I love you Cameron.” He whispered not even opening his eyes.

I love you too Ty.” I kissed his neck and then his lips.

His lips. They were soft and warm. Never chapped and never dry. Always moist and plump. They were so soft it was almost impossible that they could be real. They were a rosy color and against his tan skin it was a wonderful contrast. I was surely addicted to those lips and couldn't resist kissing them.

I leaned back up and kissed his lips again. And again. And again. Before I knew it me and Ty were making out once again and pulling each others cloths off. I ripped the tank top that was tightly covering his perfect chest right down the middle exposing that perfect chest of his. In only a few minutes we were in nothing but our underwear. Me in the pair of dark blue boxers with light blue lightening bolts. Ty's were the reverse of mine and hugged his ass perfectly. I reached around to grab his ass and try to pull him closer to me.

Damn you're horny today.” Ty whispered to me while breathing heavily. I was kissing his neck and not stopping for anything.

My lips never left Ty's skin as I let my hands roam all over his body. Ty began to really moan when I reached down slowly stroked his cock from tip to base and back again. His precum was slick and I coated his cock with it as I went. When I would reached the head I would rub my thumb over it just ever so carefully yet pushing with just enough pressure to make Ty moan deeply.

Oh God Baby. Oh God. Don't stop.” Ty moaned to me while holding my ass cheeks.

You like that don't you?” I asked taking my lips from his neck and looking up at him.

Oh God. I. . .YES. . .I. . .love it. . .I love you.” Ty moaned while I was stroking his big dick then it erupted with cum.

His load got all over his chest, abs and under his chin. I started with his jaw and worked my way down sucking, licking, and kissing his body. When I got to his abs I put my legs on either side of his chest and kept cleaning his body while sitting on all 4s.

He pulled my boxers down revealing my shaved hole and smooth ass. He pulled my boxers off one leg at a time then placed them behind his head. His hands roamed over each cheek and and then he slid a finger into my crack and over my hole. I gasped at the feeling at first then pushed back so it would go into my hole. He slid his finger in and slowly slid it in further and further till I could feel his hand against my balls. His free fingers tickled my balls and pulled at them.

Oh God Ty. Another finger.”

As requested Ty slid another finger in and not going as slow this time he shoved them in all the way causing me to moan and almost collapse. As if on cue he ripped his fingers from my hole then added another to the mix.

I cleaned his dick of carefully knowing how sensitive he was but still having fun by carefully biting down with minimal amounts of pressure.

He began to twist and turn his fingers. He ripped them once again from my hole and on the return he shoved 4 more into my hole.

Ty fuck this shit and just ram your hand up my ass. Oh God. Quit teasing me and fist me.”

Are you sure?” Ty asked nervously as he slowly pulled his fingers from my ass.

Yes. I've been wanting to try it. Now please trust me and do this for me.”

Not now. Just wait, and on your birthday I will do what ever you want.”

Fine. I'll hold you to that promise.”


Ty returned his fingers to my hole and began fingering me again. I went back to his cock and sucked and nibbled on it. Slowly I went from his cock to his balls then I slid my tongue down to his hole.

I pulled his legs up exposing his hole and causing him to lie flat on his back. I sat up straddling his chest and bent back down to eat out his ass. I ran my tongue over his hole teasing him at first. After a few minutes I pulled his cheeks apart opening his hole. First I slid my tongue in feeling the warmth and then the tightness. After a few minutes of Ty's moaning and me eating his ass out nonstop I sat back up resting on my heels. I locked his legs behind my arms and then slowly slid my finger into his hole starting my my index finger. Ty's hole was extremely tight and very hot. I wiggled my finger around making him squirm and moan. I looked back at him and he had his eyes closed and his hands on my thighs.

Hey Baby eat my ass out while I do yours.” I whispered to him making him look up at me.

Ty's hands pulled my ass over his face and slowly his tongue made contact with my hole. He flicked at it with his tongue and then began to chew and suck on my hole and the skin around it. I went back to fingering his hole with one finger at first then another. I leaned back down to lick his hole. I left one finger in and pulled down with it, opening his hole. My tongue slid in and my finger slid out. I reached back with my hands and grabbed my cheeks spreading them wider. Ty began to use his finger and his tongue to fuck me. He did the same I did but using 3 fingers and leaving them in.

Oh crap Baby. Open wide, my dick wants to be sucked.” I whispered to him as I pulled my ass away from him then rammed my cock into his open mouth.

Yeah that's it suck that dick.” I moaned while Ty deep throated me.

Relax your throat muscles.” I ordered Ty as I grabbed his hair with both hands and began to fuck his face while my balls hit his chin.


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Author's Note: I know its a little shorter than normal but this is just the first half of a chapter. You guys need some suspense and teasing.

I hope you guys liked this chapter. I thought it was going to take a little longer than it did. The next chapter will be the ending to the sex scene.

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