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THE TWINS: chapter 5

The week had gone by fairly fast because it was already Thursday and me and Ty were studying over at his house in the den when his mom came home from work with a huge smile across her face.

Well if it ain't my favorite couple.” said his mom as she walked into the kitchen and getting a bottle of water.

Mom we aren't dating you know that.” Ty said walking into the kitchen.

Yeah I would believe that if I was blind. Ty I don't care you know that and your father pointed it out to me he hasn't seen you this happy in years.”

Really are we that obvious?”

Kind of, but you guys are in love.”

That is true. I don't know what I would do without Ty.” I said walking into the kitchen.

Ditto for me.” Ty said wrapping his arm around my waist.

Okay well next issue, do you still want to have your party this weekend?” asked his mom taking off her suit jacket and hanging it in the closet.

Yeah why do you ask and I know Tommy does also.”

Just double checking that's all.”

Okay well I need to go shopping for you guys so I will be over later when I get back.”I said kissing Ty on the cheek.

-At the mall-

I walked around for a while looking in all of Ty's favorite stores, but not really finding anything. I walked all through the mall until I reached this little jewelry store I decided to give it a look.

How may I help you today?” asked a sales woman a little taller than me. Her name tag read Samantha.

Well my boyfriend's birthday is this weekend and he means a lot to me and I really want to get something special.”

I see. What type of jewelry does he wear?”

He doesn't really wear any.”

Okay then what were you thinking to get him?”

I was thinking maybe a necklace or a bracelet. I'm not sure I was hoping you could help.”

I think I can. We just got in some new merchandise that might just be what you were looking for.”

Well then lets go see.”

Right this way.”

Samantha led me into a small room in the back of the store. There was another door which Sam opened to reveal a closet. She selected a few boxes and walked over to the table where I was sitting. The 7 or so boxes were placed on the table where Sam sat in front of me and began to sort the boxes and looking at something on them.

This necklace is platinum, and the chain can be changed for any other that you would like.”

What is the design suppose to be?”

It is suppose to be a phoenix which to me represents burning love, but that's just me.”

Okay I can see that now, and yeah I can see how it represents love, but what else do you have?”

Well there is this one. The design is to represent the bonding love of two people.”

Its beautiful and wonderfully crafted. I love the hearts overlapping. Can I change the chain if I don't like it?”

Of course all of these can have the chains changed.”

Okay whats next?”

This Is a gold chain with a simple Celtic knot.”

Hmm its nice, but hes not Irish.”

Okay then I can put these three away.”

What's next?”

This is my favorite, its platinum. The symbol is “Ai” which is Chinese for love. There are two different medallions, a square or the circle.”

I love it, but I will only buy it if you have two of them.”

No problem. Would still like to see the last one?”

No I want this one. Can you wrap them?”

Yes we can and you're in luck we're having a special if you buy and two items you get 30% off your final sale.”

Thank you.”

One more question would like them engraved?”

Just one.”

What would you like it to say?”

For now and forever.”

Okay I can have it done in an hour.”

Would you like me to pay now or later?”

We need a down payment of half now and the rest when you come to get them.”

Okay how much is that.”

Well with the discount, the total comes to $3,184.43. The down payment will be $1,592.26.”

Okay here is my credit card.”

After Sam put the other boxes away and took the two with the necklaces to the front of the store and had me come with her. After paying the down payment she made sure the inscription was what I wanted and took one back to the engraver. I decided to walk around the mall for a while and see what I could give Ty at the party because my plan was to give him the necklace in private.

I ended up at a sports memorabilia store where I looked through the baseball jerseys until I found Ty's favorite team which was the New York Mets. I found his favorite player Sean Green #50. I realized I needed something for Tommy as well so I went over to the football section and found his favorite team the New England Patriots. I didn't really know his favorite player, but thought it had to be Tom Brady because they were both quarterbacks. After paying for the two jerseys I walked back to the jewelry store where the engravings were finished and all I had to do was pay.

When I got home showed my mom what I bought and she loved it all. After wrapping the jerseys I hid them in my closet under some clothes hoping Ty wouldn't go through my closet. Like I promised I called Ty when I was done and waited for him to come over.

Cam where are you?” I heard Ty call from the front of the house.

I'm out here by the pool Babe.”

I missed you.” Ty said as he kissed me on the cheek.

I did too, but I got you a wonderful gift and I got Tommy something also. Speaking of which where is he I haven't seen him since school and he never needs a ride?”

Well you know Ashton in our English class hes on the water polo team?”

Yeah hes kinda cute.”

Well he asked Tommy out and they're kinda dating, but aren't ready to come out until they know it's for sure.”

Oh okay I won't tell a soul.”

So what do you want to do?”

I'm in a movie mood lets go see 'Angles and Demons'”

Okay that sounds good and we can go to dinner after the movie.”

Sounds like a date.”

We thought about asking some friends to come, but figured that it would be better if it was just the two of us. The drive to the theater was quick and quiet. When we got to the theater I parked fairly close for some reason something told me to park closer than usual. Since we weren't hiding our love any more we walked all the way to the theater hand-in-hand. I did notice some people staring with a disgusted look on their faces and others with smiles and some who were whispering to others and pointing.

This is really uncomfortable.” I whispered to Ty.

I know, but don't worry we'll be fine and I promised your parents no one would hurt you as long as I'm with you.” he whispered back to me.

I know but still I'm uncomfortable.”

Do you wanna go home then? We can rent a movie and microwave some popcorn.”

No because then it means that they have won.”

Okay well you say the word and I'll carry you home if I have to.”

Thanks Babe.”

Hey you wanna give them a show?”

Sure what did you have in mind.”

This. . .” Ty closed the gap between us and almost rammed his tongue down my throat right there in the lobby of the theater.

When we broke I just looked at him.

Not bad my sexy lover.” I said just looking at him.

I try.”

Well you succeeded.”

FREAKS!” was all I heard before a huge soda hit us and we were drenched.

SON-OF-A-BITCH!” We said in unison. Then like lightening Ty was pinning some kid up against the wall.

It took me a few minutes to realize where Ty had gone but when I did look over I saw two other guys walking over towards Ty. I dashed over to the other guys and tapped them on the shoulder.

What do you want you little fag?” Asked one of the thugs.

I wouldn't have said that.”

And why is that?”

Before he could finish I slugged him and round house kicked the guy in the gut. As they were both lying on the ground I ran over to Ty get him to put the guy down. He refused until the cops came in and forced him to put the kid down. Then it hit me, The kid who had thrown the soda was the same one that did it to us at school. When the officers got to the two thugs they asked how it happened and after telling them what happened they asked if we would like to press charges against the kid who had thrown the soda we both agreed we would.

When the two thugs awoke after being handcuffed they said they wanted to press charges. The cops said that they would loose that court battle. We were asked to go down to the police station to report what had happened. On the way we called our parents who decided to meet us at the station. When we all arrived at the station our parents hugged us both very tightly and did the usual 'Oh we're so glad you're okay' crap. It took us 2hrs at the station filling a report against the kid who we learned his name was Chris. Then the thugs attempted to file a report against us, but an attorney told them they had no grounds to do so 1: because they filed it against Ty and me and Ty didn't do anything to them. 2: since they tried to file a false report against Ty the judge would just dismiss the case on the grounds that they were attempting to commit a hate crime.

Chris was booked and charged with a hate crime and assault. Since he was 18 it wasn't going to end well for him. His parents bailed him out then accused us of 'provoking' their son with our Damned show affection. And out of no where my mother who normally kept to herself, walked right up to Chris's mother and slapped her across her face.

My son and his BOYFRIEND did absolutely nothing wrong but show their love for one another!” exclaimed my mother after slapping Chris's mother.

That is where you are wrong my dear. If your son hadn't become one of them my son wouldn't have been arrested!” She replied stepping closer to my mom.

My son is a perfectly normal human being. It's your son and yours closed mindedness that can't see times have changed from the stone ages you cave bitch!”

I'm no cave bitch! At least my son isn't a whore who fucks any thing that walks.”

Neither is mine! At lest my son isn't some low life criminal.”

How dare you! I will see you in court.”

Bring it bitch you won't win!”

After that little display we all were in awe of my mother's tongue.

Mom I didn't know you could get that mad.”

Well when a bitch wants to accuse my son of doing something that he did not do. You guys were just showing your love for each other.”

Well thank you mom it means a lot to me.”

Cameron you know I would do anything for you.”

We all decided to go out to dinner we even called Tommy an invited him he asked if he could bring Ashton and we didn't see any reason why not. We all went out to Ranaldi's where Tommy and Ashton were waiting for us. Tommy introduced Ashton as his 'special friend' which we all knew what he meant. We enjoyed a nice dinner after enlightening Ashton and Tommy into what had happened a few hours earlier.

After dinner we all headed home and Ashton was kind enough to take Tommy home so he wouldn't have to ride with us. The drive home was quiet, but peaceful. After some delicious homemade cake made by my mother we decided to call it a day and go to bed. Ty stayed the night yet again, but we were to tired to do anything other than take a quick bath to relax before bed.

This was an interesting day didn't you think?” asked Ty as sat down into the bath tub.

That it was.” I replied as I sat between his legs and melted into his chest.

At least you're okay. I don't know what I would do if something happened to you.”

I know and I wouldn't know what I would do if something happened to you.”

I just wish people were more accepting of us.”

Me too, but there are people who will and will not accept us.”

Lets hope there are more who will accept us.”

Me too.”

Lets get to bed I'm tired.”

Me too.”

We pulled ourselves out of the bathtub and dried each other off. We walked back to my room where I slept better than I have in years.

Nothing really happened the next day other than Ty's parents invited me and Ashton over to dinner which was really fun. The conversation varied from topic to topic I didn't realize how funny Ty's dad was until we sat down to dinner where he was like another person. After dinner Ashton couldn't stay because his grandparents were in town and his parents wanted him to come home as soon as he could. We all decided to watch a movie after dinner. Me and Ty shared a recliner. Tommy was on the couch, and his parents were in the other two recliners.

The movie went by fast and me, Ty, and Tommy were out before the movie was over. Ty's mom woke us up after the movie and suggested that I stay the night. I didn't argue and me and Ty slipped into bed and were quickly asleep again.

When I awoke I didn't at first realize where I was but then I remember what did happen the night before. Then I realized what today was, it was Saturday, the day of the party. I tried to get out of bed but was pulled back down by Ty's wonderful arms. When I was pulled back down he kissed all over my face and neck.

God I love those eyes and those lips are so sweet and soft to the touch, and that nose is so damn cute.” Ty said kissing my face once again.

Okay what is this all about?” I asked laughing.

Hoping I can get my present early.”

Well I was gonna get you one of your gifts if you will let me go.”

Okay hurry back I can't wait.”

I got up and through my clothes on and was out the door and over to my house to shower, change, and retrieve Ty's and Tommy's gifts.

After a quick shower and grabbing my preselected outfit from my closet that wasn't to flashy, but still nice I was out my door and back at Ty's.

Ty, Tommy I have your gifts.” Was all I had to say to get them down the stairs like lightning.

These are awesome jerseys Babe! So whats in the other box?” Asked a curious Ty walking over to me and giving me a hug and a great kiss.

This is a special present for you my sweet, sexy, hunky lover.” I handed Ty the smaller box. He unwrapped the box and slowly opened the lid. When he opened the lid his eyes lit up in shock and his eyes began to water.

What is it? I want to see!” exclaimed Tommy like a little kid.

Ty just handed Tommy the box and almost jumped into my arms.

It's beautiful Babe I love it so much.” Said Ty as he pulled back from me and closed the gap between us and gave me a deep and very passionate kiss. When we broke the kiss I took the necklace from the box and put it around Ty's neck.

I will never take it off. I promise.”

I'm glad you like it babe, but read the back.”

Ty read the inscription aloud and once again gave me a very deep and passionate kiss. After we broke I showed him the one I had which he loved even more because we had something that 'connected' us as he said.

After a few minutes of Ty telling me how much he loved them we walked out back to find his parents who were directing where the stuff was to go. After showing them to Ty's parents they hugged both of us and told us how beautiful they were.

-At the Party-

The party went great Ty and Tommy wore the jerseys I got them and everyone loved them. Everyone also loved the necklace. All of our friends were there and seemed to be having a great time. Ty's parents surprised us by playing a few slow songs which me and Ty did dance to as well as Tim and Zach, Kevin and his date and it really surprised us when Ashton and Tommy danced with each other.

The cake had the best gift of them all, Tommy and Ty's new car keys. Tommy got a brand red new Jeep Liberty. Ty got a brand new white Audi R8. Tommy and Ty were ecstatic about the cars.

After everyone left Ty wanted to take his car out for a test drive. Tommy wanted to do the same, but we knew what he and Ashton really had in mind since I knew where they were going when they turned the opposite way from us.

After we got home me and Ty went upstairs to take a shower and to have some fun of our own.

As soon as I closed the door to the bathroom Ty was all over me pulling my clothes off. And kissing me with so much lust, love, and passion that I thought I was in heaven. When we broke we just looked at each other.

I really want to just take you right here and now, but a bath sounds great.” said Ty as he walked over to the tub to start the bath.

Then lets compromise. Why don't we have some fun in the bath?”

That is a wonderful Idea my Punk Prince.”

And no later than the bath being filled we were in the tub with me sitting on Ty's lap with my legs wrapped around him and my arms wrapped around his neck and our lips pressed together.

I could feel Ty's hard cock pushing against my hole. I adjusted so I was hovering just over it and I slowly sat on his long, think, and extremely powerful cock.

Oh god this feels so good!” moaned Ty as I rocked back and forth on his cock.

I hope so. My goal is to pleasure you my love.”

Well you're doing a great job and my job is to pleasure you my prince.”

Our conversation ended and our lips met once again as I was now bouncing up and down on his cock. We shared moans back in forth into each others mouths. I felt like I was now breathing Ty's breath and without it I would not be able to go on.

Oh fuck baby I'm cumming.” I exclaimed as we broke the kiss.

So. . . am. . . OH GOD!” was all Ty could get out before his warm milky cum was flooding my ass and I was shooting my load all over his chest and our stomachs. For the longest time we just sat there holding each other until Ty went soft and slipped out of me. We washed each other off taking our time as to just enjoy each other. When we finally got out of the bath tub we dried each other off. And walked hand in hand back to our bed. We slipped into bed and just cuddled and I kissed my way down his face to his neck. Once I got to his neck I just sucked on his neck while Ty was almost purred. After a few minutes Ty pulled me up from his neck.

Okay knock that off or you'll give me a hickey.”

That's what I was trying to do.”

Well it's not going to happen! Got it?”

Fine.” I sighed as I rested my head on his chest and we were quick to go to sleep.

-The next morning-

We woke up to a quiet house around 10:30 am which for me was unusual. We made our way downstairs in only in our boxers which were opposites. Ty was wearing the dark blue ones with light blue lightening bolts and mine were the reverse. We walked into the kitchen to find it deserted. I went to work to make breakfast for us. I made Ty's favorites: chocolate chip pancakes, scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, and some fresh fruit. Just as I was finishing everyone else wondered downstairs.

That smells wonderful.” Richard said, Ty's father.

That it does.” Erin agreed, Ty's mother.

Nice hickey bro.” Laughed Tommy.


How do you know how to cook Cam?” Tommy asked with Ashton right behind him.

I learned from my mom, and how did you two sleep last night, Ashton?” I asked flipping the last of the pancakes.

Really well.” Replied Ashton with a huge ear-to-ear grin across his face as he took a seat next to Tommy.

Good you two love birds need to keep it down thought I thought me and Ty weren't going be able to sleep.” I said trying not to laugh while everyone else was trying not to as well. Tommy was just sitting there with a look that could kill. Ashton was siting there so embarrassed he was getting redder by the minute.

At least we weren't the ones going at it in the tub and hogging the bathroom. If I remember correctly you two were a lot louder than us.” Tommy shot back.

Now boys don't bring up each others sex life or lack of.” Richard interrupted fighting back his laughter.

After bringing over the food I sat next to Ty to eat and all through the meal I got compliments from everyone. We had almost eaten the plates the food was served on. After breakfast we all went upstairs to get ready.

-Across town-

Kevin had met this kid, Cory, a few months ago and they started dating Kevin had stayed the night with Cory. He would have to wait till after high school to come out to his parents knowing they would disown him. Kevin and Cory were truly in love they would spend as much time together as they could even if it meant sneaking out to see each other for few minutes.

Morning sweetie.” Cory said kissing Kevin.

Morning babe.”

How did you sleep?”

After that great fuck I may still be sore but if u hold me I will be fine.”

I will never let you go.”

Good I want to stay here forever.”

Well we should go take a shower.”

Yeah that's true, but I think we're stuck together.”

It seems that way. I think this your cum is it not?”

Why yes it is and damn its dried.”

Kevin and Cory pulled themselves apart and walked to the shower to get cleaned up and ready for the day.

-Back at Ty's house-

That was a great shower.” said Ty as he dried his hair.

You can rock my rock my world like that everyday.”

I plan to and with that body how could I resist.”

After a little more playful conversation we walked back downstairs to join the rest of the family.

Ashton you know we're just playing around when we call you on your sex life and crap like that.” I said siting in one of the recliners with Ty.

Yeah I know I'm just not used to it my family doesn't usually talk about that stuff.”

We'll try to go easy on you,and hey I'm sorry about this morning.”

Thank, but I did find it kind of funny.”

Okay good that's what I was hoping for.”

We all sat around for a while just relaxing until my phone rang.

Hey mom.”

Cam is it okay if me and your father come over?” My mother asked with a tone of urgency.

Yeah we're just relaxing not really doing anything.”

Okay because all of you guys are going to like what we just got hand delivered.”

What is it?”

I'll show you in a minute.”

Okay hurry I want to see what it is.”

All I heard next was the line go dead. I was kinda worried because of how my mom sounded on the phone.

What was that about?” asked Ty.

My parents are coming over with something that they want to show us that got hand delivered something today and my mom didn't sound to good.”

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