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THE TWINS: chapter 6

It didn't take long for my parents to get next door. The package that was hand delivered to them was a lawsuit against my mother, me, and Ty for causing Chris and his mother 'emotional distress' and some other crap.

We already called a lawyer and we are going to go meet with him in an hour.” said my mother.

Who is going to represent you?” Asked Erin.

Kyle Mendez.”

I'll call him and explain things and see if we cant go with you guys.”

We left not long after Erin's phone call to Kyle Mendez. When we arrived Mr. Mendez asked us some questions about what all had happened. He said that they did not have a strong enough case and with the current charges against Chris. He also suggested that we should file a counter lawsuit against Chris and, his mother, Catherine Andrews. We decided that we would sue for legal fees, the dry cleaning bill for the clothes and the bill to clean the inside and out of the truck because he was also the one who through the drink at my truck at school and since we had to get in the truck drenched in soda.

After the meeting we all went out to lunch because none of us wanted to make or clean up things. We made our way over to Susie's Country Kitchen for lunch, It may be quaint but the place can pack and feed 'em.

So whose all doing what today?” Erin asked the group.

Well, I wanted to go check out this store that just opened.” I answered squeezing Ty's thigh three times as our little code for 'I love you'

Me and Ashton are going to the mall.” Tommy answered placing his hand on Ashton's on top of the table.

Okay, that sounds fun. Well I need to go into the office and meet with a client at 3:30.” Erin answered taking a sip of her tea.

I thought u didn't work on weekends, no exceptions, who is this client that is so special to brake your #1 rule?” Tommy asked.

Someone with a lot of money I know that, and hes paying me extra to come in on the weekend.”

Well as long as hes paying you more then I guess its okay.”

Erin what do you do?” Asked my mother.

I am a private practice lawyer for a very large company.”

Then why aren't you going to represent us in court?”

They are paying me extra to not represent anyone outside the company, and I already have so many cases to look through I wouldn't be able to completely represent you guys to my fullest extent.”

Oh okay, so this guy is pretty high up then if hes paying extra to see you now.”

Yes he is and next year my contract with this company is up and I was thinking of opening a law firm. I have met some lawyers up here that would like to help me open a firm as well.”

That's good.”

After lunch we all went home and me and Ty hoped in my truck after I told Ty that where I was taking him we had to go off road. Since Ty didn't want to screw up his Audi or get it dirty he complied. Where I was taking him was a hill where you could see the entire city. Before we left I made sure to grab a blanket a couple pillows and an ice chest with some snacks and water. It was short drive and when we got there I turned the truck around so the bed of the truck faced the edge. We climbed into the back where I put down the sleeping bag and pillows where me and Ty just enjoyed the view of the setting sun contrasted against the Sierra Nevada mountains.

This is beautiful, how did you find this place?” Ty asked pulling me closer to him.

When I was younger we used to live not to far from here and I used to walk up here all the time.”

Well its beautiful.”

I know I love it just like I love you.”

So I'm not beautiful?”

No, you aren't, you're cute, funny, sexy, smart, caring, loving, and most importantly smokin' hot.”

I love you Cameron De Rossi.”

I love you Ty Hudson.”

You are my life, love, and my punk Prince.”

And you are my life, love, and my Italian Stallion.”

I like that.”

What Italian Stallion?”


Good I like it too, it fits.”

And why is that?”

Well you're hung like a horse, you're Italian, and you're a stallion among race horses.”

I can see that.”

So can I.”

I would love to build a house up here.”

Yeah it would be nice.”

for the longest time we sat in silence just holding each other and wishing we didn't have to leave. Ty was humming something while running his hands up and down my back as the air began to collect a chill to the breeze I began to get cold so I pulled myself closer to Ty who didn't seem to mind.

You cold Baby?” He asked looking at me.

Yeah I am.” I shivered.

Here.” He said pulling the blanket over us and wrapped it around us.


Any thing for you.”

And any thing for you.”

For now and forever.”

For now and forever.”

After a little while longer we got up and got some snacks from the cooler. I had packed some grapes, salami, cheese, some bread, and some water. We were feeding each other grapes and just enjoying each other.

I love this necklace Cam it means a lot to me.”

I know, it means a lot to me that you love it.”

Any thing from you I love you should know that.”

I do it's just hearing it from you makes you makes it feel better than just knowing that you love it.”

Okay well then, I love the way you smile, the way you laugh, your beautiful faded blue eyes that are almost gray they're one of a kind just like you, I love your mind and all your knowledge, but I love you yourself the most.”

I love your dark green eyes, your heart of gold that's always caring about other people, your perfect smile that could light a room, and your strong arms that when you hold me I feel safe and protected, but the thing I love the most is you, nothing can or will change that.”

We just sat in silence for a few minutes until Ty hoped into the driver's seat and turned on the radio and rolled down the windows. When he got back to me, I was sitting on the tailgate he held out his hands which I took into mine I hoped off the tailgate and right into his arms.

May I have this dance?” Asked Ty looking into my eyes.

I would love to.”

Ty pulled me against his chest. When Taylor Swift's 'You belong with me' started to play. As we slow danced to the music Ty hummed with the song.

This our song from now on.” Ty whispered to me.

Okay. I like this song.”

So do I. The only thing is that you are with me.”

Yeah but when I first heard this song it was the day you guys moved in and I was watching from my window.”

I know I saw you that day.”

You didn't think I was weird?”

No I just thought you were cute and kinda funny trying not to be caught looking, but I noticed you out of the corner of my eye.”

Hmm you did?”

Yeah how couldn't I with someone as cute as you in the window.”

For a little while longer we just danced to whatever song was on until we both started to get tired. Since I was tired I asked Ty to drive home. When we got home we went upstairs to my room where I was sitting on the bed and Ty was sitting in my computer chair.

Hey what's this notebook here on the shelf.” He asked pulling down my notebook that I wrote different things in.

No don't open that please.” I pleaded.

Why is it your journal?”

Kind of. If you want I will read you some things in there, but only if you bring it here.”

Okay here you go.” Ty said handing me the notebook and climbing onto the bed next to me.

I opened to a page that was a poem I had written after Ty was out of the hospital.

Strong, loving, courageous.

These describe him perfectly.

Funny, smart, beautiful.

These describe him better

How I love him, so let me count the ways.

One: He loves me.

Two: He makes me happy.

Three: He makes me laugh.

Four: He helps me when I ask and even when I don't.

I cannot be without his love.

I need his love and compassion.

Without him I have nothing.

With him I have everything I could want and more.

With him I have found love.

With him I am in love.

He has stolen my heart.

I love him more than he knows.

Ty just sat silent for a minute he just looked at me with a smile across his face.

That's beautiful, I love it.” He said pulling me into an embrace.

I thought you would.”

You have a great talent for this stuff Babe.”

Thanks I love poetry.”

I noticed when we were doing the poem project in English.”

You are my inspiration though.”

I'm glad I can help.”

Okay let's get to bed I'm tired and I want to you to hold me.”

I can do that.”

I slipped off the bed to put my journal up. When I got back to my bed Ty was already stripped and laying under the covers.

What I don't get to see you strip?” I asked a little disappointed.


Fine then you don't get to see me strip, so turn on your side.”




Ty complied and rolled on his side. When I was stripped I slid into bed and wrapped my arms around Ty's waist and kissed the back of his neck smelling the sent of his hair and his own personal masculine sent. I always did love the way he smelled.

I love the way you smell.”


After sitting like that for a few minutes Ty rolled over to face me. We rested our heads in the crooks of each others necks.

-Across town-

Kevin and Cory sat on the couch of Cory's condo. They were watching a movie laying together.

Cor Cor, where are your parents?” Kevin asked.

They're both at work they get back next week sometime.”

So next week all this ends?”

I guess so but it will begin again you know how they always leave and come back.”

Yeah I know, but still I don't want it to end.”

Neither do I, but just remember as long as you have my necklace you will always have me.”

I know and thank you I love it.”

Your welcome it used to be my lucky charm, but I have you now and your all the luck I need.”

Thanks Babe.”

They sat in silence for a while longer until they both got tired and headed to bed.

-Ashton's and Tommy's date-

Ashton had taken Tommy out to the movies in Sac as to avoid another scene like the one Ty and Cam had at the theater back in Roseville. They were going to go see 'Angels and Demons' then they were going to go get some dinner.

That was a great movie. Thanks for taking me Baby.” Tommy said kissing Ashton on the cheek as they walked out of the theater.

Any thing for my hunky quarterback.”

And I would do anything for my Aquaman.”

Come on let's go get some dinner.”

“So am I and what my Aquaman wants he gets.”

You wanna get some sushi?”

Yeah that sounds good.”

On the way to Ashton's favorite sushi place in Sacramento they were approached by a fairly young man with short hair, a nice smile, bright eyes, and nice clothes.

Can I ask you young men a question?” Asked the the man.

Sure.” answered Tommy.

Are you two a couple?”

Yes we are.” Answered a proud Ashton.

That's what I thought.” The man answered pulling out a gun from behind himself and pointing it directly at them.

We don't want any trouble, what do you want?” Tommy asked very nervously.

I don't want anything.”

Then why are you pointing a gun at us.”

Because people like you deserve to die.”

People like us?”

Yes filthy scum of the earth.” With that said the man fired two shots into Tommy and Ashton's chests. As soon as he fired his gun people were screaming and running about while he opened fired on them inside the mall shooting any one he saw and slowly making his way through the mall.

With their last breaths Tommy and Ashton looked at each other and said 'I love you' to each other. When they were found by the paramedics they were found side by side holding hands. In a pool of their combined blood. They were transported to the Placer county coroner's office.

-The next day-

Hey Ty do you know if Tommy came home last night?” Asked his mother while sitting at the breakfast table.

He probably stayed the night at Ashton's.”

You're probably right well when you see him today at school tell him he needs to call if hes going to stay the night.”

Okay mom. Come on Cam let's get going.”

Okay see ya later Erin.” I called back as I walked through the front door.

The drive to school was very quick since we took Ty's car. When we got to school we found our usual group of Tim, Zach, Brody, Kevin,but no Tommy or Ashton.

Hey guys.” I addressed the group. I noticed everyone had a sad look on their faces.

Cam didn't you hear someone shot up the K street mall last night and killed like 4 people and then shot himself?” asked Tim.

Oh shit has anyone seen Tommy or Ashton?”

No” said Ty who was standing with his head down.

Ty come we have to talk to your mom and dad.” I said grabbing Ty and pulling him towards the parking lot. When we got to the car I grabbed his car keys and put him in the passenger seat. I sped towards Ty's house almost missing the turn onto our street.

Erin, Erin, are you home?” I asked walking into the kitchen with Ty behind me.

Cameron what is it?” She asked walking down the stairs.

Someone shot up the K street mall last night four people were killed and then the gunman shot himself. No one has heard from Tommy or Ashton.”

Just then the doorbell rang. Erin went to get it immediately. At the door was a man in a suit.

Mrs. Hudson, I'm detective Erick Carmichael with the Roseville police department.” Said the man at the door.

Okay how may I help you?” Erin asked as me and Ty walked over to her at the door.

Ma'am I'm sorry to say your son was one of the victims that was shot last night in the K street mall in downtown Sacramento. I'm sorry for your loss.” As soon as he said that she broke down and so did Ty. The detective helped Erin to her feet and into the living room where we all sat down and just waited. When she had regained her composure the detectives spoke up.

Mrs. Hudson we would like to ask you a few questions if that is okay with you.”

Yes. . .I'm. . .fine.” She sniffled out.

Did you have any enemies or your husband or either of your sons?”

Not that I know of. Well there is Chris Andrews we are currently suing him and his mother.”

Over what?”

For the next few minutes we explained what had happened at the theater.

Hmm okay well the shooter was not Chris he was an older man. We would like to show you a photo array if you don't mind.”

Not at all.”

All three of you please tell me if anyone looks familiar.”

We spent the next few minutes we all looked over the pictures examining each very carefully I didn't recognize anyone in the photos.

No one recognized anyone.

I'm sorry we don't recognize anyone of these men.” Erin answered for all of us.

It's okay we don't believe this was a purpose killing more an insanity case on the part of the gunman.”

Is that all?”

We would like you to come down to the coroner's office to identify your son.”

Cam could you drive me I'm not sure I can right now.”

Of course I can.”

We all left with me driving Erin's Range rover following the detective. It was a short drive to coroner's office. Erin didn't want Ty or me to go with her to identify Tommy's body. Ty protested but she would have no such thing. Me and Ty waited outside by the car.

How you holding up?” I asked taking his hands into mine.

Right now I'm okay but why did this have to happen to him?” Ty asked as a few tears ran down his face.

I didn't say any thing just pulled him into an embrace and just tried to comfort him. For a few minutes he just cried and cried on my shoulder as we stood there in the parking lot. It began to rain just as Ty began to cry luckily there was an umbrella in the truck. I walked us back to the over hang of the building. We sat on a bench and just waited for Erin to come out. The entire time we were waiting Ty just cried and cried. I knew I had to be strong to comfort him and his mother, at least for now. Erin walked out of the building with tears rolling down her face and that look of depression and complete loss on her face. We all walked in silence to the truck and the drive back was silent and quick. When we got home Erin called her husband and he was home in within a few minutes. Me and Ty went upstairs to his bedroom to be alone and to leave his parents to talk about things.

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