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THE TWINS: chapter 7

The weeks leading up to Tommy's funeral was fairly slow and depressing the entire time I spent with Ty he didn't speak much he cried more than talked. Every night Ty cried himself to sleep all I could do was hold him as close to me as possible. We didn't go to school since our parents didn't think Ty was ready to be exposed to all that yet and since they didn't want to separate us I didn't go either but our class assignments were picked up for us.

We were sitting in Ty's room the day before the funeral he was just sitting and staring out the window and I was working on my laptop.

Why did it have to be him Cam?” Ty was still looking out the window.

I don't know babe, but like the cops said it was just a random killing he shot two other people and then himself.”

I know, but I feel like he was targeted for some reason and now without him I feel like I'm missing something.”

What do you mean babe?”

I mean without him a part of me is gone.”

C'mere babe.”

Ty got up walked over to me on his bed and sat next to me. I put my laptop aside and pulled him close to me as he begun to cry again.

It's okay babe Tommy will always be in your heart. We all miss him babe.” I whispered to Ty.

I-I kn-know-I-I ju-just-mi-mi-miss him.” Ty continue to sobbed for quite some time.

We sat there for a while until he finished sobbing and we just layed back on the bed. After a few minutes we fell asleep together with Ty on my chest. That was the first time in a week Ty hadn't cried himself to sleep. I knew for a wile it wouldn't be easy and I knew I had be strong for Ty. Just like Ty was. He was always the strong one. Ty was strong in the heart and in the soul now he seemed weak and defenseless. I had never seen Ty like this before it only made me want to hold him closer and never let him go. When we awoke I pulled Ty closer to me and just sat there for a minute Ty just looked up at me and for once in a week smiled at me.

I've missed that smile.” I pulled Ty on top of me and and just smiled right back to him.

It feels good to smile but still I miss him Cam.”

I know we all miss him babe.”

We sat in silence for a few more minutes and then we finally got up and walked downstairs to the living room. Ty's parents were meeting with the funeral home where the memorial would be held, so we were home alone. We decided to watch some T.V. Ty was sitting on my lap in one of the big recliners while we were watching Burn Notice. Ty was resting his head on my shoulder and I had wrapped my arms around his waist. The entire time I was thinking 'This is how I want to spend my life with Ty' that was all I could think about.

Cam, I love you and thanks for staying with me right now.”

Ty I love you too and of course I would stay with you through this. I could never stand by and watch my boyfriend go through this without me by his side at all times.”

Thanks babe that means a lot to me.”

Any thing. For now and forever.”

For now and forever.”

We sat in silence for the rest of the show just enjoying each others presence. After a while longer Ty got hungry so I decided to make him some lunch which I ended up making some sloppy joes, baked potatoes, and some watermelon. We ate in silence just trying to eat we were so hungry. I was trying to think of what I could do help Ty out even more than just being with him. I figured to take him to our favorite spot over looking the city.

Hey babe you wanna go for a drive to get some fresh air?” I asked standing up and walking over to Ty.

Sure that sounds nice, but can we take Tommy's jeep?”

Sure I was kind of thinking we could.”

Okay where did you want to go?”

Not sure yet but as long as we can get out of here.”

Okay you let's go.”

We were quick to leave the house trying not to hit all the flowers left by people who wanted to offer their condolences for the family. We drove for a while until I realized I needed to get gas. When I pulled into the Chevron there was a news van there and I told Ty to put on my sunglasses and just stay in the truck. I was trying to get my gas as fast as possible so the reporter wouldn't notice Ty since no one from Ty's family had given an interview they were desperate for one and since there was also no news lately.

---In the news van---

Hey isn't that the brother of the victim at the Sac shooting?” asked the driver.

Yeah if I can get that interview it will make my career.” Exclaimed the reporter.

C'mon then let's get that interview the camera is all ready to go.”

The two hoped out of the van and walked carefully over to the passenger side of the truck. They tapped on the window since it seemed they hadn't been noticed by the driver. Ty just sat looking out the front window not even acknowledging the reporters at the window.

Hello, Mr. Hudson we would like to ask you a few questions if you don't mind?”

No response from Ty.

Do you think it was a hate crime against your brother?”

No response.

Why do you think he was shot first?”

Still no response.

Mr. Hudson, we know it is you in there.” They tapped some more and didn't notice Cam finishing getting gas and pulling out a crow bar from the bed of the truck.

GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM HIM! NOW!” Cam screamed holding the crow bar.

We just want an interview.” Said the reporter.

I don't care now get out of here.” Cam said getting back in the truck and speeding away.

---In the truck---

Why do they want an interview even though we have refused to give them one?” Asked Ty who had a few tears rolling down his cheek.

Because they are scum of the earth all they want is a story.”

We just want to be left alone that's all.”

I know. Oh shit they're following us!”

---at the gas station---

C'mon we have to follow them eventually they will have to give us the interview.” Said the reporter.

They hopped into the news van and tried to catch up to Cam who was speeding fairly fast.

Hurry up Earl we'll loose them at this speed!” Exclaimed the reporter.

I'm going as fast as I can.”

Well go faster!”

---In the truck---

Hold on I wanna call the hand me my cell.” Said Cam who was becoming more and more angry.

Here use mine it has the detectives numbers in it.”

Thanks babe.”

Cam hit the send button and after a few rings was connected to detective Erick Carmichael.

Hello detective Carmichael.”

Hello it's Cameron De Rossi you talked with me and Ty and Erin Hudson last week at their home.”

Oh yes Cameron how can I help you?”

Well the Chanel 14 news van is following us and want an interview we're on Riverside can you get out here and help us?”

Yeah pull over and tell me where you are.”

Okay we just pulled over at Cirby.”

Okay I will be there in a few minutes.”

Thank you.” With that the line went dead and Cam and Ty were sitting at the intersection Of Riverside and Cirby waiting for the detective. While they were pulled over They news crew had walked over to Ty's window and began tapping and asking questions again.

When they saw the lights of a police cruiser they knew it was the detective. He was quick out of his car and walking over to the reporters. They were cuffed and shoved into the back of his cruiser while he explained that following us was considered stalking and since we were under age the penalty would be higher.

Are you boys okay?” Asked the detective.

Yes just annoyed and we would like to press charges.”

Okay then follow me back to the station and we will have everything ready.”

Thank you, again.”

It's my job to protect and serve the people of our wonderful little town.”

On the way to the station we called our parents who said they would meet us there. While leaving the station after filling a report I called some local news stations and tipped them off about the arrests while staying anonymous. We decided that after that we should just stay home and just stay in bed.

---The next morning---

I woke up to Ty still laying his head on my chest, the same we fell asleep. I really did love this. I wanted to stay in bed but I knew we had to get up and get ready for the funeral.

Morning Cam.”

Morning Babe.”

Guess we should get up and get ready.”

Yeah I guess we should.”

We slowly rose from bed and headed for the shower. All the time we were in the shower I held Ty and we stood under the water letting it cascade over us.

I like this.” Ty almost whispered it was so low and quiet.

So do I but we have to go.”

I wanna stay home I can't say goodbye. Not yet.”

Okay we won't then we will stay home and just relax and then we are going to the lunch thing.”

Okay. Let's go back to bed I'm kind of tired still.”

We got out of the shower and went back to bed. Ty's mom came up about an hour before they left and woke me up.

Cameron come on get up we have to leave in an hour.” Said Erin.

Ty doesn't want to go but we will be at the lunch at the restaurant.”

Okay well then be careful the reporters are out and heavy.”

I know we had two arrested yesterday remember?”

Yes I do and good call on calling the detective.”

Okay well you guys should get there early to great everyone.”

Yeah that's true. Okay well you guys have try to relax today.”

Okay see you later.”

Erin left and I heard the gate open and the news vans start up and leave. I drifted back to sleep under Ty. Since it was a Catholic service I knew it would be long especially with all the singing, prayers, and speakers who want to say last words.

---At the service---

he church was packed with family, friends, and others. The choir sang loudly while Father Walter Adkins sat with Richard and Erin Hudson in the front pew of the very large Catholic church. Cameron's parents were seated directly behind them with some other family members including Erin and Richard's parents.

All were silent while the choir sang their beautiful lyrics with the organist and harpist sweet and soothing music. When they were done Father Walter stood walked up the steps to his podium and began his speech.

I do not enjoy seeing so many new faces this way. I ask that you all join hands in a prayer for this young soul and his journey to our heavenly Father.”

Everyone joined hands and bowed their heads as Father Walter began the prayer.

Heavenly Father we ask you to help guide the young soul of Tommy back home to you. We ask that you forgive all he has done in his short life whatever that may be. Heavenly Father we pray to you in this time of need for guidance, love, and acceptance. This soul was far to young to be returning home to you but we ask that you help him find his way home. . .” Father Walter continued with a very long prayer when he was finished his 'Amen' was nothing compared to the church filled response. Father Walter opened the microphone to anyone who would like to say a word for Tommy. Many of his team mates got up and said something for him along with many more of his friends from their home town of Santa Barbra who drive all the way up to the funeral.

His family members also said a few things about him. Most who spoke tried not to tear but some it was just to hard to speak without shedding a tear. His parents did not say anything because it was to hard. After people spoke Father Walter off he asked if anyone would like to say any last words to Tommy in private. Since the coffin was there in the church many people would walk up to it, place their hand on top, and bow their heads to say their last words. After a little while longer everyone was asked to follow the Hurst to the commentary where Tommy would be buried.

---Back at the house---

We woke up around 10:30 and I made breakfast for us to try to help Ty relax. After eating we went upstairs to get dressed for the lunch at Ranaldi's. While we were getting ready Ty walked over to me hugged me and cried for a few minutes I walked us over to the bed and sat down pulling Ty onto my lap.

It's okay baby it's good to cry.” I pulled Ty closer to my chest and we just sat there like that for a few minutes.

I miss him so much.” was all Ty could get out before crying again.

We all do babe. Just let it out.” Ty just cried for a while longer until he collected his composure. The entire time I was stroking his back with my hand.

Do we have to go to the lunch?”

Well your mom wants us to go, but she will understand if you don't want to.”

Okay. I wanna go so let's get around.”


Thanks babe, for being here with me.”

I will always be here when you need me.”

I know but still thanks.”

We got up and were quick to get dressed and to get breakfast. The drive to the restaurant was very quiet and very quick. Ty just looked out the window the entire time not really saying much with the occasional sigh.

You okay babe?” I asked as we pulled into a stall in the parking lot.

Yeah I'm fine just sad.”

Okay and if you want to leave anytime just tell me.”

Thanks but I think I will be okay.”


The lunch was quick and with many introductions to some of Ty's family I was ready to go home and just go to bed. Ty would introduce me as his boyfriend to most of the younger family members only. I really didn't care and most of them didn't either some that I thought had an issue just kept it to themselves.

After lunch I took Ty home to change so we could go spend some time together. I took him to our special little spot over the city it was real nice to be up there by ourselves.

Thanks for all of this babe.” Ty pulled us closer together.

Any thing for you lover.” I replied as I stroked his back.

Well thank for every thing that you have done and will do for me.”

I will always do any thing that will help or make you feel better.”

Me and Ty sat in silence for a while longer just enjoying the rest of the day. We made our home way and we were quick to bed. We layed in bed for a while with Ty's head on my chest. This was the first time in a few weeks that Ty hadn't cried himself to sleep. Ty was asleep soon but I couldn't sleep I lay awake just looking out the window at the moon as the clouds passed through its path. I finally drifted off to sleep with my head against the top of Ty's head.

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