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THE TWINS: chapter 8

The final few weeks of school were slow and filled with tests. Every minute we could get me and Ty were alone just relaxing Ty was still a little down and I was trying to cheer him up.

What's wrong baby, I hate seeing you like this.” I said pulling him closer to me.

It's just that Tommy isn't here with us and enjoying the final few days of our senior year.”

I know baby but he is here. Hes in our hearts and always will be as long as you remember him and keep him in your heart.”

I know but still I miss him.” I pulled Ty over to me and kissed him with all the passion and love I had in me.

Now what do you feel?” I asked as he rested his head on my shoulder.

A little better but I would feel way better if we were home in our bed.”

I know but we have one more final and we can ditch the rest of the day I promise.”

Okay and at least its with you.”

Yeah so let's go unless you wanna go make out on the back lawn till the bell rings?”

I like that idea.” We walked hand and hand to the back lawn where no one is ever back there so we had it to ourselves. I sat down under the shade of a nice big tree and pulled Ty onto my lap.

I love you Cam.”

I love you too Ty.”

We sat in silence for a few more minutes with Ty's head on my shoulder and my arms around his waist. There was a slight breeze blowing the wind from the Sacramento delta which really felt nice and cool. When the bell rang we walked to class with our hands intertwined and my head on his shoulder and for once a smile on both our faces. Our last test was our English final and was really easy for us. After the bell rang me and Ty walked out the back door where we almost got caught by a teacher but I said that it was faster to go out and around. The entire drive home Ty hand a nice strong grip on my hand. When we got home we went up to Ty's room and just layed there in an embrace.

This is nice. I never want this to end” Ty said laying his head in the crook of my neck.

So do I, too well after finals we can be like this all day if you want.”

I like that and when we go to school we could get an apartment and just stay home on the weekends.”

That's more like it and hey we need to check our mail see if we got the college application letters yet or not.”

Oh yeah I got one from UCLA I wasn't accepted but NYU should be here tomorrow or later today.”

I got mine from NYU the other day and got accepted but UCLA should be here tomorrow or later today.”

You wanna go check?”

Sure.” We ran downstairs and outside. I ran over to my mail box and got one from UCLA and Ty got one from NYU.

So are we gonna open them or have each other do it?” I asked standing in front of Ty.

We should open each others.” We handed each other the letter.

Well Ty you're going to NYU with me!” I exclaimed pulling us into an embrace.

And you're not going to UCLA.”

Well I don't care we're going to NYU.”

That's true. Well we will need to go to New York as soon as school is out.”

Yeah we do.”

We walked into my house to tell my mom the good news.

Hey mom are you home?” I asked walking in to the house.

Yeah I'm right here.” She said walking down the stairs.

Well we both got into NYU.”

Way to go I can't wait. I was hoping you both did, now you will be to far away to come home every weekend.”

I feel loved.”

You are.” Ty said kissing me on the cheek.

Thanks babe.”

Well then I guess you will be looking for an apartment or staying in the dorms?”

We were thinking an apartment but we know that can be expensive unless we go outside New York City.”

Yeah that's true. Me and your dad will talk with Ty's parents tomorrow or later today.”

Thanks mom.” I said as we left the house and giving her the mail.

We went back up to Ty's room to lay back down. While laying in bed we started making out. We were laying on our sides facing each other when Ty pulled me on top of him. I started getting more aggressive pushing his shirt up and hunting for his nipples. When I found him I began rolling them between my fingers while he was moaning lightly into my mouth and grinding his crotch into mine. Ty undid my shorts and pushed them down and began rubbing my cock through my boxers, now it was my turn to moan. I slid my hands down to his shorts and did the same. We finally got our shorts off and began to slide our shirts off. When Ty had his shirt off I pinned his hands above his head while straddling his waist.

Okay this is hot.” Said Ty looking up at me.

Yeah well I'm horny as fuck so I need a good rough fuck.”

I can do that.”

No more was said as I lowered my head to Ty's neck. I began to lightly kiss his neck up to his jaw where I began to bite lightly on it. I let Ty's hands go to pull his boxers off along with mine, but I hand to get off him. I climbed back onto the bed and straddled Ty's waist. Ty slid his hands up my abs and chest to my nipples and he began to tweak them. I slid back to Ty's cock and slid it in between my ass cheeks getting his precum and rubbing over his cock.

Oh fuck baby your so damn good at this.” Ty moaned.

I finally put Ty's cock at my hole and slowly slid down moaning while I went down. Ty placed his hands on my hips and guided me as I went down. When I was all the way down I let out a moan of relief and pleasure. I sat there for a minute looking at Ty who still had his hands on my hips and began rubbing them while we were sitting there. Ty reached up and grabbed my throbbing cock and began to slowly stroke it while I began to go up and down on his cock. Ty kept stroking me into the rhythm of my bouncing and moaned when I went all the way down and squeezed my sphincter around his cock. As I began to go faster and faster Ty moaned louder and louder. I got off his cock and Ty just looked at me.

I don't want a ride I want to be fucked like your bitch.” I said laying onto my back and pulling my knees to my chest.

I can do that.” Ty got up onto his knees and lined up with my hole and began to push into me.

Ty began to pump in and out of me increasing his speed as he trusted in and out of me. He leaned down to kiss me lightly on the lips but I pulled him down for more. Our lips parted and our tongues waged war. I hand my hands on Ty's ass clawing at it and pulling him in deeper and deeper into me. Ty broke the kiss and put his lips on my neck and began to kiss his way back up. When he got to my ear he nibbled on it for a minute then pulled away.

I love you baby.” Ty whispered to me.

I love you too.” I whispered back just as he blew his load deep inside me.

Ty collapsed on top of me still breathing heavily then rolled off me and to my side where our hands met and became intertwined. I turned my head to face Ty who was now breathing normally.

I really do enjoy this.” I said scanning Ty's perfect and flawless face.

So do I.”

We layed there for a few more minutes enjoying the bliss of our love making. I rolled over to Ty and curled up next to him while he had his arm around me. I was resting my head on his shoulder and kissing his neck gently while he was stroking by back. The warmth of his body against mine felt wonderful. The rest of the day we didn't do much most of the time we were up in Ty's bed laying down in an embrace. We drifted off to sleep fairly earlier than usual.


At school we finished our last set of finals and after the last one me and Ty didn't bother to stay the rest of the day and took off taking Tim and Zach with us.

So what do you guys want to do?” I asked leaving the parking lot of the school.

Well I'm hungry, horny, and tired.” Said Zach from the back of my truck.

So your like every other high school guy?” Laughed Ty.

“Pretty much I guess.”

Well what do you want to eat?”

Pizza sounds good.”

Okay pizza it is.” I said making a U-turn.

We pulled into Riverside Pizza and ordered a monster sized meat lovers pizza which was huge. We got to my house where my mom left me a note saying she was out shopping. We started eating the pizza fast at first then we started slowing down as it began to take its tole on us.

I think this wasn't the best idea.” Said Zach who was laying back in the chair he was sitting in.

What do you mean, it just means more for later.” I said grabbing another slice and taking a bite. “Yum.”

We sat in silence for a while letting our food digest. We all finally got up and went out side to the pool and just sat on the deck talking.

You guys want to go swimming?” I asked getting up and feeling the water.

Sure but we don't have swimsuits.” Said Zach looking at me with a smile.

You don't but I have plenty.” I ran inside and up the stairs to my room and quickly found and changed into a nice red and white Speedo. I found three others including a solid white one for Ty to wear. I walked back out onto the deck to find everyone sitting with their backs to me.

Hey guys I found a few suits.” I said holding up the Speedos.

No way am I wearing that.” Said Zach taking one from me and stretching it with his thumbs.

Fine then you won't be swimming then.” I said smiling at him.

I like it.” Said Tim and Ty holding up theirs.

Good now you guys can go change inside.” I said taking the other one from Zach.

Fine I'll wear it.” He said taking it from me and walking inside past everyone else. While they were changing I dove in and started swimming. Just as they all came out I resurfaced throwing my hair back with the water that flew off it catching the light.

Damn you're so sexy.” Ty said walking into the pool and over to me and pulling me into a long lingering kiss.

I know I am but you're way better looking especially in that Speedo.”

Okay you two love birds don't get to carried away.” Warned Tim who was doing the same with Zach.

Look whose talking. Now get in the pool with us.” I demanded pulling away from Ty and swimming over to the side where they were.

Fine then.” Zach said pulling Tim in with him.

When they surfaced Tim splashed Zach and then dove under the water and swam into the deep end.

Hey Cam is this a saltwater pool?” asked Zach.

Yeah its easier to see while swimming under water.”

Cool.” Zach said diving under and going after Tim at the other end.

Look at them.” I said stepping closer to Ty.

They are cute.” Ty said pulling me onto an embrace.

If I had known about Tim when we were growing up we would be dating now I bet.” I said looking at Ty.

Then I wouldn't have you and I would be stuck with Zach most likely.” Ty said kissing me.

I know or we could all date each other.” I said trying not to laugh to hard.

That would be hot.”

I dove under the water over to Tim and Zach and pulled down the back of Tim's Speedo and kissed his ass cheek as a joke.

Hey that is my ass!” Said Zach pulling Tim close to him and grabbing his ass.

Actually its my ass.” Said Tim whose head was on Zach's shoulder.

So if I had known he was gay earlier he would be mine.” I said snapping Tim's Speedo.

I dove under the water and headed to the tunnel into spa that was in the ground. Ty realized where I went and followed me in, Tim and Zach didn't notice the tunnel so they were unknowing to where we went. Me and Ty sat in the spa for a few minutes just relaxing and holding each other in a nice warm, loving embrace. The rest of the day was boring nothing really to do. We finished off the pizza as a snack and then. We took Tim and Zach home and drove home in silence, but it was a good silence.


Our parent's had all talked about it and were willing to pay for an apartment for us just off campus within walking distance of NYU. In a few days Me, Ty, and my mom and dad were going to New York to look at apartments and take a tour of the school.

Today was our last day in school and it was a very fun day with a huge water fight at lunch, a massive slip n' slide for anyone with P.E., and the pool was open for anyone who wanted to use it during their free period.

So you wanna go hit the pool or sneak into the P.E. class and have fun there?” I asked as we walked down the hall during our free period.

Slip n' slide.” Ty said as he pulled me out the side door of the hallway and to the field.

We got there and found Tim and Zach in swimsuits and we joined them by pulling our shorts and shirts off to reveal our young bodies into, almost skimpy, matching red and white Speedos.

Damn you guys look good in those.” Zach said going over both of us with his eyes and stopping at our crotches.

Hey surfer boy. Yeah, up here.” I said pushing Zach's head up by his chin so hes looking at our faces again. Zach turned several shades of pink and red while trying to hide his erection.

Geez we spent all night together and even this morning and you still can't keep it down.” Tim fumed shaking his head, we all laughed at that and Zach got redder.

Hey like your not thinking the same thing as me?”

No I was thinking 'Maybe my boyfriend can keep it down.' now we may have to go take care of that.” Tim said walking off the field and back towards the school.

We'll be back in a few minutes.” Zach said running after Tim.

Wow he is a horn dog.” Ty laughed putting our clothes into his bag.

Yup that's Zach, and Tim has him on a short leash.”

Well its a wonder he hasn't cheated on him yet.”

Zach's not like that. Hes a great guy just horny as fuck, like us.”

That's good I hope they stay together for a while.”

Me and Ty found Kevin and Brody with their girlfriends and left our bag with them. We were at the front of the line by now and we grabbed the others hand and plunged down the slip n' slide with a roar of the crowd cheering us on. When we got to the bottom we grabbed some towels and walked over to some friends where we left our bag.

Hey guys.” I said as we walked up to the group.

Hey Cam.” Was the general response.

Did you guys have fun?” asked Kevin who had a huge grin across his face.

Yup and the crowd's applause was a nice touch.”

Your welcome.” Said Brody who had a grin bigger than Kevin's

Well thanks then.” I said grabbing Ty's bag and throwing the towel over my shoulder.

So where is Tim and Zach?” Asked Kevin causing me and Ty to laugh hysterically.

They had to make some white water flow.” I said trying not to laugh.

Figures Zach saw you guys in those and he got to damn horny and Tim has to go take care of it.” Brody said shrugging it off.

Yup. That's our Timmy, always fixing things.”

We all stood around talking waiting for Tim and Zach to come back outside. When they were finally outside and walking over to us Tim and Zach were walking hand in hand smiling and talking about something. Then out of no where Tim was tackled to the ground and Zach was laughing hysterically while Tim was cussing under his breath.

***TIM & ZACH***

Ryan get the hell off of me!” Tim shouted at his younger brother who was ending his freshman year.

Why do I have to Timmy?” Asked Ryan who was now clinging to Tim's back while he was trying to get up.

Because I'm not your freaking pony.”

Will you be my pony Timmy?”

No and quit calling me Timmy I hate it.”

Well I like it and why won't you be my little pony?”

You have two perfectly good legs of your own now get the fuck off of me.”


God you're annoying.”

Yes I am.”

Tim finally gave in and walked over to us with Ryan still on his back and Zach laughing while following him.

Tim did you do something with your hair, well minus the dried cum in it.” Brody asked reaching over and rustling his hair.

Very funny Brody, but no my pain in the ass brother won't get off me and my boyfriend won't help me.”

Babe you know I don't get in between you and your brother.” Zach said.

I know but can I at least have a kiss?”

Sure.” Zach stepped closer to Tim and gave him a light kiss on the lips, but Tim pulled him in for more and pulled him closer.

You guys are so inconsiderate.” Said Ryan getting off Tim's back.

Yes that worked!” Exclaimed Tim who was now smiling.

Fine then.” Ryan said as he tried to jump back onto Tim's back but Tim side stepped causing Ryan to fall into Brody's girlfriend's, Miranda, arms.

Okay squirt watch it.” Brody said pulling Ryan by the back of the shirt up to his feet and out of his girlfriend's arms.

Hey!” Ryan said.

Get your own girlfriend then.”

You guys are no fun.” And Ryan stormed away back to his friends.

***THE END***

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