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THE TWINS: Book 2 Chapter:1-NYU

After graduation Miranda found out that she was pregnant with Brody's child. Brody didn't stay around with Miranda and just left one day and no one has heard from him since. Miranda was due soon and she is going to put the child up for adoption when it is born..

Me and Ty had moved into an apartment a few blocks away from NYU. It was now late November and my birthday was coming up soon, I was going to be my 19 and Ty's was later that year. We were going to be flying back home for Christmas. Ty wants to become a forensics specialist after we graduate so he was taking lots of science and biology courses and I am an English major. Me and Ty hadn't had sex that night because we both had term papers to write.

I awoke to my phone going off. “Hello.” I said still a little groggily.

Cam it's Kelsey, Miranda's friend, shes gone into labor and we're at the hospital now.”

Okay thanks we will be there in a few minutes.” I said as I snapped my phone shut and went to wake Ty up,

Babe come on get up Miranda is in labor.” I said pulling the blankets off of him exposing his perfect body.

Fine.” He said getting up and rubbing his eyes and walking to the closet to find some clothes.

We were out the door and down to the still very busy street. We had bought bikes to go to and from school and any where else we needed. It was a quick ride to the hospital. We found the maternity ward and found Kelsey waiting for us there.

Hey guys.” She said giving us a hug.

Hey Kelsey. How is she doing?” I asked.

Well shes giving birth so in pain I guess.”

Why aren't you in there?”

They had to do a C-section and I can't stand blood.”

Oh okay.”

We sat and waited for the nurse to come back in and tell us something.

Are you Miranda Wilson's friends?” Asked an older nurse who was holding a chart.

Yes is everything alright?” I asked a little worried.

Everything is fine but you can go see her now.”

Thank you.” I said as we all rushed to her room.

Hey how are you doing?” I asked walking over to her bed.

I'm good, just a little woozy.” She said grabbing my hand and squeezing it.

That's good. So was it a boy or a girl?”

A boy. He was 8lbs 3oz.”

Big boy.”

You're telling me.”

So are you sure you want to put him up for adoption?”

Well I was wondering if you and Ty would take him?”

“Miranda. . .that's. . .wow. . .I'm touched really.”

I understand if you can't.”

No it's just we need to talk about it.” I said looking at Ty who was smiling broadly.

Okay well I need some rest.”

Okay we will see you later then.”

Thanks guys.” Me and Ty walked out and down to where all the new born children were and we found Miranda's.

What do you think?” I asked Ty who was looking at them all and smiling.

I really want to take him and raise him.”

So do I, but can we afford it?”

We are both getting paid really well and since we don't have to pay rent we're saving lots of money.”

I know, but what about when we're at school and work.”

Well the school has a day care and we only work part time and I know Kelsey doesn't work or I could stay home with him.”

Then its decided we will take him and raise him as our own son.”

I guess so then. Were you expecting to become a dad at 18 almost 19?”

Not really.”

Well you are now, daddy.”

And so are you.”

I know. I love you Cam.”

I love you too Ty.” I said as I stepped closer to Ty and he put his arm around my shoulder as we stood there looking at the new babies.

Miranda woke up after a few hours of sleep so we all went back in to find her sitting up holding her new baby.

Well we have decided.” I said walking over to her bed.

And what have you decided?”

We would be honored to adopt your child.”

Thank you guys. I am actually moving back home and will be going to UCLA so you wont have to worry about the psycho mom.”

You're not psycho, just out there.”

“So I didn't name him would you guys like to do the honors?”

We would be honored, but what to name him?” I asked looking at Ty.

How about Jay?” He said stepping over to look at the baby.

I like it. It fits him.” I said stepping over next to Ty.

Well are you guys going to hold your son or not?” asked Miranda. Ty leaned down and took Jay from Miranda. When he stood back up I put my chin on his shoulder looking over his shoulder at baby Jay.

Now we have to buy a third ticket home and back.” I said smiling at Jay and Ty.

That's true and we just got the best Christmas gift for our parents.”

Ty turned around so he was facing me and handed me Jay then he put his hands on my hips and pulled us close together. I rested my head against his and then I noticed Kelsey had a camera. She took a few pictures of us including one where me and Ty were next to each other and Jay was between us.


When Jay was released from the hospital a few days later so was Miranda. Me and Ty had already bought a crib, changing table, diapers, clothes, and other things and set them up with the crib in our room and the changing table in the living room. We were going to be flying back to Cali in a few days with baby Jay.

We were sitting at the airport just waiting for our flight to board. I knew it was going to be a long flight and I knew it would be hard when Jay's ears didn't pop.

I can't wait to see your parents faces when we pull up with Jay in the back.” Ty said playing with Jay who was in his stroller.

Did your parents get everything?”

Yeah the crib, changing table, and some more diapers.”

Okay I wish we didn't have to tell them about Jay yet.”

So did I but who was going to get those things for us?”

Yeah I know.”

You wanna hold Jay?”

Sure I haven't held him since we left the apartment.” Ty got jay out of his stroller and handed him to me and then I realized why he asked me if I wanted to hold Jay.

He needs to be changed.” Ty said pulling out a clean diapers and wipes from the baby bag and handing them to me.

Thanks. I will be back in a few minutes.” I said as I walked to the bathroom carrying Jay in his sling.

I found a slightly full bathroom and luckily the changing table was open so I layed Jay down and luckily got the changing done fairly fast while humming to Jay which he seemed to enjoy and it always soothed him.

Okay you're all done little guy.” I said picking him up and putting him back in his sling. Jay just looked up at me and made a gurgling noise which was pretty common for him right now.

Okay hes all changed and ready to go.” I said walking back over to Ty.

Do we need the stroller anymore?” Ty asked setting his book down.

No just take the carrier out.”

Okay the gate attendants were wondering if they could take it and put it below.” He said pulling the carrier out of the stroller and the baby bag out and putting it in the seat next to me. Ty pushed the stroller up to the counter and the attendant took it up after taking down the flight number and our names.

We boarded our flight and found our seats. I sat on the isle with Jay in the middle of us. We weren't waiting long to get off the ground and with the right breeze we were back on the ground in only 5 hours and Jay only cried when he was hungry which was once. The rest of the time of the time he was either asleep or being held by me or Ty. When we landed we found my Truck which Ty's parents had dropped off for us.

Well are you ready to meet your grandparents little guy?” I asked pulling into Ty's parent's driveway.

I guess we should go inside.” Ty said opening the door and stepping to the back door and opening it and pulling Jay out and placing him in the sling. We walked into the garage and through the door to find Erin and Richard sitting at the counter eating lunch.

Well are you going to say hello to your son and grandson?” Ty asked walking over to his mom who gave him a huge hug and then took Jay from him.

I'm so happy you guys are here.” His dad said standing up and giving us each a hug then taking Jay into his arms and just looking at him.

So when will your parents be coming over to meet their grandson?” Asked Erin.

They said they would later today they had to get some food for Christmas dinner.” I said taking Jay back form Richard knowing he would be getting hungry soon.

So when was he born?” Asked Richard.

November 15. He was 8lbs 3oz.” Ty said sitting on a stool.

A big boy then.”


We sat around talking for a while longer until my parents called me to see where I was.

Hello.” Called my mom from the garage door.

In here mom.” I called back still holding Jay.

How was your. . .Cameron is that a baby?” Asked my mother walking over to me sitting at the table.

Not just any baby your grandson.” I said handing her Jay.

Okay whats his name?”

Jay Mathew Hudson.”

So Ty adopted him or is it yours Ty?”

I spent the next few minutes explaining how Jay came into our lives. When I were done my parents just looked at us.

Cam that's so sweet of you.” My mom said giving Jay to my dad and giving me a huge hug.

Yeah and Miranda is moving back here and then going to go to UCLA.” I said taking Jay from my dad and checking his diaper.

That's good.” My mom said.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing and playing with Jay when he was awake. When we went to bed I put Jay in his crib and stood looking over him.

Hes an angle isn't he?” Asked Ty as he walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist and kissing my neck.

Hes more than angle, hes our son.”

Come on let's get to bed.”

Yeah that does sound nice.” I said as I turned us around with Ty still holding me and us sort of walking back to our bed and laying down. As soon as we layed down Jay started crying so I got up to go check on him.

What's wrong little guy?” I asked picking him up and rocking back and forth while humming. Jay stopped crying as I sat on the bed and Ty slid over to us laying next to us.

Hey lay down with him between us and see if that helps.” Ty suggested sliding back over. I layed down very carefully and turned so I was facing Ty with Jay between us. I was holding Jay and Ty Was holding me and our heads were rested against each others.


The day before Christmas was very fun and relaxing with Kevin, Tim, and Zach coming over to see us and then finding out about Jay which made them stay even longer. We explained how Jay came into our lives and they all were touched.

Tim what do you think of the idea of a child of our own?” Zach asked holding Jay and letting him play with his finger.

I think it would be nice but maybe in a few years.” He said leaning closer to Zach and resting his head on Zach's shoulder.

You two are extremely lucky.” Kevin said while watching Zach and Tim play with Jay.

I know and I love him like my own son.” I said resting my head against Ty's shoulder.

After everyone left we all sat around watching T.V. and eating dinner with me feeding Jay leaving Ty to change him later. When Jay started to get sleepy we decided to go to bed as well and luckily Jay didn't cry that night except when he woke up in the middle of the night and needed to be changed. Me and Ty fell asleep in each others embrace with my head resting on his chest and his arms wrapped around me.


I woke up to a warm house filled with the smell of pancakes, bacon, and eggs. Jay woke up just after I came out of the bathroom. I went over to his crib and checked his diaper which was still dry so I picked him up and carried him downstairs with me and into the kitchen to find Ty's mom cooking breakfast.

Morning Erin.” I said as I took a seat on one of the bar stools.

Morning Cam.” She said with a bit more excitement in her voice than usual. “How did you sleep?”

Good and Jay only woke up once in the night.”

That's good.”

Okay you sound way to cheery what is it?”

Nothing just glad you guys are here and I have a grandson to love and cherish.”

Okay well I was just checking.”

So is Ty up yet?”

Not when I left the room.”

Hes just like his father sleeps till noon.”

That's true every weekend he doesn't want to leave our bed.”

They will be up when they smell the food.”

Well speak of the devil, there they are.” I said as Ty and his dad came walking down the stairs. Ty walked over and kissed me on the cheek and took Jay from me giving him a kiss as well and then taking a seat next to me on a bar stool. We all ate breakfast with Ty feeding Jay. After breakfast we sat around for a few more minutes just talking.

Hello.” Called my mother from the front door.

Hey mom.” I called back.

How did you guys sleep?”

Well Jay only woke up once to be changed.”

That's good.” she said picking Jay up.

Can you guys watch Jay while we get ready?”

Of course we can, he is our grandson.”

Thanks mom.” I said grabbing Ty and heading upstairs to the bathroom to shower and maybe have some fun of our own.

Finally some time to ourselves.” I said turning the shower on and dropping my boxers to the ground.

Someone is horny.” Ty said dropping his boxers and stepping closer to me.

No I want you inside me and I want you to make love to me.” I said closing the gap between us and then stroking Ty's massive cock which was beginning to harden now.

Well then shut off the shower and we can take a shower after our expression of love.” Ty said braking the kiss.

I shut off the shower and we walked back to our bed. I sat on the bed with Ty standing between my legs. Ty leaned in and our lips touched and our tongues wrestled. I leaned back puling Ty with me. I could feel his cock at my hole and I wanted it in me.

Baby fuck me.” I whispered to Ty while kissing his neck.

Ty didn't say anything in return he just kissed me very deeply on the lips and slowly pushed his cock into my ass. I pushed back against him forcing him deeper into me. I let out a low moan of pleasure as Ty began to pump in and out of me. I could feel his love and passion for me in every thrust.

I love you Cam.” Ty moaned as he drove his cock deep into me and blew his load.

I love you to Ty.” I said as he rolled off me.

You ready for that shower now?” He asked after a few minutes of us laying there in an embrace.

That sounds nice now.” I said as I slid off the bed and into the bathroom with Ty right behind me.

I started the shower and sat on Ty's lap and waited for the shower to warm up. I rested my head against his shoulder while he had his arms wrapped around me.

I think the water is warm now.” Ty whispered to me.`

So its nice like this.” I said keeping my eyes closed.

Come on the water will feel better.” Ty said as he pulled us up to our feet and walked us into the shower. We stood under the water and let it cascade over us. The water did feel nice and being in Ty's arms made it much better.

Nothing can make this better.” I said as pulled us closer together.

That's true.” Ty said kissing my neck.

Don't get to carried away in here.” I said pulling back to look at Ty in his eyes.

I won't and I still have one gift to give you that you will never forget.” Ty said closing the gap between us.

And what would that be?”

You have to wait till later. Now let's get washed up I miss Jay.”

So do I but hes just downstairs.”

I know but still I love that little guy.”

I do to.”

We got cleaned up and got out of the shower. We through on some clothes and almost ran downstairs to see Jay once again. To our surprise Tim and Zach were there waiting for us and playing with Jay while our parents were making Christmas dinner even though it was early our parents liked to take their time making a good home cooked meal. I was sitting with Jay on my lap and Ty sitting next to us. After a few hours Zach and Tim left to go back to their families. We decided to open our gifts after dinner.

Dinner was a huge Turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, baked apples, and corn on the cob. My mom said that it would be okay if I gave some of the sauce the apples were in to Jay who seemed to like it. After dinner we all went into the living room where it seemed like Jay got the most things but that didn't matter because he did deserve it, but Ty's gift was the best of them all.


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