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The Way Life Goes 1

Growing up in a family of nine children was always hard especially if you were the one who was born in the middle. See my parents are the type that wanted to have children because that’s what God says to do to be fruitful. When my mom had the twins who made up eight and nine she was told by the doctor that she couldn’t have any more children this really upset my parents but they decided to stop thank goodness. I guess I should introduce myself my name is Tyler Young. I am 14 years old and the fifth child in my family. I have two older brothers and two older sisters. Then I have three younger sisters and one younger brother. The twins Alexander and Alexia are the youngest. See my family comes from a very religious background and if they even knew I was gay I can’t even imagine what they would do. My whole family is Mormon we are actually related to Brigham Young. So you can understand why I am so afraid of them knowing I am gay. My oldest brother John served a mission down in Texas and he is married now to a beautiful woman named Lisa. Lisa isn’t Mormon and that upset my parents that he married out of the church. I remember when my parents were introduced to Lisa they instantly didn’t like her because of her not being Mormon and all. Anyways my brother got in a huge argument and told my parents he loved her and he will marry her whether they liked it or not. That’s one thing I liked about John is he was never afraid to speak his mind. So back to me like I said I am fourteen and I am just about to start high school. We live in Provo, Utah so unfortunately I had to hide who I really am from pretty much in town. I remember in Junior High I always loved PE time my favorite part about it was the showers afterwards. I met one guy who showed me how to jerk off he loved holding my penis but he got really mad when I tried to hold his.

I woke up at 6 am on my first day of school I wanted to make sure I got a hot shower before my other siblings used up the hot water. I went to the bathroom and locked the door behind me and turned on the shower and stepped in. I quickly massaged my dick to get rid of my morning wood. Once I shot my load I quickly washed up and got out and brushed my teeth and combed my hair. Didn’t have to worry about shaving yet thank goodness. I am 5’8 and 125 pounds I have a nice small six pack going and little muscles from being on track in Junior High. My eyes are a light bluish gray and my skin is an olive tan color. The only hair I do have on my body is a small treasure line that goes from my belly button down to my growing area. I keep myself trimmed down there because I can’t stand it being bushy. My hair on my head is a dirty blonde, I actually hate it because it just doesn’t seem to be me but that’s what most of us kids in my family have so oh well. I stood looking over my body in the bathroom mirror admiring myself until my other siblings were pounding on the door. I walked out and went back to my room to get dress. I got dress and headed downstairs and ate a bowl of cereal. My dad walked in dressed for work and he looked at me well sport you ready for your first day of high school it is a big step and you will be tempted by a lot of evil things. I just shook my head and told him I know see dad gave this talked every year on the first day to all of us kids. I was so tired of hearing it to be honest. See dad is a Judge in the town so he feels that he is obligated to make sure we knew that we will be tempted by evil. It didn’t help any that he also happens to be the Stake President in the church. My dad was about to continue when the horn honked outside it was my friend Rachel and Mike coming by with their older brother to take me to school. I told my dad I had to go and as my mom came in I kissed her good bye and told her I love her.

Rachel and Mike were twins also and they were both my age. I have known them since forever. Their brother Frank was a senior he was seventeen and a total hunk. He was the captain on the football team and his body was built so perfectly. I remember when I first saw him in swimming trunks at their home. I thought I was going to shoot a load right then and there. Rachel and Mike knew about me being gay they were the only one actually who did know. Rachel was a big help with it she told me once we turn sixteen and are allow to group date she will pretend to be my girlfriend so my parents don’t suspect anything. We pulled up into the school parking lot and got out and headed indoors to the school. When Rachel, Mike and I got our schedule we were happy to know we had three out of six of our classes together. When the bell rang the three of us headed towards our first period which is Biology. As we entered the class the teacher looked at us and told the three of us to sit but not together. He was actually a member of our church so he knew we were good friends. The class seems to go on forever Professor Brown is the kind of teacher who sounds like Ben Stine. The bell rang and we told each other we will see one another after our next class since this was one of the ones we had separate. I headed to the computer lab while Rachel went to Music and Mike went to PE. I walked into my computer lab class and looked for an empty seat and there I saw this guy. I mean on a scale one to ten on the hotness scale he would have been off the chart. I walked up to him and sat next to him since that was the only empty seat. We introduced each other, his name was Lincoln Johansen and he was a God in my eyes. He had the perfect structure, honey brown eyes, soft tan skin and medium brown hair. I gave him a quick look from head to toe and saw he was sporting a hard on. I quickly looked up and tried not to stare at him. I turned back to my computer screen but kept glancing at him out of the corner of my eyes and I couldn’t believe it he was checking me out as well. He leaned over and whispered in my ear “you know I hope you don’t mind me telling you this but you are hot” I smiled at him and whispered back at him “you are pretty hot yourself” I said with him smiling. Class started and we were told for this semester we will always be working with a partner and we will be with the partner we choose for the whole semester so choose wisely. Mrs. Klevens was a great teacher; of course Lincoln and I decided to be partners.

Our first assignment was to work on a presentation on an invention that has affected our society today. We had to pull what we would be reporting on out of a jar. We got the invention of the telephone. We were than dismissed from class and told that we need to head to the library for book research. Mrs. Klevens said even though we could find all the information on the internet it is always good to check out books as well. Lincoln and I headed to the library we talked a little bit about each other. I learned he lived with his grandparents who were of course Mormon but he isn’t Mormon. He told me they keep pushing the church on him but he said he has the right to choose his own religion. His mom was Mormon and his dad was Lutheran they were out on a date night when they were run off the road by a drunk driver. Since he is an only child he was sent to his Mom’s parents since he had no one else. I told him about my family and he laughed and made a joke about which wife from Brigham Young was my family from I couldn’t help but laugh about it. We started on our research we each checked out two books on the telephone.

The bell rang and I told him I had English with a Mr. White next and comes to find out so did he. We walked to the halls of school and caught up with Rachel and Mike. I introduced them to one another and Rachel whispered in my ear he was a keeper. I burst out a laugh and both Mike and Lincoln looked at me oddly I told them I would tell them later since we were at the door of our English Class. As we walked in I couldn’t help but look around and since a kind of peace in this room. It was a feeling of safeness in this room. Mr. White walked in and introduced himself and then asked us to all introduce ourselves. When we were all done he then handed all of us notebooks he said this will be our Journals and each class we will be given a topic to write on. He pulled down the projection screen and turned on the projector. The topic was “Write something that you would want to tell other people but are too afraid to tell people”. I decided to write about me being gay for some reason I felt it was okay to actually write in my journal and for some reason Mr. White wouldn’t mind it either. See Mr. White wasn’t a Mormon actually he was one of the few handful individuals that worked in the school. Fifteen minutes later he asked us to pass up our journals to be graded. I passed mine up and then he said as he read through the journals to pull out our English A Tale Tall Heart and then we will discuss it. As we were reading Lincoln leaned over and asked me what I wrote about and I told him. He laughed and told me he wrote something on the same line. We all read the assignment and discussed it and Mr. White told us our assignment for tonight’s homework is to write a paragraph on how we feel about what happen in the story. The bell rang and we all had lunch together than went on with our day. Lincoln and I had all my other classes together; we had Track together where Rachel and Mike didn’t. The other class the three of us had was World History. Than Lincoln and I had Math and the school newspaper. I was somewhat sad when the bell rang to let us know the first day of school is over. Rachel, Mike, Lincoln and I walked to the field to watch the football team practice since Rachel, Mike and I had to wait for him since he was our ride. Lincoln said he could stay for a while and sit with us since his grandparents didn’t get home tell five.

When practice was over the team went to shower and then Frank came back out ready to leave. He came out with no shirt on showing of his perfect pecks and abs. Lincoln let out a small soft whistle only the four of us could hear. I just laughed at it because at least I wasn’t the only one checking Frank out. He came up and asked we were ready and then he saw Lincoln. We introduced Lincoln to Frank and they seem to hit it off pretty well. Lincoln and I switched numbers and we told each other we will talk later on our assignment. I got home and as soon as I walked in my father called me into his office room in the house and wanted me to report on all the things I did and who I hung out with at school. I felt like I was on trial when my father did this. I told him the truth that I hung out with Rebecca and Mike. Then I told him about Lincoln and that he and I were Computer Lab partners. I told him I would need to make sure I can use the family computer that my parents insisted that it be set in the living room so they could see and check to make sure we were not on any inappropriate websites. My dad told me I need to be careful around Lincoln he could be a bad role model since he doesn’t want to be Mormon. I was furious about this I just told him I will and stormed to mine and my other older brother’s room. I walked up to the second floor to my bedroom and noticed it was open so I went in and my brother whose name is Brigham wasn’t home yet. I sat my bag at the foot of my bed and fell on my bed. I couldn’t get Lincoln out of my mind. I pictured him lying beside me and wrapping his arms around me. I was brought back to reality when Brigham walked in. He looked at me “Hey Ty how was first day of High School for you? No one better has picked on you” he said to me sitting at the edge of his bed. “Actually it was great. I love my classes and I feel that I will be good in them. I just don’t care for Professor Brown he just seems to so boring” I said to him. He laughed and told me I should hear him give a Sunday school lesson. We laughed and talked a little more. See Brigham was two years older than me he was a wrestler for our school and he was good at it. I told him what dad did and he told me he got the same thing. After we talked for another 20 minutes Brigham and I went to our desks to our homework. I was just about done with my Algebra when my mom yelled for me at the bottom of the stairs the phone was for me. I ran downstairs and answered at it was Lincoln. We talked for several minutes about school than about the assignment. I wished we could talk about us but my mom was in the room listening and I knew his grandparents was probably doing the same. We hung up and my mom had to ask what that was about and I told her the assignment. She gave me permission to use the computer since dad already left to go to meetings at church. I went to the computer and pulled a few articles on the telephone.

After dinner and doing the dishes I went back upstairs and finished my homework. When I went to bed I dreamed about Lincoln thank goodness the alarm clock went off before it got too intense. School went on great and soon we were on our three month into the school year. Things between Lincoln and I were getting more serious we were holding hands under the desks and lunch table. It was the day before Halloween when he pulled me aside behind one of the buildings and gave me my first kiss, we kissed for several minutes and it was heavenly. We smiled and looked around and saw no one was around so we went and headed to Mr. White’s class. We got in and took our seats and Mr. White started the class with are topic for our journal’s. I looked up and read the topic “A friend has come to you and told you they needed to talk to you about something important, but you cannot tell anyone about it. Your friend has just revealed to you they are gay. What do you do about what you learn and how does your friendship get affected by it?” I was nervous about it. Lincoln leaned over and told me to relax and just let the words flow. I did just that and when the time came to pass up the journals Mr. White told us to hold onto them for now. “Class today we are going to have an open discussion on our topic” he said to all of us. There was a bunch of whispering going on and Mr. White said enough. We started the discussion and to no surprise about 95% of the class said they would stop being the person’s friend and then tell their bishop about it. Then they went on about how gays will burn and be only allowed in hell. I was furious about their remarks and I could see Mr. White looked a bit upset too. Then there was 4% who said that they are not sure what they would do especially if it is a friend they knew all their lives. The anti-gay students were mad about this and said they were going to go to hell for supporting gays. Rebecca, Mike, Lincoln, and I made up the 1% we just said that we were not sure. What I wrote in my journal was different though. Here is what I wrote “I feel that if your friend confines in enough to trust you to tell you they are gay it shouldn’t affect your friendship. If they are gay than hey what is the big deal they still love and they are still one of God’s children”. The bell rang and we all turned in our Journal’s.

School continued onwards and P.E was great I got to see my boyfriend Lincoln in all his glory in the shower. His dick was so beautiful it was at least 8inches. I mean I am not that small myself but I am also still growing. My dick is 5 inches soft 7 and a half when hard. I quickly snapped out of my day dreaming and finished showering than got dressed. Lincoln and I headed to our next class and I told him I would catch up with him I needed to use the bathroom. I headed towards the bathroom and went to the urinal to pee. I was just zipping up my fly when I heard a few of the track team guys come in. I was turning around to say hey what’s up when I was punched in the face. I fell backwards hitting my head on the corner of the urinal and they kept kicking and punching me calling me a faggot a cock sucker. I lost consciousness finally and I remember seeing a couple of their faces. One was Joseph Mitchell, the other one I recognize was Mark James.

 For what seem like only a couple minutes and I woke up and found myself in the hospital hooked up to all these machines. All I could do is look around. I looked around and I saw John my oldest brother reading a magazine in a chair by my bed. I made a noise and he looked up and quickly ran to my bed. “Oh my gosh Tyler your awake. You had us all worried little brother” he said holding my hand. He must have pushed the call button because next thing I knew a couple nurses and a doctor and my mom came running in. Comes to find out I was in a coma for a week. I had several broken ribs two broken legs a bruised lung and a concussion. Mom asked if she should let the officer come and talk to me and the doctor told her to wait a couple days. I was given a drink of water and it tasted so good. The hospital staff left my room leaving just my mom, brother and me alone. Mom began hounding me on what happened right away. I told her I everything was cloudy still. She said okay than kissed my forehead than telling me she needed to get home and take care of the rest of the family. Found out dad was at church already and from what mom told me he believes that I must have started a fight to get hurt. Sometimes my dad can be a jerk. John walked over and sat next to me “Okay bro, what happen this is just me and you here now. We have always been able to tell each other everything” he said. I looked down at my hospital gown than decided I better tell him the whole story. “I don’t want you saying anything until I finish john please. I guess I should start out from the beginning I was eleven years old when I knew I was gay. I know its wrong it is against the church but I can’t help it. Well I met this boy on the first day of High School his name is Lincoln. As far as mom and dad know he is just my computer lab partner but he is more than that. We haven’t had sex yet but we have kissed and John he is so perfect. Well I am guessing someone from the track must have seen me checking Lincoln out in the shower. Between track and our next class I went to go use the bathroom where I was jumped by three of the track team members. Two of them I knew but the third I didn’t know” I told him crying. John pulled down the railing of the bed and sat next to me softly pulling me into a hug “Ty man I am so sorry this happened to you and I have always known you were gay so don’t be sorry for that. As far as Lincoln goes I have actually met the guy. He has been here every day; he and I have talked a lot. I like him he seems very nice and perfect for you little bro’’ he said messing with my hair. I asked him where Lisa was and he told me she is actually at work but she should be on her way real soon.



To Be Continued….


I know this is a long chapter but in order to get to the main part all this needed to be out and done with. Let me know what you think.