Author's Note: This is a fictional story; the characters in this story are not based

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Remember that. Also please know that this story does contain sex

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The Way Life Goes

Previous...“Okay bro, what happen this is just me and you here now. We have always been able to tell each other everything” he said. I looked down at my hospital gown than decided I better tell him the whole story. “I don’t want you saying anything until I finish john please. I guess I should start out from the beginning I was eleven years old when I knew I was gay. I know its wrong it is against the church but I can’t help it. Well I met this boy on the first day of High School his name is Lincoln. As far as mom and dad know he is just my computer lab partner but he is more than that. We haven’t had sex yet but we have kissed and John he is so perfect. Well I am guessing someone from the track must have seen me checking Lincoln out in the shower. Between track and our next class I went to go use the bathroom where I was jumped by three of the track team members. Two of them I knew but the third I didn’t know” I told him crying. John pulled down the railing of the bed and sat next to me softly pulling me into a hug “Ty man I am so sorry this happened to you and I have always known you were gay so don’t be sorry for that. As far as Lincoln goes I have actually met the guy. He has been here every day; he and I have talked a lot. I like him he seems very nice and perfect for you little bro’’ he said messing with my hair. I asked him where Lisa was and he told me she is actually at work but she should be on her way real soon.


The Way Life Goes 2

          John told me that Lisa was at work but she will be by soon when she gets off. We continued talking for a while, a nurse came in to give me some medicine for my pain and I must have dozed off. When I woke up I saw it was nearing 5pm and I looked over to my right where John was sitting before and found Lincoln sitting there doing homework. I sat up and told him Hi and he put the book down and came closer to me “Oh Tyler I am so sorry for what happen to you. It is my entire fault, I shouldn’t have let you go to the bathroom alone” he said rubbing my hand with his. I told him it wasn’t his fault at all it was because some stupid homophobic people just wanted to take their anger on me. About five minutes Lincoln and I talked about how school was, he told me everyone misses me and has been asking about me. He told me he has my homework assignments but our teachers said to not rush on them. I wanted to kiss him so bad but the thought shot out of my mind when my father came into the room. He told Lincoln to leave and he did and my dad sat down and he looked like he wanted to kill me. “Tyler I want the absolute truth on why you were jumped. From what I have heard it is because you were partaking on homosexual actions. If I find out this is true young man I will have to take some serious actions” he said looking at me sternly. I took a gulp and told my dad I did not know why I was jumped. He told me that if that’s my answer then I will have to deal with the consequences and he stormed out slamming my hospital room door behind him. I sat in my bed and began to cry, I was scared of what my dad might do. I have heard stories about families in our church that had a gay child and would send them to a clinic to be cured. But I knew that being gay isn’t something to cure it is something you are born with.

The evening nurse came in and introduced herself as Heidi. She looked at me and must have known I had been crying. She sat at the side of my bed “Oh sweetie why have you been crying? Are you in pain I will go get you some pain medicine” she said about to stand up. I looked at her and told her that my dad just really upset me. She then sat back down in the chair and looked at me “I may be just a nurse and I may be out of line but your dad seems like a fellow who is very strict. I saw him when he left storming down the hallway as I was coming up to join my shift. Now I know you are Mormon or what you folks call Latter Day Saints and all but no one should have the right to make their child cry in the hospital. I want you to know that I think your church has some nice people but it isn’t for me” she said smiling and combing the hair out of my face. John and Lisa walked in carrying a couple bags and some sodas from McDonalds. Heidi got up and told me she will be back in a bit and we can talk some more but for now enjoy my dinner. I told her thank you for the talk and she just smiled and headed out on her way.

Lisa pulled over my tray table and set everything out on it for all of us to eat and I noticed there was food for four people and I looked at John confused. He smiled and nodded his head towards the door where Lincoln walked back in. “Lincoln called me when dad came in and kicked him out of the room. He stood by the door and quietly listened and heard what dad asked you” John said. I smiled at Lincoln and whispered thank you to him. We all sat down and ate Lisa kept looking at Lincoln and me and smiled. She then looked at John who nodded at her “Tyler your brother and I have been talking and he told me what you told him. I want you to know that our home is always open to you if you need it. I have a brother who is gay that is another reason why your mom and dad do not like me. If you ever need us please do not be afraid to ask us” she said smiling. I told them all thank you for everything but I was still scared about what dad might do. We talked for a little more when Lincoln said he had to go because it is a school night and he has to be home by 9:30. Lisa and John told me they will take him home and let me rest. I got a hug from everyone and a quick kiss from Lincoln; I wanted more but what I got was fine for now.

My legs were really starting to hurt so I pushed my call button and Heidi came in with her smiling face carrying my medicine “I kind of thought you might be needing this so I had it ready for when you pushed your button. I know that the guy with the woman is your brother, but who is the other young man. He has been here a lot since you first came in” she asked. I knew I could trust her so I told her that is Lincoln my boyfriend. She giggled and told me I better keep him on a leash because he is quite a looker. She gave me my medicine and we talked a little more before I dozed off in a restless sleep. I woke up in a cold sweat because I had dreamed about my dad sending me to a clinic. I looked at the clock on the wall and saw it was only 4:30am; I let out a frustrated sigh. I turned on the TV and watched the news for a while then finally turned it off and picked up one of the books Lincoln told me that Mr. White wanted us to read. I looked at the title and saw it was by one of my favorite authors Mark Twain. The book was “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court”. As I was reading I still couldn’t help but think about my dream or wasn’t a dream, maybe it was something warning me. My mom came by and dropped me off some fresh under wears then left not saying much and not wanting to look directly at me.

Finally after another long week in the hospital I was to be discharged. The doctor told my parents absolutely no stairs for me. This made them upset and told the doctor my room was upstairs and there is no way I could sleep on the couch. John walked in and said I could stay with him and Lisa in their apartment since it was downstairs and it had two bedrooms. Dad and mom stepped out and talked and came back in and said fine but I am not allowed to go out after school with any of my friends and I will go to church on Wednesday nights for scouts and be at church every Sunday. John looked irritated and said fine. The Doctor gave John my instructions on when my cast needed to be off and when I will start physical therapy. He also gave him a couple prescriptions for pain medicine for me. I was told I will be in a wheelchair for a while and until I could handle walking stability I will have to use some crutches. My mom and John left when my dad said he wanted a word with me “I know why those boys jumped you Tyler Joseph Young and honestly I cannot blame them for what they did. You kissed that Lincoln boy; I am not going to allow this to continue you hear me. You are not going with your brother while he is going with your mom to get some clothes for you some nice fellows from a special hospital are going to come and take you there to be cured” he said turning and leaving. I screamed out no I won’t go and began to sob. A nurse came in and told me to quit my screaming other patients need their rest. About five minutes after my mom, dad, and John left a couple guys came in with a gurney and told me that they were here to transfer me. I tried to fight it but I was put in restraints then given a sedative. I woke up and found myself in a hospital bed in a plain white room with no other furniture with a bright light over my head. I tried to move but noticed that I was completely naked and was still restrained to the bed. A mad with a lab coat came in and introduced himself as Brother John he told me that I was brought here because of my homosexual actions and it is his place to cure me. I tried pleading with him but it did not work. He strapped these wires to my dick and then began showing me pictures of naked men. Every time I got hard I felt a sharp shocking pain hit my dick. I began to cry because it hurt so badly.

Another month had passed and I was walking now with the help of a cane but I was still in this center. I felt like I was abandon and forgotten about by my friends, Lincoln, and John. I also felt anger towards my dad and mom for putting me here. I met a couple other guys their names were Mark Matthews who was 17, and James Warden who was 15, but we were not allowed to talk to each other. So what we did would whisper during our chores. We decided that since we were stuck doing laundry and garbage three times a week that we will escape when the garbage truck came to empty the trash bin. A week later we got what we needed to escape, we got a pair of clothes that was to be thrown away from the people who were brought into the clinic. We then sat them aside and planned our escape. There were three of us total and the evening came when we were to take the trash out and it was just as the garbage truck was coming. We quickly jumped into the garbage can and waited. Soon we were out of the center and when the truck stopped we sneaked out and changed clothes. We were somewhere near Windermere, Utah. We were several miles from our homes, we found a pay phone and I picked it up and did a collect call to John. Lisa picked up and quickly accepted the call, she took down where I was and told me to have us all stay there and they will be there as soon as possible. She told me she will call a hotel there in Windermere and have it ready for us to just check in. I told her thank you and I love her. We hung up and I told the rest of the guys that my brother and sister-in-law were coming. We got to the hotel and got to our room where there were two beds and a roll away bed waiting for us. We all sat down and talked; this was the first time we really had a chance to actually just talk.

We all fell asleep and around 10:30am there was a knock on the room door and we all woke up and looked at one another with a worried voice. Through the door I heard John’s voice calling my name asking if I was in there. I quickly got up and was embraced in arms of John, Lisa, and Lincoln. I stood there crying because I thought maybe Lincoln would have moved on. They came in and told everyone to get our things and we looked at her and said what we have on is it. She looked shocked but just nodded and told us that we are going to be heading out for breakfast. John drove his Sedan so there was a lot of room for us all; Lisa sat in the middle in the front seat next to John and Mark. In the back seat there was James behind the driver seat, Lincoln in the middle and me behind the passenger seat. Lincoln kept his right hand in my left as we drove to IHOP.

We all piled out when John’s cell phone rang, he answered it and I could tell by his face it was my father. They argued back and forth for almost 15 minutes. He hung up and looked pissed, he looked up at me “Dad says you are supposed to stay in the clinic but finally he said that since you can’t seem to want to change you are to be disowned, and kicked out of the church. I am sorry Tyler if I knew dad was going to send you there I would have not left to get you some clothes” he said hugging me. He then turned to Mark and James “I was told that both your guys parents have also been notified but my brother was put as the ring leader unfortunately” he said looking at them.  Lisa then spoke up “If you guys have any family who are not against gay we can call them. If not I have a friend that is in the Child Protective Services who can help you both” she said hugging them both. Mark told her that his Aunt on his mother’s side was actually a lesbian and he could come there. James looked very sad and began to cry saying he has no one and he didn’t want to go back to the clinic. Mark wrapped his arms around James and told him he will not let that happen. We finally all went into IHOP and had a nice breakfast. John handed Mark his cell and told him to call his Aunt. He talked to her a few minutes and then hung up he said it was all worked out he and James could stay there. James without thinking kissed Mark on the cheeks then both of them froze in fear. We all laughed and said don’t worry about it. After John paid the bill we headed towards Salt Lake City where Mark’s Aunt lived.

When we arrived a lady in her early 30s came running out of the house and hugged Mark. She introduced herself a Madeline and her partner came out and she introduced herself. Her name was Linda; they were really nice and kind to us all. They invited us in and offered us some cookies and milk. Mark, James, and I were more than happily to partake of the cookies. Finally it was time for John, Lisa, Lincoln and I to leave we all hugged and promised to keep in touch. The four of us got back into the car and headed back to Provo, to John and Lisa’s place. Lisa turned around and looked at me “Before we get home there is one thing you need to know Tyler, John and I have moved into a house actually. We bought a four bedroom home and have kept a room just for you. Lincoln has moved in already and we are his legal guardians now because when the word got out to his grandparents they threw him out” she said. I looked at Lincoln with tears in my eyes “Oh Lincoln I am sorry” I said hugging him. He simply told me that it was actually okay because his grandparents always hated him and this was just the final straw. He kissed my head and soon I found myself asleep with my head in his lap.

We finally arrived to my new home, both my legs were really hurting but I managed to get in the house. Lincoln could see I was in pain and picked me up and carried me the rest of the way in to the house and sat me on the couch. Lisa quickly went to the kitchen and made sandwiches for all of us and brought them into the living room. I was starving and it was no wonder since I wasn’t allowed to have nothing more than brother and water in the clinic. I had lost a lot of weight the past two months I wasn’t my normal 125 pounds, I was 97 pounds pretty much skin and bones. John told me they will make sure I got some clothes for me to wear until I could gain some weight back.

After I ate I was really feeling tired and told everyone I was going to head to bed. I asked where our room was and Lincoln quickly said he would show me since he was tired too. We went down the hall and finally got to our room it was really nice, it had a queen size bed with a navy blue comforter on it. The walls were a soft blue, and with posters of bands I never heard of but it were nice.  We sat at the edge of the bed and I tried to get my shoes off but because my legs hurt so badly I couldn’t bend my legs that well. Lincoln got on his knees in front of me and pulled my shoes and socks off. He kissed my feet making me begin to get hard. I was scared when I got hard because I was expecting a shock come but it never did. He then had me lie down on the bed and help me slide out of my pants and under wear. He softly kissed my ankles then legs and slowly took my t-shirt off of me.  He then quickly began to undress himself and climbed into the bed next to me. It felt so great being naked next to my man. He told me to just relax and he soon began to suck on my ball sack. I was completely in lust as he kept going at it. He then surprised me and began sucking on my 7 inch hard on. I couldn’t help but moan and pant soon I was close and he slid my cock out of his mouth and began to jerk me off where I ended up shooting all over his hand and my stomach. He grabbed a rag next to the bed and wiped his hand and me clean. I wanted to return the favor but he simply told me that I could return the favor later. We smiled at one another and kissed each other. Soon we were asleep holding each other tightly.

I woke up feeling warm and cozy, next to me was the man of my dreams I was happy. I looked over at the nightstand and saw it was nearing 6:30pm I quietly slid out of the covers and began to dress. I soon felt the warm grasp of Lincoln’s arms around my waist and he was kissing my neck. “Where are you trying to sneak off too?’’ he asked laughing. “I am hungry and wanted to see what is for dinner” I said kissing his lips. We got dressed and headed towards the kitchen where we found Lisa. “Hey you two did you get any sleep or were you both busy doing other things” she said smiling from ear to ear. We both blushed then she told us that she is ordered some pizza a couple minutes ago and that John left to work already. I asked her if it was okay if I called Rebecca and Lincoln she said of course I can. I picked up the cordless phone and called them but their mom wouldn’t let me talk to them. I hung up and felt hurt because I couldn’t even talk to my friends. Lisa, Lincoln and I sat at the table drinking some coke when the pizza finally arrived. We sat and ate pizza and I found out I would probably have to be taking summer school since I missed so many days. I was feeling really depressed now. I have been jumped for being gay, been hospitalized and suffered through broken legs, ribs, bruised lung, and a concussion. Then I was shipped to a clinic to try and cure me from being gay, disowned by my family and to top it all off because I have missed so mush school I will have to take summer school. Needless to say I knew I would probably never be able to do track again. I broke down in tears, Lisa and Lincoln didn’t know what to do. I told them what I was feeling and all they could do is hug me and let me know that it will all work out.

The three of us retired to the living room and watched some TV. I guess I fell asleep because when I woke up it was morning and I was covered with a blanket and Lincoln was right beside me holding me. I could feel his hard on pressing against my ass and it felt so great. I wanted more but I was scared to have sex. An hour later John came down wearing just a pair of gym shorts I couldn’t help but stare a little. He saw I was awake and signaled me to join him in the kitchen. I got up and headed to the kitchen with him where we began making breakfast for everyone. I was glad it was a Saturday and I didn’t need to be at school. I sat down at the kitchen table drinking some orange juice watching my brother cook. Finally I decided to ask him why he wasn’t wearing the special underwear the church has us wear after we have been through the temple. “Hey John how come you aren’t in your garments?” I asked. He turned around “Well honestly I haven’t been to church in a while and after what mom and dad did to you I have lost all respect in the church” he said simply. I just left it at that and said oh okay. John then went on and told me that he has to go meet with mom and dad at their house to get my things I wanted and they were signing him full custody of me, because they refuse to have a gay son. I fought back tears then wrote down a list of things to get. It was mostly just school books, other books and my clothes.  I helped him finish breakfast and we all sat down and ate. Lincoln and I helped clear the table and we did the dishes. John and Lisa went to my parent’s house to meet with them while Lincoln and I stayed here at the house.

After Lincoln I finished the dishes we went outside to the backyard. We sat down in the grass and kissed. It didn’t take long before things got more serious and we ended up naked sucking on one another. When we both got close we simply began jerking one another off tell we both shot our loads. We used my shirt to wipe the cum off our bodies and headed to the shower. Once we both were done in the shower we got dress and Lincoln helped me with some leg exercise we found that would be good for me on the internet. Lincoln told me he had some homework to do so I went and listened to one of his CDs. As I listened to Alien Ant Farm I couldn’t help but stare at Lincoln doing math at the desk. We heard John and Lisa pull up into the garage and come inside. “I can’t believe him Lisa of all things to do and say he treats Tyler like a piece of dog shit, it’s not fair and my mom and the church go and shun him. I just do not understand it if family is supposed to be all about family then why can they do this” I heard him talking angry as they came in. I heard Lisa tell him she did not know why it happened but Tyler is still with family. Lincoln and I walked down the hall towards the living room where Lisa came over and hugged me. John came over and told me that he is my official guardian now.