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The Way Life Goes

Previous...As I listened to Alien Ant Farm I couldn’t help but stare at Lincoln doing math at the desk. We heard John and Lisa pull up into the garage and come inside. “I can’t believe him Lisa of all things to do and say he treats Tyler like a piece of dog shit, it’s not fair and my mom and the church go and shun him. I just do not understand it if family is supposed to be all about family then why can they do this” I heard him talking angry as they came in. I heard Lisa tell him she did not know why it happened but Tyler is still with family. Lincoln and I walked down the hall towards the living room where Lisa came over and hugged me. John came over and told me that he is my official guardian now.

The Way Life Goes 3

After John told me all what had occurred over at my parents’ house I couldn’t help but feel hurt and hatred for them. I ended up breaking down into tears and I couldn’t help stop. I fell into the floor into a fetal position crying out to God asking why I had to be gay, why can’t my family accept me for who I am. I cried and cried and must have cried myself to sleep. Because when I woke up I was in mine and Lincoln’s bed. He was sitting up reading a book. I looked at the clock and saw it was only 7pm. I rolled over and looked up to Lincoln who saw I was awake; he put his book down and stroked my hair. “Hello handsome” he said as he slide down to meet my lips. I told him hi back. I asked him how I ended back in bed and found out he and John managed to get me to stand up and get us into bed. I looked at Lincoln “I truly feel you don’t deserve me Lincoln. I am broken I don’t even know if we can have sex because what if I contracted a STD or something” I said wiping more tears from my eyes. He looked at me sternly “I Love You Tyler not because I want to have my way with you inside bed. I want you because of the sweet kind hearted boy I fell in love with when I first laid eyes on” he said kissing me tenderly. I kissed him back with all my love for him and I swear sparks were flying from us. John knocked on our door and asked if we were decent, we told him to come in. When he came in he grabbed a chair from one of the desks and sat it next to the bed. He looked at me “Ty listen little bro, I am going to get you all the help you need to get better. I want my brother happy again and be with the man God has brought into his path to show him love. I am taking Monday off and you and I are going to go to a clinic to get you checked out. I want to make sure all your broken bones are healed probably and to have you checked out for what happen to you in that clinic. Once we get the all clear to have you go back to school we will get you registered back in. If anyone messes with you there then you let me or Lisa know immediately” he said softly. I got up and hugged my brother and told him thank you.

Monday came and John and I headed to a clinic to get me checked out, while Lincoln left for school. When the doctor came in I began to panic and freak out because I ended up having a flash back of the doctors at the clinic I was put in. The Doctor quickly saw how I responded to him as he came in and looked at me with such passion “Hi Tyler I am Doctor Monroe, and no my wife’s name isn’t Marylyn either. I can tell my appearance scares you but trust me this face is much uglier if I don’t have at least one cup of coffee each morning” he said making all of us laugh. He then told me what he will need to do and it will cause some discomfort. I asked him if he can put me asleep while he did that and he said in this type of case he doesn’t see why not. He then told me there is a clinic for both men and women who are attracted to the same sex. He told me there is a Psychiatrist there named Michael Johansson. I was told that he will be expecting me tomorrow afternoon at 4:30pm. John said that will be no problem we can work it out to where I can be there. Dr. Monroe called in a couple nurses then gave me a sedative and ran some tests on me. I woke up and Dr. Monroe told me that they should get some results for some STDs by tomorrow, but for the HIV results that will take some time. He told me that it looks like my ribs and lung has healed completely. As for my legs he said it looked like I may have to have some surgery on my right leg, and I may not to ever run again like I use too. I couldn’t help but cry and he put his arms around me “I said that you may not be able to run like you use too, that does not mean that it isn’t possible. We have some great doctors who have done miracles. So have some faith Tyler” he told me calmly. John and I headed out for some lunch then went to get me registered for school. It felt weird being back in school though everyone looked at me oddly and I felt like I was an outcast a lamb sent to the slaughters. We got me registered and the Principal Allen told me that he talked with the school board and they agreed if I can pass all my tests I would not have to make some classes up. He told me tutors will be given to me to prepare for the tests as well.

John and I waited around for Lincoln to get out of school to give him a ride home. When school finished Lincoln came out talking with Rachel and Mike. I got out of John’s Sudan and walked over to them. Rachel and Mike hugged me and told me how glad to see me okay. We talked for a couple minutes and then heard Rachel and Mike’s mom yelling for them to get over to the car now. She stormed over to us and grabbed their arms and said screamed real loud “I WILL NOT HAVE MY CHILDREN TALKING TO A FAGGOT OR BE FRIENDS WITH HIM. I WILL MAKE SURE YOU WILL NOT BE COMING HERE TYLER MY HUSBAND IS ON THE SCHOOL BOARD!” She said spitting at my feet. John stormed over and I could see in his face he was pissed “You Know What I dare you to try that and I will have lawyers standing beside my brother and they will get the federal education board in here because of his right to an education is being threaten” he said to her sternly. She looked at him and mouthed faggot lover to him and stormed to her car almost dragging Rachel and Mike. I couldn’t stop and wonder if this is ever going to end because I really just want to have a normal life again. John, Lincoln and I walked back to his Sudan and headed off to go get me some new clothes and school supplies. We stopped at Best Buy first where John insisted he buy us both laptops of our own. He got us two nice new Mac laptops with tons of memory in them. He then got us a wireless printer to go with it. We then headed out to get me some clothes. Lisa met up with us at the Golden Corral so we could have dinner. By the time we got home my leg was really hurting so I took a pain pill that Dr. Monroe prescribed to me and Lincoln and I went to bed.

The next morning Lincoln got up early to get ready for school. He headed out to the bathroom and I decided to follow him. I walked into the bathroom and slid my boxers off and quietly stepped into the shower. Lincoln almost jumped out screaming when I wrapped my right hand over his cock. We ended up jerking one another off getting rid of our morning woods. We finished helping each other wash up and got out. Once we were back in our room I watched Lincoln get dress. I put on some sweatpants and a t-shirt and we headed downstairs. Lisa was in the kitchen making some coffee when we came in. “Hey guys there is coffee if you want some” she said sipping from her cup. Lincoln went and got him a cup and I told him no thanks and got me some orange juice. John came down dressed in his suit for work and grabbed a quick cup of coffee and a granola bar and bolted out the door. Lincoln got me and him some cereal and we sat quietly eating. He finally said he needed to go to school and kissed me good bye and went to catch the bus. I sat there wondering what am I supposed to do all day. Lisa came over to me “Heya kiddo how about you help me with some house work and then we can go catch a movie” she said to me. I told her okay and we set out and began cleaning house. We got the house cleaned within the hour then I went and got dressed and we headed out to the movies. We looked at what was playing and decided on Warm Bodies. The movie was great and brought tears to my eyes because it proved love conquers all. We had lunch and did some grocery shopping then it was time for my appointment.

When we got to Dr. Johansson’s office my nerves were on high alert. Lisa sat down next to me after letting the receptionist know we were here. I looked around the room there was a fish tank, paintings of beaches, and a book case full of books. I got up and walked over to the bookcase to see what he had. I found several Book of Mormons I rolled my eyes when I found those. The first thing that popped into my mind was great another Mormon who will put me down for being gay. I looked through the rest of the books and found a magazine that looked interesting so I picked it up and went back to my seat. Fifteen minutes later a man in his mid-30s who looked like Channing Tatum called me into the office and asked Lisa if she can stay in the waiting room. He looked to the receptionist and asked her to get Lisa a cup of coffee; he looked at me and asked if I wanted a coke or anything. I told him I would love one actually. We walked into his office and it wasn’t anything I expected it to be like nothing like psychiatrists offices in the movies. He had two comfortable chairs and asked me to have a seat; the receptionist brought us both a coke and walked out. Dr. Johansson introduced himself and said he was raised Mormon and served a mission but he left the church because he finally came to terms to being gay himself. He asked me about myself and I told him I came from a family of nine and I was the middle child. He seems to take interest in what I had to say and wrote a couple things down in a notebook. I then told him about what led me to here. When I finally got done he looked at me with sadness in his eyes “Tyler I honestly can’t imagine what you had been through at that evil place. I want you to know you are a great person and it doesn’t matter if you are gay. We do not choose to be gay just like we cannot choose what day the sun will rise. I can tell you are struggling and I am here for you, but although I really don’t really like putting people on medicine I think in your case a small dosage of anti-depressants is not a bad idea”. We talked a little more and he told me a little more about him and his partner. Who comes to find out was one of his mission companions, he was from Florida and Dr. Johansson was from here in Provo. He told me his parents flipped out but later they came to terms with it. My time was up and we walked out and he told Lisa he wants to see me each Tuesday at 4:30pm. If that doesn’t work we can call here to change it. He then gave us his cell number telling us if we ever need anything. He also said that he would like to meet Lincoln one day. We said our good byes and left for home.

Lisa and I got home and went indoors and found Lincoln grabbing an ice pack. I asked him what happen while Lisa looked at his bruises. “I got in a fight with Joseph Mitchell, he said you got what you deserve and he will do it again if he gets a chance. He then walked over to me and tried pushing me down. I pushed him back and we ended up getting into a full fist fight. Lisa I have a note from the Principal for you, I have on school suspension for a week for fighting. I wouldn’t have hit him if he didn’t try to push me, I swear I didn’t start it but Jonathan has the principal convinced I did start it” he said putting a steak that Lisa gave him for his eye. Lisa took the letter and read it, and sighed “I am so sick of these Homophobic bastards in this world” she said slamming the letter down. Just as she said that John walked in and looked around and asked what he missed so we filled him in on what happen with Lincoln. He laughed and asked how bad the other guy looked. Lincoln told us he won’t smell any roses for a while and will need to new teeth in his mouth. We all laughed but then stopped when the phone rang. It was Joseph’s father and he was going to be suing us for what Lincoln did to Joseph.

After John hung up there was a knock at the door; John told us to stay put while he goes and answers it. We waited a few minutes when John walked in with Frank I was a bit shocked to see him. He waved to everyone and said hello to us. Lisa offered him to have a seat so he took the chair next to the love seat where Lincoln and I were sitting. “I came by since Rachel and Mike can’t come themselves. Lincoln I saw what happen in the cafeteria in fact a couple of us guys on the football team did. We were heading your way for to give you some back up when the principal showed up. I want to apologize for what my mom said she was completely out of line. Friends are important thing to have and Tyler I have always considered you as a part of my family and I actually have known you were gay for a while because I would see how you stared at me at times. Any ways when you come back to school Tyler and you too Lincoln the guys on the football team and I want to be there for you for support if you need it” he said sitting at the edge of the chair. I sat there looking at Lincoln and we whispered to one another about what Frank was offering us. “We gratefully thank you for your offer and we accept it” Lincoln and I both said at the same time and got up and gave Frank a hug. He gladly accepted the hug then said he better go since tonight was scouts and he left.

Lincoln looked at me and we both laughed which called Lisa and John to look at us oddly. We told them we think Frank is gay and they asked why we thought that and I told them gaydar, which caused them to burst out laughing. John then said man that will cause some major issues when and if he comes out of hiding. I told them I felt bad for him because I know what it is to try and hide who you are. I ended up breaking into tears because all the memories of what has happen to me came back rushing into my mind since I was outed for being gay. Lincoln put his arms around me and held me as I cried. Lisa went and got me one of my anti-depressants. I took it and wiped the tears from my eyes. We discussed dinner and we all decided on homemade hamburgers. We ate dinner and Lincoln and I cleaned up dinner mess. Lincoln and I retired to our room afterwards for the night.

I woke up around 3am in a cold sweat from a nightmare I had. I quietly got up and went to the bathroom to splash some water on my face. After I washed my face I went down to the kitchen and poured myself some apple juice and sat at the breakfast bar. John came down wearing a bear of boxers and a tank top holding a bat. He saw me and said “Oh Shit it’s you Tyler Lisa and I heard a noise and we thought maybe someone broke in. Want to talk bro?” I looked at him and nodded. “I had a nightmare again this time it seem so real and I could feel what was happening to me. I went to school and as soon as you dropped me off the Doctor from that Clinic Mom and Dad put me in was there. He sedated me and I could feel the needle go into me. Anyways when I woke up I was back in the clinic and they took the probe thing they used on me before and shoved it in my ass and then they showed me films and pictures of men masturbating and I got hard and…and they shocked me, then they put me in a tub full of ice and kept dunking me in it. John I don’t know if I can ever get over this” I broke down in tears and John came to me and hugged me. “Ty Man listen to me if anyone can get over this it’s you. I really wish I can erase all these memories from you so you don’t have to suffer” he said trying to calm him down. He told me he needed to go to bed and asked me if I would be okay. I told him I will be fine to get some sleep. I asked if I could call Mark and James later today and John smiled and told me I didn’t need to ask to use the phone. He went to bed and I stayed up to watch TV.

I woke up to the soft lips of Lincoln kissing me, I smiled at him and he told me that John told him what happen and where I was. We talked for a few minutes before he had to leave for school. When Lincoln left I was just about to fall asleep when Lisa tapped me on the shoulder. She told me she had to go to work but if I needed anything to call her and she will be here right away. I thanked her and watched her leave for work. I fell back asleep and woke back up around 1pm I went and made me a sandwich and decided to do mine and Lincoln’s laundry. I sorted it out and I grabbed a pair of his boxer briefs and smelled them. As soon as I began to get hard I began to fill anxiety sweep through my body. I quickly put them down and began to put them in the washer. I went to the phone and called Mark; his Aunt answered but then put him on the phone. James came on as well and we talked I found out they were facing the same problem I was. James told me him and Mark tried to have sex but they couldn’t because they were too afraid to keep an erection up. I told them how Lincoln and I have masturbated together and kissed but that’s it. I then told them about Dr. Johansson and about what happen today with Lincoln’s underwear. We talked about things in general and they were going to be starting school soon as well. After an hour of talking we hung up. I looked at the clock and saw it was only 2:15pm and Lincoln wouldn’t be home for at least another hour and a half the least. I then picked up the phone and called Dr. Johansson’s office to talk to him. His receptionist answered and said that he is always available for his patients. I talked to him for an hour about my dream and what happen today when I did laundry. He told me that it is very normal to have these things happen and he wants me to write down every time I have a flash back, anxiety attack, or even a nightmare. I told him I will do that and he told me to make sure I take my anti-depressant every night. This way the medicine can get into my system and help me with my episodes. I hung up and decided I will see what is in the kitchen for me to make dinner. I really needed to keep myself busy so I won’t have to think about what happen to me. I pulled out some steaks, potatoes, and corn on the cob. I put the meat in the microwave to thaw out. I went back to the couch to check the TV for what was on.

When Lincoln got home we talked about our day then he helped me finish dinner. By the time Lisa and John got home dinner was being put on the table. Lisa looked at us and smiled as we sat down together to eat. I told them about my phone call with Mark and James and then with Dr. Johansson. As we were sitting and eating a brick came flying through the living room window with a note that said Fags are not allowed in the sight of God. John ran out with his baseball bat and found no one outside. He turned around and noticed someone had tagged “Faggots” on the garage door and his Sudan. He came in looking pissed big time. He went to the phone and called the police, and then he told us about the tagging. This was the last straw the last thing I remember was beginning to cry. I woke up in a hospital room with Lincoln sitting next to me. I asked him what happened and he said I began crying then passed out and before he could grab me I fell and hit my head. I touched my head and felt a bandage. I sighed in disgust with myself and John could see I was upset. He asked me if I was mad at him for not catching me. I told him absolutely not I am made at myself. I don’t want to be this fragile person who has a nervous breakdown every time something goes bad for me. “Tyler for Pete sakes you were jumped by fucking assholes, left for dead pretty much when they were done with you, and then your parents turn on you because you are gay. I am surprise you have been holding it as well as you have been” he said combing my hair from my eyes.

The doctor came in and caught Lincoln and I kissing and made sure he let us know he was disgusted. John walked in just as the Doctor was about to say something. The doctor looked at him then us and rolled his eyes. He turned to John and told him there was no sign of a concussion but I had to have a couple stitches on the cut over my left eye. As he was leaving the Doctor said the nurse will give them the rest of the information and left quickly. I couldn’t believe my luck I go and hurt myself by fainting and get a Doctor who is anti-gay. John told me that he called Dr. Johansson and him and his partner will meet us back at the house. We got all the information we needed and the prescription for pain and we headed home. There was a cop car parked outside our house because of what happened earlier. As we pulled into the driveway Lisa came running out and hugging me making sure I was okay. She then told us Dr. Johansson and his partner Sam were inside waiting for me. We walked in and Dr. Johansson came up to me and asked if I was okay. I told him I was okay just me being a weak little faggot. Sam came over and looked at me oddly “You know I don’t see a weak little faggot here in this house. I see a young man who is about to be 15 years old and has been put through Hell all because God has created him a little different than some people in this world. Look I know you don’t know me Tyler, but I can tell you this God has a plan for you and he loves you whither you are black, white, deaf, blind, gay, straight, or even bisexual. I can’t say I have been where you have been but I have had to face some really bad demons over the years myself, so don’t go and put yourself down just because some people did this to you. Because if you do than they have won and broken you” he said putting his hand softly on my shoulder. I could feel the love and passion in his words. I told him I will try and fight and he said that’s all he asks. Dr. Johansson told me to please start calling him Doctor to just call him Michael. I told him okay, we had some hot cocoa and Michael and I talked a little more about what caused me to faint.

Sam and Michael left around 12:00am and Lincoln and I went to bed. We tried jerking one another off but we were too tired to do anything. Lincoln ended up over sleeping and missing the bus so John gave him a ride on his way to work. He left me a note saying he loves me and he will be thinking of me all day he put it on the bathroom mirror so I can see it. I smiled when I saw it and had my morning pee then headed to the kitchen. Lisa was in the kitchen tiding up before she had to leave for work. I told her good morning and she asked how I was doing. I told her my head hurts a little but I am feeling okay so far. She asked if I was going to be okay alone today and I assured her I was going to be fine. She left for work leaving me alone once again in the house. I decided to go onto my laptop and look up some stuff online. Around 1pm the phone rang and I listen to the answering machine and ended up picking it up because it was Lisa checking in on me making sure I was still okay. After we talked for a few minutes she hung up and I went back online. I went and looked up some different methods to try and cure depression. Several of the ideas I didn’t care for but a couple I wrote down in my notebook Michael gave me so I could ask him about it. I then decided to try and look at some porn to see how I could handle it. I was able to get semi-hard but I then stopped looking because I felt my chest tightening up.

Lincoln got home and kissed me hello and we kissed for a few minutes and I was able to get hard and we ended up jerking one another off. It felt so good to have his hands around my cock. Since Lisa and John were not due back for another 2 hours I decided maybe it was time we stepped it up a little bit. I asked Lincoln to please suck me I wanted it. He looked at me nervously and I told him let’s do this its time I face my demons. We both got into a sixty nine position and began sucking on each other’s dicks. I tensed up a couple times but then relaxed when John just put his hand in mine and with his soft voice told me to relax and breath. Finally after a half hour of sucking we both were ready to shoot our loads. To be safe Lincoln just finished by jerking me off while I kept sucking on his cock until I could taste the most incredible thing I have ever tasted Lincoln’s cum. It was a sweet salty taste but yet I wanted more of it. I greedily guzzled it all down and laid there in complete heaven. Lincoln looked at me thinking I was having a panic attack until he saw the smile on my face. We kissed and fell asleep naked laying in each others arms. John came home first and called out for us but when we didn’t answer he came to our room and we forgot to shut the door so he could see we were both naked. He knocked on the door and we jumped and looked at him scared. John laughed “Just be glad I wasn’t Lisa, I will get a lock for your guys’ door if you guys are planning on doing stuff. You guys were careful I hope, I mean no offense bro we still have to get your results back” he said with a little bit of laughter in his voice. He told us Lisa was going to be working late so its guy’s night, but he told us no kinky stuff though which made us all laugh.

Lincoln and I got dressed and the three of us left to the video store. We were looking through the movies and decided on the movie Latter Days. It’s a movie about a Mormon missionary who gets sent home for kissing a guy on his mission and gets excommunicated for being gay and going into a clinic after he tried to kill himself. John was worried that this might not be a good idea for me. I asked to see his cell phone and told him I will call Michael and ask him if he thinks it is a good one for me to watch. He actually approved of it because my situation is almost similar to what happen to this missionary. I handed John the phone and he talked to Michael for a minute and we got the movie and left. We ended up ordering Chinese food and put the movie in. Half way through Lisa came home and we filled her in on what happened so far in the movie and we all watched. By the end of the movie we were all crying not because it was a sad ending but a happy one. Since it was near 9:15pm and John had to be up early for a meeting we said good night and went to bed. Lincoln and I talked a little bit about school he told me that he is still getting anti-gay comments thrown at him but Frank ended up picking up Joseph and throwing him in the trash can. No one stopped him nor did he get in trouble since they needed him to win the state championship. I asked how Rachel and Mike are and he said they are okay really missing me. Once we ended up talking we began kissing some more and ended up in another hot sixty nine position. Lincoln ended up jerking me off again and I decided to do the same with him. We both ended up shooting massive loads of cum. We used Lincoln’s dirty socks to wipe us clean. We fell asleep and I slept peacefully that night.

I woke up with a major hard on early that morning, it was the first time in a while that I had woken up with a morning wood. I could feel Lincoln’s hard cock pressing against my thighs and I contemplated what to do. I decided to try to see if I could handle taking it. His cock was beautiful I reached into the night stand and grabbed the lotion and lubed my ass up for his cock to get in easier. I then slid a condom on it very carefully so that I won’t wake him. I carefully grabbed my ass and spread my ass cheeks and pushed my ass down and around his dick. I tensed up several times but finally managed to get it all in. I waited a few minutes took some deep breaths to calm my anxiety attack. I then began to work my ass up and down on his cock. Lincoln woke up panting and moaning seeing what I was doing. He looked at me shocked but then grabbed my hips and helped move my body up and down on him. He told me he was going to cum so he pulled out and we jerked off together mixing our cum on my stomach. We kissed then headed to our bathroom to clean up. Lincoln looked at me then asked if I was okay and I smiled and kissed him “I haven’t felt this great in a long time” I said kissing him and washing his back. We got dressed and headed downstairs; Lisa looked at us and laughed. “You two are glowing, I wonder if it has something to do with those moose calls coming from your room earlier” she said turning back around flipping some pancakes. Lincoln and I looked at one another and burst out laughing. Lisa brought the pancakes to the table and told me she is so happy to see me smiling again. Lincoln and I just smiled and then burst into laughter again almost chocking on our pancakes.

As Lisa was about to leave Lincoln asked her since he was still had on school suspension if he could just stay home today. Lisa looked at him and I then finally said okay she will call the school and tell him that he is sick and she left for work. Lincoln looked at with an evil grin on his face. I looked at him with my right eyebrow raised, and I swear I could read his mind. We ran to our bedroom and stripped and jumped into bed. We began kissing one another and rubbing our hands up and down each other’s bodies. Since we were both still young we didn’t have much hair. We ended up sucking one each other’s hard on and I could taste the sweet loving taste of Lincoln’s Precum seeping into my mouth and down my throat. Lincoln stopped and pulled himself out of my mouth he then whispered in my ear that he wants to fill my cock in his ass. I grabbed a condom and some lotion and probed Lincoln’s ass with my fingers to lube him up. When he was finally nice and lubed I pushed my cock slowly into him. I gasped at how tight he was and I felt that sudden urge to pull out and scream but I bit my tongue and kept pushing my dick into his ass. Once I was fully inside I began a slow rhythm of making love to his ass. As we made love I couldn’t help but feel like our bodies merged into one. We never missed a beat and our hearts and breath were even in sync with one another. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore I pulled out of his ass and laid him flat and we jerked off together with me almost on top of him and we shot what felt like the longest and strongest load we have ever done. I fell on top of my man and we fell asleep. Around 1pm we woke up and were actually sticking to each other. We laughed as we pulled apart and headed to the shower together. I stood there and must have zoned out because Lincoln was shaking me gently and calling my name asking me if I was okay, he had a worried look on his face. “No I am not fine Lincoln I am great, this is better than medicine being with you” I said kissing him passionately. I told him if he doesn’t mind I want to call Michael and tell him about what we did and how great I feel. Lincoln had no problem so I went and called Michael. We talked for a half hour and he was extremely happy for us but he gave us the lecture on making sure we are safe. I told him we are using condoms so he was happy.

Just as we hung up with Michael we heard a crash coming from downstairs in the living room. We carefully walked down and found the living room on fire. Lincoln and I quickly tried to put it out but no luck it was spreading fast. We grabbed the backpacks of emergency clothes and went and grabbed all of the laptops and managed to make it just through the front door as we saw the whole house gulf up in flames. Lincoln and I held each other crying. One of the neighbors from across the street saw us and ran to us she was a little old lady named Hazel everyone calls her Grandma. She came to us “Come dearies let’s get you boys inside so you can settle down and call your family” she said waddling to the Fire Chief. She told the Fire Chief she was taking us to her house and she pointed to where it was and he told her no problem and we left to Grandma Hazel’s house. She had us sit down and brought us some milk and cookies. She then ran to the kitchen and brought me her phone. I dialed John’s cell phone first and he said he was just called to stay where we are and he will call Lisa. I told him okay and then hung up and handed Grandma Hazel her phone. She sat down in her recliner and just smiled at us while we ate the cookies she brought us. Finally after what seem like an hour and was really only 20 minutes since John and I talked there was a knock on the door Hazel got up and answered it. Lisa stepped in and saw us and ran to us and wrapped her arms around both of us. She then turned to Grandma Hazel who seem to be wiping her eyes. “Grandma Hazel I can even think how I can repay you by making sure they were safe. I want to do something for you to show you how grateful John and I are” Lisa told her. “You do not owe me an anything sweetheart; I have watched these boys for a week now. I know they are gay and that doesn’t matter to me they have love in their hearts for one another that’s as pure as the sunlight” she said accepting a hug from all three of us.

Finally after an hour of calling John he and a police car pulled up and I was a bit scared. He thanked the officer and the cop left. We gave him a puzzled look and he told him he got pulled over for speeding and he tried to tell the cop what had happen, when the cop called dispatch to find out they finally called back and said it was true so I got a police escort. Before we could start explaining the Fire Chief came over and asked Lincoln and me what we remembered on what happen. We told them how we were on the phone with my Doctor who has been helping me through some traumatic times and just hung up the phone when we heard a crash come through the living room window, we went downstairs and saw the fire. We tried to put it out but since we had no luck we grabbed the emergency backpacks and went and got all four laptops. We barely made it outside when the whole house burst into flames. He wrote everything down then said that an officer will be called so we can make a statement. John asked him to call an Officer Wilson he was over at their house the other night because of some vandalizing the fire chief nodded and got on a phone and turned and gave John thumbs up. Hazel came over to us and told us we could come back into her house and she will see what she can whip up for some early supper. Lisa told her she didn’t need to go through all that trouble but Grandma Hazel told her to be quiet and mind her elders. We all laughed and said okay as we headed back indoors.

Around 4pm the sweet aroma of food could be smelled through Grandma Hazel’s house, she allowed Lisa to at least help her as us three guys were in charge of setting the table. When her and Lisa brought dinner we were all drooling for their was Pork chops, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn and biscuits. Grandma Hazel said she wanted to say a prayer and she mention how grateful that Lincoln and I were not hurt in the fire and to bless our family and the food, she then thanked us for enjoying the meal with her. After prayer we all sat and ate tell our stomachs were nice and full. She asked John what kind of work he does and he told him he is a business consultant for a construction company. She asked Lisa and she told her she worked at the hospital in the nursery. She then looked at Lincoln and me and asked what grade we were in and we told her we were freshmen and I might have to be redoing my freshmen year and then I told her exactly what had happen to me. I did break down in tears but this time I managed to make sure I didn’t go into one of my attacks. Hazel got up and walked up to me and wrapped her hands around me, and held me. “My poor dear boy, I am so sorry for what you have been through so far in your young life. I use to teach at your high school before my husband died. So I will tell you what I will call your school and the school district and we can get you back on track. It will be a lot of work but I know we can get you back into school and be in the grade you are meant to be” she said softly kissing my forehead. I told her thank you so much and she said what are Grandma’s for.

John got up and gave Hazel a hug and thanked her and he then told Lisa, Lincoln and me that he will call a hotel room for us to stay until we can figure out where to live. Hazel looked at John “Young man I have four bedrooms here one bedroom is mine so that’s three bedrooms and the basement is made into a little apartment so you all can stay here until however long you need to” she said to John who tried to object but she gave him the look don’t even think of saying no. Finally around 6:30pm a knock was on the door and Officer Wilson came inside and shook John’s hand and in a joke to try and break the ice he said we really need to stop meeting like this. He shook all of our hands and we sat down, Hazel said she would leave us be and left the room. Lincoln and I retold exactly what happened and Hazel went and had us come here. He then told us that once the fire was out the Fire Chief and an Inspector went through the remains and found what seemed like a broken alcohol bottle in our house near where the window might be at. He told us they expected it to be an act of arson. He said they found some footprints in the garden dirt and they are looking into all odds. He asked us if we may know anyone who might want us to harm us and we said a lot of people do because Lincoln and I are gay. He told us that tomorrow once they know all sparks and embers we can go to the house and see what we can scavenge through to see if anything is salvageable. He then said he better go so he can get the information we gave him into the police report and left. Hazel peeked in seeing if he had left then brought out ice cream for everyone. After we ate our ice cream she shown us to where we would sleep. She asked John and Lisa if they minded if Lincoln and I slept in the basement. They said no they didn’t mind she told us where the door was and we headed down to the basement. The basement was huge and had a little kitchen area and a bathroom with a huge walk in shower, on one wall was a king size bed. John and I stripped down to our boxers and went to bed. We fell asleep as soon as our bodies hit the soft pillows.

Lincoln and I woke up early since he had school we showered together and grabbed the change of clothes that we had in the backpacks. We kissed for a few more minutes before we headed upstairs to the kitchen. Hazel saw us walk in and asked how we slept. We told her great the bed was very comfortable. She smiled and handed us both a plate of eggs, sausage and cinnamon rolls and told us to eat up. We just sat down when John and Lisa walked in and said good morning to us all. Hazel greeted them same way she did us and handed them their breakfast. She asked if anyone else besides her drank coffee, and Lisa and John said they would like a cup so she poured them a cup and brought a sugar bowl and some creamer to the table. “Hazel John and I want you to know how much we appreciate all of this that she has done for all of us. But we do not want to be a burden on you and make you feel obligated to us” she said telling Hazel. Hazel smiled at Lisa “Now you listen to me young lady, I do not considered you a burden nor do I feel like you are making me do this. I am doing this because this is what people do for others in need. I ask one thing from you and your husband and that’s to just help with groceries. I am an old lady and it’s hard for me to go grocery shopping at times, and as for the boys if they can help me with the yard we will call it even, How does that sound?” she said to all of us. We all said she has a deal and then Lisa said she will like to make dinner tonight. John got up and said he needed to get to school and Hazel said she will drive him if he likes because she wants to see how much I have missed so she can get me started on my school work. About a week later I had already made up two of the classes I needed to pass freshman year and somehow Hazel even managed to get me elective credits because I was helping her in the garden a lot. She was a great teacher she was harsh or anything if I didn’t understand something she would sit down with me and we would work it out until I got it. She also had gotten a hold of Mr. White who agreed to help give me assignments on essays. I did find out that in the computer class Lincoln and I were supposed to do an assignment in together I gotten credit for it. I knew I needed to ask Lincoln how this can be. Hazel and I always made sure we had a snack waiting for Lincoln when he got home and dinner ready when John and Lisa got home. She was a great cook and was teaching me all her recipes.

Finally around 3:45pm Lincoln wandered home and into the kitchen, Hazel winked at me as she handed me a plate of some slices of banana nut bread we just made to give to Lincoln. I decided to have some fun I decided to keep the apron on and walked over to Lincoln and kissed his lips ‘Welcome home honey I hope you had a good day today. May I offer you some fresh homemade banana nut bread tell dinner is ready?” I said to him making both him and Hazel laugh. I handed him the plate and I went back into the kitchen to finish helping Hazel with the rest of dinner. Lincoln came in with his plate “you know you look good in the kitchen” he said handing me his plate. I sat his plate down and smacked his ass with the towel. Hazel looked at us and laugh, then told Lincoln if he has any homework he should do it now. He said he needs to study for finals.

Hazel’s back story…Since I spent so much time with Hazel I got to know her a lot better than everyone. She was married for 55 years to her husband who was Mormon but she never joined. She had one son but he died in the Vietnam War. He had a wife who was pregnant but when she found out about her husband the stress was too much and she took her own life and the baby’s life along with it. Since the fire and we came to stay here with her she has never felt happier. She told me that I reminded her of her son. She was a great lady who really had a lot of knowledge.

Once we had dinner ready I went down into the basement and found Lincoln studying. I sneaked up behind him and slid my hands into his pants. He moaned out and asked me to keep going. I pulled my hands out of his pants and led him to our bed. We began kissing and undressing each other. Soon we were naked and rubbing our rock hard dicks against each other. We both ended up shooting our loads and we were in need of a major shower. We got up and went to the shower which led to another long passionate kissing session. Finally after jerking each other off again we cleaned up and got dressed and went back upstairs. Hazel was in the living room crotching and watching the news. We sat on the couch and she looked at us above her glasses “Did you boys have a nice little nap?’’ she asked. We told her yes we did and then she asked if I could go check on the meatloaf. I got up and checked the oven it still had another 20 minutes. I came back and told her it still wasn’t done but in about twenty minutes, she then told me to put in the corn bread so I did. John got home first then about five minutes later Lisa got home. Lincoln and I told them to sit down and relax and we will have dinner soon. Around 5pm dinner was ready and we all gathered around the table to eat. It turned out delicious and we all talked about our day. “I got a call from Officer Wilson he told me that the report came back from the fire investigator and it was arson. They believe it was done by a Molotov and they got a print from the shoes and they are looking into that as well. I also got a call from the Insurance Company about the house. They said that we were covered and we can either get a new house or rebuild the one we had. I told them we all will discuss it and let them know” John said grabbing seconds. We all talked about what we wanted to do, Lincoln and I said that it is up to John and Lisa since it’s their house. Lisa scolded us and said it’s just as much our house as it is theirs.

After dinner Lisa insisted that she would do the dishes because John wanted to discuss something with Lincoln and me. We sat down in the living room and John went to his briefcase and brought it to the coffee table. He opened it and gave John and me both brand new cell phones. He told us after what happen to the house him and Lisa have been talking about getting both of us them. He told us that it had unlimited texting and calling but do not get them taken away at school. We told him no problem then he went on saying he already programmed his and Lisa’s numbers plus programmed each of our numbers in one another’s phones. We got up and hugged him and kissed his cheek, when Lisa walked in we gave her the same thank you. I asked if it was okay to give Michael my number and John said he already did and his number is also in my phone. Hazel came in with some fresh sweet potato pie for us all. Once everyone was done I took the plates and washed them. After it was done I went to John and asked if I could talk to him alone for a few minutes, of course he had no problem so we went into the backyard. “John I was wondering when we might know about my results from the HIV test” I said to him. He looked at his phone to check the date “Odd we should have heard from the doctor the other day. I will call them first thing tomorrow morning Ty” he said messing up my hair. I hugged him and told him thank you. Then I asked him “also I have a question, Lincoln and I are really beginning to get more serious in our relationship. I want to know how you know if the person you are with is the one.” I asked him with a serious look on my face. John sat there on the bench for a few minutes not saying anything. “Tyler if it was anyone else your age asking me this question I would say it’s just hormones. But the love that I can see you and Lincoln have for each other, well it’s something special. I want you to do something tonight than tomorrow let me know what you come up with and I will let you know that answer. First I want you to get a notebook and separate it from all the things you love about Lincoln verses all the things you hate about him” he said smiling at me. I got up and hugged him and said I will get on that right away and ran off to get a notebook.

To be continued…